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  1. we will of course review rewards and improve them to make raids an interesting daily quest. High win rate pvp will of course be more profitable, but you do not have access to it all the time.
  2. You just said to @Wraith you are not playing. If you have game uninstalled you cannot really provide relevant feedback. We prefer to improve the game for those who play and make them like it more. We cant help those who hate it. We no longer listen to EVERYONE as it led to Homer's car in the past. NA 2017 was a homer's car. But we learnt. + We know people are trading and making huge profits. Taxes on some ports can show it to you. But you prefer to say that nobody is trading.
  3. This is definitely not the game's fault. You just posted about it, which means you know it and will respec if you want 2 indiamans in your fleet. Or you can just exit with a captured ship (you might want a second indiaman for faking - more chances to escape with chest especially in solo attach - 2 indiamans one chest - harder choice.).
  4. Look. There are multiple activities in Naval Action and if someone is efficiently creating something of value for himself. He should continue doing so and do not try to make ALL activities suit him. We wont do that. Not all activities are for you. Some like parcel services. Clans who do not have ports will enjoy raiding ports. Thanks
  5. Yes. Very cheaply. Just like with the previous poster your perceived value is irrelevant to the average player. + know ports will be lost as Raiders wont let nations sit on their asses any more and marks will go up.
  6. Yes. You can bring your own indiaman or you can capture one in the instance, repair it and use it yourself.
  7. 11 successful chests were raided this weekend. If we only take into account combat marks the average payout was 25 marks. (21 worst chest -28 best chest) + doubloons + victory marks. Those who can make more combat marks in a couple of hours should continue what they are doing. Those who cant make 25 combat and 1-3 victory marks in 1-2 hours can just raid the ports and make the same. You probably forgot victory marks are unattainable for a 3-6 men groups and they can get them by raiding. Your perceived value has no serious implications on the average player. We know people who make 3 mln reals per trip according to your logic i should make everyone make 3 mln. reals per trip.
  8. Loki never sends player to missions. Missions are safe encounters allowing you to fight the the carefully chosen strong opponents. That's why missions are star rated and high star missions give better rewards. We also do not allow players to join missions on your enemy because of that. Some time ago missions could be entered by players.
  9. You can if you are smart and skilled. First you do not need full group to complete the raid (i know 3 people can do it). So its at least 2 raids in parallel. I can bet 2 people can do it too (with reps) (so theoretically 3 raids can be done in parallel), but it might be slower due to lack of focus fire. It might be faster with 6 captains focus fire - 15-20 mins? 1.5 hour to pick 6 chests and 1-1.5 hours to travel back. Second you do not need to travel back so many times, as you can take fleet perks and take 2 indiamans into fleet. + You might have escorts with you - lets say 3-4 more people providing support, scouting or/and hauling. The reward (if the raid mission is great) beats almost ANYTHING ELSE you can do in this game even if you lose 3 out of 6 chests on way back, + you can bait enemy with early expiring chests (which are still working and are identified as chests if they click on you). If your nation is organized the turtle beach run is possible greatly increasing the number of chests delivered just because its impossible to intercept all of them - of course it requires some organization work from the nation. Not easy to pull off but even if you pull it off once a week its still better than any other activity. But those who do not like organizing things already work as parcel delivery boys, they wont like this content.
  10. проверим в пон бамп сделай еще раз во вторник если ответа не последует
  11. Do you know you can do it 6 times? If you have 6 people you can take 6 raid missions and do all of them in one sitting.
  12. This feature naturally helps to solve the overextended overpowered nation problem, if other nations lift their ass and take action. Britain shown other nations the way. Russian clans tried to ruin the British defences of another NPC raid earlier that day. NPC raids will help to keep large nations in check NPC raids - take out ports with night timers (which are set to deter not to fight) NPC raids - take out ports with complacent owners NPC raids - allow smaller nations to take out other ports at the same time Of course strong nations will complain - but these complaints will be ignored. No point to raise this issue any more. This feature stays, we will take full responsibility on its outcome: both in terms of finances and in terms of player retention.
  13. This is correct. We do not know how to address complaints from the overpowered unbalanced clans from the strongest nation. From what i know from my experience in NA and EVE and other pvp games. Stronk overpowered clan tears = best PVP content. Can i suggest an easy workaround to your horrible unbearable problem - Try switching to Poland?
  14. If profitable raids are rare - the reward should be higher. Indeed. I do not have data today (weekend) on campeche - maybe @z4ys can try to elaborate more on their latest raid attempts so we can see problems more clearly.
  15. when you operate to steal riches from other raiders - you ARE COMMERCE RAIDING.
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