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  1. I would like to thank all Russian carebears in advance, for sacrificing their time to giving the server somewhere to craft on their alts.
  2. Why do we always have to PvE to get flags? Can't it drop from PvP battles so we're not forced to grind to get end game content?
  3. Is something going to be added in order to allow legitimate fights to continue? Will it now be pointless going out in a snow and trying to sink 4th rates and above because they can simply leave?
  4. The smaller the timer the better, at least during the week.
  5. If people want less PvP, there is a server dedicated to peace and tranquility.
  6. Threats against my livelihood and insults against my person.
  7. This guy is clearly alt farming.
  8. Pretty much, gotta ask momma Russia first if you want to attack someone and they usually say no
  9. You were Spanish once upon a time right?
  10. Well they didn't surrender they just said they wouldn't defend. Technically Sweden did nothing wrong as you say, so nothing will happen.
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