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  2. Your right anything can happen in 2020. Who knows I might be right. (for some bazaar reason)
  3. No doubt. I've mostly given up on that, despite calling for at the very least functional echelon turrets since last November. But eh, I don't even play this game anymore. It's sad really, but at least in my personal experience I spend more time looking in at the forum for update news than playing the current release.
  4. Man, I was so hyped when I read it 🤣😂 Well, everything can happen. I mean everything can happen in 2020 🤷‍♂️
  5. AH. Its just a joke don't worry about it.
  6. Shocker to everyone. Patch 8 is the campaign release but the Devs kept it a secret.
  7. Today
  8. It’s a common request but I think there has to be a big advantage for narrower hulls otherwise everyone would just slide to the widest to fit the best armament. And if players are doing to that then the Dev’s might aswell supply the widest. I don’t see any pressing need for beam adjusters. ...widest also equals Dev’s game limit of design for those hulls, it's probably the easiest limitation system for them to implement.
  9. Makes me wonder what else they are doing with the patch too be honest. Or what else they got left.
  10. Ye, I need to learn how to do UV's better so my textures look nicer. Ill have to learn how to do it properly on the next ship i do. Along with maybe doing it in blender as well, as my license for substance won't last forever.
  11. Naval is definitely not as rage inducing as tanks imo, but yeah it'll still be a PvP game mode. But with the model quality of War Thunder, its definitely worth it.
  12. True, and since i have a new gaming pc, i will want to try and get those ships. Especially now that the economy isn't so dumb. Although i suspect the PVP will send me back ragin anyways lol.
  13. I just saw this announcement. OMG Well, the devs must do something, they have to hurry up a little bit. Because if the battleships will be implemented into War Thunder, than lots of players will play that game, and sadly everybody will forget about everything else (hope not tho)
  14. Damm, Game labs needs to hurry up den lol. Since im sure the release of the new patch will give peeps quite a bit of content to play with until alpha 10.
  15. It is, you can see several more and one unexpected one in their video about the new ships and changes to naval economy and research.
  16. It’s more likely re-works forced out more re-works, if not then there been a disaster! We’ll know what's what when and if they add more notes to the update.
  17. Is dat dreadnought? Quite sexy.
  18. I hope they release the update soon, because at least for me as I've mentioned before, this game has a ticking timer that is mid November.
  19. I wonder if we can get different shell types like the japanese had on that was made to damage ships below the waterline even if it was a near miss?
  20. Usually this means that the mod files didn't end up in the right place. The default steam install path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ultimate General Civil War\Ultimate General Civil War_Data There is also an Ultimate General Civil War\UGCWReporter_Data folder that tends to trip people up as it contains similar files as what would be overwritten in the correct install directory. In case you're having issues with zip extraction here are the paths to all the files used by the mod C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ultimate General Civil War\Ulti
  21. Yes and no? Japanese optical (i.e. rangefinders, binoculars, etc.) equipment was sufficiently advanced for its time and almost on par with German optical systems; certainly a bit ahead of Italian, British, and American optical-directed fire control systems, the former being plagued by certain details with regards to cleaning and glare treatment and the latter two for their small size. The primary problem wasn't with the optics, it was with the lack of a stable vertical and the decentralization of the fire process. You could say that - taking the two Pacific juggernauts as the example - that th
  22. Greetings Admiral! You should be able to, but if you want a 100% answer please be so kind and contact Xsolla support via 24/7 live chat support: help.xsolla.com
  23. Greetings Admiral, please write on ink@navalaction.com from email address that was used to purchase the game. Salutations Amiral, veuillez écrire à ink@navalaction.com à partir de l'adresse e-mail qui a été utilisée pour acheter le jeu.
  24. Greetings Admiral! Could you please clarify if the problem still there? Have you tried to re-download the installation file? Also, do you have enough space of your disk to install the game? If the problem still there, please try to contact Xsolla support, Contact Details: Support Email: support@xsolla.com 24/7 Live Chat: http://help.xsolla.com Please keep us updated on the issue
  25. Will we have maintenance reports (at sea) and will we have to put sailors to work?
  26. I hope we will see more of them. And I also hope that we will see some late ironclad models as beginner ships. At least I hope so. I can't wait for this update, and I hope that we will receive it in the first week of november.
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