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  2. It's very simple, the captured ship IS the reward, why do people have so much trouble grasping that concept?
  3. Yes, my mistake. The post was about San Mateo, not Augustin. So.... A personal attack. Not surprising. Should I start another tribunal post? Perhaps you were not paying attention. First, the fact that you understand the obvious and plain evidence against you is apparent in your own reply. And, secondly, this is not outside the tribunal. I've done nothing to ruin the reputation of any "good" captain. Telling me to get over it doesn't really help much at all. I still don't like it. ☹️
  4. I am the last person to complain about the AI being too strong. Quite the contrary it could use a bit more bite (less buffs better scripting, though much easier said than done). But I wholeheartedly agree that this firing angle is beyond ridiculous!
  5. LOL, I didn't say I agreed with admin's response. But in the context of it changing you are probably beating a dead horse.
  6. I know... But i can try? I find it very odd if they really do not want have players to have fast fun whit NPC fights. Its gonna put off majority of paying players i promise. PvE should exist on PvP server aswell and be fun. Not just nightmarish long survival whit no rewards.
  7. This comes up a lot. You should remember admin's response to this:
  8. Speed and manoeuvrability don't matter? I don't agree.
  9. Possible exploits I think its fine as it is. When I cap a nice teak wo ship with some decent upgrades id value that over sinking it. And keep it.
  10. Im already fed up with magic buff of NPCs, and this screenshot here will pretty much nail what i mean. NPC is having all the magic buffs in game, including the insane cannon arcs! Just take a look. That firing arc. I just wanted to do some good old coffee and shoot cannonballs to silly NPC. Nope they too stronk and cheating. This is not elite NPC just regular 5rank mission NPC.
  11. HP matters. Size of cannons and their amount matters. Everything else is secondary since new damage model.
  12. What's wrong with capturing the ship and gain reward towards mission?. Capturing a ship is not going to be the choice every time, since you have to sail it back to a friendly port, plus.. capturing a ship tends to be more of a hassle then just straight out sinking it. Unless you are boarding specced with muskets.
  13. I agree with the Frig, Essex, and Pavel. Pirate Frig could use a little love. they really need some love. if it's not a HP bonus - they should have other nice attributes compared to their brethren.
  14. Farrago is right about the farming though. Example, with 3 players being a main and 2 alts: P1 caps ship --> sells low / trades cheap to P2 P3 caps ship from P2 --> sells/trades back to P1 P2 caps ship from P1 --> sells/trades back to P3 P1 caps ship from P3 --> sells/trades back to P2 and on and on.... And if the cap becomes kill rewards then they farm. No one shows up on the leaderboard because no one is sunk, and there are effectively 3 players to hide the back and forth, so it's never noticed or investigated. Eternal farming with no consequence, and can be done quickly. I wouldn't do that because I don't use alts; just saying what the cheaters will do with your suggestion.
  15. Scheiße in 100 Jahren geht der Krieg schon los. "Ab aufs Boot Kinder, wir fahren in die Karibik!"
  16. Today
  17. May I interfere ? BungeeLemming was talking about the timeframe of the ships that can be included in the game. This time frame is still topical (as far as I know). The in-game Wappen von Hamburg was made in 1722. As for when the game takes place, NA devs seem to favour the Napoleonic Wars. But you as a player can RP whenever you want some time during the 18th century and early 19th century. Have fun. Won't disturb anymore. 🙂
  18. Dear admin, What do we need to do to qualify as worthy testers in your eyes? Regards
  19. I agree with you. Devs did that in another thread though and sounds even like convinced the host to upgrade servers to help prevent future issues. I'm not sure they could do much more in this case.
  20. The idea is indeed to reduce enemy capability, so you either sink it or capture it. Sinking it gives you the Kill. You gain "reward" towards the PvP mission and reduce enemy by 1 ship. Capturing it gives you the ship. And reduce enemy by 1 ship. Choices.
  21. Pretty sure the idea is removing it from the hands of the enemy. Also pretty sure any admirality would prefer having another ship in their fleet instead of at the bottom of the ocean. Just change description to sink or capture.
  22. More choice is more options IMHO I wanted full on clan wars and appreciated at the time that players want their historical accuracy ( or as close as we can within the games restrictions) what could have worked though, is slightly fewer nations and Pirate clans who could fight amongst themselves or against the Crowns / Nations What would worry me more than anything else is a position where players feel forced to spend money to move nations or game mechanics that funnel the game towards stalemates and future wipes. This would I feel be the death knell for the game. Players are sitting right now, not playing because they cannot see the point with a wipe coming. No need for this to be a regular happening If players want to play for a nation, that's great but forcing everybody to ally up with another who they despise ? Nah not for me. The same reason i wouldn't want to end up in a 1v1 type server with egotistical troublemakers on both sides. I'd want more Nations or at least the possibility to create my own ( within set parameters .. a Pirate clan so to speak ) who have options as to whom to ally with. If everybody other than my own clan is a possible enemy, then I have more targets. In a possible 2v2 scenario ...I might have to cross the map in search of enemies, rather than venture out of my own port. Nothing we decide will be perfect for all, we all need to look at what would be best for the game.
  23. Doesn't remove the ship from the world. That's what sinking is about.
  24. This is the way it's always been and I can certainly live with it, but the OP is correct. A capture takes the ship out as much as sinking it does. With the exploits already available for getting rid of trash ships, we shouldn't be concerned about that. There is always someone who will "game" the system. Capture should give the same rewards as sinking, as it removes a ship from the enemy's inventory.
  25. one of my clan mates doing group mission solo against 2 first rates and 3 rate in a bellona, npc should be buffed more they are do easy and predictable or at lest group mission should be harder to force people to work together, right now they are a joke if you know what your doing
  26. Yes. That is the system we have now. But you don’t agree that it would be more in line with the period and make more sense if the biggest reward for a captain was returning a prize to the admiralty? Our system of combat medals and missions skews this away from logical outcome. Perhaps now that we have fractional kills for assists, a capture and return to port could count as .25 kill?
  27. A surrender will count as a kill when you sink the enemy ship. Simple. Want the kill or want the ship ? Choices...
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