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    Clan-focused everything was a bad idea... IMHO...
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    I'll second this piece of feedback right here. I was really hoping to being able to put together the hull myself, including superstructure and all that.
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    Everyone keeps talking about the current imbalance of the game thanks to a few nations having the majority of the ports and active players. I don't want to get into all of the reasons for the imbalance, as I prefer the game's current mechanics over what has been tried in the past--even as a member of a nation that is currently being attacked by literally every other nation at the moment--but I had a thought that might help balance this out in a reasonable way, that doesn't involve taking anyone's hard work away from them with arbitrary wipes or resets, as those would simply alienate the playerbase and ultimately kill the population. Think about this... when you get pushed back to only a few ports, you're often left with the inability to build good ships, the need to recover income and resources, and you have enemies hunting you on your doorstep that make it difficult to gain XP. Conversely, when you own the world, you have access to the finest ships, you want for nothing, and can sail for hours in near-complete safety within friendly waters while generating large amounts of income, resources, and XP. Why not balance that out a little by rewarding or penalizing players based on these facts? It may even encourage more fluidity within the playerbase, as it would entice people to switch to smaller nations so that they can earn more for their time investment. Here's the idea; what if the rewards, i.e. the Reals and Doubloons gained from completing missions and XP gained from damage and kills, were based on a formula that was directly related to the total number of ports a nation controlled combined with the total number of active players in each nation over the last week? The eleven nations would be ranked based on these two values and the adjusted rewards might look something like this... -50% penalty for Reals & Doubloons / -25% penalty for XP -40% penalty for Reals & Doubloons / -20% penalty for XP -30% penalty for Reals & Doubloons / -15% penalty for XP -20% penalty for Reals & Doubloons / -10% penalty for XP -10% penalty for Reals & Doubloons / -5% penalty for XP No adjustment +10% bonus for Reals & Doubloons / +5% bonus for XP +20% bonus for Reals & Doubloons / +10% bonus for XP +30% bonus for Reals & Doubloons / +15% bonus for XP +40% bonus for Reals & Doubloons / +20% bonus for XP +50% bonus for Reals & Doubloons / +25% bonus for XP Someone suggested to me that they didn't like the idea of penalties; the same goal could be achieved by instituting only bonuses, like so... No adjustment +5% bonus for Reals & Doubloons / +2.5% bonus for XP +10% bonus for Reals & Doubloons / +5% bonus for XP +15% bonus for Reals & Doubloons / +7.5% bonus for XP +20% bonus for Reals & Doubloons / +10% bonus for XP +25% bonus for Reals & Doubloons / +12.5% bonus for XP +30% bonus for Reals & Doubloons / +15% bonus for XP +35% bonus for Reals & Doubloons / +17.5% bonus for XP +40% bonus for Reals & Doubloons / +20% bonus for XP +45% bonus for Reals & Doubloons / +22.5% bonus for XP +50% bonus for Reals & Doubloons / +25% bonus for XP Sure, there are ways this could be abused with additional accounts and "alt" characters, but that problem already affects every mechanic in the game, so it can't be the primary argument against something like this. EDIT 1: Updated to include XP bonuses and penalties. EDIT 2: Updated to include an alternative model.
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    Maybe I made a shit load of money working off shore in the oilfield that I didn't need to work at all. My severance pay was enough to pay my bills off for a year and that wasn't even touching any of my savings by far. Not every one is broke and lives pay check to pay check. I had stuff that needed to be done and a very ill mother I wanted to make things more comfortable for so took time off to do things like remodel there bathroom to make it handicap accessible and other things. She's since passed, but it was worth it to me to spend time with her and give her that comfort and help other family along (like moving my sister back to Texas and getting my brother law straight from drug problems). Would you like to know more since you seem to know every thing about every one? So unlike others if I wanted to take a year and half off from working I could and I did. Hint the reason I'm back to working 10-12 hour days and 5-7 days a week is I'm back to working oilfield work and I make pretty good money but I'm busy all the time cause of it. When you single with no kids you get to save a good bit of money if your not an idiot and blow it all.....and i have zero debt since all my shit is paid for.
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    Resource trading was killed whether you wish to admit it or not. IMHO it was done deliberately to eliminate that type of player from the pvp server. If not, then you would see some discussion of recovery of that game-type by devs. Instead you get pretty much silence, which I personally interpret as a shrug. OK, if that's the development philosophy then so be it. BUT, it should not apply to the PVE server. Resource trading on that server at least should be a real and viable playstyle.
