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  1. A dev that thinks he his impervious to anything that he does not expect, either doesnt care about making profit or is delusional at best. Take a look at the steam community discussions: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1069660/discussions/?fp=3 https://steamcommunity.com/app/1069660/discussions/?fp=2 https://steamcommunity.com/app/1069660/discussions/ Scrool down throught that, what you see? You see a few questions here and there and suggestions, but a lot of this is talking shit about the game and the development. And not talking shit just for talking shit. You see, "Why are the form
  2. Lets not waste anymore of our time on him. Report him and move on.
  3. But anyways, back to the topic, we need more impactfull explosions. Like, the explosions we hear are... bland. Yeah, we hear some echo and whatnot, but they dont feel that impactful. Besides they feel repetitive. If you ignore the music, the sounds described below are pretty much 95% what you are gonna hear. I keep bringing up the Total War Shogun 2 example of @Danvanthevacuumman because, depite being 10 years old, it looks great. Sure, some of this stuff is rather arcadey and cinematic and will have to be toned down (no, ships dont explode in massive fireballs following death), but t
  4. Yeah, we dont know where you live somewhere in Croatia, but sorry that a spoiled kid is not the target audience for most games without microtransactions. Yeah, those may be good premium headphones, but you dont need premium stuff to have a decent experience. A decent 2.1 system, for at most 100$ should be enought for most stuff the average joe will ever hear. Besides, even if our systems are shit (they aren't), there is stuff which sounds better. UAD sounds lackluster when compared to other stuff running on the exact same system. Pop this video on your 1000$ sound system and compare it
  5. I see your point. The graphics look bland, yes, but there is far worst cases. But I see your point here too. Sorry, but this is (supposed to be) a realistic RTS. In 90% of RTSs, you dont direct control the unit, because there is often no point in it. You are supposed to control several units, not one. Its a strategy type genre, not an action one. Besides, of all RTS-Genres, you had to pick realistic naval warfare, the type of combat where realistically you sit for maybe even hours aiming at the enemy with, shooting, missing, waiting for a 30 second reload, and re
  6. The point of that was to show (some) people that the AI is not magically working now like some say. In its current state, its still not working. Its because that, despite several (and I mean several) attempts at balancing the AI, it is still broken as of now, that I leads me and some to conclude that likely the system is flawed at its core. You can patch a good if rough system. One that apears to never work no matter how much efford is put into seems like it simply is flawed to the core, and all the fixing in the world may make it work better, but never properly. A lot of it can be optimize
  7. Adaptive AI, great designs? All claims that I decided to test, not with arguing, but with experimenting. 4 consecutive battles featuring most classes on each side, all with AI generated designs. So lets jump into it. 1911 Austria-Hungary VS United States So, first design ever with Auto-Generate going into the battle and its a blunder. 1 Mixing lots of callibers 2 Non-uniform main-gun armaments. This is not 1905. We are well in the dreadnought era. 3 Giving the only 20 cm turret (only one of that calliber) a large barbette it doesnt need. You coul
  8. You are right, looking more closely I see a barbette, so it may not be as braindead as I thought. But it still seems weird to have a massive barbette at the B turret for no reason. What is its porpose? To fire forwards? Then remove that and let the C turret do it, as that barbette blocks C from doing so. Same firepower for less weight. Is it to fire be able to aim further back and bypass the superstructure? But then, with that superimposed C turret, the benefit is neglectible. I think I know why the AI actually did this. A third look reveals a few secondary guns next to the B tu
  9. It does belong here. The nonsensical barbette placement adding weight and blocking turrets, the sluggish speed.
  10. So, they finnaly added new turrets for the Russians and Italians, after 7 months of asking and bumping a thread. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, there are still several nations that need some turret designs. One of these is Germany. Germany as of now lacks any quad turret, and must therefore resort to using BRITISH ones, so I want to give some designs (provided by @Shiki) the devs could use to make new ones. The first one is best described as "2 Bismark turrets glued togheder" The second one is more standardised and... less weird And th
  11. It can design good ships, but it does have a very bad f***-up rate of shitty designs.
  12. Going back to the barbettes, why the F*** is this still an issue? (image by RedWing) Is it that hard to make a "tag" for "accepted callibers" so the AI doesnt F this up? I get the AI making glass cannons. I get them messing the designs on the "Idea" level. But I dont get them pulling this kind of stuff off because it simply is not possible for us. One of the most common feedback of this game is the AI. It makes impossible OP ships, it makes brain-dead ships, and it makes ships that overlap somewhat. And the most common solution is to make a list of presets that the AI ca
  13. #stop_turret_rape Look at those stats, and tell me if they are acceptable for a 66k ton ship in 1940.
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