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    HRE abandons Cartagena. We think HAVOC has clearly won the Port Battle and we respect that achievement. Rediii, the next time you and your clan attack Cartagena we will not defend it. We respect the rules of fair play and reward your victory over Cartagena, even if the server crashed 2 tickets before the end. Thanks for the nice fight
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    Captains. Secondary security zones for France, Spain and Britain will be abandoned and will become capturable in one of the next patches, as they did not have any influence on the goals they were supposed to achieve. We are very sorry for the inconvinience that this change might cause. Please take necessary precautions and move ships resources away if you do not plan to defend those areas.
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    My post is below, but for those who will avoid reading anything longer than a paragraph, here is the short version of my proposal: Limit wood type choices when building Lineships (4th-1st rates) to only allow the heavier wood types: sabicu, white oak, caguairan and live oak. --------------------------- I have observed with interest the discussions about the combat model we are now testing on the testbed. I haven't gotten around to testing it myself yet, but I have gradually grown more positive as I've read admin's elaborations on his thinking on the matter. But there is one issue that, like many others, I foresee: speed-built ships-of-the-line cruising around the open world, able to run away from all other SOLs, and devastatingly deadly against every frigate, and at the same time with the ability to catch them. Should this really be a thing? If the new combat model prevents frigates from messing with SOLs, should SOLs still be able to interfere with frigate-combat? I seem to remember having seen some historical evidence that SOLs would not fire upon frigates in a fight, unless the frigate opened fire on the SOL first. So even in battles like the Trafalgar, frigates would fight frigates and SOLs would fight SOLs. If a frigate did fire at a ship-of-the-line the latter could return fire, and it would be devastating. Another question I have is: Why ever would a navy build a lineship, as expensive as they were, that would be unable to fight in formation against other lineships? What navy would waste their treasury on building a "fir/fir" Victory, that could hunt down frigates, but would be useless in the Battle of Trafalgar, or Battle of the Nile, when they could probably build five frigates to patrol waters against enemy frigates for the same price, allowing them to cover greater areas, be less vulnerable to ships needing replacement or were lost. Historically, ships did not last infinitely in service like they do in-game unless sunk. So my question is: Should we be able to build "light" lineships? My suggestion, though I put it out there without taking much time to ponder it myself first, is this: What if we limited possible wood type choices for Lineships to only the heavier woods? What navy has use for fir, bermuda, mahogany or even teak lineships? I would also take oak out of the question, because it can be farmed and doesn't have to be bought from the market. So that leaves us with sabicu, white oak, caguairan and live oak. Those, in my opinion, should be the only options when building ships from 4th rates and up. Frigates however, should have the option to use cheaper/faster wood types - for diversity and tactical choice.
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    This is the best act of all that I have seen on the server. If the rest of our community takes an example from this, at least 10% - we will have the best gaming community
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    At this moment, I played exactly for 1 month on the PvE server, and I would like to share my experiences about the 'grind', many complain about. I hope that this will be an interesting read for both fellow (new) players, as well a useful list of suggestions to the developers (in italic). I played for 260 hours this month, please take that into account: this is a time commitment not everyone can devote to a single game within 30 days. Also I've played the game a bit back in the days (2016), but didn't get too engaged at that time. Humble beginnings 9 January, one month ago, I downloaded Naval Action and started with my career. However, first a few decisions had to be made. PvP or PvE? And which Nation? Having no clue, I used google to search a bit, and found out that as an Independent player, the PvE server would be the most relaxing experience. With that being chosen, I still had to choose a nation. This gave me quite a headache, as it is impossible to switch from nation once started. It took me 3 hours of reading and searching on Google before I took the decision, and started playing as a Brit. This worked out very well, as on PvE the easiest nation to start with is UK. You start next to an important trade hub (La Navasse), where you can easily trade your goods and start making a bit of cash. Once started, I looked at the nice port UI, and decided to take a look at the chat. Being a lucky guy, I got the chance to sell my Christian redeemable for 2 million reals immediately, giving me the ability to ignore the initial credit deficit, so I could focus on fighting. I did that, by doing the tutorials, which I can heartily recommend to everyone. After a single day, I finished all the exams up to the boarding exam, the next day I finished the Endurance Exam, giving me 155 crew and a Rattlesnake note. Another day of learning the ropes gave me access to the Master and Commander rank by finishing the Final Exam and a Hercules. Feeling a bit bored, with not knowing what to do next, I bought myself a Belle Poule with a part of the money I had acquired. Using the ship, I started doing some missions, hunted down some traders and got more and more feeling about the game. After 2 days, I bought a Pirate Frigate and switched to Open World hunt & search missions, and with 7 days into the game I earned enough XP to get 400 crew. Findings: I found out that the UI takes some time to get used to, but is perfectly fine. Slight improvements could be made by giving access to both a sail and tutorial button, as it was frustrating to find the 'Sail' button. A tough thing which stands in the way when getting started, is your initial wealth. You start with absolutely nothing but your free ship. This is harsh, as you can't even put cannons on the ships you got gifted for the exams, nor starting to trade with your basic cutter. I would suggest new players receive 10k reals for finishing each exam and an additional 50k for finishing the Final exam. This will give players enough cash to start trading, or buy a ship with some cannons so you can collect doubloons to sell. Furthermore, I