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  1. Well, perhaps because Caracas has one level Mast and Rig Bonus more than Maracaibo? All other boni are exact same.
  2. Take a Herc and try to find a lonely USS - the delta between the turn rates of these two ships is one of the biggest. The USS has only 24pdrs instead the 32pdrs of the bigger SOLs (or smaller like Wasa), so if you overshot during raking or your angle isn't good enough it doesn't hurt too much. The USS also has a lower crew count than the other 3rd rates and even some 4th rates. Within 2-3 trys - you can use redeemed Hercs with medium guns to minimize eventual loss - you have got the hang of it.
  3. Interesting idea 🙂 I would give every port a certain amount free hireable crewmen for a maintenance cycle, the capitols more, the smaller ports less. All captains who hire men, are using this global pool first. If this amount is depleted, everybody can only hire a certain amount of men per ingame day: At a 55pts port it could be 55, at a 15pts port only 15 for example. If you have the patience, you still can crew your first rate, but the captain of the Privateer would have fought 2-3 battles in this time. Nations with less population are at advantage because they have more unemployed seaman (maybe even elite ones?), in the higher populated nations (with bigger navies) the press gangs have a hard time to find enough men. I would also limit wood and mine efficency in this way: The more mines a nation has in one port, the less output every mine as until a minimum of 20% (30% for captains of the owning clan) of the highest possible output. A certain number of mines should be possible with high output, every mine/wood above this limit would reduce efficency of all. If you want, you even can use crew for mines and buildings, which count also against the limits and can be reduced by port battles and raids (because they flee or are killed).
  4. I'm curious, what may be this about? Changing winds in OW? 🙂
  5. With an alliance system we would have a russian-dutch-english power block that's waiting for the other nation player to unite and deliver content... wait, there wouldn't be any other player ... 🤔 The old alliance system also created a stalemate, i really doubt there could be another result
  6. And has a great turn rate together with 18 +12 pdrs broadside - better L'Hermione & Belle Poule in all aspects
  7. Donation button works, thanks again for this great map tool!
  8. Well, even as a passionate long voyage sailor i appreciate the tow, because sometimes i want to change my area of operation without sailing with a fleet of AI over the whole map. But maybe a modification of the tow would be a reasonable compromise: Deliver the towed ship not instantly but next day (after Maintenance). Would be less arcadey maybe...
  9. https://na-map.netlify.com/ Has the loot tables under "Game Tools" Unfortunately the LGVR only drops from Deadman chests ☚ī¸
  10. Dear admin, two questions in this context: 1. Will the ships of the Elite NPCs (< 4th rate) be capturable by players and 2. Do the Elite NPCs also sail only Wood/Crew ships or also other combinations? Thanks in advance
  11. Why not implement both with different goals and purposes? Option A: Strategic raid (military action) Goal: Deny enemy his vm, get them and some cms for valorous action for yourself Make limits higher, 8 vs 8 and only during port timer Option B: Ressource raid (robbery) Goal: get ressources and money for yourself Only small ships/br and 24/7, doesn't damage the port investions Edit: Sorry, i'm currently on phone, could elaborate more later
  12. Perhaps we should differentiate the term "raid" - is it raid in the sense of the military with commando missions to destroy vital infrastructure of the enemy or is it raid in the sense of the privateers and pirates to gather ressources and wealth. I for myself discuss about the latter one 1st: I wouldn't touch the investments, instead i would give the raider a percentage of the produced goods and the tax chest (or a percentage of it) and this only the first raiding party. Poor ports, less loot, rich port, magnificent loot, but only once. 2nd: Raiders gain, raiders risk - let them keep the XP and the money from the Elite AI, but otherwise they are prey till they are back home.
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