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    Simple QoL solution that can't ruin the game for anyone, not even "immersive roleplayers". Let everyone in battle know: How long the battle will stay open (example: Battle will remain open for 00:15:20) What is the real BR for both sides, so we get to know which side can be reinforced. From my observations, fleet ships, undercrewed ships (less BR), sank/escaped etc. are malfunctioning with current RoE. The BR calculation is inconsistent with RoE mechanics and how it is displayed in battle and in OW. Pop up information when the battle closes. Just like the other information that we receive on the middle of screen Let everyone outside battle: See the real BR inside battle. Many times you join a battle that shows 1300 BR vs 1000 BR, but the 1000 BR side has only 1 ship alive with 100 BR, the other 900 BR are already sank. See if there are actual players in battle on both sides. How many times did you join on player side vs AI? How many times you see your national ship attacked by "friendly" nation and you jump in only to realize that the "national ship" that got attacked is just AI? See the timer countdown when battle will close. How many times you were inside the circle, just trying to get better position and battle closes when you try to click join a second later? "3 INSIDE, 3 OUTSIDE" - my Quality of Life project/campaign.
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    Love the new paints. Please though make the preview function work even when the painter is on cooldown, thank you!
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    Storms literally don't impede the game in any way. You can see through the fog and it doesn't have any effect on battle instances or the OW. It's purely aesthetic. You're gripe is unfounded. Besides, hunting in storms can be incredibly fun. Love the "oh shit" turn people do when you appear out of nowhere. Always gets a laugh.
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    Clan leader board by all nations Information was collected 28.07.2019 20:30 UTC Maximum By PVP Kill Maximum By PVE Kill Maximum By PVP K/D PVP K/D have bug. Clans that have kills and no death have KIll K / D = 1 Raw data
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    Great joke... Not 5 minutes ago I was ganked in a trader just outside a port and a player from another nation joined my side in a ship same size as the attacker, preventing any reinforcements joining my side and talking to each other as friends in all-chat and discussing the fact that players were gathering outside but would not be able to join my side. My loss was immaterial, but the blatant abuse that this ROE actively invites is game-breaking. This ROE should be ONLY in Patrol Zones. Give us 2 min timers back everywhere else in OW:
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    1st rate Port Battles killed rvr, not port bonuses. Most people don't like mono 1st rate fleets in port battles, so why spend time in a game on something you don't like. It's not being lazy or scared of losing. Nobody wanted 1st rate PBs back, but here we are. And soon we will even have to defend ports against retarded bots. Meanwhile, eight weeks after release game has lost 40% of it's population again. Soon we will be back to 350 players in EU prime time. Content is desperately needed for this game. Content that is not another DLC ship but something that keeps people playing for more than four weeks.
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    I believe it's time for a new gallery of the available in-game painted ships, now that we have so many more options. I realize there is a preview button when you have the DLC, but you need to own the ship to use the button, and not everyone has the DLC. The idea is simple. If you have a painted ship, please share your images in this topic, and I can organize them into a gallery similar to what @Black Spawn did before. Please include the name of the ship and the name of the paint. Lets get this going! Criteria for submitted screenshots:- High Resolution- No UI (OW or in-port)- Sunny Weather - Ship Name - Paint Name - 3 images for each ship. Bow, Side, Stern. Default control to turn off UI in-port and on OW <img src="https://i.ibb.co/bNk12sn/Combat-Cargo-Side.jpg" alt="Combat-Cargo-Side" border="0">
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    Many, many years ago, @admin mentioned a feature in development. If a clan holds ports for a long time then they can declare independence. Become a new nation. Maybe it makes sense to return to it.
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    Data 22.07.2019 11:00 UTC - 26.07.2019 09:30 UTC Crafted ships with bonuses Where was crafted and number of crafters
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    Normal for the War Server (risk, adrenaline etc). Attacking a light 6th rate in a frigate is a Gank = and Wasa counterbalances it, stumbling upon your battle by actually sailing in the OW creating targets for others. Someone could have caught that Wasa on the way to your battle, but did not. Attack targets stronger than you. Why do you need to gank an AI trader in a frigate? Nautical question... For a friend. by the way Peace server allows attacking AI 6th rates without risk.
