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  1. Heck, I couldn't beat that mission, but looking at your descriptions of it, to send all those stronk cock suckers to hell you might need something like my Hecker-class battleship (pun unintended). https://imgur.com/a/W81Rdqx
  2. I love the fact that your sanity began to wither while trying to beat this mission, looking at the ship names...
  3. Some missions (like German wrath at the North Sea) are hard to me due to how stupid/broken fleets are. Im pretty sure I designed well 3 small (but modern and well armored) battleships (they take quite a beat before sinking), but its the fleet formation system that is screwing everything up. I want all battleships and batlecruisers to screen the flagship while destroyers scout ahead. But they take so much time to get into formation, that by the time they are finally getting somewhat organized the enemy fleet has already reached mine and employed its superior omniscience (spotting shi
  4. Yeah, everybody is asking for something like that for months. I want my 130,000 ton Hecker BB to not go away. Also a way to easly share pics and specs of our ships would be nice too. Like a share buttom.
  5. I think that would be awesome. This would also add an extra layer of decision making Do you scrap that aging ship or do you modernise it? A 1920 battlecruiser could still be perfectly up for the task in 1940, if modernized, but a 1890 battleship is more than obsolete by 1910 standards and a waste of money to fully renovate, so you would leave it for either a cheap coastal defense or just scrap it if it was expensive to maintain.
  6. Yeah, I tried to get designs from diferent ships. The reason I said that about WoWs is because I've seen people (I dont remenber who) automatically dismiss ideas just based on the fact that they came/are also on that game, without clarifying or explaining why they wouldn't work. But really, I think you are right. Il go search some models on WoWs. Theres even a place to see their models: https://gamemodels3d.com/games/worldofwarships/ Althought some of these don't need to be historically comon to that faction. My idea is more about s visually diferenciating ships, as I said abov
  7. I made another post related to more variety of turrets. This one I developed more.
  8. Right now the game suffers from a problem of ships lacking visual variety. Personally I think more unique models are needed, even if it means getting creative and making stuff that never existed. Right now most factions (the semi-major ones like austria-hungary, russia, japan and italy) (in the same time era) have no visual diferences between same spec ships besides the flag. The turrets are the same, the hulls are the same etc. I understand why you recycled the british quad turret for almost all other factions, the others never made one (if they did, to find them you need more tha
  9. If you think this is a good idea, I'll take my time and make a full post, and go deep into the research.
  10. Personally I think more unique models are needed, even if it means getting creative. Right now most factions (the non-major ones like china and italy) (in the same time era) have no diferences between same spec ships besides the flag. The turrets are the same, the hulls are the same etc. I understand why you recycled the british turret for the germans. The germans made quad turrets (if they did, to find them you need more that a simple 1 minute google search). But in my opinion, in those cases, you should get creative and design new unique turrets that were never deployed/designed. I
  11. The 2 big funnels at the back is for the machinery exaust gases. The one on the front was installed to allow the crew to have the biggest ship barbeque. The crew usually do their barbeque on the grill with coal ou fuel, but alternative methods exist: Throwing a steak inside a bulkhead on fire and closing the door does the job. Putting a sausage inside a cannon barrel that just fired will grill it like you were cooking on a grill. The turrets "counter weights" are not counterweights. They are fuel tanks, so if you need a oven to cook, you place your meat inside the tu
  12. Yeah. While the game is in early access, its acceptable. But in my opinion, visual quirks like these are something that this game must fix before launch.
  13. There might be a few suggestions here that have already been said, but I say them anyways: 1 - Remove the "Side Main Guns" menu. Right now its just an unecessary menu to navigate when placing main guns. I can centre them myself, and I dont need to distinguish centered and sideways main guns. Also this causes the game when in battle to diferenciate between center and side turrets. Simply remove it and make their placement like secondary guns. 2 - Remove tower and barbette hardpoint restrictions. This has been said a lot of times by a lot of people but ill stress it o
  14. I found another one while I did a battleship vs battleship scenario. I had a 130k ton beast with a quad 50.6 cm sitting in the center, and 6 triple 38.1 cm cannons. I expected to fight a worthy foe, but I should have known better: Yes, your silly eyes arent deceiving you: The 30k ton battlecruisers going along were far more threatning with their 3x triple 33 cm. Jokes aside, Im pretty sure this will be the absolute worst nightmare of any light/medium ship, its a somewhat fast for a 90 thousand ton battleship, its armor is decent
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