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  2. Essaie de vider le dossier des logs (steamapps\common\Naval Action\logs). Sinon, peut-être un problème avec ta connexion.
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  4. I would gladly make some time to do a bit of testing. I'll have to keep an eye out for the thread to pop 🙂
  5. Détrompe toi, j'ai pas mal de fun sur NA ces derniers temps. Par contre ce soir j'étais avec mes potes (j'en ai moi) donc désolé de ma réponse tardive:). Et toi? en chasse de traders FR? As tu augmenté ton score au moins?
  6. Well most of the ocean is wasted space to be fair and making that another pvp area would only force people to have more outposts. The best way to get people together is to have a pvp area around as few ports as possible.
  7. Welp, this is the End User's agreement, not the game producer's agreement. So, I'd assume this does not apply to admin, nor devs.
  8. When the Brits held Bermuda there were constant calls for there to be a freeport in that area, but since the Russians have had it this is the first time I have seen anyone ask for it.
  9. Wyy

    Paint bucket

    https://store.steampowered.com/eula/290730_eula_0 section Section 4 under 3. Restrictions for the Game Users:
  10. Do you have a direct link to this? There are tons of games that allow for trading of ingame items...even steam allows the trading of actual games. or DLC packs.
  11. Might as well reduce Bermuda to a single free port that consumes and produces.
  12. Bermuda is too far away, now there is no open world tow. It just gets taken by a nation (prob Russia) and then ends up being almost always unvisited by enemy players (it was today for the first time I can remember in a year, which is what made me think of it). I have NEVER seen enemy AI there, not once since the OW UI patch. Make one of those ports a freeport (spawning some random nation AI) and perhaps even have a PZ up there? Atm the whole area is a waste of space and once taken it is extremely difficult to attack. Making it a PvE, PvP and RvR free zone. With the trading changes it's distance makes it extremely profitable for afk trading and almost risk free. It's simply out of kilter with the rest of the map. Making Flatts a Freeport would solve all this.
  13. A Flag for France : the Provence ensign Seen on several French Xebecs painted by Antoine Roux in 180x (traders ?), such as :
  14. Wyy

    Paint bucket

    @admin arent you guys breaking steam rules by allowing people to purchase paint dlc for real currency and apply them on other players ships ingame for ingame currency?
  15. Just wondering why the little details box is set to on/off. Wouldn't it simplier to just have it on? Just a friendly suggestion.
  16. @admin Paints should be allowed in the Upgrades chest.
  17. Keep in mind the combined mod is not entirely up to date or balanced. The surrender changes + the increased melee effectiveness are probably to strong in situations like you described. Artillery surrendering was added in a later version of the Rebalance mod so it is not available in the combined mod. We're currently in the process of reworking weapon and morale damage. Having artillery convert to skirmishers when their guns are destroyed is not something that is possible to support for various technical reasons.
  18. im playing at pve now, its like a kindergarden. very relaxing haha
  19. lol bought it. I never even knew the dlc was released.
  20. Played the 1st bull run again for CSA on legendary. Well, it was a little more hard, more casualties, but it's ONLY because of poor weapon. Old musketes with 250 effective range against Enfield 1853 with 400 range.. What to suggest: 1. Dig for that AI scripts, it's really stupid for now, I can predict what will be the AI' next step with 100% precision. It's simply tries to charge me if it seems I'm outnumbered. Actually this can work as a trap for AI, I usually put behind my "weak" unit some strong melee cavalry, and they charge back the attackers and.. attackers surrenders! Then this story happens again and again.. 2. Artillery does not surrender! This is actually the problem, if they are too many like 1000 ohh it takes much time to kill them all, tired of that.. 3. Morale drop in case of flanking damage is too much. It's not good for both sides. My units suffer excessively much from some far cannon and enemy's units suffer some unfair damage when charging. I suggest to consider the distance at first.. 4. Long range cavalry is too strong even in melee fight. How many times I used them to capture some wavering units.. I think that cavalry rifles should have the melee damage no more than 50 even for the best ones.. 5. I don't know how to make it, but in artillery duels damage/destroying the guns is more important than loosing men. So let's consider the situation when an artillery unit has lost all its guns.. I suggest to transform it to skirmisher with a poor weapon.
  21. money Paint DLC feels a bit....cheap. Its just stuff which was ingame for a long time already while flags was something new.
  22. Encore heureux que la vie c'est pas naval action car tu aurais une sacrée vie de merde lol
  23. @admin @Ink what is the reason to add flag dlc and paint dlc instead of creating content out of them for ingame achievements?
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