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  2. Like the people who are already moaning about it. Aggressive AI is a natural progression, you should've expected that can't just run through a blockade of 10 AI fleets within your horizon and not expect anyone of them to take exception to your presents
  3. As a developer myself I shan’t be gentle, as I know how important it is to receive honest feedback, devs have thick skin when it comes to criticism. First the bad, a lot of animations are very stiff and unnatural. The most noticeable ones are with the player character and the wildlife. As I had stated in a different post a fluid and natural WALK is very important in a third person game. A lot of the animals are missing a simulated IK in their walk cycle, meaning their feet don’t line up with their steps and they moonwalk a bit. The grabbing/killing animations are very canned, and need more dynamic entry. There are several features I feel are simply missing or lacking depth in regards to handling captured or grabbed AI. There’s so much potential here for bold and interesting options, they need to be explored. Give me the option to make him call one of his buddies over for example. The voice acting of the enemies is some of the worst I’ve experienced. It is very stiff, poorly acted and is sorely missing that southern American accent. Maybe I’m spoiled from my recent many hours of Red Dead 2 but I was somewhat disappointed the first time I “skinned” a deer. This game could really, really use many little QOL animations and states to really help with immersion. All of that being said I realize that we are still pre-release and that many of these things could be in the works or planned for a rework down the road post-launch. Players can feel like a real predator in the bush, which is an amazing thing to create for a user, I think there really needs to be some type of fear mechanic that can be stated by quickly ambushing or war crying at the enemy. Or perhaps as they find their compadres butchered. I really feel that was a missed opportunity. The good, the mechanics of capturing territory and the AI going on living and developing their spaces without player interaction are very ambitious and have come to fruition nicely. Well done. The world itself is rather beautiful, and through the resource gathering and crafting I feel a connection to the environment that makes me want to fight for it. Including things like building grass hideaways and traps was genius, it’s a great foundation and I think it would be smart to expand upon that, letting the player build all kinds of snares and pitfall type traps, like The Forest. I think this game is a fantastic platform for continued development and with a few polishing attributes, some added feature depth and variety, this game could be a smash hit, and a true classic. What a great idea and so far, wonderful execution guys, keep up the legendary work! I’m definitely a satisfied customer.
  4. It's more of a person tying itself to a tree to prevent it being cut down or defenceless person trying to stop a tank... Sometimes works, but not always. Knowing DesMoines, the guy got probably called traitor, alt, threatened with tribunal and ban by DesMoines etc. Not quite sure if you support that sort of behaviour, but fine.
  5. They could try to take all US ports. All of East coast to Mexico
  6. Except the ai will be as dense and stupid as before..
  7. I'm dreading this aggressive AI. Sail out of capital. Get attacked by British AI brig. Fml.
  8. sorry for replying in your qoute, but I'm lazy. It wasn't in the fine woods time.. it was before, the fine woods patch basically killed of the serverpop and the path to ever increasing the grinding, effectively cutting of the casual player from even the most basic gaming elements, has been kept. If the game were to become a succes it would req GL to be honest, not to lie, and ofc to change the game to a more user friendly game. I'll keep it in mind tomorrow.
  9. Probably just within friendly territory. He says RVR too so a possibility of sending AI fleets to attack enemy ports nearby.
  10. With the difference that Prussia did a classic solo-flip and we had the balls to fight full PB with actual players and win it on our own As it was, Prussia fought 11-14 timer PB and proved that nation was capable of fielding fleet at this time zone, hence Prussian timers were in good place. But guess what? When Prussia had normal timers everywhere, we had several multiflips from several nations - US, Spain, Russia, GB(?), maybe some more. So your example of using multiflips against timer dodging does not really apply for Prussian situation, as our early timers did protect us from all multiflips and they never happened again (what a surprise). Besides, if you want to call a port battle in the middle of night full of DLC Hercs, Requins just to troll your enemy - interesting battle, I suppose it's for the better of the game that we have timers To protect from multiflips and from trolling like that. Octaflip was one time event and it was only half the success, where defended ports got defended. It never happened again, even doe you tried to organize more multiflips in the same fashion.
