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  2. PVE server. Hardly a good source for balancing anything.
  3. 1. Ensure you have as many crew on your ships as can fit after you get Optimal Crew and Best Weapons (your shipboard muskets should have sword bayonets if you plan on doing any boarding, but regular bayonets will do if needed) 2. Get rid of their rigging on ALL the ships you're engaging, as in fire pure chain until they're all immobilized. 3 Sit across their stern (or bow) and shoot them with grapeshot, or ball if grapeshot isn't working for some reason (probably just not straight enough down their stern and the flank is ricocheting too many of your grapeshot due to the armour still being up. 3a. If they are beached, shoot them in the side with ball at an angle they can't shoot back at until the armour on that side is down to almost nothing, then go grape until the crew surrenders or is down to few enough men you can board. 4. Keep shooting until they surrender. Then haul up alongside and transfer a prize crew. Mind you I have yet to buy the game since I haven't gotten a reply on my inquiry about multi-part first/last names for the red-ribbon-officer yet, but this is what I've observed from watching gameplay videos.
  4. I made some runs the last frew days and I'm getting something like 1-2 million for a long sail and the same back so your looking at like 3 hours of game time to make 2-3 million. And that is even if I have decent cargo. Most of the stuff is all ready bought and traded by time I get home from work so I normally have to buy little here and there for a day or two before I can make a run. So I don't know who's making all the millions but I got a feeling it's not the US prime playing guys as I heard the same complaint from others market is strip by time they get online to play.
  5. He kinda got a point though, I basicly been turned off grinding to make money cause some times you hardly get enough doubloons to pay for repairs unless you only fight same tier or higher battles. Battle doublloons need to be more for those that don't want to trade. I was grinding to level up and get slots on ships and I couldn't afford to run my buildings and econ. Though I spend three hours I make 2.5 million in trade (long hual) compared to 3 hours grinding I barely make 100K.
  6. In game veteran status really doesn't mean anything cause all I have to do is make a new alt and than farm the crap out of newbs as a newb. I have 6 chars and all have diffrent levels of online time from a few thousand hours to my main char I don't even play on any more which has over 9K hours. Why would I want folks to know a char I changed names and nations is some one with a billion hours? The other thing is I been on games folks made new chars just to make it look like they where newbs to farm others. On a few of these I actually keep a char in Newbie area to help new players against these type of players. So you always have toxic folks that will abuse it. Just knowing my own hours on my chars I would say maybe not in the high range. I would more call veterans by time they bene playing the game than hours actualling game, but than again we have the Yatch (for sea trials) and pandora (for EA) players. What would we give vets? Though I could be made happy with a DLC trade ship/refit winkwink..lol
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  8. this suggestion is approved by captain 2Strong
  9. It is broken because there is no limit to how much you can do it, as long as you have more time you can keep cashing in with no control. Usually most well thought out MMOs limit how much a player can conduct specific activities as to keep some measure of control how much/many rewards each player can obtain in given amount of time from a specific activity. Say there was a limit to doing 1 trade run per week per account. Or you could get permits for trading same as for towing, 3 trade run permits a day and you have a max pool of 10. But it is a problem in itself that the game has massive focus on economy while having a oversimplified economic system. I think the simpler it is do something in the game the easier you make it for people to exploit it. Log in click two buttons and you cash in, if you were actually required to make an effort playing the game to obtain rewards from a system then it would be much harder to exploit it. There's multiple issues with trading as it is, the fact that it can be done while afk and pretty much you can 'bot' trade is probably the biggest issue. Usually any activity that requires very little to no attention from the player is not meant to be very rewarding. It would be better if trading required the player to actively engage with the game and it was limited in some way. Then it could be as rewarding as anyone wanted.