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    Thing is he is also a player, so should he not be allowed an opinion on things also? As long as his opinions and moderation are seperate then is not an issue i think. For example if he started banning all that disagreed or had a different opinion then i would say is an issue, but from what i've seen he just posts his own view on things in the main. As for agreement with the devs on some things, perhaps it is just his view and nothing more. We all have differing views on things, it is just the fabric of humanity.
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    Nothings perfect. I am just saying that imo you nailed it with the 2 min timer. You said yourself its logical. Why give up something logical for something that makes no sense and has the potential for stopping ganks? It doesn't really. Most times the person ganked is dead by the time his friends come. 2 min is the view range a ship can see a battle in open sea. Perfect.
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    Patch is up: Added a function under the TAB inventory menu where you can search for items found in all your camps. You need to be close to one of your outposts/camps to take items from it Getting killed during the loading screen has been fixed Few more animation improvements
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    Stop right there criminal scum, someone has an opinion and it is wrong. Bom bom bommmmm.
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    I'd say the majority of players use alts for econ and labor hours, dock space, tows, spying (gasp), or just having multiple characters to roleplay with across different nations. Running them in sandboxes allows you to do all that on a single computer at once. With multiple monitors people can comfortably run four or five game instances without any issues, and since this is a game with so much downtime while sailing it just gives you something to do.
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    I just feel like you should be able to see the damage like you can your hull. There's no telling how well your masts will hold up. I notice when I'm shooting high masts I tend to fall just up to the main sail, on ships with only 3 tiers of masts this means I'm not able to peel off the weakest points of the masts at range (where ball should be most effective) Ball in my opinion should be most effective at chipping off the royal and topgallent masts posts, and less effective at blowing way the entire masts from the base just above the deck. Where full demasting from the root should happen is when structural damage is taken, either from the bow, the stern, or focused through the side, mainly the former two.
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    There should be some sort of indictor so players can prep. What would be cool and realistic is if a NPC assault fleet sailed from a port, then I would anticipate chat filling with reports of an assault fleet spotted and underway, captains could then set sail to rondevu and defend.
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    why not post full screenshots so we see your answers aswell?
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    Privateer & lynx variants proposal: Kind of the default in game Prince de neufchatel paint. And also: Also proposal for privateer & lynx variants : the recouvrance paint scheme.
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    Surprise - Pink Royale
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    currently the only significant use and purpose of salt is annoying people and messing up their inventory when they are trying to fish sealed bottles, therefore there is no reason not to delete it
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    "Ok guys I'm having an appointment in an hour, I'm logging off here in OW." "Ok c u tomorror" "Oh great I've just been tagged by this AI privateer with 20 seconds on my logout countdown ..."
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    His job as moderator is to know what is inappropriate and off topic. So far he does that well. His opinion is irrelevant. He is a good moderator in my honest opinion and one of the few that has actually ever moderated properly. Devs are most likely very happy with him.
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    Are you drunk? That post gave basically no information, and made almost no sense. You even posted a screenshot that shows nothing useful. 0/10 EDIT: Ah I see you're the type to initially post something bare bones then spend the next 10 minutes editing it 😁
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    Game is released, just play and enjoy. What need do you have to know what's coming? is it going to change how u enjoy the game or how much you play? Can't you simply enjoy what you have and be nicely surprised in when an update comes around? You guys are always complaining, it is tiresome.
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    Not lazy coding but hand-holding people who complain about every their mistake done.
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    yea I remember, you boarded RKY with your boarding modded ships and we lost. The fact that you have to pull a screenshot from before release out of your ass is pretty hilarious though tbh. Maybe we should make a collection of HAVOC vs REDS battles
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    I am shaken, he is a good clan friend. Since he has always come across as a good person for me. I can hardly believe it. I apologize in the name of [PURG3] for this behavior!
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    CUTTER Centaur Roux (name to be confirmed)
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    wait wait. Are we tax bragging now? this IS new
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    why so many? where is my 30% ?
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    This is a good PvP game with an excellent combat system and I can not (under-)stand this „new player protection“ discussion. We had this back and forth for years. New players can do the Tutorial and level in the Capital zone and do insta closing missions. Further on they can search for a quiet place and if they do not want any risk they can join the peace server. Better this than all the „fake“ PvP players and overprotection mechanics. The PvP machanics are good. The main problem is the RvR. First of all it is just to time consuming. Second the BR in PB is to high. Third the bonussed ports are „to“ important (I am really interested what will happen if they get lost and how many more join the zerg or leave the game). Nearly all ports are unimportant. Alts ruin the prices of rare resources so the only reason to have a port might be the tax income or - of course - the bonusses. But with a good placed alt you can solve this, too.