found it hard to find accurate game information as a lot of wiki's are not up-to-date. Once I found https://na-map.netlify.com/, I got all the information I needed and asking other players did the rest. It would be nice however if there would be an in-game list of ships and modules, or a link to an external site. I think that information is absolutely crucial for anyone playing Naval Action as the game is not self-explanatory. Lastly, I think the game really needs something like a captain's dairy, also see my suggestion in this thread. This will help new players setting up goals, as well as being an ideal place to integrate data about which ships are in the game for example. The second week Being playing for a week now, I switched to play in the Indefatigable I captured from an AI. I bought a forge, an iron mine and a coal mine and crafted myself some 42pd carronades. I opened a few outposts around the Caribbean, so I could search for targets more effectively. I also discovered that the level of AI ships depends on the region you're in. With this information, I opened an outpost in the Upper Antilles, so I could hunt 5th rates much more effectively. I also enjoyed chattering in the global chat, which for me adds a lot fun while experiencing this game. You're making friends, helping others out and being helped yourself. This was also the time I started exploring. I sailed around Hispaniola, looking into different ports, and found a Sealed Bottle with a skill book in the wreckage. By asking in the chat I learned what they do, and decided to buy some additional books in the admiralty shop. After grinding half my way - 10 days in now - I got gifted an Agamemnon. Having this ship with 400 crew was a blast, and from now on, playing no longer felt like I was grinding, as she was a properly built ship, having a Cartagena Caulking Refit, strong bow/stern as well as being made from live oak/white oak. Fighting AI become now much more easier (and more fun). I started attacking larger fleets (of 5th rates), and even took on a fleet of 8 x 5th rates while still being under-crewed. I mastered the art of enabling and disabling guns (F5) and gun decks (F1-F4). Also, finding targets became easier now I could fight different kind of fleet sizes. Findings: I love the way skill books work. It's lovely to get those bonus effects, as well as giving me a long term goal to complete collections like the Gunnery Encyclopedia. Things I was having trouble with at this stage, was finding out where the AI ships were hiding. A common complaint heard on the PvE server. However, as soon as I discovered where I could find them, it no longer was a problem for me. I think the spawn rate of AI's is good enough currently, giving an believable view of the Caribbeans. When I was looking for ships, I could find them easily, but they weren't that abundant that I could go into battle without searching. I love the blend between just sailing back and forth, and fighting. For me, it was relaxing to sail around, without being attacked by the AI. However, It felt that nation's are a bit useless on PvE. You can attack all PvE ships, but that from your own nation, which makes up for a nuisance, as 30% of all ships sailing around on the PvE server are British. This means lesser targets to hunt. Furthermore, it's infuriating you cannot add players of other nations to your friend list. I met a lot of nice people, and I would love to add them to my list. Ship building and sailing a Victory At this point in time I started ship building. I bought the DLC, as I found out that without enough building slots, it is very hard to get all your buildings up you'll need for shipbuilding. As I love to play independently, I decided I need as much space as possible, and started crafting random ships here and there. The next few days are unremarkable, as I started sailing around to get resources, used my labour hours, while also fighting a bit here and there. 18 days into the game, I ranked up again and got 650 crew. I asked around who could craft me a Victory, and after getting a blue 4/5 one, I loved this ship. I made her a DPM monster, putting my poods on her, medium cannons and 68pd carronades, further improved by a -30% reloading buff by adding skill books and Extra Rum and British Gunnery Sergeant. On my other ships - I had already 15 ships at this point - I started trying to experiment with different kind of upgrades and setups. I bought the Forger DLC to switch to the Pirates, as this allowed me to attack much more targets, making gathering experience more efficient. By fighting I managed to complete the Gunnery Encyclopedia, which is nice as it further improves my cannon skills for the Victory. After 21 days, I made a big plan. I wanted to become a real ship crafter - level 50, that is. I started with gathering data, e.g. where to build the ships, what resources I need and where to get them. I decided Road Town would be a perfect location, as The Settlement and Spanish town are very close, and with those 3 outpost, I have access to iron, coal, oak, fir, hemp, stone, provisions and lignum vitae. This allows me to build everything I want. I also studied all the crafting recipes, and found out that I needed 6k oak, 7k fir, 4k provisions and some of the other goods. This allows me to build 65 trader snows (oak/fir) - which are the cheapest xp for each real, and it roughly equals the xp required to level up from 29 to 50. After setting the stage, I decided I was ready at day 23 and crafted all ships in one go, breaking them up again after crafting. This got me up to level 50 in a single day, or 4 days including the preparations. While crafting, I got 3 golden trader snows and quite some purple ones. Findings: from here on, I was totally engaged in the game, no longer doubting whether it was worth my time. I bought DLC's, and I had fun playing this game. It no longer felt that I was grinding, as I could do so much stuff now. I think the experience required to sail a first rate is fair, and is perfectly balanced. I learned enough about how to handle a ship to sail one. However, I think that's only true for me as I had a great starting capital. Having to start as a poor man, you'll have to trade, trade and trade again, which prolongs this period a lot. It's not hard to make a million, once you have 100k reals. But it is very hard to get 100k, if you got nothing at all. Money makes money in this game, that's for sure. I love the way crafting quality works. I think it's a great system to have a random chance on a great ship, while alway ensuring a 3/5 ship. This makes crafting gold ships a long term goal, which is nice on the PvE server. It engages me to craft a lot of ships, which fuels the economy, and allows me to sell the basic ships to new players, helping them out on their first weeks. Continuing playing From here on, day 24, I kept playing, and came into the stage of slowing down. I started trading for