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  2. But they are great guys to fight. before DK-NG and Sweden war went full retard, we had good fights against them at among Passaje. Hope soon to be able to fight them in casual pb again.
  3. Yup, that's what I meant. Ok, I had a suspicion that would be the explanation. Thanks for clarifying.
  4. When you say "boarding score on my ship's characteristics" do you mean the boarding stat of the ship's assigned crew? If so, that stat will not change based on the equipped weapon. The crew boarding stat only displays the skill of the crew itself, it does not display an approximation of melee damage dealt. Both the crew stats and weapon stats affect the melee damage equation however.
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  6. Are you sure about weapons affecting the boarding success? The boarding score on my ship's characteristics does not change whether I choose a musket with a bayonet/sword or without.
  7. HRE are mostly PvErs. But obviously that you have to celebrate your win as a great victory. HRE the last wall against the danish clowns
  8. I constantly see enemy players simply disappear. this happens well within my view range. is this a glitch they are using to get away from me ?
  9. Well, I am on the other side for this one. Freedom of imagination, sure. But under realistic rules. Part of the problem right now is that the horsepower estimates are too low. For example, that 1400 ton destroyer I built last night needed only 33000 horsepower to hit 40 knots. Even considering the low displacement, it should need more like 50000. This underestimation of horsepower needed, which seems to be systematic, makes it ridiculously easy to build fast ships.
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  11. mia389

    Wood Chest?

    Where can I find wood chest? Someone told me Privateer fleets. Is this the only place? Privateer fleets are way to strong for the few guys I play with. Is there anywhere else or does anyone have a 4 guy tactic for getting these chest? PVE server
  12. I really don't get that...you should be able to get past it. Especially on god mode. Maybe this is a case of whackamole, when I fix a bug it makes a new one before I have a chance to go back and backtest it.
  13. Yes, I could not get past both. Potomac wouldn't recognize I killed both batteries and Phillippi just never ended.
  14. Phillipi is the first battle if you play as the Union, the Potomac is the first if you play as the confederates
  15. my key is not working trying everything I've read cant get it
  16. I concur on all points: this is great, and it's also damn near impossible! I got luck(?) as the Monitor, sinking the Virginia with flooding. However I can't sink the monitors as the Virginia (I got one down to 0.7% structure due to fire with the other at about 50% - closest I've come).
  17. ¿Alguien me lo aclara? ¿La facción China está ya disponible o no?
  18. What worked for me was lyditte powder and HE spam. Burned both ships with 9% of own hull left with engines and rudder damage (mostly due to a fire that was started in the beginning and due to few bulkheads went on unchecked for too long)
  19. Well there is that sticky reality of creating a game based on a "real" world and a "real time frame". It's not a question of limiting freedom of choice, it's about playing with tech and engineering available at the time. If it could be done and be combat effective, everyone would have built 45 and 50 kt DDs right? They didn't. Le Terrible (which still holds the record at 45kts for an hour, and I'm sure was running in non-combat loadout) was the fastest ever produced, and was built in the 30's (which means late game here). Combat speed was around 40kts. Going faster just didn't happen with the hull types and propulsion tech available in the games time frame. It's not a question of cost or weight, which is how the game makes it currently. You wouldn't want a 100,000 ton BB be able to turn like a DD simply because you put all your money and weight in Aux engines and shaft upgrades do you? You have to have some grounding in reality, that's all I asking. Not disagreeing with your last statement entirely, but DDs did not have the advantage they do have in game...i.e. the ability to fire multiple spreads in a battle.
  20. @GrubbyZebra yep, Basic Cutter going into rank 7 mission. @Ink installing the 2013 redistributable did the trick - both mission instances and chat work now, thanks a lot!! Marking it as solved. Thanks to @Hands and @GrubbyZebra for the recommendations and sanity checks as well, they were useful nevertheless. @Ink, I would recommend to bundle the necessary redistributables (I have seen other games do it and it is quite convenient) with the installation or at least display a message on the game's start the way it is done with the 2017 redistributable. That might save other players confusion and frustration. In any case, thanks again for the quick replies and resolution.
  21. ok a destroyer meta obviously doesn't exist then. there is literally absolutely nothing wrong with having torpedo spam literally trump all other forms of combat. Nothing wrong with ships being able to launch torpedoes beyond detection range. And definitely nothing wrong with ships with an effectiveness that greatly outweighs ships 50 times their size. if this is what is considered perfectly fine in game balance then I will definitely consider purely building destroyers with 45 kts, 4x10 torpedo tubes, and just replace any losses (if they are even hit) within months. not waste my nation's money on anything bigger since this reduces the numbers of destroyers i could field and kill things a lot slower. I can pretty much send them anywhere, and intercept anything, and can one shot anything smaller than a battleship. Maybe, just maybe, Ill need battleships and cruisers in the beginning when destroyers cant get reliably in range, after that there are no reason, other than power projection, to use anything else. This is what I call freedom of imagination.
  22. People here are essentially whining that we need strict restrictions on ship design measured by what has been achieved IRL. That eliminates the freedom of imagination. Furthermore, you seem to be advocating for arbitrary restrictions to somehow conjure up some semblance of balance in a deliberately unbalanced game.
  23. Wait, Philippi or the Fort? Those damn first battles are just no end of trouble, they are so weirdly coded into the game.
  24. Ink

    Mission Bug

    Under investigation
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