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  1. I think you are confusing historical movies with historical games. Sorry In games player has full control over outcomes. If a general is silly and wants to try to make up his army all from artillery - he can do so and will lose most battles. Same with grenadiers. You are not watching a movie. You can build your armies to historical compositions and for example have 1 grenadier if you wish so. But other players should be able to recruit more grenadiers if they want to.. Its their army. Not yours.
  2. ну пользуясь доступностью бесплатных первых рейтов возможности длц без пейтувина практически не ограничены шутка.
  3. the long term vision for this and future games in this series is to gradually move everything to the captain and separate the skill of sailing from boat stats. We have sailed real boats extensively for practice last 12-18 months and this is the major missing peace Skilled captain of the age of sail will push his crappy 8 knot boat to sail 15 knots, by for example using gales, wind patches and wave to speed up and individual sails to push for more speed constantly adjusting the boat to sail faster. While an unskilled captain will probably capsize or will be in irons half the time. We are somewhat afraid to break the careful balance by introducing some things that could be added (like capsizing with too much sail), or removing wind indicators and speed indicators (you can only feel the real direction and its not static with wind changing constantly forcing you to turn slightly constantly) and you cannot really know real true speed (even with knot line)
  4. you are correct Theoretically there IS a light or fair breeze wind speed at which hercules will be faster than Endy. which is what we balance for. max possible speed we do not balance between classes. the bigger the slower I think light breeze and below (with flat sea) is the wind where smaller ships will be faster.
  5. i think he ws mostly referring to the fact that ocean should be the fastest ship across heavy lineships))) of course - its a known fact that endymion could show 17-18 knots when going in the wind patch and even faster down the long wave… and any first rate would be faster than ANY other ship of lower length and strength in heavy waves we are constrained by the same wind speed and thus have to mainly balance for gameplay between classes. But within the class speed should appropriately reflect the hull and sailplan differences. Based on hull length and keel ocean should be faster than other first rate lineships. we are hot fixing the speed imbalance across lineships tomorrow. more will come later after the PB/Raid patch.
  6. We will review the additional references if find any and update ..Do you by any chance have old references? Like french sailing reports or admiralty tests... wasa for example has some in historical books (and endymion) the reasoning was simple - captured ships will have lower speed than crafted due to upgrades and fittings and shipbuilding capabilities. Overall speed might need an overhaul after port bonuses (including other stats) and will be worked on after the next big patch, together with battle sails improvements..
  7. Source? link please (ok if in french - we have french speakers)
  8. wasa is an oversight indeed. will also lose some speed. All ships will be probably tuned in this update indicated in the development plans content update 2: Unfinished business (continuous updates) Combat model update and improvements (including proper battle sails mechanics) More variety in upgrades, loot and books
  9. yes all changes also will work on pve
  10. br updates will be delivered with main "treacherous waters patch" they cant be deployed faster
  11. Captains.. Small patch has been deployed today 11th September 2019 Main changes All ships (with the exception of imported ships) will be allowed to capture by the Admiralty on the War server. Oak, Fir, Mahogany, Sabicu planking has been allowed for NPC captured ships NPC captured ships will have from 1 to 4 upgrade slots (compared to previous 3). Increased the probability to get a better ship from the admiralty notes and for premium ships crafted ships still have a 3x higher probability to get a better ship Added the following ships to NPC fleets compositions Niagara, Rattlesnake, Pirate Frigate, Trincomalee Removed the following ships from NPC fleets Bellona, Santisima Trinidad Other changes Fire shock bug fixed - it is now correctly showing when ship is in fire shock, and is not showing when ship is not in fire shock. Increased the amount of people required to fight the fire from 6 to 15 per square meter of fire Increased the size of the fire that causes ship to go into fire shock. Speed for all ships of the line with the exception of bellona, christian and santisima (rare lineships) slightly reduced
  12. ROE for patrol zones has been reverted to the standard 2 min entry time as described in this fix notes. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/31272-cumulative-hotfix-notes-for-patch-35/
  13. tend to agree will hotfix the timer back tomorrow or day after tomorrow. The average player does not consider 10-5 ship battle equal.. 2 min timer allows ganking (if groups are organized) but also allows to equalize the battle for the weaker side giving hope.
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