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  1. VP and power nation don't belong in same sentence
  2. The problem is mechanics, there is no disadvantage to being a zerg, only benefits. It's led to this stale RvR situation we have now. I pray it is addressed and soon.
  3. Max usually just sits in the middle of nowhere tagging afk traders. He's moving up in the world! Even if griefing.
  4. Spain after release was in such a promising position as SNOW left they could if they had been a bit more patient, got Pinar and Cuba back. They just got all mad though for no reason and decided to go Russia. There is resistance and there is willingness to start a fight. Only people capable of having an offensive port battle during the day are the Russians. No-one else can fight each other either as lo and behold, there are the Russians, screening everyone out. Pax Russica has made RvR boring.
  5. But... You started it? That's like punching someone in the face and complaining when they hit you back!
  6. The only people with the stomach for offensive RvR are Denmark and Russia and the former can't hope to get through screeners.
  7. No-one cares because not everyone wants to have a massive port battle. The problem is that BR for ports is too high. Bugger all port battles these days because devs ramped up the BRs because of the nostalgia of some Russian players for zerg wars.
  8. I mean, you did have the opportunity to defend Baranquilla didn't you...?
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