  11. attention seeking should be a tribunal offence
  12. Sorry but your response is in French I think. But thanks.
  13. from what i remember reverse one guy was low on hp the others of your group where all full health and were all repping when they were damaged so you are not fully true in what you said here
  14. De bien bonnes nouvelles, mais quelquechose sera fait pour les Basic Cutters? Ok pour qu'ils soient gratuit et sans récompenses si coulés pour les nouveaux joueurs mais moins d'accord quand ce sont des "vétérans" qui les utilisent pour transporter des doublons ou des books, il n'ont qu'à crafter/acheter des trader Lynx ou Cutter... 90% des Cutters que j'ai attrapé étaient des Basic Cutters navigué par des "vétérans" pour des Doobs/Repairs/Books/Missions de passagers, un peu vert après quelques minutes (qui peuvent durer 30/40min des fois) de combat avec mon Privateer ou Lynx et de ne rien avoir (mis à part le loot)... Même rajouter un tag "Basic Cutter" si c'est un Basic Cutter... PS: j'entend par vétérans, ceux qui sont autour des niveaux 4, 5 et plus... Edit: Sinon les port bonus randoms pour les DLC, j'approuve, certes, random, mais pour les joueurs solo sans clan (comme un tas d'amis que j'ai chez les Pyrates) ça permet de balancer le truc (à peu près)!
  15. Today
  16. really legendary battle! Shows all the strength and power of the Dutch Navy. I Think on this all the tears of forum will be over. And the Baltic Fleet can already enter the war. The time has come for the legendary phrase that many have heard. Including participating in this battle The winter is coming. and yes This 3rd battle in a row. And it is logical that many of us did not have repairs. And if you pay attention to the stream, several of our ships at the very beginning of the battle had 1 strip of health. So yes, the battle is truly legendary. And I hope in the next battles we will not see tears on the forum.
  17. “Fingers crossed” that admin will limit aggressive AI to capital zones only....
  18. Sorry but I did not quite understand that. For me, it makes a difference whether i still have no golden ship after the 20th, others are already on the 3rd attempt. (RNG) Or if I have this guaranteed after the effort of 20 ships. Something where you can work towards and are not disappointed after every wronggoing attempt. ...and with the introduction of the rare permits for example Endymion, the whole thing has now become even more unfair.
  19. yeah, “fingers crossed", clarification of chasing Bellona’s is probably a good idea.
  20. Actually, Operation Octopussy involved players from 3 nations in port battle and a few other nations screening. Every port that was defended was not taken. But then, Chrissy would've known this.
  21. Yesterday
  22. No it's not, there is no benefit either way. The advantage of crafters should the ability to pump out more ships. Wood type is already enough of advantage. Refits can stay as minor RNG.
  23. RNG benefits the luckers, no matter with what effort. Is that fairer?
  24. The starting campaign missions are probably the smallest battles available initially, though they don't really do a good job of actually introducing you to the game. Some guides below that will likely be helpful. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1590910447 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1274743463
  25. I heard that the octaflip (patent pending) was to combat a certain clan from timer dodging at 11-14 all the ports the bahamas. Half the server is a little rich, it was only 2 nations. You also benefited from it, which I think at the time you didn't seem too concerned about. This was before MAGIC clans time of course. I'm not sure 1 clan changing their port to a different time is the same as ALL the prussian ports changing..... but OK. ... Sure does seem like back in the fine woods period with no timers there was a lot more battles taking place. Full battles with 50-100 people outside of each one screening. Usually every day or at least a few times a week. Now....not so much.
  26. Borch

    Crafting RNG

    It should be done by item that increase the chance for special ship. Dropped randomly in battles for different rate ships.
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