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  2. For example, you need a BG to field a second corps and one is available in the barracks. Buy him up, put him in command of a unit, then create the corps. This will cause an extra BG to be purchasable and now you have access to two BGs. Unless you have been having very bad luck with wounding/death rates, then more focus is needed on putting officers in position to gain experience faster. Not an exact comparison due to RNG and campaign differences, but going into 2nd Bull Run as the Union I have 5 BGs and 3 LTGs. After the battle one of the BG hit MG and another Colonel hit BG. Experienced officers are indeed much more expensive in the mod, but can be well worth purchasing. I basically buy out every officer that can be used to get a unit to 1* whenever they are available. I don't recall specifically but I think I've only purchased 3-4 officers with reputation. Experienced colonels are just as effective at commanding units as BGs and MGs are in the base game. The only thing you are not getting is access to corps commander perks and the rank icon.
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  4. I am one of those too but pvp is still a rarity for me, unless I spend 3 hours trying to find it
  5. UPDATE: Am enjoying the re-balance, but ... Just won 2nd Bull Run as Confederates, playing at a moderate level, with Detached Skirmishers feature = on I have won 15 engagements (4 major battles) I've acquired every Historical Leader possible through Government I now have 55 brigades in 3 corps, with 10 divisions : A total of 86 active commanders Including the 11 replacements in my Barracks, I now have: 2 Major Generals 1 Brigadier General 71 Colonels Some Lt Cols and a few Majors I'll just leave it at that, in hopes that the re-balance will soon deal with the issue of senior-level promotions more gracefully. By way of observation, junior-level officers advance quickly - almost reflexively - but there is an obvious ceiling at the level of Colonel
  6. This sentence needs some commas: “Six months after the battle, Washington's Navy consisted of eleven vessels, captured about fifty-five prizes, and provided much-needed supplies to the troops.”
  7. Do you mean lets say... Premium -payed accounts? I'd buy one to keep devolpement running. Many new-commers like to start from Trade missions, being sunk one time after another. I think it would be nice to be abble to act as "Convoy escort". I see it like this: You take one ship to Fleet - an escort. Than you sail away in 1Fleet setup. After being ganked there is possibility to alied players to jump into escort Vessel - so she no longer is AI controlled. more PVP, less harmfull for traders, easier for newcomers. Other idea is to introduce Mercenary system to PB's.... some nations have money but no warriors.... Why not to buy them from others?
  8. Great idea. I've never seen this suggested before. Seems unrelated to unlock the knowdge slots on a Traders ship by fighting. Makes more sense to open up these slots by trading, fishing, crafting, or sailing. I'd be okay if these slots were restricted to speed, production, catch, etc. Seems natural to modify trade related attributes.
  9. @admin do you intend to keep this arcade game repair mechanics or will we change from winning by repair mods to winning by skill. It is quite annoying when your opponent decides in the middle of a battle to run for 5 min to repair and then turns back to fight again. I understand if some want to be able to counteract mistakes, but that should be limited to one repair (sail and hull and crew) per battle. Since chain and double shot is limited during battle, the repairs should be, too.
  10. Feel free to tell us what you think. Any feedback is appreciated.
  11. Thanks to your support, we were able to add ground battles to the Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail. The game now contains ten battles introducing naval, landing and land missions of the future game, which makes it more than six hours of gameplay. The build offers two new land battles. You can play the mission “Snakes and Powder” in raining jungles and the Battle of Bunker Hill. The mission “Snakes and Powder” is a typical land mission in the campaign. Your troops are tasked to collect resources that are required to supply your fleet. You have not received any news for the past three days. There is a reported activity of the Spanish army in the area. Your goal is to investigate what happened with your people and reacquire supplies. The Battle of Bunker Hill is a battle from the USA campaign. On June 16, 1775, the British attempted to break the American defensive line by attacking the militia's fortified positions at a hill. The defeat of the British in this assault demonstrated the inability of the British to break the American siege. Though neither side could gain ground in land battle, time favored the British. Thanks to the Royal Navy and its command of the sea, the British army could be supplied and reinforced at will. The Americans, on the other hand, soon found themselves without food or ammunition necessary to hold their positions. Six months after the battle, Washington's Navy consisted of eleven vessels captured about fifty-five prizes and provided much-needed supplies to the troops. New naval battle "Fireworks" is added and introduces fireship's mechanic. You can reassemble an old or outdated ship transforming it into a "torpedo". The crew can ignite the fireship and direct it toward the target though it is necessary to predict the course and time of the impact. Otherwise, the target will dodge, or the fireship will explode without reaching the target. Patch notes v0.4.5 rev.31133 BB3: · Multiple fixes in AI and unit behavior. There are still several issues, and we will continue to fix them. · We improved controls and fixed problems with unit navigation with even more fixes to follow in the future. · Graphics improvements were made for the new and old battles, and additional graphics settings are added. We are going to bring more graphical elements into the game in the future. · We started performance optimization, but the main work will be done when backer build three is released and stable. · Rebalance of melee, arty, and firearms damage. · Fixes and improvements to the LOS system. · Altitude increases the spotting range. · We have fixed terrain tooltip. · Made improvements and fixes to the animation system. · Experimental background music. · Fixed missing land for low-end graphics cards. Upcoming performance optimization will decrease the minimum system requirements. · Massive changes in ship crew that is required for marine corps in the campaign. It can affect boarding, crew transfer, and landing. · The surrendered unit will lose its flag and cannot occupy guns, supplies, nor fortifications. · Column formation is fixed. · We have fixed the issue when the recaptured unit had only captured animations. · Fireship mechanics are introduced. · Tweaked units for balancing. · We have implemented proper formation for British troops in the year 1775.
