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  1. More pvp? Perhaps try a naval action world without super-mods, super-woods, super-ships and super-speed in OW? Three woods, one a little tougher, one allround and one a little faster, a dozen mods, none stackable and reasonable ship prices from 7th to 4th rates. Oh, and please balance the super-pocket-battleship Hercules. If you then go back to leeway and non-streamlined, individual sailing profiles you would have a game based on skill and ship characteristics and don't have always adjust the game mechanics because of Speed-, thicknes- or whatever -meta. Just my 2 cents P.S. Even as one of the less-so-social solo players, nonetheless i will happily adapt to every change of the battle mechanics. The only thing i personally can't live with, is the circle of death. If we get this crap in every battle i will instantly hop over to the Peace-server and if we get this there also, quit for good.
  2. For Charge! you could use "Sturmangriff!" to differentiate from the usual Attack! / "Angriff!" For Save yourself you could use the phrase "Bring Euch in Sicherheit!" which is used in nearly every german movie if something is to explode 😉
  3. Bragan Benigaris

    On reclassing certain ships

    The Connie as 3rd rate? I'm not sure if that's a good place for her, because currently she's fitting nice between the 4th rates, imho. She has a distinct sailing profile ("beam reacher") compared to the Aggy and the Ingerman (downwind specialist), is tougher but is slower than Aggy and less firepower than Ingerman and turns worse than both (tacking is a different thing, but that could be neglected imo). I would let her stay as 4th rate and add the Indefatigable/Endymion duo to this class. This way you have all the 24pdrs in one class. The Trinc could stay as is, the "Queen" of the 5th rates so to say. The delta regarding combat prowess in the 4th rates between Endy/Indef and e.g. Ingermanland wouldn't be higher than in the 5th rates between Cerberus and Essex (or Trinc).
  4. Bragan Benigaris

    a boy against the rovers

    Thanks for the interesting episode! I'd suppose the boy had some experience with the lugger rig and the pilot boat was gaff-rigged. Nonetheless an astounding example of the art of seamanship, because he had to handle the boat alone and would risk his health and probably his life each time tacking, because the french privateer most likely wasn't amused by this maneuver. And by the way, i would fire the master and the other man of the pilot boat!
  5. Bragan Benigaris

    Crafting question/discussion

    I tried the "2 hour man, single player" gameplay with a secondary account the last weeks only using a renomee. Doubloons are really no problem, since last week i never closed my game session without at least 750+ doubloons. And this only by boarding 1-3 tbrigs, tsnows or lgvs immediately leaving a maybe overlooked freeport on the central american coast. A side effect of my hunting tours are around 800 logs of teak and white oak i captured from the traders, together with nearly all mats to build at least a 3rd or even a 2nd rate. The rest of the time i was hunting ow or trying the new shallow water capabilities of the reno in the Bahamas. Building 1-3rd rates is not much more difficult than before the patch, with the streamlined crafting it may even a little easier. Doubloons are easy to get or their price is falling, yesterday were several 1000s for 80 reals at La Mona for buying. The only challenge remain the woods, especially teak and wo, and for line ships the obligatory cartagena refit.
  6. Mmmh, DOA (2006) ... NA is similar: Wet, pretty and kicking... 😋
  7. Bragan Benigaris

    Christmas books list ?

    1. Stephen Taylor: Commander - The Life and Exploits of Britain's Greatest Frigate Captain. Guess who 😉 2. Thomas Siebe: Napoleons gefallene Göttinnen - Die Geschichte der französischen Minerve-Fregatten 3. C.A. Marchaj: Seetüchtigkeit, der vergessene Faktor (engl. Original: Seaworthiness: The Forgotten Factor) A nice mixture of history and seamanship 😃
  8. Bragan Benigaris

    Le Requin - manually or automatic sailing in Combat ?

    I'm always struggling with this red sailed lady but there is a nice video tutorial by @z4ys , didn't find it again at the forum but on youtube: Highly recommended!
  9. Bragan Benigaris

    The time has come to make pirates hardcore choice.

