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  1. Wut? You know the Dutch are working with and helping the US right? I mean there was a bit of miscommunication in the Bahamas but returning Ays county to US control is the ultimate aim up there.
  2. It could have been the elite connie I have, I can't remember to be honest. @dark arisen would know.
  3. We had a good giggle over this but I think that maybe this should be looked into as it's clearly an error. My clanmate when he clicked on me saw with elite AI skull. I had a Surp in fleet which was crafted by myself.
  4. Agreed, SNOW could only have organised them but that's about it, the high BR for ports would have meant that we could only fill the smaller 10k BR PBs if it was really necessary. Most of us don't enjoy the larger Ocean v Ocean spam so avoid it unless absolutely necessary.
  5. Was tired so couldn't be arsed to post after the battle. Screening battle at Walker's Cay. Tagged just before entering PB. Decided to kill all the screeners and proceed into the PB. I believe Richbeard perished after this screenshot as there was no need to keep more than one person in to kill him and they didn't post screen. We entered the PB shortly after points had unlocked, Licinio securing one circle against 5 American players while 24 x 7 and Robert secured another. PB joined NE and secured the C circle without opposition. Then moved to engage the main fleet in A circle. Americans kept cohesion for a while but after their fireships (the lynxs) exploded they began to lose it and they were subsequently routed and picked off. Unfortunately 2 of them were sinking when PB ended as points were being generated too quickly.
  6. If Dutch attacks Swede, fort will fire only at the Dutch player.
  7. I love the ROE that came out, sure people game it occasionally but it was a big improvement on the old one. Still some downsides like people I don't want joining but hey ho.
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