  10. so u assist my suggestion? When even 2 stong is assisting me it has to be good... lol
  11. I think admin should just nerf the 1% of the players with 20 alts stalking all ports buying up stuff around the clock. Trading isnt broken. PPL exploiting it are however. The majority of players are actually hurting for money, hence why they are complaining of the increasing prices (because we already have reports of certain alts inflating prices and buying everything up in terms of resources and upgrades because this way they get to control the market)
  12. Battleship/cruiser/destroyer aircraft could and can fill several roles. Scout patrols. The aircraft flies over a certain area, or accompanies a fleet or convoy, to seek enemy ships, aircraft, or submarines. Widely used during the Second World War. The Japanese took to this to an extreme, and famously about their whole scouting force at Midway was made of cruisers' planes. Later in the war, some patrol planes equipped radar. These days, destroyer/cruiser helicopters have dip-sonars and sonar buoys to search for submarines. Spotting. An aircraft can fly towards the enemy and observe shell splashes and impacts. It can then radio back to its parent ship to correct shots. A battleship or cruiser could thus fire accurately to great range. Air spotting was used to a certain extent in surface battles during the Pacific War, but surely not to that theorized in the '30s: This is partially because the infamous battleship "Decisive Battle" just didn't happen, and there were only four big daylight surface actions anyway. But, as has been said, air spotting was and is extremely useful for land attacks. Attack. Cruiser and battleship floatplanes commonly equipped bombs or depth charges. Those with machine guns could also strafe. Mostly this was for attacking submarines: I believe at least one Japanese cruiser/battleship plane was used to attack a carrier at the Battle off Samar. The Americans had plans for battleship torpedoplanes, but this never materialized. Helicopters usually carry homing torpedoes to attack submarines. Air defense. Though a floatplane or helicopter may be of less value against a land-based fighter, those armed with guns or missiles can fight off their own kind and bombers to some degree -- again, see US plans for battleship fighters. Illumination. A floatplane can drop flares to illuminate the enemy. To my knowledge, only the Japanese put this into any naval use, at Savo Island and possibly Sunda Strait and some of the other 1942 actions. Flares were also used by Japanese torpedo planes making night attacks. Compare British pathfinder aircraft with their incendiary bombs. Transportation. Aircraft are good for getting around places. Helicopters can also be useful for landing troops. Search and rescue. A floatplane can land next to downed pilots and overboard sailors, and carry them back to a safe location. Some helicopters can land on water, but most can simply hover and lower down a rope. Both planes and helicopters can deploy liferafts. I have no clue how and if any of these things could (or, more philosophically, should) be in the game, but it's fun to think about.
  13. I wonder if the Revenge class crews cracked jokes about making 20 knots in 20 minutes. In any case, I am slightly surprised the battlecruisers took so long to hit max speed, but if I recall correctly their engines were vintage and underpowered for those designs. (By WW2 anyway.)
  14. The obvious DLCs for the 1775-1815 period are (hypothetical titles): Rise of the Raj, the ascendancy of the British East India Company, and a chapter or two in a campaign that needs to be unlocked--by winning the British campaign on the corresponding difficulty or higher first--focusing on the decline and ultimate collapse of the Dutch East India Company Ice and Gunfire, the Danish, Swedish and Russian campaigns, considerably shorter and more compact than the others, mostly in the Baltic but with a chapter or two elsewhere, includes such historical features as being robbed blind of your fleet's heavy units and everything on them and being limited to small-boat attacks on British warships if you play the Danish campaign on Hard and unlock the bonus chapter of "After Copenhagen", with a possibility of saving the last Danish ship of the line at Zealand Point if you are skilled and lucky... The Old Empire, Spanish campaigns, of course! I'm sure there's at least one or two big admirals of this period to follow... The Old Alliance, Portuguese campaigns (following multiple major admirals), because the Portuguese Empire was still considerable even in this time, plus British campaigns around the Iberian Peninsula. Viva La France, Obvious name is obvious. Those are the "LOL SO OBVIOUS" ones. More importantly, the choice of "Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail" as a name gives you a large, LARGE variety of options. