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  1. Maloco

    La navasse

    You accuse us of using a bug. The Navasse appeared as capturable, the developers were giving confusing news that it could be that because of sabotage. So yes, there were the conquest missions for La Navasse available and we went for his capture. It wasn't until long after capturing the port that developers confirmed it was a server bug. But we had already captured it ... where do you see the abuse of a bug? By the way, I will not deny you that we loved to take the Navasse in your nose.
  2. Maloco

    La navasse

    So because of a fault in the server they have harmed two clans. to those who had ownership of the port (which if it is for that fault, they must be returned) and to the SKULL clan that mobilized to conquer it. Now how are we going to compensate those of the SKULL clan?
  3. I could not agree more. The nation with more ports in the Caribbean and with so few representative ships in the game. It is a pity. and we must remember that the vote was won to implement the Montañez.
  4. they re-implement a pvp feature on the pve server ... I hope they fix it. A pve server should fight with AI only
  5. Te agradezco pero no hacia falta compañero ... el que quiera enterarse que lo traduzca si quiere xd
  6. Eso no es cierto, pues en la página oficial te detallaban que existía dos servidores. Ahora la han actualizado y no ponen nada de los servidores, pero te aseguro que cuando fuí a comprar el juego si que estaba lo de los dos servidores...de hecho cuando pensaron cerrar el servidor pve les hice un copia pega de su página oficial. imagino que por eso no lo cerraron...la publicidad engañosa esta penada colega. Y ya ni me molesto en traducir al ingles...... Estoy harto de todos los que dicen que tienen que cerrar el servidor pve para que vayamos a una zona en el pvp....y por que no es mej
  7. My congratulations for creating a game about the age of sailing so graphically beautiful
  8. The ships at night with the detail of the lights .... beautiful too
  9. I was one of those who much missed the lack of the free camera hehehe
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