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    Hethwill is giving the Game Staff a bad name by using very bad arguments in discussions of game improvement suggestions. Above is an example of one such recent case, with a list of obvious fallacies: 1. Hethwill compares Naval Action to multiplayer team games, specifically to Arena ones, while at the same time openly acknowledging the "vast" difference between the two. It is hard to believe someone can not notice such a huge contradiction within the same argument. 2. Hethwill then takes this false comparison (already proven false by his own initial description of differences) to make a further false comparison between the comeback mechanics of the different games. Specifically, he falsely claims that a "newcomer" can just "try again and again and again", implying Naval Action's cost of entry into combat is equivalent to Arena games. His comparison alludes to games like War Thunder, where a player not only has access to multiple vehicles per PvP instance, but can immediately queue up for a new instance with other vehicles, which will be returned to him with modest repair costs at the end of the match. Can he not see the cost difference between "free new vehicle, just pay for repairs" and "replace the vehicle and all upgrades after each loss"? I am worried about the loss of face and negative PR that such bad arguments from a staff member generate. There is a popular saying called "Hanlon's Razor": I think that regardless of the reason for bad arguments, the effect is too great and should be mitigated by a new policy: Hethwill should choose between commenting and representing staff. He should either stop commenting on feedback, game balance and suggestions, or resign from staff representation.
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    The high BR numbers are a problem but............................................. In every other game the developers make sure that the opponents are about the same numbers. Since many players are stupid and choose the strongest nation, the developers have to limit the size of the nations. A nation-balancing would help the game - or rescue it. Oversized nations ruin the game. This starts with the PZ and ends with the PB. The result is - empty PZ and no PB.
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    The sea is like a maiden mate... ya cant just tame her... she has a mind of her own and will take what she wishes... you cant plan on no storms on the ocean... even today we have trouble with it.
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    The randomisation of ship names is a much more appealing idea in contrast to leaving the players on their own with something potentially 'deadly'. - For instance, what has been recommended multiple times, the ''random name generator'' is perfectly feasible. There is no real connection to ones own ship, especially when their are five of the same name'd 4th rates in the same battle. I would not mind seeing five of the sames ships named differently as it adds flavour and variety to an otherwise dull naming experience.
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    han and that other clan did the same thing to me this morning. I was running away from a HAN wasa like a coward, KLIN wasa joins telling me to turn around to help him, then boom he sails around doing nothing, shooting late, hitting my sails when he thinks I wasn't looking, was a good bait, and damn I fell for it. I think one is an alt clan or something. but 100% HAN and /kiln or whatever they are are dogy as hello kitty beware (I don't have evidence, so take my word for it)
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    my little friend. The only thing you can threaten me with is night timers. So relaxed
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    Figuring out hidden features and quirks in games is fun. Ya know like a island not on the map or something would be cool. Figuring out how base mechanics or getting no info other than "figure it out" is not.
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    Honestly I'm so impressed, especially when you consider that most people have trouble controlling even one ship
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    To my knowledge there was other clans on both sides involved in that Pb. But did I get it right? You challanged Havoc to a clan duel in first rate, same Numbers and same ships.
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    Your skills are shit.
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    Hello man, I understand that you are annoyed, that you don't like Russians and it's well deserved: you have reasons for it and they are not angels. I agree with that. But: why to blame only Russians? And what about all the other nations - Brits, French, Dutch, Pirates, Swedes etc etc?? Don't they behave in the same way?? And you are warned at every connection that it's a WAR server where everybody is killing each other.And you choose to enter. You don't enter the peace server. So what's the problem??? I think that all the nations are more or less similar: they just do what is allowed by the rules of the game - like in real life. So if you want to make some plans against Russians, to prepare an offensive operation or something like this, it's OK for me and the forum in general. But my point is that I personally disagree with the fact that they are heathens just because they bully and harrass everybody. I would say that they are just normal humans who behave like the other nations and do what they are legally allowed to do, neither more, nor less. That's all.
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