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  1. AI gets very aggressive in boarding when opponent has lower crew. Seems normal to me.
  2. He stopped by airbraking next to me, he got boarded.
  3. 250k per day for a timer to cover every possible port is a bit much. It'll just end up being an irritation rather than fun. Perhaps time to lower the cost now that we're having to pay for more timers?
  4. I think that this was the very point of the NPC raids...
  5. I thought it was a good joke It was just very poor timing on his part I think, as I remember there was quite a lot of negative feedback when that patch first dropped.
  6. I don't think that's strictly true, Batman was banned for making a Lord of the Rings joke after the patch on the wandering forests came out.
  7. I feel sorry for devs. Maybe people should stop being so demanding. They've released the game, they don't have to do anything more yet they are still here trying to improve the game. They're not perfect but Christ, storm in a teacup much?
  8. Imagine sucking so much that you had to resort to this tactic in the first place.
  9. Checked his start date, it was yesterday, so decided to let him win. Dropped sails so he could shoot me but his aim was bad so just boarded him and Defended against every Fire Deck Guns. Lost eventually.
  10. Brave soul bit off more than he could chew.
  11. Trains dead upon entering the instance. I think Lucky might have cottoned on to me when I started to chain him and he ran away. I left the instance because there was no point in chasing.
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