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  1. only after Localization works are finished But please provide screens of windows you want to resize and sizes you want them to be (for your screens) in the port interface feedback topic
  2. admin

    Question (looting system sucks)

    thats a good point
  3. admin

    Question (looting system sucks)

    Because of the last chance system gives you (works both ways). We blame Rafael Sabatini who described this in his book about Captain Blood who boarded the enemy flagship in his sinking Arabella and switched to enemy ship when he won the boarding. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Blood_(novel) If you are sinking you can also try to board an enemy and switch to his ship if you won.
  4. admin

    NPC Fleet Routes

    npc fleets and ships have their own plans and routes and they dont depend on players.
  5. да план такой мы уберем видимость действий противника с абордажа в процессе освежения боевого интерфейса.
  6. nope.. we checked. both tax collections were purely from sales of trading resources.
  7. 1) Да пвп миссии на охоту за нацией или за в целом вражескими капитанами будут добавлены после локализации 2) ПвП реварды и дублоны еще в процессе настройки - но в принципе уже очевидно что в целом с ними проблем нет если делать действия за которые их дают 3) мушкеты будут нерфится - многовато наносят урона - но цель была повысить их урон и добавить динамизма в абордаж - (Раньше 300 мушкетов убивало ну может 10 человек что было мало)
  8. question to the trading community.. San juan yesterday tax is almost 800k reals which is almost 20 mln in old money. Maracaibo tax of 360k was generated just by one trader (which means sold goods for 3.6 mln reals) If players convey in this topic that trading is unprofitable - how is it possible (most tax is trading related) that cities like maracaibo and san juan generate so much tax from trading? edit… could be that these are the goods from bottles or NPC trader hunting which can spawn rare riches?
  9. This fix refers to non player controlled AI mostly. Being a honorable player you probably not aware of this exploit. Friendly NPCs do not return fire and this opened up too many possibilities for ridiculous fishing. For example players were demasting decrewing friendly NPCs allowing the person on the other side to get easy kills and loot. Removing damage to friendly NPCs removed the exploit.
  10. admin

    Flags Flags Flags

    More flags will be added in the future. Including the mad king flag - thanks for suggestion - keep them coming
  11. Missions are not the only way to level and are no longer optimal way to level slots. Cerberus can kill any NPC 5th rate if you fit it properly and like in many other games players can find out the proper fit out by playing and experimenting. But I agree that ship rating (5th rates) has wider variety of ships than other ratings In terms of how to level. PVP is best for leveling as it gives 2.5x XP Second is open world hunting (you pick your targets yourself so you never face an opponent you do not like), combined with doubloon rewards for hunts and S&D missions and missions chests they could give from good to amazing rewards. Kill Missions are the third way to level but because most common towns give 5thrate missions you can get unlimited supply of them by just traveling.
  12. Folks were shooting their own AI fleets (they dont respond in kind) and asked friends from other nations to pick up loot.
  13. we are monitoring the wood supply and already increased the number of deliveries if eventually wont be able to find live oak in a day or two even at high price - let us know again in the trading feedback topic or in support (file a bug)
  14. players are buying it. Previously it was brought in small quantities to all assigned ports. Now it is brought in full quantities thus - less often (but in same quantity overall).
  15. admin

    Very Low quality PvP

    This is a suggestion topic what is your suggestion?