reals and for Live and White Oak, so I could craft 1st rate ships. I created my own private clan as my warehouse was getting filled. On day 26 I leveled up again so I got access to 1000 crew, allowing me to sail all ships. I helped a few other players out with some cheap ships, I found rare books, crafted rare upgrades and used my time to enjoy Naval Action to the fullest. Now I'm settled, I love the relaxing atmosphere of the PvE server. So far I don't have the feeling I miss any content, however I imagine that some RPG story quests, as well as having collectibles would be a nice enhancement. Currently, skill books are the collectibles that keep me engaged. After that, I might want to get a gold ship of each ship type, but most likely I'm having too little port slots, which sucks (30 max with DLC). Things I would like to see prioritized in development, would be the addition of some more PvE content. For example PvE blockades, port raids and PvP duals (suggested here). Other nice things would be the Captain's Diary mentioned above, as well as some better trading mechanic - which I understand is already being developed. I also suggest that the new player experience should be reworked a bit, I think all new players should start in the Bahama's as a neutral faction, giving them the chance to fight 6 and 7th rate ships right in their harbor, as well as giving them time for deciding which nation would fit best. But above all: I love this game as it is (that is, if you have enough money and above 650 crew). I would like to thank the developers for making this gem of a game, and I hope they'll further polish it into a masterpiece. Thank you all for reading this far. Disclaimer From my experience, a lot of PvP players look down upon PvE players. From time to time however, PvP players join the PvE server, asking people questions like: "what are you doing here?", and "isn't it boring to play against bots?". To you guys, I would like to tell you that Naval Action PvE is a great game, relaxing in nature. I love to be able to be independent, not being forced do adapt every day to ports that are stolen under your countries nose, nor being obliged to defend your ports. I love how I could casually build up my belongings, collecting all kind of ships, books, without having unknown risks to lose them. In the current state of the game, I think the PvE server perfectly could hold up on her own.
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    I will try to explain Vernon The damage model appeared first in the original sea trials in 2015. The damage model was set for lobby based shooter (which NA was before open world) where all battles are equal, and you do not lose the ships. Basically a MOBA In this model DPS was inverted because it would be strange if all ships had same hp and same damage, so the harmonization was realized by the following means guns had inverse DPS hp difference was artificially cut in half to support this balance (220 tons cutter and 5000 tons first rate only had 7x difference in HP) There was a clear conflict. Open world MMO with progression and realistic elements should enforce power growth and provide clear benefits on investing time and money Moba style requires all heroes (ships) to be available right away and be balanced between each other But since the introduction of the open world based on the player requests the game has been stuck between two models never completing one of them So things were stuck betwixt If you level only in PVE it takes up to 30 days (1h per day) to get to the first rate Costs for ships of the line were constantly increased and they cannot be captured on PVP server, and require port control to make them But power remained in the semi MOBA state where a 5th rate (requiring 2-3 days of progression and 1 day to craft/or 20-30 mins to capture for free from NPCs) could challenge the ship of the line requiring 30 days to reach and 7 days to craft (+ some farming) Complaints by players who lost lineships to light ships were usually dismissed with "Learn to play", but everybody knows 3 frigates could despatch a first rate without taking a sweat, while a first rate had to exercise precision with every move (because frigates could easily escape) In short - game was forcing players to progress and farm to sail first rates, while keeping partial old moba model for damage (which was ALSO not working because the real moba model requires all heroes to be accessible from day1). So in reality it was not a MMO, nor a moba. This gordian knot has to be cut and it could only be done in 2 ways. 1) Ships should receive somewhat realistic HP and realistic ball damage, and this will justify longer progression and costs 2) OW costs mechanics must be abandoned and all ships must be made accessible from day 1
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    We have ran internal simulations on the new combat model and it has huge potential. We understand that many will say - do not touch it - but such statements were also given when we moved yards to pure physics and added leeway. There is always potential for improvements Things that will change for the testbed in the nearest patch Ship HP will be based on ship weight - which will cause increase in HP for most vessels except for 6th and 7th rates. Gun damage will move to weighted model based on weight and cannonball area (instead of current puny radius difference) Gun gaps (especially the 18lb gun penetration pointed by @rediii) will dissapear and will be based purely on the french penetration tables) heavier guns will penetrate better too Structure damage will start appearing faster Limitations on structure damage through stern and bow will be reduced As a result, ability to demast by devastating damage through raking will increase: ships that lost structure will lose masts very easily through raking fire Benefits The combat will feel more dynamic and dangerous (despite increases in hp because gun damage will also increase) Importance of positioning and focus fire will increase The importance of proper broadsides will increase Reload shocks will work properly (they felt broke on heavier ships) Bow and stern tanking will disappear Repairs (especially multi repair) influence will reduce due to higher damage Ship diversity will change - some ships will become more interesting, and the importance of speed Negatives Usability of light ships vs heavy ships of the line will drastically fall; but light ships with heavier weaponry (like niagara with 32lb carronades) will become more useful. Whats interesting is that many frigates will actually deliver better damage and will be more dangerous as a result of the change due to strong increases in damage and penetrations gaps removals. Maintenance costs (more repairs required due to more HP) for ships of the line will increase, but some might consider this a benefit. We plan to post those changes to testbed in the very near future.