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    No. Repair meta is strong enough as is. Crew 4 + Northern Master Carps + Carpentry Combat Reports + Carpenter perk is too much repair spec as it is, yet everyone is running that (or the poor man's version of that) anyways because its the best. Better idea as I've suggested dozens of times already: Go back to max 1 repair of hull, 1 repair of rig in battle. No necromancer Rum repair. No cooldowns. Reduce mods to a maximum (all stacked) of +/- 5% Result: Game goes back to more skill-based combat, not repair and gear meta.
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    Battle near Cartagena #1 Battle near Cartagena #2 If u wont look this epic battle, link with timecod:
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    Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts has been released in its first playable version on 3/10/2019. This "Limited Edition" gives you access to the current development build. Read the news! Here you can share your first impressions and feedback. We hope you enjoy the game! UPDATES Hotfix 10/10/2019: https://www.dreadnoughts.ultimateadmiral.com/post/thank-you-and-small-hotfix
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    This is dedicated to all European Night-time-setters. Cheers Don
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    Just found this....guess I'm late to the party, but cool to watch. Video Series 3d model video
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    Ahoi Captain rippold, da ist vielleicht ein falscher Eindruck entstanden. Während der Großteil des neuen Clans noch im Umzugsstress aus aller Herren Länder ist hatten ein paar von uns einen außerordentlich guten PVP-Lauf vor Tiburon. Es ist aber keinesfalls so, dass für uns das PVP-Leaderboard das wichtigste Ziel ist. Wir wollen England voranbringen und als Team etwas erreichen. Wir brauchen dazu jeden Spieler und es gibt bei uns keine Spieler zweiter Klasse, egal wie sie das Spiel spielen (Karteileichen brauchen wir aber natürlich nicht). "Battle hardened Casuals" klingt super und wir würden uns sehr freuen wenn ihr uns beim Aufbau des neuen Clans helfen würdet. Und vielleicht auch noch zur Klarstellung: bei uns muss niemand englisch sprechen wenn er das nicht kann oder will. Deutsch ist die gesprochene Sprache. Allerdings werden Flottenkommandos immer auf englisch wiederholt (natürlich nicht wenn alle deutsch sprechen) und man kann auch auf Englisch Fragen stellen oder Ansagen in machen.
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    there is an official discord for This land is my land the link is on the website www.thislandmyland.com I know that discords for NA and Dreadnoughts are also coming soon.
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    The most important thing is to fulfill your objectives in game. The one who wants to join a clan just for having RVR capacity have the choice among a dozen of big enough clans in GB. The one who wants to make sure of having PVP in a strong and serious organization just have to read above, the most serious, competitive, constructive and challenging ones. There are several, among which BASTD. Players who whish to have PVP in a fun, seriousless and anyway competitive band can join BASTARDS. After an evaluation period during which we will check if the candidate is serious or not (mandatory rejection of too serious ones), players can enlist the most fun clan in GB.
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    This image has at least 6 months, but I'm happy that Greg still thinks to us after leaving GB. So in the game we can have gankers (us) and players who run away from their nation because they run out of balls! 😂
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    I'm not really a fan of the smoke dynamic. They need to image search real DD's laying real smoke screens- in general, they don't lay them for themselves, but to screen others, and it doesn't form a fart cloud surrounding the ship like its a Romulan cloaking device, but would stream out the funnels or smoke generators at the stern to form a 'wall' of smoke (local wind notwithstanding) behind the DD.
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    there were no changes to xp since launch
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    What an incredibly naive thing to say! But it's great that your world is so rosey in what I assume has been a very short life. Stay strong when things don't go so well for either you or someone you're close to. Keep reminding the person or yourself that he (or you) just don't want employment enough.
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    I'm not sure I fully agree with the "Civil War" idea, but the rest I can definitely get behind. One suggestion... the Friendly Clans List should apply to defenders (so you can control Port Battle groups), as well as port investments. You wouldn't want someone investing in something the owners don't want. Port bonuses should definitely be available to the entire nation.
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    Indeed, NA is a time eater. This is one of the reasons behind its failure as a game. You cant be a niche game and also demand the full dedication of its playerbase. It wont work.
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    Creo que es uno de los videos de naval action con los que más he disfrutado. Aunque sabía el resultado final, he sufrido en momentos en los que estabas verdaderamente con el agua al cuello y hasta parece increible que hayas podido salir vivo, jajaja. Enorme video, muy bien jugado!!!!! PD: Ponte el determined defender ya!!!!
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    Captain, for chat abuse cases please use in-game "Report" and "Ignore" functions (right click on a player name next to the abusive chat line). The case will be investigated and appropriate actions will be taken as well.
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    Thx Spaniards for the fight, was crazy!
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    It's been suggested before, but can we have some options with free towns? Either make them free by default or give us a couple extra "free town slots" for outposts? So we could have 8 regular outposts (where free town outposts can also be built) and 2 free town outposts. More content and such...
