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  1. If you are looking for clan on the PvE server we will be happy to invite you. FPM or Flying Powder Monkeys sporting the British National flag based in Grand Turk.
  2. On PvE, it will be great to have a port investments in ships building that would enable crafters to make purple and gold ships at a cost; say 2 extra permits per level, also clan/ports can invest in specialty upgrades or refits as well. For example cramped, sturdy, agile, to be included in a Cartegena hull refit for example.
  3. FPM for Flying Powder Monkeys (Brit nation at Grand Turk), is actively recruiting. Meet me online or requrest membership from one of the clan officers. Thanks in advance.
  4. Firstly I really like the look of the Pandora. It's small, fast and turns well. It is weak in the sides and as a fleet ship can be sunk too easily. It would be nice to get a purple quality drop on premiums as they are a real money bought ship.
  5. Having re-read this post, this is an awesome improvement. It answers more than one question for me.
  6. There is good ideas to be implemented in the original post. I think DLC ships, in all iterations/qualities that are crafted can co-exist. Crafting has different rewards and DLC ships has their own as well. There is definately a place for both in this game. Right now however crafting is more or less at a slow crawl due to resources and permits.
  7. With a spring release I'll be getting asap. This looks like a fantastic format I'm glad it's finally coming alive. I love the scenery, concept and reverse view on colonization of North America speaking from someone generationally rooted in Canadian history.
  8. Where did you get this, I'd like to check it out.
  9. I have found the NPC mechanic is good and certainly more challenging, honestly I do like it. Their jibbing or coming about into wind direction exposing a stern is a good programming advantage IF one is in the right position of course. Chaining sails gives a big advantage over NPCs and shouldn't be under estimated. I have found that engagement position is very important at the start of the battle give the attacker the "gauge" from the onset. I'll keep at em and report back later.
  10. For our clan crafting any ships has stopped. The bottleneck is very restrictive for resources like live oak, teak, white oak (most wood) and of course permits far too difficult to make crafting an option, at this point. Paying 10,000 Dubs for 1000 logs of wood is prohibitive for any ship construction. The previous system of buying wood in ports that produce it and very few permits worked much better.
  11. I thought it should have counted along time ago.
  12. The solution; make the ships craftable again.
  13. Will permits for most ships be available in the Admiralty shops, right now I don't see permits for the Bellona, Indef and others.
  14. Just wondering why the little details box is set to on/off. Wouldn't it simplier to just have it on? Just a friendly suggestion.
  15. What a beautfil ship the Gold Connie is and the Diana is very nice too. Thanks!
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