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  1. 1000 Reals up to a total of 2 tows per day. My last offer ;o)
  2. I voted for you NA, wish I could have done more to help. You deserve it grats!
  3. Good news, thanks for posting this. I enjoy the game and look forward to the improvements coming down the pipe.
  4. Thank you very much indeed, and Happy New Year.
  5. Master Ship Crafter/builder - 30-50 ships completed, 5-10% less material across the board for construction, 3-5% more hull strength/speed/and rigging. 30k dubs, 2k Rum, and 50k Reals for Master Builders certification. Higher possibility (maybe 10-30%) of gold and purple drops for builders holding certification. Can buy the fourth upgrade slot for dubs or Reals when building. Allow the construction of a clan ship dock. Not related to Master Ship Builder.
  6. I managed to find one, great ship. Certainly one of my favs.
  7. If Raiders could attack Free Towns and convert them to Neutral Towns, this could be an interesting dynamic on PvE. Of course players buildings will be subject to the conversion penalties.
  8. The point to arguing is, you have a voice to make this game better. I will much rather see constructive feedback that developers can work with rather than non-specific criticism that doesn't address a point or points for that matter. How can it be better with Seasoned wood types? I think there is much more potential in working with this mechanic, such as it is, that can be adapted and improved then nothing at all. Maybe seasoned woods in it's initial iteration doesn't fit well, but with a little work it can grow into something cool. Lets not shoot it down too fast unless its been given a good workable improvement chance.
  9. I really like the seasoned woods upgrades, it gives bored crafters something to aspire to; making superior ships. I voted to keep it in but make the blue prints a little easier to obtain and including the shed. I say, lets give it a chance.
  10. I would love to get a Live oak (S) blue print and I'm willing to buy it at a good fair price.
  11. They drop from Pirate Chests during those large fleet battles, hard to get yes but possible.
  12. I agree, it really depends on what you want and how your group wants to play. Both big and smaller clans are no worse or better - just different.
  13. There are a few options available to smaller clans have, in my humble opinion, that has so far worked very well; support larger clans for return favours, join them or work around them. We have numerous smaller clans helping us out and in return have provided a protected port with nice ship and port upgrades. We need them just as much as they need us. No extortion required, it's a game of collaboration(s). We work together to make the best out of it. To limit a clan size would be to cut off a limb to preserve a few. If you are British nation feel free to contact me - we offer missions, trade, ships, resources, materials to all those whom simply need to ask. No ego control just, the promotion of a better game for all regardless of flag. Enjoy Captain.
  14. On the Peace Server FPM, Flying Powder Monkeys is recruiting. British Flag based in Navasse.
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