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    We received several questions on how trading works. Here is the brief explanation needed to avoid conspiracy theories. This high profit trading is not a mistake. OW is risky and you can lose everything. One successful run should set you up for a while, one robbery should not discourage you from trying again. Game should not waste player time by forcing him to do 100 runs. 1 run is as risky as 3. This is a final view on trading. Making profit Source - Supply Resources are brought for trading to county capitals (mostly based on their historical origin) Demand - Consumption Resources are consumed in county capitals Weak demand - Resources can be also sold in any non-consuming port but at a lower price The further is the consumption port from the source of the resource - the higher the profit (can reach high multiples) 1 multi day long trip using wind boosts can make more money than several short trips Supply Types of supply There are cheaper trading resources and there are very expensive trading resources. Every county capital has a variety of resources from cheap to expensive Cheaper resources are brought in great quantities consistently Expensive resources (Madagascar jewels) are brought to Caribbean from time to time If expensive resources are not there - trading IS NOT NERFED - they just were not brought yet (they are rare and expensive for a reason). Just buy other goods or find another less competitive county capital to exploit (hint: or hit other traders getting all the goods for free). Visit other ports on the way to load up on expensive goods, selling cheaper ones if the sale is profitable. You can no longer place contracts on trading goods (One of the best community proposals that was implemented) This allows you to buy the goods if you are in the port right after their delivery by NPCs NPC Traders You can get expensive resources by hitting NPC traders or Player traders too. NPC traders no longer carry very cheap overloaded heavy goods and are mostly dedicated to trading goods. You might hit those jewels near the very distant port and make half a million in 5 mins. This will be enough to get you started. Community Request: well constructed trading guide (video or paper), if we like it it will be posted across all game channels for fame and glory.
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    Captains. Part 2 of the Seasonal update has been deployed Economy changes Shipbuilding changes Historically when building ships shipbuilders had a choice to use fresh wood or season it in seasoning sheds and have stronger, slightly lighter timber. Ships built from fresh wood rot easily and were heavier and weaker. Starting this patch captains will be able to season woods (provided they obtain the blueprint) Seasoning Shed blueprint added - new building Seasoning woods blueprints added New frames and planking types added (indicated by the letter (S) Tools blueprint added Trading and NPC privateering overhaul Price system and trading resource drop systems changed Trading goods is now one of the most profitable activities on the server Trading NPCs are no longer constantly overloaded Trading NPCs sometimes carry expensive loads (especially if you hit them on the end of the trading run with expensive goods) Privateer chest added to game. Privateer chest will drop from NPC Port raiders NPC Privateers in the OW (capital protectors) Increased drop of Victory marks and Combat medals from Raid Chest RVR BR Changes BR for both Player port battles and NPC Port battles have changed Battle Rating will now depend on port investment points More investment points = more ships required to protect and defend. Overall points have been lowered based on the points 55-50 points - 20,000 BR for deep, 2500 for shallow 45-40 points - 10,000 BR for deep, 2000 for shallow 35 and lower - 5000 BR for deep, 1350 for shallow NPC Raids Points for capture zone entry have been slightly increased Combat ships now give 15 points instead of 10 Trading Transports now give 325 points instead of 300 Did not make it due to other issues Removal of Capital waters limitations. In one of the following hotfixes only distance will be limiting port choice of attack. Capital waters will no longer act as choke points Point changes Important historical production or trading centers have their investment points increased to 55 Cartagena Caracas Bridgetown Several significant historical centers have their investment points increased to 50 points Bluefields Portobelo Puerto Espana Other changes 36 Pounders are now allowed on all 32lb french ships Leopard finalized and ready for release HP and thickness caps have been increased due to forthcoming cannon rebalance Increased strength of Upper parts of explosion shockwave - which will demast top sections more often BR changed for Ingermanland and Wapen Capital water protection - Also did not get in due to critical bug Once the feature is deployed privateers will be re-introduced into the game. Privateers will capitals and sometimes venture into important channels. Privateers will sail in strong mixed fleets with intercepting heavy frigates and fast lineships and will provide strong challenge to players operating deep in the capital waters territories. IMPORTANT Hotfix was deployed on 30th November 2019. Privateer fleets route testing NPC Raid patterns have changed for lower level ports. NPC Raiders will ALWAYS try to fill the BR limit by lowering class of ships. So for example for 10000 BR port NPCs will bring 18 Saint Pavels or Bellonas instead of 1st rates. They will continue to use 1 ship. BR Limits for shallow ports lowered even lower Nassay 2900 2000 BR limit ports reduced to 1350 1350 BR limit ports reduced to 900 Chinese localization file update Privateer chests Hotfix was deployed today, Sunday 1st of December 2 capitals of the Caribbean have updated Privateer fleets Privateer chest is now dropping from those fleets. Weight 250 tons so almost any ship can carry it out. Fire Hot Fix 5th December 1) Explosion damage to crew reduced 2x 2) Brace (F10) Effectiveness - increased 3) Explosion damage to masts increased 4) Explosion damage to sails increased Important Magazine explosions now will only happen after fire shock started to give players visual indication of the potential impending doom. Magazine can be reached by fire before - but it will only explode in fire shock.
