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  2. At a guess, the time period is because they were hoping to sidestep the issue of aircraft carriers... honestly, I'd love to see a little extension for AU purposes, but I don't think it'll happen unless there's an air power expansion or DLC much further down the line.
  3. For now the game focuses on the period from 1890 to 1940! I please propose to extend it at least until 1945 see 1949! What do you think ! All opinions are welcome, thank you in advance! 😉
  4. Think we are saying the same thing. When it gets to beta, everything is should be fixed in place as far as core mechanics. I'm sure with the release of the campaign we will still be in Alpha since the campaign will introduce so many new things, but who knows.
  5. I thought Alpha = mechanic testing, Beta = content testing, and the campaign is content. I'm just saying with the campaign being so close I don't think the team is going to backtrack anytime soon, it's all on and full steam ahead!
  6. IMO if you are playing an Alpha, you really are a tester. Beta is more of the fixed core game and so bug squashing/QoL improvements is primarily focus there, but that still is a form of testing. Just an example of how this would help. Played two scenarios with a BB vs DD/CLs. One was 1920, the other 1940. I detected torpedo spreads in the 1920 at around 4 or 5km. My ship had no sonar, not the best towers. 1940 scenario, Hydro 3 and best towers and it was like 1km when I detected them. I'm assuming these were oxygen filled, but that could also indicate a real balance issue if th
  7. Could be done via an installed mod. I’ve always thought that if developers wanted to enable developing tools they would do it with installed mods over the top of their vanilla copy, those mods wouldn’t see the daylight with releases, only for the team unless they posted them. If they had such a system and release it then you could get such info. But then again I think the battle instance is just going through the balancing stage and that’s pretty much done and dusted. Any further battle mechanics will be look at after core 4 patch or if there’s any major issues that can’t be solved with b
  8. Bit stupid question, or rather poorly formulated. Depends what year is it, how fast and armored it is and what role is it supposed to fill. Also considering that by defult there are no naval treaties heavy cruiser pretty much doesn't exist in this context.
  9. инкогнитой?))) Я тут в феврале марте поиграл чуток, тебя не видел)))
  10. hm welp, it would be helpful to actually have all the debug tools if we're testing the game here. But are we?
  11. I think it would help everyone testing during the Alpha/Beta stages to have a toggle to display all information regarding an enemy ship. This would allow players to spot check enemy designs when needed, but retain the current logic on slowly identifying the target when not. This ideas come after some recent game sessions where the enemy was sunk well before identification takes place.
  12. I agree that this could be an interesting addition and feature in the game. Lots of people have voiced their opinions on why we need an armor viewer or a more in-depth armor system, but the devs are currently diverting most of their time and attention to the campaign right now.
  13. Believe me, you aren't the only ones asking for that. The ability to recreate historical ships (or at the very least "historical approximations") and the ability to design all the ships in a custom battle are things that MANY people on these forums have been asking for for quite a while, myself included. Right now though, the main focus of the dev team is the campaign. As for historical sense in the campaign, I remember a post somewhere on here that said you will have the option when starting a new campaign to choose "historical" or "unhistorical" AI ship design priority, which is basical
  14. Only known solution is to load a save prior to starting the battle where the recruit stats are correct and replaying. Another option is using cheat engine to change the recruit stats back to a valid number.
  15. This worked, I was able to launch game.
  16. nevermind, we have found the problem, the fix will be live within the next update. It can only happen if the ship has the minimum displacement. You can fix it by adding a tower with funnel mounts.
  17. Greetings Admiral. Thank you for the report. At the moment we cannot reproduce the problem. Central mounts exist for this hull. We need more feedback of the same problem from another players to investigate further.
  18. Stephen Clarke you took the words right out of my mouth! We need historical re-enactment where we can build or have available to us historical warships that we can pit against each other. We need naval battles depicting the actual forces opposing each other at that period of time. For example, the Battle of Tsushima between the Japanese and the Russians. Developers, please take note. This is the sophisticated way to go. Fantasy stuff is always for the younger wargamers, in my view.
  19. gpbsf1

    Stats Problem

    I was playing through the Union campaign when I reached Chancellorsville. I finished the fight, afterwards all the units stats were below -20000. Could you please help with this? I would really like to continue this campaign considering how much I love the game. I hope that there is a fix to this issue, considering me and others on the steam forums are all experiencing this bug. I tried loading earlier save files but every unit had negative stats, please help me. Thank you so much for your time, I can't wait to hear back from someone who can point me in the right direction or hopefully knows w
  20. First, I want to say how much I love this sim and I thank you for all your hard work and effort in developing it. Second I would like to see the transverse bulkhead added to the game. The Transverse bulkhead was the armored bulkhead at the front and back of the ships citadel that prevented a shell from going through the bow or stern and getting deep into the ship. I did an experiment Where I created a battleship with 2 quad 20 inch turrets forward. I set the belt armor to the minimum and put everything into the deck armor, turret roof and turret faces. I squared off against three battleships a
  21. Well I don't know what what up before but with a clear out of the old files and upgrading to the new version it's all working properly. I think I can salvage this campaign, my recon is now higher thanks to Shiloh points and I'll have enough to do what I need for Gaines Mill. I start campaigns that end at Shiloh so often, now that I'm past it I don't wanna start again. Turned things down to .8 for Shiloh and back up to 1 after. We'll see how it goes, it's only MJ but hard enough for me it seems.
  22. The ? is an intended change that is related to providing recon with another benefit. If you're switching to 1.27 I would definitely recommend a new campaign.
  23. Last week
  24. Hello again i have hard time figuring out what is the conversion for the various time provbided in the API . not really necessary but it bug me not to understand what was done..... for example in Ports file ../Ports_cleanopenworldprodeu2.json "Created": "/Date(-62135596800000-0000)/", "LastRaidStartTime": 637534740190077289, "LastPortBattle": 637506676654044108 I suspect that this are ticks or milliseconds since a reference which should be unix (1.1.1970) ( i m familair with time track in unix) but no conversion I tried from this number makes any sense. I'm sure
  25. US Dreadnought III 1919 Date No funnels will mount, says no mounts
  26. That's the file I was changing. It didn't do anything time after time. I have actually updated to the new version and have made the change in the new file to test. I think it's working, I loaded the battle and they seem to be smaller I think. Most enemy units are now ? until I get MUCH closer than before though, is this intended to make recon more important or maybe a glitch of me using an older save upconverted? If it's the former then I can get behind that, recon was something I largely ignored early before. It has its uses but other things seem more important early. TBH I am consi
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