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  2. In my own personal opinion, range and accuracy should be separate as right now modification that reduce range but increase accuracy are useless, as accuracy ends up decreased by this. In an objective view, having tooltips saying range and accuracy are separate is bad as its a lie, the higher your range the higher your accuracy. This tooltip, as well as many others (Cordite, Light Shells, Heavy Shells) imply range and accuracy are totally separate statistics, and that for example by taking Tube Powder as propellant you have less range but more accuracy. While that is completely fa
  3. I am trying to understand your issue. You are saying that modifications that increase the gun range should not be allowed to increase the gun accuracy? "i mean the fact the tooltip and every information inside the game says that max range is not linked to close range accuracy" Can you share a print where this situation happens?
  4. No i don't mean that, i mean the fact the tooltip and every information inside the game says that max range is not linked to close range accuracy, while it is and is an important factor no matter the gun
  5. Have you tried to run as administrator? This is a strange (specific) problem somehow related to your PC particularly, otherwise it would affect a lot of players as well
  6. Greetings Admiral!If you got such problem as "In Game" state after a crash, start the launcher and leave it alone for 3-5 minutes, after that the "In Game" state will be changed to "Play" again.
  7. wouldn't that be because the velocity involved makes it easier to aim down 1000 yds? (less lead required on aiming) In other words, its not that Range is the determining factor on Accuracy- rather, they are linked by the reality of velocity. So, 1k range is affected by velocity (which also affects range), but 1k accuracy is also affected by other things, like crew level, modules (some decrease it), and then also by aspect, speed, wind... etc I don't know that I'm right, but it seems you are making a simple logic error here.
  8. Admiral, what kind of download option do you use? If this is a P2P connection, please try to disable it via this guide: Please click on the mail address in the top right section of launcher and click on "Settings", then deactivate the "Use a P2P connection" option as shown on the screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/VkMQIji
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  10. That's the other thing, i keep pointing it out to everyone that for some reason max range dictates 1km accuracy, but nobody's picking up on that either. Its frustrating
  11. Hello! Can anyone help me with the bug I reported earlier? The two patches so far have not brought any changes. I used to be able to play custom battles normally, but now I cannot get to the ship design screen. I described more about bug in this post:
  12. Hmm, must be a bug then since they would be inaccurate, but not that inaccurate. As when i played the previous patches it was the less range the more accuracy, so somethings wrong there. Reminds me of the turret armour bug where no matter what armour it had if your turret got hit it would detonate killing your ship or severely crippling it. Yeah that will have to be looked at if your both around 1km and the accuracy isnt at least 10% or higher especially at point blank when it should just be 100% really.
  13. It certainly doesn't show so in both the accuracy tooltip when building ships nor in battle, because for some reason range also affects accuracy at 1km no matter the gun. So the less range you have the less accuracy you have firing at point blank range. Been pointing this out for weeks but never got an answer on it beyond "you're such a WoWs player bro"
  14. Well the closer you get the more accurate the guns should be, unless its a really small and nippy ship. Although at ranges of 1km-2km and below it should be around 4-5% i imagine, and anything below 1km should start to climb pretty rapidly. But ships in the 1890's and 1900's were pretty inaccurate even at close ranges never mind precise and only got better past the battle of jutland, where they could extend the ranges out further, while still having somekind of ok accuracy and precision at those ranges. Atm the gunnery system is mostly rng, rather than co-ordinates, prediction and a
  15. Then gosh at least update the texts and help lists. I keep being told "range = accuracy is realistic" even if it is at least don't mislead players by saying on modules that reduce range that they're more accurate but have less range, because that's straight up a lie.
  16. It does not matter. So, the auto-fleet gives the player ships and money for a total of about 300 million. Now let's look at the option "Create Own" You give player 1/4 or in best case 1/3 funds which receives auto-designer. We are building few ships because you are not giving the player enough money. It's all.
  17. Nah, ships were just that inaccurate in real life. Since you had to account for the enemy ships speed, position, potential position and speed, then also wind and how choppy the waves are, quality of barrels and powder for your own vessel. And then the same things for your own ship. On stationary targets dreadnoughts got i think around 3-4%. Yes its that bad. Annoying, but realistic nonetheless. I have to agree its frustrating as hell, but sadly just how boags were really. especially with their more primitive methods of gunnery.
  18. Encountered this beauty in the campaign just now.
  19. Hard choice, when you put words into people mouth like it's your daily business. Really. Watch the video again. And tell me. Where in the video did Drachinifel said anything about combat range below 1000 yards being inaccurate for pre-dreadnought era. None. He mentioned range that is about 500 or 400 yards being easier for a human to judge distance and ballistic. But it was a general statement. Really. All of my argument with your had been YOU straw manning people argument. Aka Lying about what other people said. Really. It is embarrassing. And I am willing to change my stance on this if
  20. The campaign currently does not go past 1910. EDIT: Nevermind, just checked the hotfix patch notes lmao
  21. I'm guessing crucifixion. Just had similar happen in my 1930's campaign. Won in 2 turns. Turn - 1, nothing eventful. Turn - 2, sink a battleship with destroyer on a convoy raid, then on convoy defense wipe out several cruisers with a battleship of my own. Lord Beatty is sent into exile and the war ends. Didn't think to screen-cap it I was laughing so hard. I think it might be related to something with victory points, where a big win early on puts you so far ahead of the enemy they tank and that's it.
  22. Had the same problem earlier. Defeated a British squadron with no losses of my own, His Majesty's head served to the people on a silver platter and the first Sea Lord thrown out on his a** and told to never return. Kinda makes you wonder how an AI USN would react to the Raid on Pearl Harbor.
  23. Be nice to see if anyone can figure out how to skip the early years of the campaign so we can play the the 1920s and 30 s without having to do pre-dreadnoughts. The game is called Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts after all. I know it's somewhere in the save file, I just can't figure out where.
  24. Just noticed this. Startling! Can we get a node or something that will let us take full advantage of the ship model? AI Can place a big 6" up there on the top: But I sure can't!
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