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    In defence of ganking (Sorry for new topic, I couldn't find the proper thread for this, and sorry its so long, i had a long sail ) Firstly, What is Ganking? 1. Sailing around in a large group looking for solo player or smaller group to sink them? 2. Sinking a trader? 3. Sinking a noob? 4. Sinking a solo player 1v1 when you are in a vastly superior ship? 5. Coming out with overwhelming force to sink an enemy fleet running hostility on your Port? 6. Coming out with overwhelming force to sink an enemy ganking fleet? 7. Coming out with overwhelming force to sink an enemy player who has been sinking noobs? The list is endless..which ones of these are acceptable and which are not? There is this idea that ganking is 'bad' and so we need new RoE to prevent it. 1.5 BR difference is the most common idea. But what will this achieve? It is going to prevent many of these types of play, some of them (if not most, and indeed maybe all) are perfectly legitimate imo. Even number 1. The most obvious 'bad' ganking has it's upside: It might be nice to sail around all day in a gold Belle Poule with Poods and Naval clock and carta etc looking for fights and yes its shit if you lose it to a gank. But a good captain is most likely going to beat everyone he meets 1v1 in a 'fair' fight. A very good one will win most if not all fights v 1.5 BR, certainly against the average majority like me. But if 8 reasonably experienced players meet you with some fast ships and a Bellona or two with them, then it doesn't matter how good you are, you might lose that Belle. So perhaps even this bad ganking is really a good thing in that it places at least some limits on just how much advantage experienced players can wield or at least how often? Atm even the very best players in the very best ships are in danger of losing them. If we start introducing BR limits to somehow make battles 'fairer'. Does this not just makes it nice and snuggly for the best and richest players to sail pimped out ships more often, safe in the knowledge they will nearly always win? Doesn't it also mean that average players and noobs will nearly always be outclassed when they meet more experienced players or groups of players? (not just in terms of skill but in terms of the ships too (an insurmountable disadvantage, a gank even?). If you sail to an enemy port and try to attack that nations players or run hostility against them then you should expect a large force to come out and try to prevent you. I think that is acceptable. So if you do that you had better take a really fast ship, and if you do that then your options are reduced and you might find, if you meet another player who has fit for duelling or PVE. (even if he is less experienced), he has a better chance of defending himself? As others have said, ganking also allows newer players to take part in PvP and be a genuine threat. They can make up for their cheap ships, basic upgrades and inexperience (restrictions on gaming time) through sheer numbers. Imposing BR limits on OW battles might just widen the gap between the elite few and the more casual majority and ultimately just alienate more people who will quickly learn they will never have the capacity to compete in meaningful PvP where they can win, and they will just quit. When the new PvP zones are introduced, players who want to, can go there for their fair fights and elite honour duels. OW RoE BR restrictions just restrict game play, frustrate players who cant enter a battle and all to fix a non-existent problem. It might also turn the game into a playground for the few rich and experienced players and the majority of new and less active players will get frustrated and leave. Then everyone loses. There are ways to minimise ganking anyway and a lot of players enjoy the challenge of playing solo and evading gank fleets and do so successfully. So let them gank I say.
