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  2. Hello, I wrote a post a while ago in court denouncing insults and theft. I don't see the post in court) = is important for me thanks
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  4. Hello, I just bought the game. Still not registered yet. I have been looking in the files and can't find the start file. Edit: found the files in question. No launch
  5. I have to say that being able to get a note of the ship is great. It's a beautiful ship, can't wait to grind is some before going pvp with it. Thanks!
  6. I just remembered why I dont go to the pz
  7. My idea is a salute with no figth, but if all players wanna figth after the salute is ok... I think that figth in a battle could be too a good in memoriam event
  8. If we get full battles, can we have people form lines and give a broadside salute to Seeferkel before fighting starts?
  9. Moderating in game is really needed i guess, and with hard punishments. The case of this guy (he is in my ignore list) is not the only case. There a lot of disgusting comments all days, and guys like the reported player deserve a permanent ban on in game chats. Best regards, Despe
  10. I tried to make a tribunal because some players insulted my mother. Result: the post has been deleted (in fact my posts must first be approved and then go online, because I am a notoriously "dangerous" player). What I find even more offensive is that I wrote to ink to find out why my tribunal was canceled, and after 12 days no one has yet given me an explanation. Then I have a doubt: different players, different behaviors? I hope I'm wrong
  11. Nice too see you here lol. Also i hope so, atm the devs will focus on the campaign this month maybe next (since they will want to get this right as the campaign and also steam release will make or break this game essentially). Afterwards im guessing the devs will just continue to expand the game in all areas untill the next major development. I hope we some of the hull designs from wows put into here (at least the more historic and prototype orientated, although they do have a azuma like supercruiser hull for the japanese atm0.
  12. Swap with someone who has the note, perhaps he has opposite preference.
  13. Well, to try to be a little spontaneous, and since it is difficult to contact clans and other players, and finally, since I have been the player who has proposed the event in memory of Seeferkel, I have decided to put a date: Sunday, june 7th, 2020 - 17:30 server time in La Tortue. We jump in battle, with no figth, and we will make a salute of guns during the timer. RIP, Seeferkel.
  14. Also shell types as well, since we had different AP shells in ww1 and ww2 plus before ww1, which all would have different effects on shell spin, drop, drag, aerodyanmics, velocity, range, barrel life, complexity, cost etc.
  15. In previous event you don't have 100% chance drope note + this time you can drope wooden chest , not a bug
  16. I see someone's been reading some Patrick O'Brien.....
  17. It can drop either a Note or a wooden chest now, it's random.
  18. Quite honestly, accuracy (and range) should be a function of caliber length and propellant charge size for the most part. At no point should a certain caliber be made more accurate at a given range arbitrarily. Instead, those turrets should have a significantly smaller footprint with regards to barbette size in addition to substantially lower weight as is the case right now ingame.
  19. Pike & Shot comes to mind, for PC. On the table there's quite a lot at all levels, strategic, operation and tactical levels across separate games. 1600's naval would be really nice.
  20. Sure. Everyone's looking for sure sellers. Result is, you can't endure the topic any longer after maybe five titles on the same background. Maybe standing out of the crowd also could turn out to be a 'sure seller'? Take gamelabs' Dreadnoughts for example. Designing early steel war ships is totally different from the usual WW2 maritime game. And once full released, having left early access, could become very popular just because of standing out of the crowd. So how about a game themed on "Thirty years war" in first half of 17th century? I don't remember ever having seen a game covering this, while it is full of drama.
  21. Un-used spots need to be covered up, kinda werid just seeing them on the hull and makes the ship somewhat ugly plus makes no sense as a ship wouldnt run around with armour gaps where casemates would be for example. You could do something even better, have an option for unrestrictive (more money and resources, i would assume) ship design for the campaign and restrictive (more grounded in reality) as well. Then apply whatever nessecary measures are needed for the restrictive option.
  22. To whom it may concern Today (saturday 6/6/20) I capped an event de Ruyter. Upon inspection, I noticed that the de Ruyter did not drop the note, but instead dropped a book and a wood chest. Is this possible, or is this a bug? Every player that I have spoken to, only got a note from the ship, never a chest. Don't get me wrong, it is nice to get the chest, but since I'm doing the event especially to get de Ruyters, I was just wondering... Could anyone clarify this for me? Thank you in advance! Greetings, Big Nico ps go easy on me, it's my first forum post
  23. lets then make a time schedule of where we all meet. so we can bring a salute to him. i will be there if possible.
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