    Aye, no incapturable ports, no capital zone, no reinforcement zone. +1
  10. Bragan Benigaris

    Doubloons from captured ports

    As already mentioned, there could go some doubloons from opening Workshop/Academy/Admiralty/Shipyard to the owner, perhaps not the whole amount but perhaps 10-15% like a tax. The same with the transport fees, but I'm not sure about the effort to realize this. Even if this would be not be appreciated from the community, there could be a fee in doubloons for opening an oupost in a captured port 🙊 😉
  11. Bragan Benigaris

    Doubloons from captured ports

    The suggestion is simple: What about if captured ports not only grant victory marks and taxes in reals but also some doubloons? It could stimulate the RvR and mitigate the risk for deploying 1st and 2nd rates.
  12. Bragan Benigaris

    Deep waters PBs since last wipe

    "3-6 battles in 6-10 1st rates" - With this math you need either around 8 players grinding the whole night/evening or around 24 if they doing it in shifts - Even before the patch the hostility grinding was a chore and no fun. Tried it once with our clan and only because one dedicated player who insta-boarded the AIs the whole night we got our port battle. And he even could'nt participate because of lack of sleep.
  13. Bragan Benigaris

    Probleme mit AI-Kampftaktik aber 5rd

    Die AI ist wirklich nicht gerade die hellste, aber sie ist verflixt zielsicher, wie Du wahrscheinlich schon gemerkt hast. Daher ist sie aber auch der ideale Trainingspartner für das Anwinkeln und das manuelle Segeln, denn das beides gehört zusammen. Eine mögliches Vorgehen wäre: * Laufe im spitzen Winkel auf die ausgewählte Seite zu * Warte die Breitseite der AI ab, apprallende Kugeln landen sichtbar in der See um Dich herum * drehe auf Parallelkurs und feuere eine Breitseite * nun wieder im passenden Winkel (je nach Schiff) ablaufender oder auflaufenden Kurs in Bezug auf den Gegner * Gegnerische Breitseite abwarten und deflektieren * und dasselbe nochmal 😉 Sinnvolle Ergänzung: * Schäden prüfen, ab ca. 50% Verlust der eigenen Panzerung reparieren * Während der Reparatur auf Deinem besten Kurs von der AI weghalten, Du hast in 5th rates üblicherweise zu wenig Crew für Reparatur und Nachladen Wichtig bei der ganzen Sache ist wie gesagt, dass Du Deine Segel manuell steuerst, da Du die zusätzliche Manövrierbarkeit brauchst und vor allem auch Deine Geschwindigkeit immer wieder anpassen willst, ohne die Segelfläche zu verringern. Was schon gesagt wurde, segel immer das Schiff, welches Du Dir leisten kannst zu verlieren. Gegen die AI sind tanky ships beliebt, die lassen sich günstig mit Oak und/oder Sabicu bauen oder auch immer im Shop kaufen (Live Oak/Crew, White Oak/Crew, Sabicu/Crew usw.). Persönlich mag ich es auch gegen die AI etwas beweglicher, da nehme ich gerne z.B. Mahogany/Sabicu - das ist leicht zu bekommen und ich baue auch gerne Schiffe. Viel Erfolg & vor allem viel Spaß!
  14. Bragan Benigaris

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    To be honest, jumping several times from one edge of the caribbean to the other for checking prices and rare books/modules is convenient and helps to get some quick-wins - but nothing more. We can't teleport goods (well done!), so as trader you have to sail. And even long journeys hauling some goods may be a surely contemplative but satisfying game experience - look at the European/American Truck Simulator brand. And if there are 2-3 hotspots on the way where you can be ambushed or pirated, it can be exciting, too. Even for RVR or PVP it may be more convenience, to be honest, we already pay for towing the ship and it's limited for once a day. Not to speak about the repairs, you can't buy them in every port and before port battle or during patrol they are either sold out or the prices are skyrocket-high, so most of the time i haul my own stock several days before. Maybe it's a compromise to grant everybody no matter which rank one free teleport per day - would help the new players and the casuals, who want to participate in a clan action but can't afford the tp fee. #freesail
  15. Bragan Benigaris

    The Nick's adventures

    Awwwh, no, the witch is sunk. Revenge! Keelhaul every spanish officer ... ☠️ 😏