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  1. Hmmm, trying to take my crafting port at Nuevitas. Me no think so.
  2. It would be nice if this applied to everyone but pirates to at least give them a bit of flavour. Let them attack each other as well while we're at it!
  3. But Russian clans that make loads of cash could just pay to clear it every time they leave port...? You have to make it *really* expensive.
  4. It is 15 seconds before exploding and 10 seconds for brace, that means you've got about 5 seconds to react. It's easy to miss, I know I've died from it by not paying attention.
  5. I did suggest when UI came out that it would be useful to have something to indicate the upgrade besides the picture. Some text like BRR for British rig refit would be nice so you can see at a glance what it is rather than having to hover over it.
  6. You cannot kill the same player twice for a PVP Hunt Mission, you only get to kill him once per mission. Though it is true I've had several cases in recent weeks where I've sunk someone after a boarding and it hasn't shown up in combat news, it's two different problems that aren't related.
  7. Threats against my livelihood and insults against my person.
  8. Pretty much, gotta ask momma Russia first if you want to attack someone and they usually say no
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