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  1. On the Peace Server FPM, Flying Powder Monkeys is recruiting. British Flag based in Navasse.
  2. Why not the west side of Central America and Mexico. There allot of pond to play in there as PvP.
  3. I have officiated a several regattas (boat race), our starting policey is: boats must be stationary behind the start line, NOT in motion. If a boat is pushed, blown or otherwise set into motion crossing the start line by causes due to unavoidable accidents the judges will render a time penalty or in some cases excused. If the crew claims an objection their reasons can be considered but the judges decision is final. If you applied this to hostility missions; points should only count when the timer starts not before.
  4. Yes, and a couple of other missions that where entered in before the timer started.
  5. I saw this as well. I was on the spot at El Soco when I witnessed one nation enter well in advance of the specific hostility window time openning. To be honest I'm not sure how long in advance but definately well ahead of the specified time. I have seen this before where a nation entered the battle in advance of the timed start. I tend to agree this may not be an exploit but rather game-mechanic understanding and the same rule applies to everyone however, it will be nice if the timer changed from exiting to entering hostility missions. So, only those entering after the timed start will get credit for the hostility points earned.
  6. I have a question related to port hostility missions and the specific enterance time. Times I state are for example purposes onle. If a Hostility Battle window opens at 0300 CC (Clan Clock or UTC Universal Time Code), does that mean no points accumulated prior to that time will/won't count toward a Hostility mission? Or does that mean if a clan enters the mission a minutes prior to 0300 CC, and exits just aftter the mission time of 0300 points still count toward the missions as exit time determines points rather than entrance in mission time. I don't want to point any finger but during a few highly attended hostility missions I noticed a another clan (maybe two) entering well in advance of the hostility mission timing thus allowing more time to complete and accumulate hostility mission points and exit the mission seconds or even minutes into the open window time. To simplify: can a group enter a mission early and exit after window opens to gain the points accumulation or is this an error/exploit? To be honest, I don't care which way this goes - I would just like to know which one it is. Thanks for your time, Bubba
  7. I would like to second this thanks to the Devs. Criticism can fall hard and often the appreciative more silent majority are left unnoticed. I can say, THANKS devs for working hard on recent upgrades like PvE port battles and the many tertiary system that go along with it. tyvm!
  8. Would it be possible to allow clans to open a second ware house in a seperate port and the next stretch; a clan ship dock. We would find it helps crafters share materials within the clan with a ware house in single -seperate location. I'm not suggesting a second ware house with transfers between them. All resources would still have to be hauled from one to the other.
  9. Lokis will only force players on PvE to attack single NPCs and/or make sure their target(s) are much smaller then their own boat. I recommend Lokis be taken out.
  10. I agree the Loki Rune isn't for PvE and doesn't fit in the ethos of that game server. I vote to dump it, sorry devs I do like the new port battles. It's driven the game up 200% in interest factor.
  11. Indiaman traders will be nice.
  12. Any new information on PvE port battles? I was wondering if NPC raiders take a clan home port will the clan ware house, buildings and ships and anything else will be lost? Can a clan set taxation without losing a port once port battles are in on PvE? What about building guns batteries? How will that work? What can clan crafter expect for port upgrades in general. Can the crafters chose which ones or is it random? How long was Capatin Black Beards peg leg? jk
  13. I like the idea for sure, it will bring in new incentives for crafters to make specialized ships in specific ports. Also would add resources demands for clan members to support their builders.
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