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    -=Cheat Menu - Update=- Regarding the hidden debug options that we are going to disable, we do so because most of them cause errors, bugs, exceptions that you also report to us. These options work stably only for development purposes and can make the game to malfunction in various ways, making hard for us to find real problems and repair them. However, we understand that you have fun using those options, so we are going to keep two, that can work without major issues. These are the "Unlock all parts" and "Ship give all techs". Use them at your discretion. Enjoy!
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    I Frankly Disagree wholeheartedly about a multiplayer focus. While it could be fun to cooperate, or compete with a single friend I would rather see development time spent on improving the designer, and to see a greater level of depth given to the campaign. further more I would rather see a reduction in technology, no radar, or ships like Yamato, rather 1880-1920 then 1910-1945. the post WWI era of aviation and the carrier while interesting detract from the purity of naval combat and theory that dominated Jutland, Tsushima, and Santiago bay. We should see central battery ironclads or barbette ironclads to the super dreadnought, not carriers, and anti-air cruisers. While I agree something akin to Naval action with what will be developed from this game could be most enjoyable, I think many of us who are participating here on the fourms and giving our feed back are people with sincere intrest in Naval History, and an apreciation for this epoch in combat, not the casual gamers who grind for rare premiums, or hop into matches for some relaxation.
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    admin, I don't see any of the players in this conversation supporting how the exploding ship mechanic works today. When the majority of players on both the defending and attacking side in the battle today all seem to agree the results are far too extreme, you really should take notice.
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    There was lot in your post I agree with but not this. We can all beat noobs in inferior ships that's not the point. Solo and OW PvP is what most people do. Most play in small groups. They should have the option to be a small group of players who craft and play together if that's how they want to play (maybe they don't want to be in a big clan) AND be competitive! Sure, they won't be able to produce ships in the quantity a big clan will and perhaps they would be crafting mainly Wasas and Trincos etc but those few Wasas and Trincos that they DO make should be just as good as the ones the big clans make imo. ALL players should have access to these bonuses, just in smaller quantities. This is the important thing for me. I've played this game for years and I tell you, if the day ever comes that I stop getting Port Bonuses at my shipyard or I have to play with people I don't even really like because it's the only way I can source competitive ships (believe me, I know MANY players in this situation already), I will quit the game until it's fixed. That cannot be healthy for player retention. I used to play Eve online and was into the small ship solo pvp faction warfare stuff (i'm too old to compete in that now, its too fast!). I was in a small clan but we were all totally self sufficient. I had one account but with a bit of trading and looting I could pay my way. This meant that in the big scheme of things in New Eden I was a tiny speck of dust. But, when I was in my frigate in a plex against another guy, it didn't matter if he was Goon or Pandemic Horde, I was in a ship that could compete and I had a chance to win. We are beginning to lose this in Naval Action.
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    Hi all, I have started a guide for new players hoping that it might be useful. https://naction.info/index.php/Van_Veen's_guide_for_new_players It is far from complete and probably full of errors, so any comments are highly appreciated.
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    Im not a fan of this as big battles are decided within minutes; get a decent fireship in and the competetive battle is done - feels just like either ganking or being ganked afterwards, depending on how lucky you get / if RNG is on your side or not... Basically a gamble.. You should make a poll on this.. Prerty sure most players, all nations, prefer the original fireship Mechanics
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    Super..Thats great New player experience mission will excite newcomers more than current state of tutorial, and more will decide to level up to first rates as a result. It will be deployed very soon. ..... But the online will fall and some day in a couple of years will fall to 500, and then to 300 and then to 100, and to 0. Do not worry - by then the new game will be ready.
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    17 people in my clan right now angry about this matter who don't want to go into the forum to comment just in case they're banned
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    Its very strange that you say so. There is a huge difference between caring and focusing on something else. We work on something we consider more important and will continue without switching. We care about all proposals and best ideas or blockers (issues blocking gameplay) always get done first. We never had a big team and do not have a big team now. Why should we rush and switch when you claim falsely we do not care? Why do you think that you can make your idea considered by abuse or false statements like we don't care?
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    i would find it interesting to have a captains log book attached to the ship, not the player. It would provide a history for vessel and make them more interesting. Contents of log. A description field This could be used by the current owner to make notes about the ship i would find this useful when i have a few ships of the same type, that I use for different purposes The first 50 characters could appear on the standard ship details screens Editable at any time by current owner This is also a useful sales tool, e.g. "I have set this trader lynx up as fir/fir, very fast. designed to run, not fight." "I have set this trader lynx up as teak/crew space, fast enough to run down LGVs when fitted with carronades. use as warship, repair in any port." A record of events For every event a non-editable section that lists the battle, officer commanding, casualties taken and inflicted, damage taken and inflicted An editable section where the officer commanding can add a short note, remains open until the next event after which it is locked Stops any later owners from adding comments I could imagine a scenario where a ship goes through multiple hands, either by sale or capture, and this would be recorded.