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    Day 1 I decided to set myself a quest, to visit every deep water port in the game (and trade there so it says when I last visited). I have taken breaks for RvR and raiding obviously but I have made sure to not cheat by teleporting, skipping ports or counting visits not in my LGVR. This quest started on the 19th January when I began the sail from Pinar del Rio to Swannsborough but we shall consider the quest to have underway at the latter port. From Swannsborough I traveled East down the coast fishing as I went, it was only after getting to Wilmington that I realised that the port doesn't recognise you've been there unless you trade there so I had to go back and sell some of my hard won fish. After passing by Little River I spotted three American Christians heading East for reasons unknown. The crew were hesitant heading into Charleston due to a Bellona sitting at the port. They did nothing as I sailed in and back out. My journey was uneventful until l I came across the British captain Sean Bevan in a Renomee and together we sank a Russian Renommee under the command of captain Smirnoff. This was followed shortly afterwards by a French snow who refused to surrender. His name was never recovered (I forget). After this we parted ways and I continued my journey along the coast. Disaster struck near Ays as I was intercepted by captains Hethwill and Ignatius Greybeard and fearing for the lives of my crew, one of whom was due to be a father, we went close to the shore and left the ship. We took passage from Ays back to a British port and once again, outfitted a fine LGVR. On the way back to Rio Seco from Pinar del Rio my crew pleaded with me to intercede and help a British trader who was being attacked by a Spaniard name Abian de Plasencia. After the retreating trader has left the Hercules was boarded and 700 doubloons retrieved from the hold. We continued on to Ays to repay the kindness to those had bought us passage and continued down the coast. We decided to celebrate at Rio Seco! Here is my map of the first day of my journey. Key Green - Kill Orange - Surrender/Death Black - Logged
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    I would prefer a total wipe..4 years playing experience is a big enough advantage over new players
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    Meanwhile in Game-Labs office:
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    I agree that the current system is working well - given the goals of the system. The goal is Allow almost EVERY ship to sink almost every ship in game with skill (skilled light frigate can sink a first rate) Balance guns for time to kill (old sea trials model) Give ships a chance make mistakes and recover (further accentuated by thickness and angle importance) But there is one flaw in this balanced system 4LB gun has bigger DPS compared to heavier guns. Broadside weight is not very important because damage is based on cannon diameter (not area or weight). As a result a full broadside from a ship of the line does not inflict devastating damage on light ships allowing them to recover (see mistake forgiveness above) This flaw is exaggerated by the following factors Historical: Lineships have lower turn rates, speeds Historical: All guns penetrate at direct angles at close range. Historical: Stern rake is devastating This together creates this paradox (which i think must be discussed despite the fact that the current balance is working well) Historical parameters mentioned above allow light ships to destroy line ships using stern camping + Balanced low damage of heavy guns allows light ships to tank damage if they make a mistake, giving them an option to return back to stern camping after eating broadsides, or just disengage and run. As a result To win against 2 high dps frigates - a lineship MUST not make mistakes, tack in proper times, give sternway in proper time, must commit to battle he cannot escape. Frigates on the other hand - know that if things go wrong they will escape, or return to stern camping eventually destroying a first rate who lost guns and crew. It should be in reverse. First rate should not worry about frigates at all and can just sail normally, its the frigates that must not make mistakes. This can be achieved by tuning penetration values, increasing damage based on weight or a combination of these. TLDR. It is a concern that broadside from the ship of the line does not destroy a much lighter vessel. While this balance is working well for the pros. This balance is not working well for the average player who come into the game with the historical knowledge of what lineships were and how they fought.
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    Testbed updated Damage model updated. Ship HP is strongly tied to ship weight. Gun damage moved weighted model based on weight and cannonball Gun penetrations have moved to historical tables of penetrations (solving the 18lb pounder gap) Structure will start being damaged slightly faster. You will be able to demast more effectively using raking fire. Stern raking will tend to destroy rear mast, bow raking will tend to destroy bow mast. You can also demast by devastating structure damage through broadsides, but the volume of damage must be significant Reload Shocks are now working properly across all classes of vessels. Boarding actions You can now fire point blank during boarding using [ ] Brace is now weaker vs Attack and counter attack.
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    Hello Captains. Test bed opens today. To login to testbed please check the instructions at the bottom of the post. Goals Test new battle user interface Check out the localization See the new trading (the trading will have the final update tomorrow) For the participation in test bed captains will be rewarded with the rare ship - Santa Cecilia (Bloody Hermione) and 5 pain chests on live servers when Testbed finishes. To receive rewards on live servers please fulfill the following goals until test bed closes (expected time 7 days). As the main goal is to test the battle UI 25 PvE Kills (including) 5 Won boardings also PVE clarification - boarding also count as kills so you can do 20 kills and 5 boardings or all 25 boardings - its up to you. We just need you to spend some time sinking ships and boarding them to find bugs in the main battle ui elements. If you think you will have trouble tracking kills please use hunt or S&D missions that will provide count. Or just use the piece of paper. Good Luck! How to get access to the testbed Find the game in your steam library Right click and go to properties Go to Beta tab Enter the key: FcaH2KzZXutz Click on the CHECK CODE button Select the beta called: testbed And click close It will download automatically. To return to the main game select NONE instead of testbed in the beta tab.
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    Captains Testbed will be closed for long maintenance for implementation of players feedback, bug fixing and improvements. It will reopen in the beginning of the next week (28-29 Jan). Your kill and boarding counts are safe and you will continue on the same accounts when testbed reopens.
