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  1. Hey Admin. Was that a dream or did i read about a roadmap wich should come?

  2. pirate rigs and spanish refits cause this.. need to be checked again (even after upgrade nerfs)
  3. not going to work you can ask a friend to attack you constantly to get this invisibility
  4. we are reviewing this DLC ships should be a valid working option - not an "I lose option" Pass along to other owners and concerned citizens of the Caribbean.
  5. Raids are still under review. The main problem with player raids is the player Griefing and alt support. Which will not create anything for a small group as only a large organized fleet can overcome the challenges. You can block the raid group by keeping the attacker or raid loot carrier in the battle forever. (so only large group will be able to sail into the rich port) Alts can help you hide the loot in battles when sailing back to get invisibility buffs. The higher the reward the more incentive there is to grief
  6. Preliminary notes for the forthcoming patch 34 Improvements Localization update for the remaining elements of UI. Localization is 95% complete (there will be more fixed for new content and remaining issues) Added repair counter for hull and rig to the ship card. It will show how many repairs this ship needs for 1 repair cycle Added visualization for switched off decks when brace is active Added ability to switch off decks during boarding Fixes Fixed some of the polish ranks Fixed bugs with trade of non tradeable items Fixed the bug that changed buttons in toolbars after using chat Fixed bug that did not show brace command correctly after reconnect Fixed bug that did not show land in commander tablet after Ctrl H Fixed bug that did not show the special symbols in ship names in emails Fixed bug that shown duplicate missions in journal Fixed multiple other UI bugs Server optimization fixes
  7. глобус прост дерево не камень и чем выше скорость ядра тем более аккуратная остается дыра. При очень высокой скорости дыры может вообще не образоваться волокно отходит и затягивается обратно (sealing effect). поэтому капитан той эпохи активно пользовался размером порохового заряда подбирая его так чтобы пробитие было таким чтобы еле еле хватило на пробой. Чем медленнее ядро тем было больше щепы (поэтому карронады называли smashers - так как изза медленного полета они создавали максимального размера щепу с обратной стороны. примеры аккуратных дырок
  8. а что с ремками не так? были такие предложения в прошлом тоже
  9. 1615 vs 1580 Tons Burthen (can you guess which one is which?) also us super frgiate is bigger than averate british third rate in dimensions (live oak is very dense making ship heavier as well) maybe superfrigates should be buffed even more as they are somewhat heavier than standard early british third rates based on raw data (dimensions and weight) You can use reload mods too. The only way changes can go is to buff NPC NPC1/800 kd ratio shows that current player upgrade comparable buffs do not help them at all.
  10. Only elite bots have advanced upgrades of guns and ships. Normal NPC Agamemnon cannot outdps Christian in all multitude of cases, its a rumour spread by people who could not pass the first exam in the tutorial against rookie bots.
  11. not enough info.. what is the captains name. did he open 5 chests in the row? Or just got this over time ?
  12. What can be done is this - allow national clans to set up (with expensive mission for lets say 50k-100k doubloons) port battles for open ports in their nation. This will not be clan wars (too complex politically) - just a port battle for an open port. If attacker wins the port battle it will move to their control and they can close it if they do not like it.
  13. there should be the way to fix this indeed.
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