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age_of_Sail Now, for emphasis... ...I think I've communicated that clearly, so on to the actual point! Post-Napoleonic actions with steam ships existing would be more difficult to model unless we model them as being able to make way (when sails are rolled up) against the wind, so we can probably narrow it down to 1571 (Lepanto) to 1815. IF you want to go for when the British first had their first-rate, second-rate, etc. rating system by gun count, you are looking at 1677 to 1815. Before this however there were many very obvious campaign sets which can be modelled with existing game mechanics. See here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars:_1500–1799. For naval wars we want the colonial empires, so right off the bat we have... The Armadas: Anglo-Spanish War 1585-1604 (Because it wasn't just the Spanish Armada, but also an English Armada). Be warned that you will have plenty of land actions including swords and pikes. Cuius Regio, Eius Religio: Naval and minor amphibious actions of the Thirty Years' War. The Dutch East Indies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch–Portuguese_War and some later Dutch wars' campaigns in the region. Oliver Cromwell: This is likely to be two or more campaigns, including the English Civil War, the Anglo-Spanish War (1654-1660), an Anglo-Dutch War, etc. Because I can assure you that Netherlanders and even Belgians or Germans would be VERY interested in playing de Ryuter, Tromp, and other comparable great names. The Sun King: Nine Years' War naval campaigns Consanguinity Is Unhealthy: War of the Spanish Succession The Quadruple Alliance: War of the Quadruple Alliance, of course! A Friend In Need: Portuguese Restoration War Ave Maria: War of the Austrian Succession Some terrible joke or other about Oranges: one or more Anglo-Dutch Wars. Rule Britannia: Seven Years' War, the rise of the First British Empire, also known by some as World War Zero but actually World War Negative One. And so on for various other major wars or chains of wars where you can assemble a good campaign or two. Most of the ones before 1677 aren't exactly required, but if World War -1 AKA the Seven Years' War (Napoleonics is World War 0) isn't fertile ground for DLC campaigns, player discontent is likely to get real. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I should note that even after 1815 there are campaigns which rate attention. For example, do the words "Almirante Cochrane" ring a bell? He served in the RN, the Chilean Navy, the Brazilian Navy, and the Greek Navy. . What do you guys think? Any other suggestions you'd like to bring up?
  15. It happens to me often with superstructures that have integrated barbettes as well.
  16. why play the game when you can just make a new DLC for a low price of $100
  17. So, I have to ask... do you guys play your own game? Like, seriously, there was already talk of inflation when I returned to the game 2 months ago. This is not a new development, by any means. Maybe now you can understand why seasoned woods are so controversial. With the economy the way it is, single logs go for tens of thousands of reals. It's impossibly expensive for most players; only the super-wealthy multiple alt-wielding players will ever be able to afford enough seasoned wood to craft a ship. I'm not the first one to point this out, but I hope I'm among the last before a fix is implemented. Please, please look into this matter. The game will fare much better for it.
  18. Actually built? No. Sketched after too much vino? Yes. https://stefsap.wordpress.com/2017/09/27/ferrettis-10381-in-quintuples-battleship-design/
  19. this limit is dumb anyway
  20. Trading over 9.999mil is becoming a normal thing now.
  21. Well, it's just inflation, because players earn too much money. As a result prices of modules (and not only of them), especially top ones rised considerably - FX Copper Plating were sold at 600-800k reals, now that module is selling at 1.5 mil or even more.
  22. what do we consider veteran? gametime, time the game is owned? i dont think you should reward someone to buy your game, have it it their chest, drag it up after a long time and get an unique item. I would consider it to take some kind of hours ingame in general say 3 hours is a good amount of game time if you split it down to average gametime each day, so maybe. an easy equation could be then 3 hours per day x365 days x3 years, which would be 3285 hours clocked in so say you have, ~3300 hours gametime unlocks you the dlc. I would also advice to have some minor goals inbetween here, maybe 100 hours = 200 000 reals, 1000hours = Redoutable Note or something in that way. Then you reward your players for sticking with you and there will always be something to reach for. Maybe instead of having rewards as items you can lose you could choose to pick a flag (permanent and sticks to the account) or a really rare ship note (which can be lost) or repairs, armaments etc (which also can be lost ofcourse).
