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    Fleet Question

    How do you change the perks from +1 to +2 in the perks?
  2. I've been playing the pvp game for several weeks now. I've been playing as a Russian solo and made a number of blunders and some successes in the process. I have some questions: -How do you decide where to build additional outposts? I like the trading aspect of the game, although lost a couple of ships in the process. -How do you link up with the other clans and players from your side? I've been playing for several weeks and have yet to figure out how to work or contact anyone else. -I used several perks before realized I wanted to change several of them. How do you change your perks? -I enjoy this game a great deal. I've got the combat down, just trying to figure out how to build on my career.
  3. dc1962

    Fleet Question

    Gents: I cannot figure out how to make a fleet. I've "purchased the capability to have a +1 fleet but cannot add anymore than one ship. I enjoy trading but need to have an escort for my merchant ship. I can't figure out how to do it.
  4. I found a sealed bottle and when I explored the wreck's treasure it was a whopping 2553 in weight. My trader lynx can take 500. Is there a way to take part of this treasure or do I need to get a ship that can take all of it at once?