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    Is NA slowly becoming a fantasy game? I understand the intention behind it, but somehow I would like to keep a rest reality 18./19. century.
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    What happened to Sealed Bottles. I started sailing PvP right after the "Final Release." I have reached the rank of Master Commander. During that time I have sailed about 90% of my time in cargo/passenger missions in TLynx and TBrigs, fishing the entire journey. In all that time I have never received a sealed bottle. Am I just unlucky or is the game broken?
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    RvR, in my opinion, needs a change. Again, these are my opinions based on the last month or so of experience (or lack of "any RvR" depending on how you see it) Or at least a hard look and maybe a hope for change within the next 2 months. What I suggest in a future patch. 1. Port Battle BR limits - either get randomized more, lowered overall, or based on a system of investments (no investments, low BR, more investments increases BR). 2. RvR frontline "needs" to change or be dropped for either A. Flag system comes back - the cost of the flag would be a Doubloon fee that is half of the BR limit on the port (so a 10k BR port would cost 5,000 Doubloons for a clan/nation to create). Price could be further debated. B. RvR must attack Regional ports and gain 51% of county control before being able to attack the county capital. If any enemy gains control of a port within the county, the county capital owner must evict them before being able to launch attacks to other counties. Multiple enemies can control regional ports within a county - creating scenarios where multiple nations could be vying for control of a county (and all trying to achieve 51% control). Effectively this can create a "hotzone" for content. 3. Port Timer maintenance costs should be reduced (I'd say must). I don't know why 50k port cost wasn't good enough, in fact in most cases nations were paying more overall for a county than the 250k we have now. The main difference was that the cost was spread more evenly to different clans in the nation.
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    baracoa, santiago de cuba, nouvelle orleans (prussian port), pinar del rio, george's town, roseau, puerto plata
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    Blame Players for breaking unwritten laws! Not everything that's possible is legit. By the way, if this game is as "shitty" as you declare, why don't you leave and let those who like the game play this "shit"?
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    so this is my hand full off questions after spending 12 hours in the alpha, its great fun even if there are many features currently Wip and tool tips missing 1. will there be a skirmish mode? set up and pick a battle to take part in 2.will there be any way to make custom cross nation ships? say, grab a kongo hull and slap some warspite turrets on it? (love the pancake style british secondaries) 3.Quad turrets? king george and french styles? yes no or wip 4. is there likely to be a single player god mode/sandbox mode to mess around in? unlimited budget and everything available from every class would be fun to make that russian destroyer that had the 18 inch single gun on the back or line a 40 knot battleship hull front to back with 5 inch cleavland guns
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    This is already implemented. Each Hull type (BB, BC, CL, etc.) requires different horsepower to achieve the same speed according to displacement. Additionally, the special "Hull Form" statistic provides certain ship keeping/maneuverability characteristics, further modified by "length to beam" ratio (Longer hulls lose less speed while turning and thus can have better acceleration). Several other design aspects of the ship (inertia measurements, funnel efficiency etc.) affect ship speed and maneuverability, too many to mention here in this answer. Later we will include this information to a feature post in our web site.
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    Consensual duels are a halfway house between Compulsory PVP (war server), and none at all (peace server). I'm quite staggered it hasn't been introduced on the Peace server, as it fills a large gap in the whole game's combat mechanics.
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    Guns currently fire per caliber battery. They do not target per gun independently, but we will see what we can do with secondary guns. We will consider it. Pending to be improved in next patches: AI distance keeping + Ship auto-evasion mechanics. Pending to be improved in forthcoming patches. Reverse engine movement is considered but currently postponed to make other more urgent features. Torpedo damage is getting a rebalance in next hotfix. Multi-targeting of guns is considered for further improvement, as mentioned above. The ships already engage at very long distances depending on their weapon technology and visibility. No other game, as I know personally, simulates the realistic engage distances so dynamically and easily manageable, without any fake scales of speed and ship sizes. The tendency of some players to come very near and play constantly in x5 speed is something we cannot prevent, but only "harass" with AI improvement and some improvements in gun penetration according to range. As said in other threads, torpedo rebalance on the way! Ramming damage is pending to be added. Torpedo boats already melt (arguably) if they stay near to heavily armed BB, BC, CA. The accuracy estimation is per gun (not per turret). The turret salvo accuracy estimation can be seen in detailed targeting info, and is much larger. Well said, this is going to be emphasized more in the coming hotfix. Multi-targeting guns is considered as said above. But is something very risky to touch now. When we implement crew, it is going to be implemented the realistic incapacitation of a ship.
