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  1. Any new information on PvE port battles? I was wondering if NPC raiders take a clan home port will the clan ware house, buildings and ships and anything else will be lost? Can a clan set taxation without losing a port once port battles are in on PvE? What about building guns batteries? How will that work? What can clan crafter expect for port upgrades in general. Can the crafters chose which ones or is it random? How long was Capatin Black Beards peg leg? jk
  2. I like the idea for sure, it will bring in new incentives for crafters to make specialized ships in specific ports. Also would add resources demands for clan members to support their builders.
  3. Nice ship and what a beautiful name.
  4. I'm amazed someone would even do something like this. But then anything for a buck I guess.
  5. I really like the Ratt, it has to be one of favorite ships only below the Bellona and Wasa. I would increase the guns poundage a little as has been mentioned but the basic layout and handling is really nice.
  6. Great idea, the bonuses could be chosen by the crafter when attaining L8.
  7. Yes I agree, the clan dock could be somehow attached the the clan ware house.
  8. How do you get them on PvE?
  9. I can't save the game either, even at the campfire posts. I've been trying for a couple of days now and still can't get it.
  10. Flying Powder Monkeys {FPM}, PvE, British. Home base will be decided post release. Last count on membership 207, fully active members on a weekly basis about 75-105 players. Casual game play, daily missions, trade runs and a sincere desire to help new-comers.
  11. Is it possible to increase the size of the patrol zone? Many times I've discovered and tracked NPCs too close to the edge of the zone and ran out of space to engage it for the combat medal rewards offered inside. Increasing the size will at least give more time to catchup, tag and engage the AI ships.
  12. Just bought This Land. It looks fantastic so far. I really like the idea from the perspective of the North American Indian. 

    When will "this land" go to Steam, any opinions on how that will look?



    1. Ink


      Greetings Bubba,

      Thank you for the kind words, we hope you will enjoy the game!

      The game will go on Steam in this Autumn most likely, we cannot provide exact date yet.

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