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    Captains Safety is off and losing port battles to NPC Raiders will lose ports (ports will turn neutral and all investments will drop 1 level). Raiders attack rich ports based on a combinations of factors including investments and tax rate. Which means the attacked port can have zero investments but very high tax rate. If Raider attack fails they will ignore the port for at least 2 weeks. Attacks always happen on saturday and sunday. War Server Raiders will attack 3 of the 10 richest ports If raiders win port will turn neutral with the random timer Peace Server Raiders will attack 9 ports richest random ports over weekend (one per region) (Saturday and Sunday) to provide every region access to at least one defensive port battle. If raiders win - Port will turn neutral with the random timer As you can enter any port and craft there the only negative is the loss of the 1 lvl of investment and loss of taxation privileges. Small clans should try to add friendly clans to the friend list to defend the port together Raiders sailing military ships will drop a raid chest on kill starting next week. This week they probably carry standard loot. Strategy Any modestly trained clan can defend the port. Join the battle before battle starts - If you miss the timer battle will be closed - so arrive early NPC Raiders always pick the best wind - take positions allowing you to intercept them on the right course Number of Raiders depend on port BR. (more info below) Your goal is to not let the fleets reach capture zones. Once Raiders reach the capture zones they get points Traders (transports) give 325 points Combat ships give 15 points If all transports reach the circles you lose the port battle. So your strategy should be focus fire transports and sink them before they rich the circle (high risk must do task) and then methodically eliminate combat ships (low risk task) Don't linefight just get into carronade range and destroy the transports. If you miss ALL the combat ships - (all combat ships enter capture zones) its just 270 points. If you miss just 1 trader transport - its already 325 points Bring several carronade ships for fast resolution of the transport problems. Invest into one fort or tower - they will absolutely devastate some of the attacking light ships Don't enter at piers - join the battle - and join on time (not on signal) but as early as you can You wont see NPCs until battle starts - so no point to send scouts. Enemy composition UPDATE 7TH DECEMBER 15-18 combat ships - 15 points each (on reaching the capture zone) 4-6 transports - 325 points each (on reaching the capture zone) NPC raiders try to fill the battle ratings lowering the class of the ship So for high BR Port you will see 18 first rates, for medium BR fort you will probably see 18 frigates and for lowest BR shallow water port you will see 18 cutters. Keep this in mind. NPC Raiders are ELITE ships and require precision and focus fire to win. As described above - you main goal should be to eliminate transports. If you eliminate transports you buy good amount of time.
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    Sorry, but you are wrong: You cannot drive away from them in open world. They are too fast and tag you anyway. But the worse thing is: Even if you can get away from them in the battle itsself and get out, lets say one of your three traders, this trader will not be save, because he will be attacked immediately after the first battle is over by the same privateers as before. No chance to escape. If you got attacked by one this fleets you best tear down your sails and let them kill you. This is not "attacked by NPC", this is simply "destroyed by NPC". Ganking at its best ... done by NPC ...
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    Thank you Admin. I mostly play on the PvP server since the last wipe, but I am sympathetic to the lads who enjoy the Peace server and its NON-PVP culture. Save the Peace Server. Thanks for your consideration and not submitting to players who wish to change the Peace server to include PvP. Sincerely .... thanks
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    so yea... this Russian player didn't request these changes to the BR system and Fine Woods 2.0. Just an FYI. We did however request BR changes that had some prior thought attached to them. The same with the Front Lines system. After 4-5 months of waiting and a hundred requests from the community to adjust BR, the current fix is basically a slap in the face. Sad. Can we just like roll back to the BR limits that were in place prior to release? Please? It can't be that difficult. These low effort "whatever requires the least amount of coding" changes sure do get tiring to deal with.
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    Our approach have changed since we started Game - Labs. We no longer are satisfied with just basic implementations.There are 3X better crafting and trading games like X3. Everything we deliver must worth a stand alone game, this includes crafting. Minor changes will of course be applied. In fact new building is coming live this or next week.
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    I tend to agree with Simon. While I enjoy some of the more recent additions to the game, chief among them some of the missions, it overall felt more complete a couple years ago during the fine woods patches. Economy was OK and had some semblance of being player driven and the main focus was cheap ships + cheap mods to get folks on the water experiencing rather than hauling or sinking bots. The DLC ships kinda destroyed shallow water PVP and Port Battles, which was where the newer players used to roam and learn the ins and outs of the game. Not so much anymore. The front lines system to me just feels.....broken. The concept is ill conceived, not very transparent and kinda clipped the wings of RVR a fair bit.