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    Will Great Britain fulfill her obligations? Will the advancing BL4CK hordes be stopped? Will the citizens of Santiago face the same persecution as the residents of Nuevitas and Baracoa? Find out in the next edition! Public Service Announcement: BE ALERT, STAY AWARE, PIRATE SPIES ARE EVERYWHERE! A message from our sponsor: QSPA - Quality Shit-Posting Alliance See you next time, Captain!
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    Unlikely. Never had that problem on any other steam MMO game I ever played. It seems to be a communcation error between the game client/server and steam. But I'm willing to bet it's not on steams side^^
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    I get this error message when withdrawing 101 or more cannons from clan warehouse, maybe if the max stack of cannons was set higher i wouldnt get this error? 'https://gyazo.com/fab09831a166cd413dd08a9c12a4379e PS would also help the warehouse being filled like this https://gyazo.com/9a69bee3daa4c493ee56ef22ac5350b3
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    Also ich glaube jeder unvoreingenommene Leser kann sich hier ein Bild machen. Vielleicht noch eine sachliche Anmerkung zum Wirtschaftssystem des Clans. Wir hatten vor ca. einer Woche eine Besprechung deswegen. Die überwältigend große Mehrheit des Clans (zum damaligen Zeitpunkt, wir wachsen natürlich gerade ) will eine solidarische Wirtschaft in die sich jeder nach bestem Vermögen einbringt und dafür bekommt er die Schiffe die er braucht. Ich habe dagegen argumentiert, nicht weil ich das grundlegende Prinzip ("ich will Schiffe segeln und die ohne große Bürokratie und Excel-Sheets und sowas bekommen können") nicht verstehe. Aber für mich ist halt "Wirtschaft" nicht nur ein notwendiges Übel sondern auch Spielziel, mir macht das Freude wenn meine Wirtschaft gut läuft, effizient ist und Profit abwirft. Jedenfalls ist die Teilnahme an der solidarischen Clanwirtschaft freiwillig ... jeder der von Mißtrauenbeseelt ist oder aus anderen Gründen seine eigene Produktionskette aufbauen will, kann das machen und wird auch Gleichgesinnte im Clan finden. Es wurde noch nicht in der Gruppe darüber gesprochen, aber wir haben ja seit kurzem einen Hafen der sich vermutlich als sehr profitabel erweisen wird, ich denke die "Solidarische Clanwirtschaft" wird sehr von den Einnahmen des Hafens profitieren, so dass sich da wirklich niemand sorgen machen muss, dass er da draufzahlt
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    its still a gain if you compare the numbers to be fair. Depending on the patch they hopefully release soon it will show if the pop is getting bigger or not.
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    Well, that not only the one issue in game. We already have some tips in game, but they are not up to date. For example That's was changed recently. Wrong info about PZ, tips contains not up to date data, no info about battle rules (OW, PB, PZ battles - BR rules, timers {when you able to join and how long the battle is open}, amount of ships each side etc) and I bet there is even more unknown things in this game. Some things were changed many times back and forward and its really complicated to follow them all and there is no place were we could check the latest, up to date, info. I really like that we have tips, but I'd like to have more information there about the game and rules. And most important - up to date rules. For example - section in tips: PZ - description about {like join solo or with teamates into designed area for pvp, do as much damage you can and clan your reward after done, before Maintenance}. And then: - PZ schedule - PZ battle rules (BR limitation per battle, timers, hints, timers about circle shrinking etc) same for battle, same for OW battles, same for capital area. I know that its not that easy and takes time to write all this, and I know that devs are really busy with way more important stuff that this routine, but I hope to see some day such "full-filled" wiki about all in game rules.
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    the zone doesn't properly inform anyone of what is allowed unfortunately. but the Leogane Patrol zone is similar to La Mona, and those 2 PZs have always had a 4th rate limit in the past.
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    @Hethwill This is why there is no point. And the game rewards them for it.
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    you must be playing a Diff game if you still consider Brits a Zerg!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha but it's OK. you play your game.
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    L O L If you repeat it enough time you might end up believing it is true. Also to people complaining, you get content and you complain? me not understand.
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    I like what you're doing in those PZ zones and I also do think that port bonuses/super mods/gold ships do more harm to the game than good. I think the game would be better off if getting mods was a relatively easy task, sell every single mod that exists for 5 CMs a piece and you would have way more people willing to risk their stuff.
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    Although not a priority, I hope you guys don't forget about this one. At the bare minimum you should give Russia, Prussia and Poland the northern european architecture ( that danes, swedes and dutch currently use ) instead of the spanish. Also all buildings need to be downscaled in size, they look ridiculously out of place like they are built and used by giants. Just compare the height of forts and towers to the wooden huts around the main buildings in ports... almost equal. More different architectural styles could also be a cosmetic DLC, if you can not be bothered to do it otherwise.
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