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  1. Well, this is your opinion, so its perfectly fine to disagree. This is my view on this. 1 and 2 They boost considerably your acceleration and turning speed, besides reducting damage likelyhood and debuffs to the engine. They are almost a no brainer for any large ship imo. You better have torp V protection if you dont have these, otherwise you will stress when you see a wave of torps aproaching your BB. 3 I think I have seen flashfires from hits to other parts of the ship that arent the turret, but if what you say is right about turret armor, then they may not be as useful a
  2. Not much has happened around here. Mostly people suggesting new stuff to add/be fixed. A discussion about whether or not a map is needed for an RTS. However, seperate options for propeller/shell charge explosives have been confirmed by Nick for the next patch, so maybe there's that. Otherwise, not much else has happened.
  3. Awesome! Thought I hope design saving also comes...
  4. I think it might be related on how multiple barrels recoil can afect eachothers accuracy and how it is harder to see the splashes of each turret/barrel. Thought in real life, tech like rangefinders and good fire-control and firing salvos with a slight delay helped nearly nullify this.
  5. Thanks for your work at researching this.
  6. There is the problem that those minor nations either didnt last long (Austria-Hungary looking at you) or pretty much bought all of their ships to european powers (not seing the chinese make many BBs). The exceptions are maybe Russia and Italy, that did last longer (thought with diferent covers) and did produce some ships of their own. If you dont want them to be so repetitive, the only solution is to go semi-historical and design stuff that didnt exist but could have back then.
  7. Yeah, I know that. Same for towers. There are DD towers whose size is comparable to 2 inch cannons... Tiny people... I hoped instead of resizing, for once the devs actually delivered several unique hulls... Let's hope once core is done they can start really focusing on delivering more actual content.
  8. Right now, WW1 era russian BCs are just resized dreadnought hulls, so to change that and add more variety, why not add the Borodino class (also known as Izmail-class) battlecruiser hulls? Construction of these started in 1912, 4 ordered, and they were laid down on 1915, but the construction ceased during the russian revolution and was never restarted. But we do have an idea about how the hull looked and how the ship would likely look like, including turrets (4x tripple 14" turrets) and tower (probably a cylindrical design). They were to have a speed of 26.5 knots. https://en.wikiped
  9. Im not gonna go into a big story and yada yada. Long story short, casemate metal covers look bad. https://imgur.com/a/ZaRmS5C The first is from a random Austria-Hungary 1914 dreadnought hull. The second is from the Battleship III hull from same faction in 1899. Notice how the textures just dont fit it? The first one, the metal looks horribly rought. It doesnt look smooth or at least flat, it looks very bumpy for some reason. The second one, while not as bad, still looks rought (also, the round casemates are blocky). Could you update these with some better lookin
  10. Im gonna make a numbers argument instead. If a map isnt needed, then why do the vast majority of RTS games (naval or on land) feature one? War on the Sea has a map, Rule the Waves is the map, so many naval RTS games either have a map or a minimap. What makes UA:D so special that I doesnt need one? Most of these games also dont usually pass the 40 ships mark, but they have a map. "Feedback so far hasn’t being conclusive or evidential enough to show how that everybody obstacles will be resolve without decreasing 3D command content/volume with a 2D map. 3D interaction is this gam
  11. The AI is a secondary UAD calliber collector.
  12. As said above, even small battles can lead to spread in the fleet. When I fought the Tsushima Strait, even with a fleet of just 13 ships they managed to split into 4-5 diferent spread out groups. Whenever I was busy dealing with one, another one risked being torpedoed. Overall this just became a mess of a battle. Instead of leading this, I just let the AI handle the CLs and DDs groups while I focused about my Battleships. I should be encouraged to watch over them all, but I simply cannot afford to pan from my pre-dread BBs to guide the ligher ships because I need to be wary of
  13. More copypaste hulls, but no new turrets for factions that need them... 😕
  14. It may be, just like @Tousansons said, that most Unity games are made by devs that dont know how to eficiently optimize games, and thus end up running like balls. Maybe if the devs at GL go deep into the code and start simplyfing stuff and optimizing then this could likely run better. UA:D almost surely is filled with "Add-on" code from new features and such, and these Add-Ons eventually need to be properly integrated to perform well.
  15. Theres a secondary on a tall barbette, that blocks a superfiring main from firing front, defeating the while point of superfiring those turrets. They put the mains on barbettes so they could fire throught the secondaries gore in the deck. Its a secondary calliber collector ship. Who knows about that weight balance. Chogei, what a name. In the plus side, it sure packs quite a punch with those 9 20" for a ship that size
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