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    Thanks for your efforts. I buy all the DLC to support what you do, plus I wrote a nice review. i want the game to continue to grow. Crafting is secondary and I get that. That's fine IMO. Combat is good and the stuff your adding is great. Aggressive AI would great, it annoys me that i sail through first rates......and big fleets and they do nothing they should tag the day dreamers.....BUT maybe drop Loki if you do this ? Please continue adding more trading options to the game if you can. This brings in a lot of non hard core players and adds more ships to the OW. AND by the way most people actually in game, don't agree with most of the loudest shouters on this forum so keep doing your thing. Good Job Devs. 馃憤
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    It can piss you off. It should not. Even rather thin armor plate can deflect very big projectiles if hit at an oblique enough angle. Not to mention, angle of impact does matter on thick plates because angled armor (as we all know) offers increased effective thickness than when struck perpendicular. Somethign well know, after all, because whole layout schemes abused that mechanism (From the turtleback schemes popular before WW1 to the inclined armored belts of some of the american fast battleships) So while the whole "overmatch" in WOWs is pretty much BS, truth is that angling offers obvious benefits in what regards to protection. If you see them in game, good, because they were very real. Now were they so "real" as to cause big armored warships to go nose in against an enemy to fire forward weapons only?. Of course not, for many reasons (the minor not being that, again, the overmatch mechanic in WOWs is, even when based on a real effect, in effect tailored BS for an arcade game balance). Let's list some of them: 1- The obvious one. you cut your main battery by half, or 33%, or even 60% (depends on the layout). In a statistical "game" such as naval gunnery, where the mechanics of hitting at anything but point blank can be summed up as "putting as many projectiles on a box as small as possible where the enemy ship will be when they arrive", if you decrease the number of projectiles you're putting in, you're drastically reducing your chances to hit. 2- Not such an obvious one: Finding a solution on a ship requires finding out three variables. Range. Course. Speed. With that data you can aim your guns with high chances of hitting. The problem is that finding them in the middle of a battle is troublesome. Without any intervention of electronics (radar), you use rangefinders to estimate range. You use lenght of ship vs time of travel to estimate speed. You use mostly eyeball mk.1 to find out course. All of them are, in the end, estimations. All of them have to be calculated by individuals who can make mistakes, based on information gathered in a very confused environment (the middle of a battle). Then you feed it into a plotting machine (an analog computer, there were several versions of the same concept, in general they were called "rangekeepers"). Plotting machine tells you the solution and where to fire. So when you fire you're validating your estimations and see if they are right. But they will be wrong, because it's almost impossible to get all the variables right on the first go. So you watch where your shot falls compared with where the enemy is when they fall. You and your plotter juggle a bit to find out which of your estimation (or which ones, can be multiple) was off. You correct. Plotter tells you where to fire. You fire again. Etc. But it just so happens that if an enemy that you're firing on is pointed straight at you, or with minimal lateral displacement. calculating a firing solution is a whooping order of magnitude easier than finding the same solution on a target with a large lateral displacement. Essentially he's telegraphing your course to you (because he's coming for you, you know which course he has). So in effect by sailing straight for the enemy you're giving away one of your solution variables (course) as solved by default, thus making FAR easier for the enemy to find the proper solution to shove projectiles down your throat, as you're decreasing the complexity of his solution calculation by a whole order of magnitude. 3- Very not obvious one: Ships tend to roll with far more ease than they tend to pitch. Or said in other words: when broadsiding unless you're on really stormy weather your whole battery will be firing roughly on the same plane. Firing on end-on targets means that depending on the moment of the roll the guns on one side of the turret will actually be aimed higher than the other (because of roll, one is somewhat higher, other somewha lower), ruining your dispersion - and the longer the range, the more it gets ruined. 4-"angling" and betting that you'll be getting some lucky bounces on thin plate here and there is pretty nice - only problem is that the main side armor tends to be MUCH thicker than the end-on transverse bulkheads. So in most cases and armor layouts, by going nose in you're actually increasing the chance of the enemy placing shells within your critical spaces. There are more here and there but I think the point is made: YES there are some very notable benefits angling can give to your protection scheme vs enemies. But NO, you don't want to "angle" against an enemy. Because then he'll eat you alive. So the solution here is not "getting rid of the angling". Is implementing the reasons why that "angling" was a horrible, horrible, horrible idea to begin with (I'm not sure 2 and 3 are present in the game right now, but I'm pretty sure in due time everything that's relevant will be in place to make the experience as immersive and believable as possible).
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    Edit: Not mine, but 'till my dream! Maybe i can avoid mermaids with this ship...
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    Don't know how you look upon it today, after a whole year passed, but the detailed ship crafting system we had was, in my humble opinion as shipwright, just great. I belonged to the part of community which felt sorry for shipbuilding to become "swift and easy". minus all those sub-parts which taught us about the complexity of ship design (somehow). And as you have read from posts, there existed whole networks in clans with specialized manufacturing of sub parts, which let them make money and collect crafting experiences alike in their niche. They felt like cog wheels in a larger machinery producing large ships for their clan, which could provide a feeling of being important to anyone involved, if even he just did the iron fittings. Or you could just find ready sub parts in shops and buy them. True, it took longer for the result but that also increased your anticipation and let me add, immersive it was as well. When those times are remembered today in global chat, rare as it happens (because you need to be a veteran to remember it after more than a year, and have been into crafting back then), I see nostalgia ruling and get the impression I was not the only one who liked that "complicated" system better. I don't know what the reason of game-labs was to abolish the ship crafting in full glory, probably because it was called a nuisance and "clickfest" by its critics who wanted to get quickly into combat. But they still could use their DLC ships or convert notes, while leaving the process of ship crafting to those who enjoy it as it gives a feeling of personal accomplishment especially with some kind of superior result (purple, golden). How great it was if we had this and could implement port boni notes we bought/produced in port/captured from elite NPC in any combination we see fit (idea about this is on the forum). It is true, the main achievement of NA visible to potential customers is beautiful ships, their handling and combat performance, as you stressed. But how much better it is, when customers find out later there are more great things to discover, if even not advertised, like trade (I like it as it is now), port development (if they find ever access to one), and crafting ships. You can satisfy many more than just the ones who like combat and admire your ships and their behavior. We can offer a home to all of them. If we don't sacrifice them "alternative playstyle clients" as fodder to the PvP heroes. That was and is the main problem, on War Server.
