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New Feature Proposals - DLC



Please propose your ideas on new DLC additions in the following way.

  • 1 Post = 1 Proposal.
    • Players will vote on 1 proposals only. Multiple proposals will mix different subjects and confuse.
    • Multitiered or multi subject proposals will be removed.
  • Keep the proposals on the topic subjects
  • Do not comment. The thread is for proposals only
  • If you want to improve on other people proposals contact them so they can update the post. 
  • Best proposals will be brought up by the system based on likes and we will comment on them once in a while. Proposals which dont get community attention will be ignored and will sink to the bottom.


Example of formatting 
Correct example

  • Cannon crafting proposals
    • Cannon crafting change rationale
    • Cannon crafting current version and whats wrong
    • Proposal on cannon crafting change

Incorrect version

One post 

  • Cannon crafting proposal (should be a separate in a economy section)
  • Trading proposal (should be a separate post in an economy section)
  • Hostility proposal (should be a separate post in RVR section)
  • DLC ship proposal (should be a separate post in DLC section
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Imported Ship Sales Tax (a permit)

A minimal real money transaction (over Steam or a code bought directly from GL), which allows to sell "imported ships" (DLC redeemed) to other players.

I understand DLC ships cannot be sold in game as it would curb GL's sale of DLC if such ships would be available freely. But sometimes you really want to give such ships to your friends, alts or just sell them off because your 3-4 slots for them are full with gold/purple ones you consider too precious to break up. As result the DLC becomes unused by you until you lose one of these.

Now if we could pay a little price in real money to devs and thereby one ship sale becomes legal, we all win from the situation. Devs earn something, we sell a ship, client receives a ship he desires (it may trigger in him the wish to buy the DLC if he likes it very much).


- player buys in shop/steam/Gamelabs site a permit for one ship transaction (price depends on devs' calculation so it won't interfere with DLC sales, in such ways, that price turns out to be profitable in relation to a few less expected DLC sales. For example 1 Euro.)

- player finds person who wants to buy an already redeemed ship from him.

- either seller or buyer use an 'imported ship sales tax' token in game (trade window will ask for the token to be applied once the ship is from DLC) and the ship becomes transferable, ingame price however is not touched by the permit and needs to be defined between them just like in any other transaction. The one using the token should expect a better price for him though because he had to buy the permit.

- traded DLC ship regains non-tradable status after transaction took place. If it is to be traded again, it needs another ship transaction permit.


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Sell future DLC ships as packages of 10 at a low price (10 Victories for like 3-5$).

Good for the devs, they will have permanent income from the Victory-lovers.

Good for the game, the ships won't  (most likely) be used as a way to get cheap seasoned wood and won't become the all-around-meta-ship.

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  • The speed of the Trader Lynx,
  • The sailing profile of the cutter ( traditional lateen sails are not that good upwind, they are not flat enough. Now a days, some race dhows are adding a boom at the bottom of the sail to flatten it more, but this was not the case in XVIIIth century, and not in below video)
  • Hold for 600 tons, with higher impact on the speed than the Tracers Lynx
  • 40 crews
  • 8 guns (4 pounds long/medium, 12 pounds carronades)



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Statistics DLC

By purchasing this dlc you are entitled to a Captain logs where all the captain's statistics are reported (I leave to the imagination of the developers which to add). The captain can decide whether to make the statistics public or to keep them private. The statistics can be consulted (only public ones) in a specific section in the game.

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Hire a boatswain

speed up>> upgrade the knowledge slots of a vessel.

2 versions :

1. dlc /// 

 2.  + or upgrade knowledge item. ( buyable in shop for vm or cm or reaals)

both items are market tradeable


A item where speed of  knowledge  skill slot for a vessel is boosted


as upgrade:  nautic college skill book

as  DLC:   Marine book : Hire a boatswain


both items are the same and give the same points.

what gives 4000 slot upgrade point to knowledge  (large book) 3/2/1/ rate 

what gives 2000 slot upgrade points medium book to knowledge 5/ 4 rate (frigates)

what gives 750 slot upgrade points small book knowledge 7/6/ rate size 


duration:  useable 1 every hour . and 1 book at the time.

low pricing ±1 dollar  a piece: >>>  in packages of 5/10/15/25. 


