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  1. i need the download link again because i got a new pc and deleted the gmail link


    1. fallenanglx1993


      my gmail is fallenanglx1993@gmail.com

  2. Please, add an Option in Steam to Buy the Game or make it as DLC, so it give an Option to play on Premium-Server (War-Server). A lot of Players want to Change to War-Server.

    You can make it as One-Payment or like as Monthly-Payment.


    But please, make it

  3. 300 spam bots were banned. Registrations were off temporarily for 1 day. We increased security for the forums Now all users get the ensign status first and then move to Members once approved. Ensigns cannot use pm or cannot post without approval.
  4. agreed we might need to bring it back in some form (with some friendly moderation)
  5. there will be watches, crew will tire and will have to sleep and all what comes with it. You will have to be sure you have some part of the crew rested in case of sudden appearance of the enemy vessel.
  6. Some instruments will play very important role in determining how to set sail, when to set sail and how to sail. You will be able to see check instruments by taking them out of your pocket, or looking at the wall, or other methods. Soon there will be a post on the weather and use of barometer in Sea legends. Never miss a squall ps this is an advanced gold barometer that founders of sea legends will get if they pre-order.
  7. Captain, you have to activate the DLC in the redeemables box available in any port (R button by default or click on the top right part of the port screen). for fast answers please use naval action discord https://discord.gg/WsxaUse
  8. this is going to be a forum dedicated to Sea Legends. We also will use discord for communications. The link is available on the naval action discord.
  9. hold on for a bit.. we will post on barometer very soon
  10. We will open pre-orders when the first ship light brig can be sailed for 24 hours during day night cycle.
  11. We tested gpt-2 in early stage of Clerk development, we are even invited in the beta special closed access of gpt thanks to advances of the clerk (and love it) But for the game the Clerk system is much more powerful: much more narrow scope, but much more better writing as a result. We see a lot of potential for other games and developers, and this could be a middleware for the future.
  12. National news, Tavern and Guild recruitments are now locked Please proceed to respective topics on steam forums Server news - https://steamcommunity.com/app/311310/discussions/21/ Guilds and recruitment - same section. Tavern is abandoned.
  13. Seems like users have run out of memes. Locked. Memes could be restarted by an adventurous captain on steam, but we doubt it is going to have such impact.
  14. Goals: UAD discord is not a replacement for UAD forums. But a supplement. Some players prefer live conversation, and this would be very useful in terms of live (somewhat) support especially for common issues (like payment issues) Goals of the discord Main goal : Support with technical and game issues Other goals: Live discussions on gameplay and historical issues. The discord server is raw but will grow and improve over time. https://discord.gg/wUYafUG
  15. NA Discord Opens. Initial goals Live (somewhat) support for Naval Action technical issues Tribunal for Naval Action complex issues (issues will be decided by national representatives) National representatives selection and proposals Screenshot and video competitions and contests General discussions Permanent link: https://discord.gg/wUYafUG Discord is raw but will improve over time.
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