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  1. CABAL left for different reasons. Lack of leadership in nation, disinterest of original Dutch clans in RVR. MONX since Carta only ever furthered the interests of the US, they never really played for Dutch RVRwise. LIONS it's a bit more complicated. They constantly made of fuss of us having so many ports and created loads of drama about it, tried blackmailing us etc... We ended up giving them SD to appease them but they kept going afterwards. In the end they ended up selling the nation out and switching to Prussia and taking the ports with 'em.
  2. The only thing I think that could be considered broken is LGV hold size. It holds the same as a tbrig, but cannot go through shallows and while it is more capable of getting rid of people, an Indiaman does the job even better. Maybe increase the hold size by another 1000?
  3. I like how the Russians are now trying to pretend that Maracaibo isn't a crafting port any more. Or that CABAL don't still use their alts there. Whatevaz!
  4. Lowering the BR of mortar brigs I think is the most sensible/easy way of solving the problem.
  5. I disagree, it's difficult but not impossible. It's fine as it is.
  6. They did. It was a crafting port, I dunno why all of a sudden they're trying to re-write history.
  7. Yeah, 'cus they all decided to move their stuff to San Juan...
  8. I suppose only someone who knows what's going on in Dutch politics would understand.
  9. I did mention it. If those square forts didn't exist the British fleet would have been attacked immediately as they wouldn't have been able to sit under its guns.
  10. https://docdro.id/izVaZEp There are reports of players being killed while reading the Willemstad Gazette. Please remember to pay attention while sailing. The Willemstad Gazette holds no responsibility for any death or injury incurred while reading the paper. One correction: On the 1st page it says the article on the left was written on 11.01.2020. It was actually written on 14.01.2020.
  11. I sometimes end up in a Loki outside KPR. Usually just let them get an easy kill though. Ooops I missed and that kinda thing.
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