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  1. dc1962

    Messaging in Battle

    During a recent battle, my opponent sent me a message during the engagement. I could not figure out how to respond to him. Is there a command that allows you to access the messages during a battle? It easy to do in open world but not sure how to do it in battle mode. Thanks
  2. dc1962

    port captured

    Thanks. I'll try a trader lynx and hopefully can get my beaver pelts
  3. dc1962

    port captured

    I tried sailing a cutter there but the port was closed-stating enemy port. I was just at the port four days ago. Should I sail a trader there?
  4. dc1962

    port captured

    I have goods and ships at a port that was captured by another country. The game won't let me teleport to the port. Is there a way I can retrieve my stuff before the port is closed to me or is it all lost? Thanks
  5. dc1962

    Hull/sail/rum questions

    Is there a recommended number of hull/sail or rum a ship should carry? I know you can only use one hull or sail repair during battle but how many rums can you use to get your crew healthy? I fought a Hercules in two quick battles ( I had a fleet) and he had repaired all his hull damage-which was considerable--from our first fight. Not sure how many hulls he had to carry to do this. If there is a guide out there on this subject, Id appreciate it.
  6. dc1962

    Ship in fleet is overloaded?

    Thanks-I had no idea you could do that.
  7. dc1962

    Ship in fleet is overloaded?

    I captured an AI ship and added it to my fleet. Now back in the open water the games says the ship is overloaded and I can't move! I did not add anything to it but some crew. How can I fix this? Is it a bug or is there a way to fix it or get rid of the cargo on the fleet ship while in the open ocean? Thanks-right now, I'm stuck in the open ocean and cant move at all!
  8. dc1962

    Fleet Question

    How do you change the perks from +1 to +2 in the perks?
  9. I've been playing the pvp game for several weeks now. I've been playing as a Russian solo and made a number of blunders and some successes in the process. I have some questions: -How do you decide where to build additional outposts? I like the trading aspect of the game, although lost a couple of ships in the process. -How do you link up with the other clans and players from your side? I've been playing for several weeks and have yet to figure out how to work or contact anyone else. -I used several perks before realized I wanted to change several of them. How do you change your perks? -I enjoy this game a great deal. I've got the combat down, just trying to figure out how to build on my career.
  10. dc1962

    Fleet Question

    Gents: I cannot figure out how to make a fleet. I've "purchased the capability to have a +1 fleet but cannot add anymore than one ship. I enjoy trading but need to have an escort for my merchant ship. I can't figure out how to do it.
  11. I found a sealed bottle and when I explored the wreck's treasure it was a whopping 2553 in weight. My trader lynx can take 500. Is there a way to take part of this treasure or do I need to get a ship that can take all of it at once?