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  1. Bragan Benigaris

    Probleme mit AI-Kampftaktik aber 5rd

    Die AI ist wirklich nicht gerade die hellste, aber sie ist verflixt zielsicher, wie Du wahrscheinlich schon gemerkt hast. Daher ist sie aber auch der ideale Trainingspartner für das Anwinkeln und das manuelle Segeln, denn das beides gehört zusammen. Eine mögliches Vorgehen wäre: * Laufe im spitzen Winkel auf die ausgewählte Seite zu * Warte die Breitseite der AI ab, apprallende Kugeln landen sichtbar in der See um Dich herum * drehe auf Parallelkurs und feuere eine Breitseite * nun wieder im passenden Winkel (je nach Schiff) ablaufender oder auflaufenden Kurs in Bezug auf den Gegner * Gegnerische Breitseite abwarten und deflektieren * und dasselbe nochmal 😉 Sinnvolle Ergänzung: * Schäden prüfen, ab ca. 50% Verlust der eigenen Panzerung reparieren * Während der Reparatur auf Deinem besten Kurs von der AI weghalten, Du hast in 5th rates üblicherweise zu wenig Crew für Reparatur und Nachladen Wichtig bei der ganzen Sache ist wie gesagt, dass Du Deine Segel manuell steuerst, da Du die zusätzliche Manövrierbarkeit brauchst und vor allem auch Deine Geschwindigkeit immer wieder anpassen willst, ohne die Segelfläche zu verringern. Was schon gesagt wurde, segel immer das Schiff, welches Du Dir leisten kannst zu verlieren. Gegen die AI sind tanky ships beliebt, die lassen sich günstig mit Oak und/oder Sabicu bauen oder auch immer im Shop kaufen (Live Oak/Crew, White Oak/Crew, Sabicu/Crew usw.). Persönlich mag ich es auch gegen die AI etwas beweglicher, da nehme ich gerne z.B. Mahogany/Sabicu - das ist leicht zu bekommen und ich baue auch gerne Schiffe. Viel Erfolg & vor allem viel Spaß!
  2. Bragan Benigaris

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    To be honest, jumping several times from one edge of the caribbean to the other for checking prices and rare books/modules is convenient and helps to get some quick-wins - but nothing more. We can't teleport goods (well done!), so as trader you have to sail. And even long journeys hauling some goods may be a surely contemplative but satisfying game experience - look at the European/American Truck Simulator brand. And if there are 2-3 hotspots on the way where you can be ambushed or pirated, it can be exciting, too. Even for RVR or PVP it may be more convenience, to be honest, we already pay for towing the ship and it's limited for once a day. Not to speak about the repairs, you can't buy them in every port and before port battle or during patrol they are either sold out or the prices are skyrocket-high, so most of the time i haul my own stock several days before. Maybe it's a compromise to grant everybody no matter which rank one free teleport per day - would help the new players and the casuals, who want to participate in a clan action but can't afford the tp fee. #freesail
  3. Bragan Benigaris

    The Nick's adventures

    Awwwh, no, the witch is sunk. Revenge! Keelhaul every spanish officer ... ☠️ 😏
  4. Bragan Benigaris

    Full Manual Rudder Control

  5. Bragan Benigaris

    Pirate Patch and Content

    Well, only a quick thought, but you could limit the rank and with this the max Crew size of pirates. That would limit the use of bigger ships and the capabilities of RVR for the pirates. As compensation give them outlaw battle again and you have a new interesting hardcore "nation". Oh, and no safezones, of course!
  6. Bragan Benigaris