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    First Skirmish in the War of San Juan: Our screeners were engaged by dutch: Our PB fleet was engaged by Brits: Then the Swedish PB fleet engaged our PB fleet right as we got out of our battle with the Brits. This got a bit messy, as they had the wind on us from the start and were able to dictate the engagement for the first half hour:
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    Cambios en la econom铆a Cambios en la construcci贸n de barcos: Hist贸ricamente, cuando constru铆an barcos, los constructores navales ten铆an la opci贸n de usar madera fresca o secarla en cobertizos para secar y tener madera m谩s fuerte y ligeramente m谩s ligera. Mientras tanto, los barcos construidos con madera fresca se pudr铆an f谩cilmente y eran m谩s pesados y d茅biles. Al aplicarse el parche los capitanes ser谩n capaces de secar maderas: Cobertizo de secado a帽adido (nuevo edificio) Blueprint de maderas secadas a帽adidos Nuevos tipos de armazones (frames) y tablaje (planking) a帽adidos, indicados con la letra (S) Blueprint de herramientas a帽adido Revisi贸n del corso NPC y del comercio Sistemas de precios y "dropeo" de productos de comercio cambiados Comerciar con productos es ahora una de las actividades m谩s rentables del servidor Los NPC de tradeo ya no estar谩n sobrecargados m谩s Los NPC de tradeo a veces llevar谩n cargas caras, especialmente si los abordas al final de su ruta con productos caros Cofre del corsario (privateer chest) a帽adido al juego. Provendr谩 de: Raideos de puerto de NPC Corsarios NPC del mundo abierto (protectores de las capitales) Incremento de la posibilidad de obtener Victory marks y medallas de combate de los cofres de raideo Cambios en el BR y el RVR El BR de las batallas de puerto de jugadores y las de NPC ha cambiado El ratio de batalla (BR) ahora depende de los puntos de investigaci贸n del puerto; Cu谩ntos m谩s puntos de investigaci贸n m谩s barcos son requeridos para proteger. En general todos los puntos de BR de los puertos se han rebajado, basados ahora en los puntos de investigaci贸n: 55-50 puntos - 20,000 BR para aguas profundas, 2500 para aguas someras (shallow) 45-40 puntos - 10,000 BR para aguas profundas, 2000 para aguas someras 35 y menos puntos - 5000 BR para aguas profundas, 1350 para aguas someras Raideos NPC Los puntos de entrada en la zona de captura han sido un poco incrementados. Los barcos de combate ahora dan 15 puntos en vez de 10. Los barcos de transporte ahora dan 325 puntos en vez de 300. No se ha hecho debido a otros problemas Eliminaci贸n de las limitaciones de las aguas de Capital. En uno de los pr贸ximos hotfixes s贸lo la distancia limitar谩 la elecci贸n de puertos de ataque. Las aguas de capitales ya no ser谩n puntos de ahogo. Cambios en los puntos de investigaci贸n: Centros de producci贸n o de comercio hist贸ricamente importantes han incrementado sus puntos de investigaci贸n a 55 Cartagena Caracas Bridgetown Algunos centros de significante importancia hist贸rica han incrementado sus puntos de investigaci贸n a 50 Bluefields Portobelo Puerto Espana Otros cambios Los ca帽ones Pounders (me falta traducci贸n al espa帽ol, si es que la hay) del 36 se permiten ahora en todos los barcos franceses de 32 libras HMS Leopard finalizado y preparado para ser botado (por DLC, 33 鈧) Los m谩ximos vida y dureza de los barcos han sido incrementados debido al inminente rebalanceo de los ca帽ones Incrementado el aguante de las partes altas de los barcos a las explosiones - se partir谩n m谩s palos de las secciones de arriba m谩s a menudo BR cambiado para Ingermanland y Wapen Protecci贸n de las aguas de Capital - No se consigui贸 hacer por un bug grande Una vez se implemente la caracter铆stica, los corsarios (privateer) se reintroducir谩n en el juego. Los corsarios tendr谩n capitales y, a veces, se aventurar谩n en canales importantes. Navegar谩n en flotas mixtas fuertes con fragatas pesadas y naves de l铆nea r谩pidas para interceptar y proporcionar谩n un gran desaf铆o a los jugadores que operan en los territorios de las capitales de aguas profundas. Hotfix del 30 de Noviembre: Testeo de rutas de flotas de corsarios RVR Los patrones de Raideo de NPC han cambiado para los puertos de bajo nivel. Los Raiders NPC SIEMPRE intentar谩n llenar el l铆mite de BR con barcos de menor clase. Por ejemplo, para un puerto de 10000 de BR los NPC traer谩n 18 Saint Pavels o Bellonas en vez de primeras l铆neas. El BR de las aguas someras ha sido reducido: Nassau 2900 El l铆mite de los puertos de 2000 de BR ha sido reducido a 1350 El l铆mite de los puertos de 1350 de BR ha sido reducido a 900 Actualizaci贸n del archivo de traducci贸n al chino Hotfix del Domingo 1 de Diciembre 2 capitales del Caribe han actualizado Corsarios El cofre del Corsario ahora es dropeado/liberado en sus flotas. El peso es de 250, as铆 que casi cualquier barco lo puede cargar.
