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  1. the weaker side battle opened (old reversed signalling) is going to be back the rest can be discussed. I agree with one poster that Attacker must bear the consequence of his actions. If you attack a player you must fight. I think it could be a good feature and will eliminate a lot of fake combat. And people who are just average (like me)will think twice before attacking a 3rd rate in a light ship just to try and run if something goes wrong.
  2. Players who came into the game in Dec did not have your experience, and they are key for online growth. They are not afraid to lose ships. They get attacked ask for help and get nothing or cant find battles or else. 2x more players go to pve server now. But those who come to pvp server want pvp and we will give it to them.
  3. The problem is that you are sitting on two chairs. There is distance and there is no distance. If there is fast travel - there is no distance anyway. Whats the point cant help a friend just because of the biobreak, whats the point if you cannot even out a gank. There is no distance based roe, there is solo hunter ROE (close the battle please whenever i attack and do not let everyone in because WYSISWYOUFW). We had tunnnel vision before. Now we see.
  4. Of course alts make it even more bleak. Lord Lorkoon i am talking to you (So many pvp kills before even getting ranked up) PZ rules everywhere need to be thought about as they increase griefing if spread everywhere. But we would like to find the way to force the attacker to fight We will start with the following. All battles will be open for the weaker side (vs ai or players does not matter). Attack a weaker ship - prepare for guests.
  5. Time to change the mindset. There is no tomorrow. It's your evening and its your time and its your game. Game! You come to pvp server to pvp and if you (on average) pvp once in 8 hours in game - this is not a game. So lets move on from that "it has been underway for hours - thus you will pvp once a week" - its not working out.
  6. No thanks. 1 pvp kill in 8 in game hours for an average new pvp player is horrendous and will be fixed. Some tears will just make the soup a bit better - natural salt. If you attack a weaker ship you will most likely have guests. This is already in test bed builds since last week. Battles will close when BR evens out (reverse automatic signalling)
  7. Because I did not like it. I was sailing for pirates then and missed several great battles just because i could not turn in time, literally seconds away.
  8. admin

    Admiralty Store on PVE Server

    If you passed the exams you have a permanent M&Commander rank for steam ID so you have not wasted that time you can come back to pvp server and have that rank immediately.. PVE server does not have prussia russia and poland. Those nations invaded the Caribbean (because they could) and captured everything they need for themselves. PVE server does not have port battles. We have not yet made the decision on the impossible nations on the PVE server.
  9. You are covered in this case. If you attack a stronger target only you can be reinforced. If you attack a weaker target they can be reinforced. And no crowd will have a preference. We will only need to satisfy one parameter - pvp per in game hour. if it grows - game gets better.
  10. It's a grey area. There is no formal rules that do not allow attacking a player, shooting and running. Because they are based on initial core design elements built around instanced battles. But these core design elements cause such frustrations and problems that are not good for the long term of the game. Before the release the decision must be made about those core systems and here are the options. Current ruleset is based on these ideologies I want to attack someone and people far away must not enter = "i must be able to sink you solo if i want to" I want to be able to sink a 1st rate in a cutter (old heated topic). I want to be able to run away if i want to (because my ship is fast) I do not want a player from far to join my battle, because its mine. If the goals is to increase pvp these ideologies can be rethought or abandoned as they dont increase an amount of pvp. Problem 1 - inability to help your own. The common message from rookies in national chats are well known - "I got attacked near XXX port - please help if you can" or "I see enemy ships - lets tag them - come help"… Usual answer in chat - silence and "tough luck" - as you CANT. I think its time to accept the fact that distance based ROE is bad and is reducing pvp and only helps solo hunters (which based on data are a huge minority). This is a problem because we know that pvp assists has 100% of correlation with retention. If you dont participate in group activities you drop from the game 10x faster. Problem 1.1 part of lack of group pvp There is actually not enough ganking (hold on and bear with me). For accounts created in December: Only 5% of players have pvp assists and only 1% of players have more than 10 pvp assists. Again the problem because assist increase retention Problem 2 Speed Fast ship controls the OW pvp, and heavy battle ready ships do not have anything to counter against the gank even if they outnumber enemies in guns. Problem 3 combat ready ship balance - described by OP in the post. When line ship is fighting 3 fast frigates to win the lineship must not make a single mistake When 3 fast frigates fight the lineship they can always run away if they make a mistake So why dont we just rework those ideologies from scratch and focus them on the main goal - increase pvp and group pvp per hour for all (not only solo hunter in a speed fitted frigate). Examples of clear solutions solving the problems and increasing meaningful pvp on the WAR server This is a war server. Why escape options? Whats the point? If you attacked - fight! Patrol rules for the whole world. Circle of death. If you are ready to attack someone - be ready to die and fight to the end. Sure some will cry about it - tough luck like they say in national chats - but it will keep only meaningful pvp. Battle is always open for the weaker side This is a war server - this is a pvp game with the goal to increase amount of pvp for all. There is no point to close the battle for the weaker side. Let them escalate. This becomes the goal. Then you can come to help your own, and know someone will come to help. Then you can build more friendships and get assists Then you will stumble to more battles and will have more pvp kills per hour. Basically. When improving ROE - Remove all features from ROE that reduce pvp per hour. Add features that grow the pvp per hour. Ignore the cries like "but tumbado is 3000km away". Check only one parameter when determining the outcome of changes - number of PVP battles per hour and number of assists. Ignore the rest. This will also solve the problem described in the post (with the move to weight systems because with proper broadside weight - prince will die in 1 min). PS Current number for War server for accounts created in December 1 pvp kill every 8 hours in game per pvp engaged player. 1 pvp kill every 24 hours in game total for the server
  11. http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/569.html its a REAL FLAG)))
  12. The flag looks like this in game. you are probably playing on low settings and of course settings determine how flags look bad
  13. admin

    Two computers simultaniously booted/cannot log in

    It could be related to steam AUTHORIZATION systems and servers (controlled by valve) - as steam can sometimes log off one of the accounts if it is playing on the same computer. Is it the first time happening or it happened before? Do you have the same problem if you play from just one acc?
  14. Hello Captains. Testbed will open next week and everyone will be invited to help us have a preliminary test of the forthcoming patch. The main goal will be to test Battle UI update, but captains will also be able to check out new trading and delivery missions (and localization). Captains who will fulfill the testbed requirements will receive rewards (Santa Cecilia and Paint chests). More information will follow.