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  1. Again a fine read 😀 And i have some theories about the origin of this onion thing 😁😉
  2. Thanks for the explanation! Now i also understand why the British rig refit is there - it doesn't affect the sail plan, only the turn rate.
  3. Tools / Ship Compare: In the section "permanent" / Speed the module pirate rig refit and Elite pirate rig refit is missing. Great piece of work and art! Really appreciate it!
  4. I don't read any misleading threads, instead of this i play the actual game - and this since August '16 with only 2-3 weeks of a break every year during family vacation. Every time i leave for example Great Corn, the first AI will show up after 75-90 seconds. True since '16 and never changed. The only thing the devs changed are the nation of AI in your home waters...
  5. Neiter on live nor on testbed was the ai density reduced. About trade/crafting i didn't look on testbed, but on live server it's even easier than before to get rich and gather crafting ressources... Don't repeat baseless rumors from hearsay
  6. I really like Maho/Sabicu ships for allround-duty. A little faster than Teak/WO but also a little squishier, but much cheaper 🙂
  7. Man kann immer noch 3 Flottenschiffe haben. Das erste Fleet Ship, das bisher einen Punkt kostet hat jeder automatisch, ist also frei. 😉 Die Perks sind das aktuelle 2. und 3. Flottenschiff und kosten daher dasselbe wie bisher auch.
  8. I like the new port UI, it's atmospheric and immersive when i'm checking goods and prices in port. But in battle i really appreciate the fact that the new battle UI is also getting out of the way like the old one. Nothing distracts from the great ships and the action between them.
  9. In addition to Banished list there should be mentioned the Belle Poule. Could escape higher then beam from most of the heavier square rigger with the possible exception of the Endymion.
  10. From time to time there is a certain stalemate in the RVR, the most pretious ports are in strong hands and one of the powerhouses zerged the other nations down. There is a certain amount of upkeep for all the captured ports, but otherwise it's quiet. Why not use the Flag/War Supplies mechanics for the upkeep? The first week after the conquest, the port belongs to the conquerer, for every week after the first one the holding clan has to deliver for example a flag from the county capital to the port, to legally keep the government for the port. Another flavour would be the delivery of a "tax" item from the port to the nations capitol (as tax for the nations goverment, e.g. the british crown). This "treasure fleets" would be announced server wide like the old flags or the sunken treasure fleets and would provide some nice hunting battle.
  11. To contribute something constructive to the topic: What about a loss of "reputation" if a captain avoids fighting? If a captain attacks an enemy ship, he is expected to deliver a result. As a national, the admiralty expects a brave fight, as a pirate/privateer his crew expects a prize and loot. If he doesn't deliver, his reputation suffers and he may endure a war trial or a deposition though his crew. We don't have a reputation in game, but we have ranks ... and we could simulate it with XP points. Every time a captain attacks/tags an enemy, he is risking to loose XP if he doesn't fight. He starts with a debt so to say. If he behaves brave and is fight (even against the odds), this debt will be vanish AFTER he provides a certain amount of damage. Depending on the difference of the contrahents (BR?) you could scale the amount. You could even give this additional amount of XP to brave captains, if they sink the enemy. An example: With my trusty Privateer i tag a Mercury in the OW and the battle starts. If i kite him and leave as soon as possible, i will loose 500 XP. If i realize the enemy is too tough and want to escape the engagement, i have to provide a certain amount of damage to leave honorable without loss of XP. If i sink him, i get the usual XP plus the 500 from the debt. This way brave captains will be rewarded and you still can use tactical screening - you only have to fight for real (and probably loose your ship).
  12. More pvp? Perhaps try a naval action world without super-mods, super-woods, super-ships and super-speed in OW? Three woods, one a little tougher, one allround and one a little faster, a dozen mods, none stackable and reasonable ship prices from 7th to 4th rates. Oh, and please balance the super-pocket-battleship Hercules. If you then go back to leeway and non-streamlined, individual sailing profiles you would have a game based on skill and ship characteristics and don't have always adjust the game mechanics because of Speed-, thicknes- or whatever -meta. Just my 2 cents P.S. Even as one of the less-so-social solo players, nonetheless i will happily adapt to every change of the battle mechanics. The only thing i personally can't live with, is the circle of death. If we get this crap in every battle i will instantly hop over to the Peace-server and if we get this there also, quit for good.
  13. For Charge! you could use "Sturmangriff!" to differentiate from the usual Attack! / "Angriff!" For Save yourself you could use the phrase "Bring Euch in Sicherheit!" which is used in nearly every german movie if something is to explode 😉
  14. The Connie as 3rd rate? I'm not sure if that's a good place for her, because currently she's fitting nice between the 4th rates, imho. She has a distinct sailing profile ("beam reacher") compared to the Aggy and the Ingerman (downwind specialist), is tougher but is slower than Aggy and less firepower than Ingerman and turns worse than both (tacking is a different thing, but that could be neglected imo). I would let her stay as 4th rate and add the Indefatigable/Endymion duo to this class. This way you have all the 24pdrs in one class. The Trinc could stay as is, the "Queen" of the 5th rates so to say. The delta regarding combat prowess in the 4th rates between Endy/Indef and e.g. Ingermanland wouldn't be higher than in the 5th rates between Cerberus and Essex (or Trinc).
  15. Thanks for the interesting episode! I'd suppose the boy had some experience with the lugger rig and the pilot boat was gaff-rigged. Nonetheless an astounding example of the art of seamanship, because he had to handle the boat alone and would risk his health and probably his life each time tacking, because the french privateer most likely wasn't amused by this maneuver. And by the way, i would fire the master and the other man of the pilot boat!
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