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    Naval Action players after new damage model be like:
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    Which frigate? USS constitution HP based on proper weights in a new system will be 14000 (same as bellona). Heavy frigates might have even more chances in a new system Cerberus or hercules should avoid engagements with ships of the line unless they are in large numbers. Removing light corvette chances is not a goal. The goal is to move to proper hp and gun damage which is outdated compared to leeways, yard powers, turning and other parameters. The missing piece.
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    Nah we can just switch all our timers to US time , we have recently recruited a US player.
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    Thinking about sank fleet event... It happens when you sail somewhere, busy on a trade run, during your PB, other battle or simply when you sleep... Happens randomly once every few days, at random time zone... If you don't wait in closest port with ready ship to undock and set sail towards event, your chances of actually getting anything are close to 0. Let the community crowdfund and trigger the event. Example: Event Cost: 250k doubloons Every player can donate from 1 doubloon to the full value. When the pool reaches the goal, event gets triggered. Entire server community can work towards the same goal and start the event when they have time and ready to go from port. Also would be a good money sink. Side notes: 1) I did like the old reports and hints where event will happen before it actually happens. Everyone was trying to figure out location, sharing between each other reports and getting excited when finding a new one. 2) Event should state how many wrecks were looted. Players often sail to empty event, not knowing when it started and if it was already pillaged. It turns later into 1-2h of worthless sailing and final frustration with time wasted. The event icon should say "0/5 wrecks were looted" or something similar + refresh button.
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    Anyone who would like to start over, can create a new account. Then everyone can do what they want
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    yes the patch is going to be deployed with the damage model I love the new damage model. Ship class updrade feels and matter, unlike before where i could destroy the LGV in a cutter with no sweat. Right now i cannot even sink a brig or a snow in my cutter and it connects the importance of ships and upgrades on so many levels. To sink a heavier ship you need to slow its sailing and turning down by shooting sails, then reduce crew.. We are going to lower the turn rates to more appropriate levels (upgraded turn calculations based on better formulas) which will allow more precise shooting and raking (which was very hard before due to ships much faster turning )
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    We have sextant now. No need for co-ordinates from F11 to remain in the game.
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    The goal of the wipe is to remove money/assets made on untuned mechanics, remove ships received because of bugs, remove the extra resources and other things received due to early access problems. The goal of the wipe is not to punish players. Ship XP levels for example did not have any major exploits and it was not possible to gain ship XP by using bugs = thus ship XP level can be kept. Reals - we indeed closed multiple loopholes during early access which generated extra money = thus reals can be wiped (at least above a certain threshold) We see less and less compared to our initial announcements. We will keep you posted if something changes on this.
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    We tried twice to unify rewards but indeed it is much harder to balance 1 currency instead of 2. As a result - Logbook (ship logs), intelligence, or gold bars will return into the game as pvp reward. This will make pvp in general and patrols in particular more important.
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    We have not changed anything in december in terms of resource spawns or volumes. But we know that the new system will fix all the deficiencies with trading. The cause of the problem is the number of the regions for some resources - because resources are brought in bulk - the more regions you have assigned for those goods the more ports will be without the resources. Spanish goods are the most affected due to most number of regions. We are fixing it. The new philosophy is going to be the following. Trading will respect the time of the player. If you want to trade right now - you should be able to find an opportunity reasonable distance away from your location. All regions will provide regional goods unique to their region. Most regions will have enough resources to provide trading for a small amount of traders Some regions will be trading destinations and will provide constant trading opportunities (without any limitations). Hispaniola will be one of those regions. Contracts for trading resources will be disabled to provide players who want to trade NOW with the opportunity to buy something and get it to the distant destination. New system will remove 3-4 min trading runs, but will provide great trading rewards increasing from distance sailed (increasing the further you sail away). Cheap common resources will provide modestly profitable short routes but will not give much bonus far away. Expensive resources are not going to be very profitable at short range - but will be extremely lucrative at far away lands. Please pass this info in chat - we are working very hard to get the testbed out and get the new trading out.
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    I want to clarify a couple of points on the Baltic Fleet clan. Very short. 1. We have no alliances with other clans and nations. 2. We try not to touch the port battle fleet, especially if we see that there will be a good fight. (except that it threatens our important cities) 3. We have some clans with whom we are on good terms. But we fight with them, if the fight is fair. 4. we do not attack the cities of certain nations. This does not mean that we are allied. 5. BF more pvp\gank clan, not RVR. 6. Wherever you see us - consider our fleet hostile. * I wrote this because I have the impression that I am with all the nations and clans in the union. And when I start attacking them, people start to be offended or take it easy to heart. * This is a game about the era of battles on sailing ships. And we play it for this. So relax and let's have fun together!
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    @Lord Vicious commanding port battle.