  12. Había leído mal. Pensé que estabas hablando de action naval
  13. Continental Line Infantry drill on video:
  14. Make us happy? Well I won’t make us unhappy. But think more need to be done before most players will be happy in this game.
  15. Там два нейтральных города - они их и создают.
  16. Tested Navy Loodsman Reports book on Fir/Fir, Sailing Bonus 4, Trader Brig. Assuming wind strengh is stable is all instances, then there is no difference - speed straight downwind is 11.2 in both cases, halfwind (beam reach) speed is 13.4 in both cases. Also didn't notice any difference in OW - in both cases speed straight downwind was 24-26 knots (may be with Loodsman 1 knot faster)
  17. Well if you recall the Renommee used to be used quite a bit for intercepting and raiding until the captain could upgrade to the Endymion. I think this was the driving cause for it's inclusion into the list of "permit" ships. What the devs failed to consider was that the players would simply avoid the lesser permit ships and move on to other ships that could be modified to fill the same role. This has led us to the same situation we were in prior to the introduction of the expanded list of permit ships. While the concept may have sounded good, it failed to actually play out as the devs thought it would. Players will not go after a ship that is near impossible to maintain or replace if they have to spend days trying to get a permit. It simply is not worth the time when another ship will fill the role that requires only a fraction of the time invested. I think the biggest issue was that when the idea of the additional permits was discussed the part that was lacking in the discussion was that the price for everything was going to be increased to near unsustainable levels for the casual and small clan players. Now it is only the largest clans/nations that can afford the losses from combat that may occur during the pursuit of these permits as well as combat with other nations. There have been several posts regarding the front line system, mission chests that are granting rewards for going after trader brigs and the removal of the reinforcement zone that used to protect new players. These last items I believe are the driving cause for why the population of the server has now returned to the dismal levels it was prior to the wipe and inclusion of the frontline system.
  18. I think you are very confused about the time period, friend. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_American_dreadnought_race https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hellenic_Navy#Growth_of_the_Navy_under_King_George_(1860–1910)
  19. George Town Port Battle Outcome: Pirates successfully defend through point/circle gain. Swedes were largely able to hold the wind for the first half of the brawl and nearing the end of the fight the Pirates had the upper hand. The expectation was if the battle went on for 5-10 more minutes I believe more players would have sunk with a higher portion of swedes. Trial by fire taught us some lessons that will be improved in the future :).
  20. Try to google the terms, target group, identification, nationalism, buyer loyalty. I can understand that many players of the most different nation want the nation in which they come from. Therefore, I would have no problem with it if still Ottomans, Venzians / Genoese, Chinese and Portuguese would get their chance. If this nations not play a Role ingame then that's not a big deal, maybe its a chance, because the players for these new factions would come from the big nations in the game like Russia, Great Britain or the Netherlands. Arguing with historical facts in an unhistorical game seems to me less helpful or did the Caribbean ever look like after the release? Or did ships from 2-3 centuries (Wappen von Hamburg 1669,) ever sail at the same time on the same seas? I hope for all portuguese patriots to get their nation
  21. This is what really would make players happy. 1.) Enlarge doubloon wallet capacity (why do I have to teleport back and forth just to bring enough doubloons to buy a building?). I dont think this limitation serves any purpose or has any benefit to the gameplay; 2.) Reals... Make them that we can pay someone instantly no matter where they are. Right click on person's name > send money. This teleport to one place to transfer amounts between players or characters really adds nothing to the game. Just another time sink and extra 10 clicks.
  22. Вокруг Puerto de Espana полно Испанской и Британской неписи - так дожно быть? Их портов рядом не видать.
  23. Beeekonda

    Cinematic Mode?

    CTRL+H and HOME KEY does not add black lines tho
  24. Hear ye! Hear ye! Tonight, is the night of nights! Where Denmark-Norways privateers once more push out into the carribean in an attempt to extoll the kings tax from any and all trying to avoid their proper dues! All hail the two kingdoms! All hail the king!
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