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  2. Indeed, a ship's "hit points" are proportional to tonnage + 5000, so larger DDs are not much more durable than smaller ones even on an individual basis. Using lots of smaller DDs will make it harder for the enemy to get rid of them.
  3. I was recently blessed by two of the most excellent late dreadnought/early superdreadnought battleship designs I've ever seen from the AI. A 6x2 12" unified battery with an excellent 8" casemate secondary battery and a 3-4" tertiary battery. Only problem with this is a pair of idiotic 3x 5" turrets that block the firing arc of Z turret. 25 kt, 14.8" Krupp III belt. Veteran crew. Few bulkheads (not terrible per se) And her even more excellent, upgunned & uparmored sucessor, 5x2 14" unified battery with a 7" mixed casemate & triple trurret secondary battery and a si
  4. Technically, the barebones of Core Patch 2 is here at Core Patch 0.5, as 2 was to be "crew and officers". From Core Patch 1, we have the "custom battle saves" in 0.5 We're waiting on (a) the barebones campaign from 1 and (b) officers from 2. We have a good chance at getting at least half of what promised in original dev plans for 2021. Unfortunately, I don't see R&D & Tech from Patch 3 in the cards this year (maybe a late December/early January release at absolute best), nor an expanded campaign from Patch 4 (unless Patch 1 is super stable and the devs have all of the assets and c
  5. Yesterday
  6. you don't have a choice for that mission DD's aren't taking down a BB with 5in guns. That said I have noticed it in other missions. In the H class mission I realized I don't have to try and doge torpedoes so long as I went with many bulkheads and torpedo defense 4 or 5 I could just tank them and keep going. I don't know how many I got hit with but I would guess 8-12, but it was not a big issue.
  7. I see no shame commanding supers, any of the game's content, vice versa for the AI to build them. PS, I design single barrel ships too, here's a Benson inspired design (couldn't build an actual Benson class). I've sacrificed everything for reload rate, aiming speed, traverse and range boosts. Its effective against any counterpart. Tactic is to turn and fight a running battle, just keeping out of there range. Total diversely is what makes this game great, not fixed to any predetermined path.
  8. Wow. I've not experienced this as I don't use torpedoes often.
  9. Destroy a full fleet: Again, minimum displacement is worth it if it means you can have two of something! Make a pair of proto-richelieus. Don't use casemates they suck. Can go ham on the armor. Dreadnought IV has abornomally high resistance anyways. Those are the only odd ones I've got. Everything is pretty bog standard, just get a good process for making design decisions & few of the missions are very difficult. Don't waste your displacement on silly things just because it's there.
  10. Defend your convoy: Minimum displacement pocket battleships. Don't need to be fast, but 28 kt isn't awful per se. You're going to want good accuracy bonuses & a lot of armor. Pretty punchy, does the trick.
  11. German hulls, towers, and turrets from ~1900 through 1918 are very sorely needed, yeah. A few more US and British hulls from this period would also be welcome. And of course pre-dreadnoughts, but that's been asked for for over a year now, and would just be beating a dead horse.
  12. Near Jutland: single torpedo launchers are objectively the best torpedo system in the game. Lighter per tube than any other & faster reloads? yes please. With a low displacement design you can put 20" oxygen torps on a destroyer hull & get 10 of them. Makes very short work of those battlecruisers. Take the torpedo tech.
  13. Howdy! I played around a bit for the first time after the patch and I have to say it was pretty fun! - I like the new crew mechanics! - the Italian BB hulls look pretty good! - designing all your ships is great! - it feels more like a trade off now as I could not simply max out all attributes, was there some rebalancing weights? Either way it is good that the design is a trade off between the desired attributes and not all at once! I think what we still definitely need are: - early German Dreadnought modules such as the Kaiser or Konig Br
  14. I reckon I may need a bit more than "some"!
  15. I was playing "mission imposable" when this hit me. I hit the BB with a total of 33 24in torpedoes . Not only did this not sink the ship it did not even push it below 50% float. The idea of any real ship could take 33 long lance hit's and not sink is frankly ridiculous. Also in the same mission one of my DD took 4 hit's from 21in torpedoes and did not sink. This is honestly even more unbelievable as the DD had standard bulkheads 0 torpedo defense and a single layer hull. The long lance aka a 24in torpedo was a menace. A single hit could and did Heavy cruisers even when that hit was
  16. Solved. Ill check my Antivirus the next time this happens.
  17. No. If there were anything it'd be here or another pinned thread. Probably a few weeks to a month minimum before we get the campaign. Yeah, most of the features are here in 0.5, but you know how this dev team is...
  18. The reason this occurred is that the 0/20 is actually showing you the total number of brigades from the two reinforcing corps. So it would be more accurate if each slot displayed 0/10. You ended up with 11 instead of only 10 because of some stuff around how supply wagons are handled. I can only change the existing numbers on the deploy screen so there isn't a good way for me to make this more clear unfortunately. There are various exploits around crossing borders and impassable terrain. Trying to prevent these tends to end up causing even more problems that affect units that aren't
  19. First step List of interested players who want to start in this regatta: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20)
  20. I consider planning a boat race (regatta) for 7th rates in mid-october 2021. Race will start in Flatts, Bermuda, and end in Dariena. But you need to make port calls in four ports inbetween, which, as anti-cheating measure, will stay secret until the race has started. Your arrival in those places will be monitored by referee boats and you will document you made the call by a short message made in local trade chat of that port. Victory condition: First speedboat arriving in Dariena will win. Admission is one wooden chest per boat. Half of collected wooden chests will be given to w
  21. Yes, I have trier updating and reinstalling gpu driver as well. NVIDIA GTX 1080 Driver 9/13/2021 of note it is just UAD that has a problem. It gets to the point where it says (flashing) "....loading level..." , but never says "click to continue". I can hear the ocean sounds. I waited an hour just to see but nothing changed. if I click, I see the ship as per the pic provided, no controls no water. (tried at least twice on all of these) Graphic settings have no effect on the problem. Driver reloads no effect on the problem. Driver reinstalls
  22. Admiral, please check this workaround:
  23. Admiral, thank you for the details, information is sent to Xsolla
  24. She is in fact very Dutch looking to me just a later style, The style of this ship is sometime after the 1700 most likely a refit 1705-1720. Now there was a much later Dutch 3 decker built in 1721 named Haarlem 96 guns and the style of these plans are from her era so maybe a name switch,or she was meant to be named prins William but was renamed at launch. But I am certain she is Dutch
  25. Admiral, could you please try to reinstall video card drivers?
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