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    Earthquake work this way. Unreleased tension explodes when limitations are removed. Which means A LOT of people wanted to have smaller battles and were right pointing at that. It will slow down after it.
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    The key is keeping those 900 players in the game interested for more than a month or 2. Historically NA has not.
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    Those who think 74s cannot out run frigates are mistaken (deeply) This misconception also influenced us initially. Not anymore. Its incorrect and we suggest everyone to burn this outdated and incorrect standard out of their mind If you read any real literature on the age of sail by the end of 1820 only 3 classes left. Building ships longer than 65-70 meters was impossible, building shorter ships was useless. Design settled on the best determinant for success of the vessel = max broadside weight per length = which gave best speed and firepower for class. Long one deckers (heavy and super frigates) (fastest) Long 2 deckers (3rd rates) Long 3 deckers (1st rates) Speed fit Bellona cannot compete for speed with long hull frigates in our game and could not catch endymion in reality. But Bellona (properly fitted) can outrun any shorter ships - which is correct and historical. Because main determinant of speed is hull length and sail power to this length and weight. A properly built 74 could be faster than any light ship due to hull speed and number of sails (power to weight). 2nd rates quickly died out because they were costly but did not have broadside weight per length). PS We balance for light breeze that's why rattlesnake is faster currently. If and when we implement wind power it will become more varied, and there will be cases where 1st rates catch everyone.
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    Yes. Just said this above Because mechanics are shared across servers - capital waters act the same way on all servers. As a result owners of capital waters (brits at KPR) can enter battles created near their capitals against privateers (privateers are treated as players). We like aggressive AI on peace server for immersion , not sure if players like it. What do you think? We know players like @hoarmurath from peace server love aggressive ai.
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    My understanding is that most navies would build ships with seasoned wood (so it would be by default).
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    Now sure, it might not matter much on the PvE server, but it really does not take a mastermind to figure out a fleet of 25 regular woods 1st rates vs 25 seasoned woods 1st rate is basically just pointless RvR / PB's, on pvp, will ALYWAYS have the best possible woods/upgrades in them.
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    鉂わ笍 thank you so much! That is the perfect solution in my oppinion, as it is exactly what i am used to play around with! Thank you again! And after having a second look at your profile: i will definitely make sure not to choke on my aspirations Teckelmaster out Games can be so satisfying when development team and community speak the same language!
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    You can鈥檛 TRADE passenger or cargo missions but you can CAPTURE the missions and then make the delivery for the original reward.
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    As at 23rd November 2019 First and foremost - let me thank the Game Labs development team for including port ownership on the Peace Server. It has added a completely new dynamic and significantly more content. Alot of players are taking an interest, and this group is growing rapidly. THE GAME MECHANICS OF OWNING A PORT 1. The owner of a port receives 80% of the tax revenue generated from all taxable trades within the port (minus the costs below). Received in Reals on a daily basis at maintenance, and paid directly into the owning clan's warehouse. 2. The owner of a port can "invest in"/ build crafting bonuses which are applied to all ships crafted in the port. The crafters must be in the owner clan, or on the owner's friendly clan list. (friendly clan list members can also contribute to these investments directly if the owner of the port adjusts the parameters to allow it). 3. The owner of the port can adjust the overriding tax percentage rate (max 10% - min 0%) for all taxable trades within the port. 4. The owner of the port can at a price (deducted automatically from tax revenue), increase the amount of trade goods/resources that naturally fall into the port on an ongoing basis. 5. The owner of a port can at a price (deducted automatically from tax revenue), reduce the number of labour hours required to craft anything or withdraw resources (eg from mines/forests) in the port. 6. The owner of the port can set a flexible time window of three hours (cost deducted from tax revenue) in which to defend the port from an NPC Raider attack. COST OF OWNING A PORT 1. Absolute minimum of 4,000 Reals per day - no investments or adjustments whatsoever. 2. To set a defense time window - add 250,000 Reals per day. (expensive) 3. To increase port production of naturally falling goods and resources by 25% - add 5% per day to 1 and 2. 4. To increase port production of naturally falling goods and resources by 50% - add 10% per day to 1 and 2. 5, To reduce number of labour hours required for any crafting activity by 20% - add 10% per day to 1 and 2 6. To reduce number of labour hours required for any crafting activity by 40% - add 20% per day to 1 and 2. HOW TO CAPTURE A PORT Hostility Missions You will notice that the vast majority of the map is currently owned by NPCs, non-player owned. Every Friday maintenance, the developers set up an NPC Raider attack on 9 regional random ports for the weekend. The attacks on NPC owned ports we have no influence on, and are unable to do anything. These attacked ports become owned by Neutral NPCs, and a randomly generated time window of three hours is set for players to launch an attack after the following maintenance.. To commence an attack, a player clan plus allies (with even international assistance if available), must undertake hostility missions on the port. These missions are only available in national flag ports and free ports. The attacking players must generate 100% hostility by sinking Neutral NPCs to activate a port battle 24 hours after hostility is completed. A start time for the port battle is now set. Can be seen in the conquest tab of the map page, or by putting the mouse pointer over the port. The Port Battle For shallow port battles, the largest ship you can take in is a Surprise. Each port has a maximum BR value which the attacking fleet must not exceed. (Eg -a Surprise is BR 130. For a BR 1,500 port, you can take upto 11 Surprises Total BR 1430. You can get more ships in if you wish by adjusting which ships go into the battle according to their own battle rating). For deep water ports, you can take any ship in (minimum 80 BR - Mortar Brig), and (as above) the total fleet composition must not exceed the ports BR level as identified on the map. Arrange your attacking player fleet at the postion you wish to enter the port battle (wind direction is significant). This is not straight forward, as there is a circle which players must be outside of to be able to enter the battle. Each player must click on the swords infront of the port to see the outer circle, and then press ENTER. Groups do not enter as one unit, each player has to enter individually. At some ports, it is almost impossible to see the swords because of land obstructions. Be wary of your start position, and straight line view to the port front. Inside battle, you will meet six enemy NPCs, who start from just infront of the port. They will mostly sail out to meet and engage you. The enemies will be - - shallow port enemies - six random 6th rates. - BR 10,000 ports - six random 4th rates. - BR 20,000+ ports - six random 1st rates. There will be three circles to capture, which if occupied by player ships, will speed up victory in the battle. Once a circle has been captured (and ironically turned into a White Square on the battle interface) and started accruing points, the player ships in it can move out pending return of any NPCs. Watching what the enemy fleet is doing is thus important. Once the player fleet has accrued 1,000 points by any combination of sinking enemy ships and capturing circles, the battle is won. TO BE CONTINUED AND ADJUSTED ACCORDINGLY.
