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  1. I purchased the new Navy Connection and it shows installed in steam. But It does not give me the addtional tow requests or other additions. in the game. Help--not sure what to do but I crafted a number of ships and need to get them to market!
  2. My test number: NAS-1403502
  3. For the last three days, the game keeps locking up. Sometimes it occurs when clicking play in steam. But the more common problem is freezing up when leaving or entering a port or entering a battle. It just started and never used to have any problems. I have no idea on how to report it as the only solution is to enter task manager and close the program. Help!
  4. I just joined GB and share your attitude towards naval action. Before the wipe I was in a nation that was less than friendly and not fun mates. I enjoy both solo hunting and working to help anyone, including my opponent if they are a decent guy as it its a game after all. I am on the east coast of the US time zone, so I hope that would not be an challenge for working with others in the clan. My handle is Captain Thomas Lacey.
  5. I would be very interested in this. I too am a solo player and sailed for two different nations. I could use the loose support of a clan. What nation are you considering?
  6. Is it possible to have more than one character in this game? Can you buy another copy under the same steam account?
  7. I've got superior gunpower that increases cannon penetration. Does this work for carronades too or just cannon?
  8. How does the new port upgrades work? I'm trying to craft better ships and don' know how to build/access these upgrades. Thanks
  9. Can basic cutter's go into enemy ports? I know that merchants can but not warships. What about the basic issued cutter?
  10. I'm a bit confused about the upcoming wipes and changes. I understand the one set for this week, but what is planned over the next 1-2 months? I'm a bit frustrated that my last few months of successful trading turned out to be for nothing as its all going to be wiped out. But will the economy be set to start trading again or is another wipe or major change coming? Thanks
  11. I've gone back and forth about using medium vs long cannon-penetration and distance over speed of reloading. What do you guys think?
  12. Gents: I'm a solo hunter of average ability. I enjoy preying on weaker PVP or equal npc ships. I've used a number of different ships, but wanted to get input as to the best Solo hunter ship, especially a frigate? Before the Hercules was so prevalent, the forum used to discuss the Surprise or Renominee. I've used the Hercules as its easy to replace, but I'd like some others opinions and views. I tend to need a very fast ship and build mine out of fir. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. When I'm in a battle, I noticed that the inset map you can pull up that shows the overview of the ships engaged has squares. How afar across is each square? I assume its to help determine range?
  14. During a recent battle, my opponent sent me a message during the engagement. I could not figure out how to respond to him. Is there a command that allows you to access the messages during a battle? It easy to do in open world but not sure how to do it in battle mode. Thanks
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