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  1. I would buy the dlc for the wood drops alone but that's also why i'm not going to. "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice..."
  2. This has to be worst idea ever posted on these forum, i mean.. this isn't world of warships, despite the amount of dlc's available there parts in game that involve economy and crafting. What you think will have happen with this?. And this just one of the reasons. Would kill game completely and make it about as exciting as tetris.
  3. Indeed, i think so too. But the rvr situation is russia dominating the map. Only reason any rvr left is because russia allow it to be, but always under their control. Flag system won't change that. Players screwed rvr, and now they want game mechanics to "balance up" rvr again. I just don't see how this can be done. Soon every nation are russian alts.
  4. It won't come back. It will go up and down as it has, but that's it. The game is finished and the playerbase you see is the playerbase we have. Some patches here and there not going to change it. Only drastic changes can swing the population either way. I do however feel that population can reach a stable 1k, and i think it's the rvr "situation" that keeps it from reaching that.
  5. People who left, are (for whatever reason), are not coming back because there is a new 45 dollar ship to buy, nor will they be too excited over a trinco daily. Some patches could attract new players to try game out, or old players to return. This doesn't feel like one of them. However, i'm not saying it's bad patch. Nothing included in patch really affect me or my way of "sea" life. Some will say patch is improvement, others will say it's not. Doesn't matter, the patch at least generate some income to the dev team which will help keep game running.
  6. I suggest in-game tooltip explaining what (i) means when hovering mouse on it. Not everyone reads forum.
  7. LOL, the "happy silent reporters"..., this community is the best🤣 Did they at least get a reward?
  8. Sekiro voted no, good luck with this🤣 @Captain Reverseis your own only hope.
  9. You have el rancho as far left as can come on the map... Don't see how location of free ports is critical issue .. if issue at all it's at best a minor one. What's making it impossible to expand to the left is that it is Russian!. Nothing else. Does anything discussed here have any affect on anything? Jokes aside.. the purpose of this whole topic was to "investigate" the recent drop of playerbase. People who want to ignore it don't want care free to do so, i'm not expecting this to have any affect at all. Knowing what mistakes were made is key to make better game in future. NA is beyond "repair" anyway and will remain the game it is (for better and worse) until playerbase drop to the level that it no longer make sense to keep it running. When that time comes we hopefully have something better (NA2?) to waste our hours on😘
  10. Not needed, new players join game look map, see broken russ zerg,.. delete character, create character, choose russia.🤣
  11. Most did analyze, and adapt by joining zerg. How did you adapt?. Leaving the ones who didn't unable to challenge Russia. Sorry but someone in Russ nation telling others to adapt and overcome is just hard to take serious. Leave Russ and do it, then tell others.
  12. No way of loosing if know the game🤣, the learning curve/skill gap is real. I remember first few times i tried combat, stuck in irons and made report because i thought it was a game bug🤣.
  13. Well said, but we don't have that problem here.
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