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    If the changes are so important, why not make an announcement 1-2 days before your new fantasy frontline system is coming into the game? You had time to make a post while you are looking for some special book, but you don鈥檛 have time to give us informations about the changes? Many players in my small nations are pissed, because we will probably lose 2 ports against 2 nations while they flipped ports at night without a chance to defend or set a timer! good job 馃憤
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    Not enough evidence - video ends at 7 mins Combat happened - other ship heavily damaged Other ships disengages at the end of the video. Griefing is consistently keeping you in battles of hours. (7 min battle with combat is NOT griefing) Captains consistently falsely accusing others of griefing will be punished themselves.
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    What is going on? Just lost my Indiaman fleet to grossly overstrong privateers with no chance of escape. 4-5 days of grinding and over 5million reals of cargo sent to the bottom. Some people might think that this is funny, but they belong on the PvP server. No more quiet trading on what was a PEACE server. I will not be playing again. I am really VERY angry.
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    Dear developers, I would love if there was more cosmetic DLC than ship DLC. Could we have more of them?
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    I've played up until Stage 3 of the British Campaign and here are the notes I have taken. Note: Most of these are not bug reports as those have been submitted in game. Note: 10-14 refer to the marine tactics technology. I haven't had time to check the rest of the text yet Intro needs transitions as hard cuts are ugly Differences between Easy/Med/Hard difficulty in the tooltip Is the campaign or flavor text different for the different starting characters The scroll bar is inverted on victory screen Troops and ships are missing from victory screen in Acting Captain No officer report in Acting Captain Scrolling in Herald also scrolls the campaign map Notifications clearing after you read them can be annoying in case of misclick. Right click to dismiss in case of clutter would be preferable even if it鈥檚 one extra action the player has to take. Escape doesn鈥檛 open menu on campaign screen Spelling error(check photos) Text out of bounding box(check photos) Non-English character used(not sure if intentional)(check photos) Grammar errors(check photos) Double click to recruit officers/change weapons in fleet tab Second click to close open tab on fleet tab Camp renamed to fleet base or something for flavor Way to mark ships to not be fired on (useful for capture missions) Alternatively different ammo per side(not sure how to implement or even a good idea tbh) Some frame dropping(occurred every time after several tests in Dinner with the Admiral mission) Canister shot does too little (broadside at boarding range killed 4 guys) Optimal crew marker is off(check photos) How does scaling work?(I Bring 1 5th rate and all of a sudden all the enemies are 5th rates) Double pressing 1 or double clicking on a control group should jump to it Does the enemy have some sort of manpower/ ship pool like in UG:CW or is it better to just go for the objectives and ignore everyone else? Accidentally dismissing soldiers means you have to re-recruit them which is incredibly annoying. Not enough Land Pattern 鈥78 Musket provided to replenish starting soldiers. What is the difference between unit types? Stats remain the same. Fusiliers also seem to board just as effectively Selecting a ship for a land battle seems wrong. A counter to tell you how many stages you have to fight a main battle would be nice. Unless all of them are only one stage The retreat time is still way too short. Its very difficult to get back in the battle once you've left it within 30 seconds. Also seeing how the ai can't retreat, they just bring their ships back into play or just let them sit outside the bounding box making it impossible to kill them When pressing the camp button on the deployment screen, you should be taken to the fleet tab instead of the campaign map. Charging is still quite over powered due to the much smaller unit sizes, the worse equipment, and the way soldiers engage(by firing at max range). This is also the case for boarding. Troop transports loaded with soldiers seem to dominate in boarding resulting in plenty of trophies and free reputation. As I continue to play I'll add more information here and in discord. Please feel free to respond with additional thoughts on the game or my feedback.