Every game has his needle ;): ps i find it weird that in a DLC thread,... post are voted down ,but thats just me i guess.

i see very good suggestion voted down by?? ......HATERS...???... or Dumb running powder monkeys with ammo!

Edited by Thonys
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Go "Neutral" (same nation of NPCs) DLC:

You get your white flag, your name will be the one of your ship type so nobody will be able to recognize you are a human player and you can run surprise attack against enemies fleets, traders and stuffs.

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UI DLC - the UI is pretty but horrible to use. i would like to have a fully customizable UI

long story short i dont expect any game designer to make the perfect UI for everyone...   best case scenario is a good default UI to get ppl started and then the option to fully customize it into whatever you prefer as you are getting more experienced with the game and develop a specific playstyle...

having 1 person design a proper toolbox that enables the community to come up with ideas on how things can be presented better and how the UI can be adjusted to optimize certain "workflows" is imho far superior to having a whole team of ppl working on the "perfect" jack of all trades ui that tries to please every1 but ultimately fails every1...

the above is mainly regarding the port UI (and related workflows)

for battle ui it should maybe be enough to just be able to resize and move the elements around.

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This game needs more ships, not just the ol' tried and tested ones with guns but proper, manly ships that charge towards the enemy and risk nose and limb for glory.

Let me introduce, the mighty Trireme DLC.



Let us bear down upon our enemies and smash them to pieces, let the seas be filled with the flotsam and jetsom of ships sunk by leaks.

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Captain's book DLC, which shows how many battles the player has had, with which ships, how many wins for each ship, how many losses, how much victory and loss against each nation, how many and which ships he has built, how many bought, how many sold, how much money spent, how much earned and from what activities, etc. In short, full captain statistics.


DLC Книга Капитана, которая показывает сколько сражений было у игрока, на каких кораблях, сколько побед на каждом корабле, сколько потерь, сколько побед и потерь против каждой нации, сколько и какие корабли построил, сколько купил, сколько продал, сколько потрачено денег, сколько заработано и на каких видах деятельности и т. д. Короче, полная статистика капитана.

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Exploration of the Open World

  • The free camera works in the OW. Essentially you can anchor near a port or an island, and send an exploration party or a group of spies (via the free camera) from your ship into the nearby hills or port and watch enemy ships come and go. 
  • drop off spies or soldiers in enemy ports - raise national hostility
  •  pick up spies
  •  find caches of weapons or loot or buried treasure in the port or on deserted islands
  •  find shipwrecked sailors
  •  establish lookouts and outposts
  •  find new sites for mines
  •  find new species of animals or vegetation
  •  obtain secret orders or maps
  • The options are endless. The modeling of the ports and vegetation is adequate for all types of new OW game content. The OW pickup mechanic itself could work much like the Sealed Bottle mechanic. One other idea is to seed these missions in the OW so people can randomly search them out without being assigned a mission - make them hard to find - sailors like a challenge. This idea is just as important for PVP players since it entices more people and potential targets into the OW.
  • Mission Example - "Anchor next to the island just south of Las Tortugas. Send a party to the top of the hill - pick up the secret map. Take the map to the port of Bahia Honda and deliver the map to the back room in the beach shack with hanging fish in front. Payment - Reals and Exploration Credit.  
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DLC ships redeemable only in random wood types. 

Currently DLC ships overpower crafted ships of the same rate and crafting ships in seasoned woods to match DLC ships is still too difficult and complicated. 

DLC ships would still provide quick fun and be very usable in any wood type. My proposal is that the wood type is randomly chosen among all seasoned woods. (non seasoned woods are removed as an option)

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I'm may get keel hauled for this suggest but here it is. I suggest we purchase into DLC ship quality. The DLC ship can be a Blue 3/5, port bonuses will apply where the DLC ship is claimed, for purple 4/5 will add to cost 5000 Dubs, 10,000 Reals extra and 500 LHs. extra. Gold 5/5 ships 10,000 Dubs, 20,000 Reals and 1,000 LHs extra. Is it pay to win,,, yep. Cough it up or don't buy. 





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