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  1. Bronze canons, 10% pene over Longs, 8-11% more base damage over Longs. Craftable at with blue print and 30% additional coal and iron.
  2. Just a question; for hostility missions and consequential port battles, is this the best that can be developed? I've been watching port battle after port battle won by timing rather then, um , lets say skill, accumulated hostility points, numbers in battle and so. It seems 2 may 3 Nations on PvE server have the exit timing down to the second on how to win port battles. But yes, life isn't fair you say - suck it up. Well, I tend to agree that life isn't fair, however, can THIS be better? Can port battles use better improved system? I think so, and from conversations with numerous others the consenses seems to be there must be a better way? I watch the Spanish take The Settlement by a mere second or two. We went into a battle with 5 ships total and I dropped out 3-5 seconds past the time click over; who was in sight... the Spanish they were already out and had won the port battle - again. So I ask you can a weighted system be used that could combine total damage inflicted, ports already won (more consecutive ports gained the damage to win increases by a certain %), and even experience of clan(s) entering battles, smaller clans could have a "RIp" bonus of lets say X% for numbers under 20 members total for example. We're just discussing here so don't get your gitch tied in a "not". I really believe there is a better system for new and more experienced players alike and the majority would be benefit from a more rewarding Port Battle System.
  3. Thanks for your prompt attention to these issues. I look forward to seeing the nice blueprints coming out.
  4. Bubba Smith

    La navasse

    Not sure I fully understand however, sabatoge was NOT A FACTOR. Enough said and , I have spoken.
  5. Bubba Smith

    La navasse

    Nothing in life is perfect and no game is perfect either. Let it go; there will be many other ports to conquer and other aspects of this game to explore. FPM was surprised when the port went neutral but the Developers did the right thing and we have it back (thanks) - fair enough. It is apparent that Naval Action is around for a long time to come and, in my opinion, a great game to work at. Our clan enjoys friendships, battles, group trade and other game areas. This is a mere pimple by comparison, that will be gone soon. I do have a related question for Admin: what is the current max reals in the clan ware house the game allows for without breaking the system?
  6. No way, they're fine as thirds at the present BR thanks.
  7. Helping anyone whom asks would soften up the game and, I hope, make a more supportive collabrative environment for seasoned and new players.
  8. Let me guess, PvP or Player virtual Pandemonium.
  9. What about a new member sign up program. More experienced members could volunteer to help those joining the game or new at Naval Action. There could be a list from which new members could enlist help of a more experienced players and determined by NA staff. That could include the many different, diverse aspects of the game as defined by a title or prefix to the volunteer helpers name. Such as; NPC battles, shipping, port battles and so forth. I have spoken. ;o)
  10. Bubba Smith

    La navasse

    Admin said: "Port will be reverted to your ownership as soon as it can be done." Does La Navasse reversion back to FPM ownership mean we need NOT show up for the port battle or do we need to be there for the battle? This is simply so I can let the clan members know what needs to be done. Thanks again,
  11. Thanks for investigating the phantom capturer at La Navasse.  When you mention too much money in our account, how much should we keep in the system (CWH) and keep the balance? 

    Again thanks for your prompt action. 

  12. I just saw this topic and also did notice Navasse was missing from our port inventory (I just returned from vacation). If the mistake was human error we will move on, however if it's a programming error it's return will be very much appreciated. I defer to your investigation and let that decide.
  13. Clan dock, 1000 Stone block, 2000 dubs, 1500 reals, and 2000 oak log. All clans.
  14. How sad a part of history was discarded so flippantly. Will our leaders ever learn?
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