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  2. Ok, so I played today one more battle (5 BBs vs 5 BBs)and problem occured again. I made sure, that there's only one instance of build.exe and one instance of launcher.exe in task manager's details. As you see on the screen even during pause there are 6 fps. CPU usage is steady just little <40% and GPU usage is steady ~50%, but, while looking at this ship it jumps to little over 90%, and while turning camera elsewhere it comes back to ~50%.
  3. What do you want exactly?
  4. Admiral, once the problem happens again, could you please alt-tab, open task manager and make sure there is only one instance of the game running?
  5. Yes, once. Before I've even started this topic on forum, and none error has occurred during repairing. And I haven't tried reinstallation yet.
  6. Ink


    Admiral, it seems we have solved the problem through conversation in the game discord
  7. Admiral, please try this workaround:
  8. Same is happening to me today! It's when I press F11, the screenshot key. FPS drop dramatically and exponentially everytime I press the key, and the whole computer starts freezing, with up to 98% memory on the game's proccess and system interruptions. I am trying to do that, but I get the following message: "Game installation failed with an error. Could not create folder for temp files. Please try again". I can launch the game normally, but I get that when trying to repair.
  9. i have received the email to download the launcher but whenever i try to download it i get a network error. any suggestions for this problem?
  10. Greetings Captain. You are talking about another game we have no relation to. Our game Sea Legends is not on kickstarter. You can only support us by pre-ordering the game on the official game web site: https://www.sea-legends.com/buy Sea legends is a working title which we use based on the trademark we own. Sea of legends has no connection to us just as old dos game called sea legends
  11. Admiral, could you please clarify if you tried to verify integrity of game files in the Launcher via "Repair" option?
  12. Admiral, please try to complete reinstall the game and also remove all temporary files: 1)Uninstall the game and launcher 2)open Windows Command Prompt (press Windows + R), then type: %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\ delete the folder Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts if it is there 3)install the launcher again If the problem persists, please open Windows Command Prompt (press Windows + R), then type: %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\log There will be log files from the launcher (e.g. 26.01.21.txt) Please copy the latest log f
  13. Hello, I have recently come across a kickstarter about pirates called Sea of Legends. It looks fairly good from the material I found. On BGG, however I see several negative reviews and comments from accounts that were opened in the past couple days apparently for the sole purpose of giving the game a negative review. omegle xender I have 2 questions. Why the seeming controversy over this game? Does anybody know anything about this game good or bad that may sway my decision to back or not. Thanks everyone for any insights you may have!
  14. Certainly, make the related thread and I will sticky it.
  15. @Nick Thomadis - should we give it a try?
  16. More than suspect, that's what the USN actually did. All of the USN's Washington Treaty era cruisers were 8-in ships. It was only after the London Treaty created a specific tonnage allowance for 6-in cruisers that the Brooklyn-class was ordered. For the sort of long-range scout and fleet screen role that the USN and IJN envisioned for their cruisers, you naturally needed a fairly large ship that would likely end up fighting it's direct counterparts on the enemy side, so a fairly heavy armament was quite useful and the ship could fit larger guns anyway. Now, absent any treaty restrictions a
  17. And here on the other hand is example of mentioned above constant ~5 fps. If I turn camera elswhere off the fire - i will instantly jump again to ~60 fps, but as long as I want to keep it on burning ship I will have ~5 fps. This was first game after starting new game session. CPU usage was ~40-50% and GPU ~80-90%. This was battle 3 BBs vs 3 BBs (FRA vs GER, both 1890). Normally I'd blame too weak computer specification, but as I mentioned in first post - according to Your recomended requirements - my computer should meet them with reserve, and I had already battles with greater number of ship
  18. Last week
  19. Leaving aside armored cruisers, there was definite interest in 7-9in gun cruisers before the Washington Treaty appeared. The Hawkins class was the base-point for the restrictions eventually put in place. The idea for the Hawkins was to match any raiding German light cruisers with 175mm+ guns, and to be able to hit targets at the visual horizon -- thus the selection of 7.5in weapons. All had begun construction during WWI, and two (or three, depending) had been completed prior to the Treaty. The Japanese attempted to match the Hawkins and outmatch the 6in-gun Omahas with the Furutaka
  20. Nevermind, made the change to Euro, it's 42, so I am going to get it. Looking forward to play this game and see how it evolves through the year!
  21. Yeah, I looked into early cruisers as well, and I see what your saying. The cruisers I'm most advocating for are the ones you'd start to see in the early/mid 1930s such as the USS Atlanta, USS Cleveland, USS Brooklyn and IJN Myoko
  22. The performance is changing during one game session, and it does not matter if I exit and enter game once more. There are not "only bad" or "only good" game sessions, every single is mixed. Today I played 4 random battles (in a row), and during the 2nd one I decided to collect some informations for You from task manager (CPU & GPU usage) and fps counter from nvidia maybe to further clarify of problem, but honestly I'm not sure if they will help at all. Unfortunately, I started collecting them from the middle of the second game, so you have to trust my word in case of first one and first ha
  23. I think one has to understand that cruisers were in a strange place after Dreadnaught dropped. The armored cruiser was essentially replaced by the battle cruiser. The light cruiser isn’t what we think of today as a other cruiser in the mold of WWII. They were much more pure scouts or flotilla leaders often with open gun mounts. There really wasn’t a lot being built in between anymore. The classic WWII Heavy Cruiser and Light Cruiser are very much artifacts of the treaty system. Absent that I am not sure the heavy cruiser ever exist. I think maybe you see the centerline gun turre
  24. Greetings! I was wondering if there is a cheaper edition of Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts or something, as in the website it states there are "two editions" but I only see one. I really would like to support this game's developement and enjoy it, but I am on a tight financial situation and 50$, the price of a full AAA game, for an Alpha build, doesn't seem too reasonable and affordable to me. I could spend 25-35$ on it however, that's why I was wondering if there's another simpler/cheaper edition or something. Alternatively, is there any information about any potential sale?
  25. Still loving this! I know that developing AI, campaign, and crew features are priority, but please still keep considering ways to unlock certain designer options for players but locking them for AI if it breaks the AI. We still really need moveable barbettes and more rational limitations on where things can go. I'm trying to play with the IJN 8/8 Plan ships (so building and having fun with Nagato, Tosa, Kii, Nr. 13, Amagi, and a Nr 13 BC variant), and while the hulls look great for that, you can't get the Pagoda tower on a hull small enough for Nagato and Tosa, and you also really need an
  26. Well in general plan most ships of a type/subtype are the same, difference is in details that would be just numbers or minor visuals in a game like this. That's what allows RTW to work. still would be nice to have those.
  27. we can dip into, blueprints, prototypes and design proposals if needed, unless we get some fine mod support of course.
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