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    Yes yes. Finally We have finished with the UI and almost finished with localization and now are fixing the long overdue issues with the combat model. No ship should tank with bow and stern - check 5th rate must avoid lineships - check DPS paradox must be solved - check We have stated that we are FULLY AWARE that some players will be very unhappy, and we are fine with it because WE KNOW lots of players will be extremely happy. (much bigger numbers) We do not have resources to continue feeding thousands average players to a 100 pro players in 5-6th rates (who sink in their 1st rate to hercs or belle poules and leave - because it does not fit the historical pattern they have been sold on all their life). 5th rates should hunt 5th rates and 4th rates and sometimes gank 3rd rates 25 to 1. Model requires tuning but we are not coming back. A light 5th rate (like hercules or surprise) should be 1-2 shotted by a 3rd rate. Or devastated losing most combat capabilities.
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    What's a 18th century naval game with pirates and privateers without an In-Game Bounty System? Empty. We already have the Combat News Clerk that makes reports apparently from the Admiralty. So I suggest in the Port Quest screen providing players the ability to pick and post a bounty on Players, Clans, and Nations. In own nation port click on Port Quests [Q] Near the Econ / Battle / Conquest tabs would be a Bounties tab See a list of current bounties (everything would work just like how missions work) Clicking on a Bounty would show the details (last seen location) and reward (doubloons and/or reals) information In this tab it would provide any number of players the ability to Accept Bounty (and/or) the first player to click Collect Bounty It would also provide the Bounty Poster the ability to Cancel (but only after a few days lock so they couldn't escape paying out a reward) There would also be a button to post a bounty Available fields would be: Nation, Clan (can be blank), Captain Name (can be blank), Recent Location (can be blank), Reward Amount (can be Reals and/or Doubloons) If a particular player is the bounty, name search would work like Friend Find and pull player's info Combat News would make the announcement post: 14:28 Clerk: [Player Name] has posted a bounty of [amount of reals/doubloons] ...ooorrrrr, 14:28 Clerk: [Player Name] has a bounty on their head for [amount of reals/doubloons]......oooorrrrr, 14:28 Clerk: [Nation]'s Admiralty reports a bounty of [amount of reals/doubloons] Image below is a mock up idea Discuss....
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    Atlas? Hackable game where you can change half of your parameters by just simple intercepts? Game where admin commands are open to all (whale rains). Water is in the client so you can just change the wave sim and be 10km higher than your enemies? NO thanks We are a pvp game without hacking and cheating. Out water is on the server and changing water requires server rework. Server rework requires everything rework. How about no.
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  39. 14 points
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    Captains Please provide feedback on the testbed patch on the following issues Main priority Battle UI Boarding UI Loot pick up Map and bot control Localization bugs and issues with formatting and languages Keep in mind that localization was done by the outside firm and they could be less familiar with nautical terms. We plan to add great custom localizations to the selection Other - secondary priorities PVP PVP Hunts Solo patrol PvP reward missions on testbed are fake so we dont spoil the surprises in the main patch Delivery missions Rewards are temporary and are getting worked on Trading Trading will get another update in next 1-2 days and is not final (Stocks and prices in particular)
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    IMHO "regular" ganking where you get overwhelmed in OW by a much greater force and a realistic 2-3 minute join timer is fine. However, getting "warp ganked", be it by having a large fleet join your ongoing battle 25 Minutes into it, or just getting revengefleeted after a battle, seems silly.
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    [BORK] is a dedicated small group of players from the original Swedish band who still love playing the game but we also want new blood! We are casual players and we don't expect you to be able to play everyday. Nothing is mandatory and everything is optional. We actively recruit players who join Sweden on the PvP Server in the US timezone who want to take part in group activities and enjoy sailing as a team. BORK is a clan focusing on casual gameplay in the hardcore game of Naval Action. We do not wish to take the game too seriously and want to encompass both a PvP and PvE playstyle. BORK is primarily focused on OW PvP both in and out of the Patrol Zones. We also encourage group PvE activities. While Sweden is certainly not the first choice of many players, there are many possible perks to being part of a “smaller” nation that are usually not clearly visible. 1. Sweden has a dedicated EU playerbase that are friendly and respectful. They actively support group activity in any timezone and enjoy any help that is offered whenever our time zones cross paths. Their willingness to fight and defend any port and attack any group has created a stable nation that helps everyone prosper. 2. Sweden’s ports and position on the map at first glance can seem like a negative, but the nation’s position in some ways deters incursions. This largely creates an environment around the capital of more calm waters with less conflicts and less battles that hinder trade and money making activities. 3. A smaller playerbase in Sweden has had the side effect of promoting a more cohesive unit between all timezones and clans. Players are more willing to help and also create a lasting and effective trade market that supports fair pricing through competition. BORK members also have expanded to a few other games. Most notably: Sea of Thieves. We like to play an array of different games and we are not an "only NA" clan. we don't worry about gaining or losing ports and if someone loses a ship or assets we support each other by replacing the loses. BORK Offers: as a Member of BORK you are granted the clan economy as your insurance for ship losses and other needs for possible interruptions that may hinder your gameplay. BORK is a group who enjoys helping each other whenever possible to make the NA experience a positive. We prefer our members to be doing activities they wish to do instead of being bogged down having to take time to replace assets. What BORK asks in return is voluntary donations to the clan warehouse, whether you donate all your resources or just a small portion it is always greatly appreciated. BORK Diplomacy: We following the rules, regulations, and diplomacy of the Swedish Council. If any direct issue arises we defer to the council's wishes. BORK Internals: BORK has a democratic view on decision making. Sometimes that means we don’t always agree, but it always means anyone has a voice and discussion is always encouraged. We have a Discord server, we do not require you to be on voice chat at all times when you are playing, but we do wish you to look in the chat channels for updates and upcoming events. If you wish to take part in group PvP, Port Battles, or other nonsense then you need to check on Discord if anything is coming up, otherwise you won't be informed. Come experience our best exports; the Swedish Chef and meatballs.