  23. Someone wants to make himself important, or he uses at the same time 3-4 alt chars or it is a bug. With Madagascar Jewels and 1 account, the highest profit margin is around 6 million. 4 Indiamen ( Fleet Control Perk 2) with 160 Madagascar Jewels (I don't know of any more expensive goods) : Buy (North Inlet, 10124 per Jewel x 160) 1619840 Reals Sell today (Soto la Marina, 46402 per Jewel x160) : 7424320 Reals No taxes included. Of course, using alt-chars I can push the win of a run to infinity. Or a great bug....and everyone uses it because they have no punishments to expect. Maybe same procedure as every year. If you want to have a functioning economy somehow, you have to stop using alt-chars. Otherwise, people with enough computing power, a liitle bit of money and enough time will bring any economy to collapse (by the way, this is not a special problem of NA). Another possible solution would be a trading system that confront traders with new challenges every day. If I have to find the cheapest trading routes every day, if I have to reorganize my trading fleets every day, it will surely take away some people's ability to make money in a simple way. Or you learn form Conquerors Blade.... no trade directly between players possible. In other words, kill the economy and the trade. The problem is, you are losing a player segment (the Trader), which is more likely than other players to acquire Alt Chars, which is ultimately income for you.
  24. I own two books about the Java Sea Campaign of 1942. Both cover the battle of the java sea in detail. Both of course make extensive reference to the japanese use of their floatplanes to keep the allied ships under constant vigilance. They also mention the use of flares in the night part of the engagement (first time anything like that had even been done, it took the allied officers totally by surprise). All of that happened. All of that is pretty much operational rules of searching&shadowing. No reference is made ,on either book, of actual gunlaying done by any of the japanese planes in any of the encounters you mentioned. For one exception, as it mentions the desperation of the japanese in the engagement again Edsall and that Hiei's floatplanes were launched with the specific task of trying to help with the gunnery - as for how well it worked and for how effective that gunlaying was, I'll put in the same words as one of the books I currently have on my lap: "it didn't do any good." (literal words). None of the books mentions spotting (as in radioing gunlaying info to the gunnery crews of any of the ships involved, obviously they spotted a lot in what refers to looking for the enemy and keeping it under watch) in any other part of their narration. Which I think it's significative because when spotting for gunnery was done, it's mentioned. The books in question are "Java sea 1942: Japan conquest of the Netherlands East Indies" by Mark Stille & JimLaurie, and "Rising sun, falling skies, the Disastrous Java Sea Campaign of World War II" by Jeffrey Cox.
  25. No, not 25m per run. That might be for the players that have 6 or 10 alts and trade with all of them in convoy at once. But you can make around 1m+ in profit for 20 minutes of sailing with 3 indiaman. But it is possible to make over 100m a week for someone with some alts and enough free time, pretty easy.
  26. San Agustin - 9.6 mil in taxes Nouvelle-Orleans - 15.1 mil in taxes Vera Cruz - 11.6 mil in taxes Santiago de Cuba - 9.7 mil in taxes Caracas - 9.7 mil in taxes Considering the taxes are set to 10% (highest) we can see that yesterday players have earned 96 mil + 151 mil + 116 mil + 97 mil + 97 mil = 557,000,000 reals. ONE DAY. Before taxes ofc. Only top 5 ports btw, not including all other ports. I don't do trade runs myself, but from my understanding you just buy stuff from one port at one end of the map and sail it down to another part of the map. PS: WTB Means of Directing Fire for 1mil - LT/TUMBADO I'm poor please help
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