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    IMPORTANT Hotfix was deployed on 30th November 2019. Privateer fleets route testing RVR NPC Raid patterns have changed for lower level ports. NPC Raiders will ALWAYS try to fill the BR limit by lowering class of ships. So for example for 10000 BR port NPCs will bring 18 Saint Pavels or Bellonas instead of 1st rates. They will continue to use 1 ship. BR Limits for shallow ports lowered even lower Nassay 2900 2000 BR limit ports reduced to 1350 1350 BR limit ports reduced to 900 Chinese localization file update
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    This game could very well be THE BEST GAME EVAH for the naval enthusiast. But there's a weak spot: the gunnery model. At the moment, as far as I understand, it is a "simple" model based on a hit probability calculated from many bonus and malus. There are two problem with this approach. First of all, it will never be accurate enough. It doesn't matter how endless the list of possible modifier is. This model will always abstract too much. Also, is gamey. It encourages a "min max" approach that will kill any different approach and create a single "best" build in any tactical situation. A much better and more realistic approach would be to simulate the fire control with modifier to the accuracy of this process. Then the ships fire at the calculated fire solution and you add the accuracy characteristics of the guns to get a CEP. From there you use RNG to get the trajectory over time of every shell. Then you simulate the actual shell being fired in a way no different than WOWS or war thunder. This way a shell can actually be dodged, for example. I don't know if the developers can transition to a better gunnery model at this point in the development model, but they really should.
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    Quadruple turrets as we all know are quite characteristic of the Dunkurque and Richelieu (je ne pe parle francais lol). In game currently the maximum # of guns is a turret is three. Quadruple turrets I feel are important to the French (see Lyon class) and should be considered. Another small thing I have noticed whilst browsing videos of the Iowa class is that after firing, the guns come back down to be reloaded with the 鈥渁uto鈥 loader. I have also read up on the Des Moines CA in which it mentions that it鈥檚 auto loaded 8in guns could be loaded at any angle (say 45 degrees of elevation, they still can be loaded). This isn鈥檛 much of a priority but would this be an animation we will see in game at a later point in time?
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    Not only the French. The British also use quadruple turrets on King Geogre V class. So I think the devs should consider adding it into game. And more historical hull designs also.
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    You may not be able to balance their broadside weight or HP directly, but sailing profile & turn rate (i.e. ability to control the fight) could be a way to give the smaller 5th rates any advantage over the heavier ones. If the Trinc is simply the best or comparable to the others, that leads to a stale open world meta. Just my 2c.
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    like this? Sorry, i cant resist. Everytime i hear something like "sailing in reverse", i remember Word of Warships. Half of ships driving backwards and kill the atmosphere. Doesnt looks like a battle rather than rubberducks wich are fooling around.
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    some 9 pounder frigates moved to rank 6 ( La Renomee, Cerberus ) some 24 pounders frigate moved to rank 4 ( Leopard, United States, Constitution )
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    Still think that the AI should not choose to upgun every single time. Smaller sizes have other advantages, lower maintenance, cheaper to build, industries were already in place to make said guns, rate of fire, ship weight, balance, reliability, historically cruiser guns tended to be the most accurate as well, etc. There's also the fact that 8-10 inches might not sound like a huge difference, but in naval gunnery it really is, an 8 inch gun is still smaller, with most shells weighing about 200kg/440 lb. To take say the Graf Spee's 11 inch guns, those shells could weigh almost 150kg more, or a 75% increase in weight for about a 42% increase in size, the technical issues this presents to mounting such guns on a smaller cruiser platform is a big one. There's a reason no designs for anything employing larger than 8 inch guns were ever approved for cruisers even after the treaties were done away with. And the Spee and other Deutschlands only got away with it by employing six barrels and lackluster armor to make up for keeping the weight reasonable so the ship didn't capsize in a small squall; any more guns and the instability would have been too much. Bigger was not always better. To use the 8 inch guns as an example, shells from the Prinz Eugen penetrated the Prince of Wales in vital areas (and the Hood too, into magazine spaces) during the Battle of the Denmark Strait, a dud, undetonated shell from the Eugen was in fact found in Prince of Wale's ammunition storage after the battle when she went to dock in the USA for repair. Which speaking of, dud weaponry might be a factor to add at some point. (To reflect a home industries/economy problem maybe? Campaign stuff.)
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    Wait a minute...I think remember what you're talking about. And if we're thinking of the same clan (MLP) those weren't PvE players LOLOLOL They were a certain skilled clan from PvP1 known for their superb demasting skills, and they schooled us because only a very very small percentage of PvP2 knew how to sail properly, hold the wind, demast, angle, etc. And even that small percentage of us were no match for the best from PvP1. Trust me, I know, I was there. I fought them. I later spoke with the player I was fighting and confirmed he was, in fact, a PvP1 player. You got trolled. I got trolled. We all got trolled by them. And it was hilarious. Anyways, on topic...I think if PvE server advertises a safe space with no PvP...then it should remove all possibility of PvP happening. I'll never set foot there, because AI doesn't provide much of a challenge to me. But it seems like Admin is aware of the issue and has a fix in the works. But this thread has been great! 馃槀馃槀
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    What is the current ETA of the update? I'm really hyped for it!
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    I still think 32 pdr carros to be too strong in this game
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