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    So I know there are a couple of other topics and guides about this, and a fair number of videos and walkthroughs on Youtube, but having been repeatedly questioned by different players on how to pass the tutorial exams I got tired of trying to explain without visuals, or simply suggest searching Youtube for videos. So I decided to make my own guide. The videos are not commented. I don’t think they are more helpful than other guides/walkthroughs by other players. They simply show my simplest approach to each exam. These were not speed-runs or attempts to solve the exams in fancy ways. I tried to make it as simple and replicable as possible. Apart from the final exam I did them all in one go, without restarting. For the final exam I wanted to find a way that was more reliably effective than boarding the first as I previously have done, without demasting which will be difficult for most, and without spending too much time just running and repairing. Feel free to add to this thread your alternative videos on how to pass the tutorials. Or discuss what are the best methods. Exam #1: Destruction Exam #2: Demasting Exam #3: Boarding Exam #4: Endurance Exam #5: Finale
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    So I’ve been thinking about the announced, far-into-the-future, release wipe. It is far too early to worry about wipes, but the announcement/update form devs on how it might go about, sparked an interesting debate. There are those, who have played this game for long, who don’t want to see their efforts go to «waste». And there are those who want to see a completely clean slate for new players coming into the game at release, and old players as well. I find myself mostly in the latter camp with the «purists», and yet I do appreciate the prospect of getting to keep at least my hard earned XP post release. I remember the previous wipes. There was something novel about everyone starting in basic cutters. About the arms race that followed to grind to max rank and crafting rank 50. To build the biggest ships. The game was pure right after the wipe. Everyone was on equal footing (except for how much free time they had). New players could catch up to veteran players, when everyone started the race from the same position (discounting skill and experience). My suggestion to preserve the integrity of the wipe, is to have 1-2 weeks after release, where the slate is wiped completely clean. Where everybody is on equal footing that start playing on day 1 after the game is launched. To please old and returning players, give all the stuff we are supposed to preserve, as one big redeemable package. Be it XP, craft-XP, Ship-XP and skillbooks included if it may. But lock those redeemables down for the first 7 or 14 days after release. For the first 14 days, everyone starts as kadet/ensign/midshipman/thief. But after 2 weeks, those old players who want to, can get the XP from their old characters back and jump right back up to their old rank.
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    rewards are ok but indeed could be better. Hold on - rewards rebalance will come a bit later.
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    let's respect each other. Because the Chinese are close. And they prepare for battle
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    the new solo patrol feels amazing from the perspective of the solo player small area near the main patrol (or in the center) you can ONLY attack ships of your class you cannot attack ships of other classes all battles are 1v1 - turning it to a pure skill based tournament dungeon (that you have to get to like in classic wow) If it successful the main patrol rules could be adjusted too.
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    The claims for lost ships start coming in
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    Those pesky invaders You should file a complaint with the Admiralty or the house of lords. As a lord you already knew importance of colonies, so as other nations are slowly recognizing that. If you do not like other nations sending fleets to take your colonies you should maybe declare war on them? There are no unhistorical nations there are just unhistorical wars. Which COULD happen. We are not going to change the number of nations and the number of nations (impossible) will not go down and might tend to go up. I have heard Qing Dynasty roleplayers are extremely eager to take revenge on the GB under the dragon flag.
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    Anolytic I think has the right idea in protecting new players from vets in SOL and decked out frigates, but I think this is the wrong way to do it. His idea works great for the first 2 weeks, but what about new players after the 2 weeks. What about new players currently? Better protections overall for new players really need to be in place before launch. Dynamic safe zones where new players are 100% totally safe, but are still flexible enough to allow new players to venture out and explore a bit....taste a little PVP, but not get completely thrown to the wolves. Player progression quest lines or something similar would also be a good idea. In essence we need starting areas. Regardless whether or not players are in bigger ships with fancy books, the PVPers will still beat up on the noobs starting day 1 to start collecting their marks and getting a leg up on PVP rewards. New player protections built into the game need to be ready to go to handle the problem right out of the gate.
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