    Diana ship feedback - 29th August 2018

    Lost one Teak/Teak in a brawl with a 5th rate (Belle or Frigate) and 3x 6th rates (Merc, Brig & Privateer) and had another fight with Teak/Wo one against a frigate & Privateer. In both setups no premium modules, only british gunners, cotton sails and Sir Williams Congreves respectively Basic Hull. Within both fights my impression was: a) admirable turning, even tacking works like a charm b) heck, I'm loosing armor hp like melting icecream in summertime despite trying to angle In current state she's a real girl for sailing & turning but don't expose her to heavy fire, she wouldn't bounce much. Will continue to sail her, because i really like her turning, her looks and especially her attitude in the sea in battle instance. It feels real smooth and "sailish" - congratz on this job. I wouldn't go against especially Trinc or Endy with her, but with the low base speed there's no chance to escape. Against the other 5th rates she has the advantage of her turning speed and the heavy guns, so you should have a chance. Verdict: A real beauty with swiveling hips, but only for real man that don't avoid any fight - and know what they do.
  7. Bragan Benigaris

    Warum bis zum Release noch spielen?

    Sieh es einfach als "Black Friday", der bestimmt irgendwann kommt, Existenzen vernichtet und neue Chancen ermöglicht. Auf Grund der immer größer werdenden Vermögen, teilweise durch dubiose Geschäfte oder Ausnutzung von Exploits muss die Wirtschaft in der Karibik irgendwann crashen - wie im wirklichen Leben, das weiß jeder, aber keiner kann Dir sagen wann es passiert. Außerdem hofft jeder, dass es nicht zu seiner Lebenszeit passiert...
  8. Bragan Benigaris

    New Ship - HMS Inflatalus

    It's really hot weather, because you are a) only looking at the temperature of The Islands that are in many aspects different from the continent and b) neglecting the side effects that make this weather really hot (also Munich as example): Happy hot summer day! 😉
  9. Bragan Benigaris

    New Ship - HMS Inflatalus

    Nice Figurehead - and in comparison to Santa Cecilia or Renommee not even op... 😉
  10. Bragan Benigaris

    More places like Kidd's Island...

    Wonderful idea! Perhaps a restriction for shallow ships or max. 5th rates is worth considering imho
  11. Bragan Benigaris

    Black Market

    Recently thinking about neglected aspects of NA, I suddenly realized that one of my dearest activities is completely missing in the poll: Smuggling Maybe it's a spleen only of me, maybe it's because a smuggler is severly hampered in game: He can't set contracts in enemy ports. For myself i tried to circumvent this problem by making deals with players from other nations or using alts. The latter one is cumbersome and the first one more difficult since we can't open a private chat with enemy players in ow any more and you always have the risk of loosing your trading partner. But I don't want to open the regular market for enemy smugglers, some ports like Esteros or Cartagena would immediately loose their status and attractivity for conquer. Instead of this i would suggest the implementation of a second market with special rules: The Black Market. Rules: - accessible only with smuggler flag or for "indigenous" nationals - instead of 10% tax a 20% gang fee /clan fee as base - no automatic dropping of goods, purely player driven The last point would lead to the mechanic that the smuggler would set for example a contract for buying teak logs and has to wait for a player to sell him some. If the price is high enough, that's a good deal for the selling national player who could buy directly on the regular market and the smuggler gets access to rare goods - for a price, of course. But with the current prices for some goods in the capitals there's still some profit for the smuggler possible. tl;dr: Implement a player-driven Black Market with higher tax for smugglers and other shady folks.
  12. Bragan Benigaris


    Nothing against the display of the distance, but i want to keep the heading - it's more immersion imho. What about displaying the distance next to the heading?
  13. Bragan Benigaris

    Increase the daily number of tows to pvp zones

    Sorry Sir, to contradict to you: That's NAL NA is combat in sailing ships AND interaction in an open world
  14. Bragan Benigaris

    Merge the nations!

    1st: It's not declining since several months 2nd: The sea is usually wide and some people draw excitement from the uncertainty what may linger behind the horizon
  15. Bragan Benigaris

    Increase the daily number of tows to pvp zones

    #NoToTow. There is still a ow beside pvp-circus and safezones and it's not an issue to supply most of the free ports with ships and repairs. Tumbado has usually a good stock of repairs - although expensive, but that's only the compensation for the traders risk to haul them there. You could easily open outposts in several freeports and buy ai ships for the patrol or tow one there per day if ya insist. But excessive towing per day is only lame. That's still a sailing game, goddammit!