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  1. Maybe they were looking at the 900 fast gank Redoubtables everyone has that turn on a dime and make the game not fun for people who are out grinding? I'm actually glad for these changes. To hell with your meta, my LO/WO should be able to curb stomp your Teak/Teak speed build. Oh boo hoo you can't just stern rake me and spin around and around before I can anymore. 🎻🎻 World's smallest violin QQ
  2. @admin There is a problem in game currently. That's the fact that the most used ship in game is the Redoubtable(i). This ship is listed as a 3rd rate but outperforms the 2nd rate St. Pavel. Now this being said, I know you guys decided to put the BR up to Bucentaur levels to help keep it out of PBs. This is all well and good. The only problem with this is that now the Wasa, 3rd rate and Bellona now don't have a job at all. Is there way to balance these affected ships so that they are actually played? I mean I honestly don't remember the last time I've seen a 3rd rate outside a group kill mission. Even then it was as AI. I feel that these ships are woefully under used and might need a small buff to help them find their niche. Even a reply of why not would probably help out as well.
  3. @admin Can you elaborate on this Battle Flags?
  4. @admin This isn't a bitch or complaint post, this is a "hey this would be a nice feature" post. So recently I got myself and some like minded individuals to do a parking job outside a port. We were thinking that maybe if the dev team had some spare time that they might be able to put the top 4ish ships in port as models along the pier? Something like what we have in the pictures I've attached. That would give some idea that the port is inhabited by more than just 1 ship. If the dev team is feeling REALLY ambitious they could take the rest of the ships in the persons docks and park them out further out to sea like what they used to do in the past.
  5. That may be the use in game but everything I read about it was to keep the red hot wads and sparks from catching them on fire?
  6. @admin I have been wondering this for a while and I've tried searching for on the forums but could you humble let this pleb know why we have battle sail setting when there is absolutely no use for it? I know the reason why it was used in real life, because the sparks from cannon fire would literally light the sails on fire. I've been in enough PBs and I know the sails are never reduced to battle sails. Is there any chance that this might be implemented that if you keep your lower yards out that you have a % chance of catching your sails on fire πŸ”₯ and poof! No fast sailing battles? I mean yeah it would slow down some battles but would definitely add some thought into ship builds and tagging people in teak/teak speed build ships.
  7. Maybe they did the conversion so people would have an actual reason to do trade missions and make reals instead of just permafarming pvp with fir/fir or teak/teak bullshit ships?😁
  8. This is such BS that I can't think of where to begin. Stern camping is the easiest way to sink someone, especially if you drop a few carros up front, then you can cheese your way to a win because your fir/fir and they're something slightly slower.
  9. @admin "But why no jacuzzi?" "Are you dear? We need the extra butlers!"
  10. Almost everyone in Sweden speaks English, some better than others. A LOT of PvPrs here, PZ groups every day. πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ
  11. Same rules apply, we took our old port back. If you guys were so badass, you should have been able to beat us. The fact that you couldn't beat Spain until half their players decided summer vacation IRL was more important doesn't mean you get to cry and expect us to change anything.
  12. I just hope they limit the amount of ports that can be flipped. Don't need huge nations just flipping ports then using that to pick which ports to take which aren't defended. Would literally kill the game over night. @admin
  13. I was going to suggest opening the game to a bit of workshop magic, aka letting some of the modder/technically savee players help build out some of the different ships from history. Soleil Royal, Sovereign of the Seas, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese ships all come to mind as nice, pretty ships that would add depth to the game. Obviously these would have to get flushed out by the development team but how it sails and how the moving parts work together could be built by the community to help streamline the introduction of more ships to the franchise.
  14. I think that more historically accurate nations would be the better choice. GB, Sweeden, Denmark, France, USA, Spain, Portugal, Pirates and Dutch. Chinese, Prussia and Russia were never there, maybe singular trade ship captains but not ports or warships.
  15. Whaling: I don't know if this is even realistic to ask for but might I ask for a new game mode (don't know what to call it). Whaling was a huge part of the world at this time. Maybe introduce some whaling ships or a mod for ships/trade ships that allows them to go whaling? I don't know if it's viable to do a combat style event with the player getting put into a gunboat and an AI taking over the ship. Said gunboat would have the bow chaser cannon replaced with a harpoon icon or something? I'm thinking the only actual coding/programming would have to be the whales themselves.
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