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  2. I've noticed some correlation with turrets which have no 'red' area in their rotation arc (i.e. cannot turn or fire within that arc.) If I build a ship with every turret positioned so that it has a large 'red' area, the problem seems to either go away or be diminished.
  3. Vanilla game can be repetitive as Tounsansons mentions. However if you use TTE overhaul made by me i hope that can give you a good challenge. There is also another new mods compatible with TTE that adds new models to the game. The kido butai carrier force, the german ships and subs, etc. If you are interested to see TTE in action watch some wolfpack345 videos on youtube. He is playing the american campaign with TTE installed.
  4. Clunky UI, decent/good visuals, lackluster audio and repetitive campaign. Gameplay is fine, but it's still a naval game that fail to understand that staring at ships firing for 20 minutes with little interactions is not okay.
  5. This problem persists and occurs frequently. What I see is that some turrets will fire every time the reload cycle completes, while the remaining turrets will only fire every other reload cycle. To the best of my recollection, bow turrets forward of the main tower are the most reliable, and all others seem susceptible to the bug. I have found that manually selecting a target again after an incomplete salvo will sometimes result in an additional turret firing its guns; rinse and repeat based on the number of turrets remaining to fire.
  6. I was also surprised when I first saw this name pop back up again. According to Wikipedia:
  7. No, all custom battles are complete one-offs.
  8. I guess I was more interested in the 2nd option, but it seems likely to end up being too much. I'll see what I can do, but thanks a lot! Perhaps, I will settle for switching the Sharps stats for another high tier, but still more available rifle (as well as description files), as a simplest fix. Yeah it's a bit of cheating, but what do you do 🙃. Thanks for your attention, even to such a relatively separate and limited scope topic!
  9. Well, from what I think about your question? One way or for any reason it seems to me the DEV does allow you to use any rifle you captured or received as a reward within the certain campaign as you go along in it so as long as you have enough of those rifles you can give them to any unit however, as you noted or observed if you capture mortars or artillery, all you can do with them is to hold on to them until you unlock their tech or of course you could always sell them to the shop to make some money. I can tell you a little secret during the backer build early version of this game a long time
  10. If you're familiar with any programming language disabling the magazine for the colt should be pretty easy. Use a program like dnspy to open up the assembly-csharp.dll. Then in Rebalance.Methods, edit the method WeaponMagazineEmpty and remove rifle_ColtRevolving54_RF from the return statement. Then in the hex you can copy the relevant stats from the sharps to the colt and then you'll have an infantry version again. Enabling the skirmisher weapon for infantry units instead of just repurposing an existing weapon would be more complicated.
  11. I've been meaning to ask, how did that turn out? One half of the Cold Waters team is working with MicroProse (!!!) on a Cold War title, and I understand the other half worked on War on the Sea. I've been meaning to try it but haven't gotten around to it yet. How did you find it?
  12. Is it possible that muskets with bayonets are available though capture, but not in the shop before you research the tech? I'll have to look into it more, but it's very confusing. The cannon tech upgrades are obvious, you unlock the tech, the new guns types appear.
  13. Ha, ha, ha, ha, lmao. (and yes, I know that as a German, I'm not supposed to find that funny - I don't care)
  14. Thanks a lot for your reply, seems I at least have some options now. Figures. Suspected something like that. Sad face. Always liked giving some elite brigades of mine Sharps rifles for great effect. Well, that would depend on how exactly "semi" those complex changes are. I tried renaming some things before, more so hoping to bring sharps back to how it was, but obviously failed. Simply changing descriptions however seems only cosmetic. Yeah, that's what I figured - from the limited guide i managed to find before. This one seems more in depth, thanks a lot. Maybe I will
  15. Last week
  16. Kind of a dumb question but just to clarify,does completing missions in the Naval academy effect custom battles? i.e. if i complete all missions will my ships and modules in custom battles have better 'base' stats?
  17. I'll throw in my boat for once. has a bonus of being actually decent combatant in that game.
  18. The main reason it was removed is that we wanted to restore it to a longer ranged rifle to provide a mid tier sharpshooting option and match its historical usage more. We don't want infantry units to have access to weapons with more than 400 range, and it simplifies certain things behind the scenes, so it was removed from infantry. Many of the weapons featured never saw any large scale historical use. For a vague lore type explanation, it's kind of an alternate reality where those weapons got the backing or overcame their flaws to be used if the player spends the money to acquire them. Th
  19. more nation-specific pre-dreadnought designs across the board, the Lexington-class battlecrusiers, the Littorios, and some of the German capital ship designs toward the end of WWI.
  20. @Fishyfish returning to the thread after missing all the Nazi drama
  21. Greetings Admiral. If your game crashed and you got "in Game" status instead of "Play" - please start the launcher and leave it alone for about 3-5 minutes - the status will be changed back to "Play"
  22. Oh man I dip out for a while and I miss some excellent drama, shame, looked delightful too.. remember when fishposting was cool? Anyways, I'm just quietly awaiting a patch or news or something. I've been way to dang busynas of late to really play anything so no ontopic feed back from fish.
  23. there is a thread burried somwhere around here with core concepts of the game. if there it is stated that subs will just kill stuff overtime on the campaign map. either at the end of a turn if they go with a turn based system. or every couple of ticks if they go with a more paradox style system. so no subs in battle also in that thread it is stated that aircraft and carriers are not planned for 1.0 and depending on the succes of the game, maybe not at all.
  24. I bought into the game for not a small amout of money where I live. I fully expect what I was promised, which is an rtw2 with graphics. anything less and I am refunding.
  25. It saddens me that Sharps Rifle is no longer available to equip infantry brigades. I think I understand the reasoning for it, even if I disagree with it - seeing how it was rarely used by line infantry (if still used). On the other hand, I'm not sure, if removing Sharps but keeping the 1855 revolving rifle, as well as Henry and Spencer rifles for the same role makes sense, considering how rarely were they used in that manner. Not even mentioning such weapons as Whitworth rifle (which to my knowledge was exclusively a sharpshooter weapon) and Joslyn Rifle (which only saw limited production a
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