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  1. We will open pre-orders when the first ship light brig can be sailed for 24 hours during day night cycle.
  2. We tested gpt-2 in early stage of Clerk development, we are even invited in the beta special closed access of gpt thanks to advances of the clerk (and love it) But for the game the Clerk system is much more powerful: much more narrow scope, but much more better writing as a result. We see a lot of potential for other games and developers, and this could be a middleware for the future.
  3. National news, Tavern and Guild recruitments are now locked Please proceed to respective topics on steam forums Server news - https://steamcommunity.com/app/311310/discussions/21/ Guilds and recruitment - same section. Tavern is abandoned.
  4. Seems like users have run out of memes. Locked. Memes could be restarted by an adventurous captain on steam, but we doubt it is going to have such impact.
  5. Goals: UAD discord is not a replacement for UAD forums. But a supplement. Some players prefer live conversation, and this would be very useful in terms of live (somewhat) support especially for common issues (like payment issues) Goals of the discord Main goal : Support with technical and game issues Other goals: Live discussions on gameplay and historical issues. The discord server is raw but will grow and improve over time. https://discord.gg/wUYafUG
  6. Captains Tribunal moves to steam. https://steamcommunity.com/app/311310/discussions/20/ You can use steam overlay or steam client to post on the game forums.
  7. Captains Support section here will no longer accept support requests. Please post on Steam. You can use Steam overlay straight from the game. https://steamcommunity.com/app/311310/discussions/2/
  8. глупости какие. Стим же айпи не показывает разработчикам. Мы как то в игре не баним за форумные прегрешения вон лиама спросите. Steam community activity is part of the Steam algorithm. So they will show it more to users (old and new) if the forums are more active. + free mods. Кстати а чего постите с разных акков? whats the point?
  9. We are considering moving the support section to discord as it is more immediate and faster. Tribunals should be in national clusters and managed by accepted and voted alliance leaders in the nation who will convey decisions to developers in special sections in discord. Thoughts?
  10. Newspapers - steam (as community news posted to all users) will be 10x more interesting and profitable for the creators. As we can post best newspapers to steam news (making all owners and all wishlists to read it) Recruitment is better done through discord or on steam as most vulnerable players are there (they just came to the game and need help and ready to join). This forum is not ideal to get them recruited. Ship videos are better on Facebook and Steam (in news section) as again - they will serve multiple audiences there. But they only serve one audience here.
  11. This is a must pass mission. It is only visible for new players. Players must pass it to proceed. The goal of the mission is to showcase the game for the new player (old players don't see it) and show him if the game is for him and test him if he is good for the game.
  12. Captains. National news section has been amazing but its time for it to move to Steam. Steam is a good place and might be even better for this. We want this forum to be purely development one and relate only to projects in early development. Section will close down next week.
  13. Bug reporter is for reporting bugs, its not a communication device. Its not going to give you responses. Yet 10000s of bugs were fixed thanks to that tool. What are the mods and guns are you using on your ship? Please post a screen of the ship equipment here also Have you changed or tried to change game files by any means?
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