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  1. assuming raider win every battle. assuming ports turn neutral with liv 1 bonus... what happens when any nation can't develop a port again due too repeated attak of Neutrals? i mean, i lose Caracas so another port become the ''richests'' of my nation and raiders will attak this other port on weekend...winning. so, assuming all my nation's ports are reduced to liv1...which port will be the richest? will raiders going on attaking also port with 0 liv bonus but with high income for some kind of trading? and what happens if i start to re-build caracas? i must re-build in less than 6 days due to next weekend attak of Raiders because Caracas become again the ''richest'' port of nation (cause i invested maybe simply 10 medals on a bonus)? i suppose you introduced a feature based only on victory of Defenders to be limited. but , what if defenders lose every battle?
  2. ok thx, and what about Naval Action 2? really, it's only curiousity tha could start some interesting future discussions for the community
  3. @admin according to the OP, the time is going over and several addition has been made but we are still waiting news or a schedule (days,weeks,months...)on 1: port BR change 2: leopard and new 3rd rates 3: aggressive npc furthermore, i read in other posts that you talked about NA2 so i'm curious if you were jocking or talking seriously. thx
  4. 3rd rate were intended to use as we use 1st rates in naval action. important Naval action of the period were fought on 3rd rate max, with a lot of lower rate ships. 1st rates were used in 3-4 real battle...nothing more.
  5. many player stops using it out of PB or important battle. many player quit the game because there is no end game and they use a 1st rate as a 5th rate. many players quit because when they go out with their first crafted 5th rate they find 6 crafted 1st rates faster than it's 5th rate. many player quit because capped 1st rates are useless due to no port bonus ,useless also for patrol or whatevere you want to use them. many palyers quit because they grind everytime but they loose in battle because pretend to use a 1st rates without knowing anything of ships manouvers, just ''i have big ship why i can't win?''. many player quit because every important activity is 25 1st rates vs 25 1st rates and they cannot afford or go near to afford a participation ticket for that events because they have only 1 or 2 not repleacable 1st rates so the only solution is to increase the difficult to build a line ship more than a 4th rate so everyone ,even the biggest nation, find some difficulties to producing a spam of lineship for every nation player and all the server will use easy crafting 4th rates 1st rates should cost 70k frame and 40 planking, 2nd rate 50k and 30k , 3rd rate 30k and 15k...the other ships remain as it is now. also Russia or Dutch will have hard time spamming 235908290582089 lineship to use in always the same screening battles ,same PB every 2 days and with same people... this is a persistent universe, the end game must be harder and harder and harder and harder...variety of the ships is the key to survive. soon i'll also propose to link ship model to each nation of time...no more spam of santisima out of spain, only cap them from spanish player and so on... variety
  6. yes and no...3rd rate were intended to be the backbone of national fleet but they were still expensive so maybe 35k frame wood and 15 planking wood...most affordable ships were 4th rates after 5th rates. i'm really tired of all the spam of 1st-2nd-3rd rate all over the server. it's boring wrong, they are scared for installed good mod. btw, they can't use crafted line ships as they use a 6th or 5th rates. each ship has its role and purpose...now they don't...
  7. i suggest to increase their costs of mats to 50k frame woods and 30k planking....1-2-3rd rates must be rare in this game, not a spam. and buff 1-2-3rd rates HP guns damages as it was in early time of damage patch model
  8. well, you are only skipping the problem, not solving it. SCREENING: the main problem with screening is that as it is now it doesn't give any reward to players in screening battle. fast solution (1 programmer...cause you are developing too many games at same time) is to bring back the Area of the old Reinforcement Zone (coded) (not capital area): inside the old Reinforcement Zone , now on called Screening Area (simple name change)(SA)( they will appear only 15 min before PB start (to be coded linked with PB start time), can be started screening battles (dedicated istance or same OW battle istance but with rewards(coded)) where every participant receive same reward of PB fleet if PB is won(to be coded but already existing for player inside PB) (Vic mark and some of the resources used for killed crafted ship when looted, like doublons mod and MEDALS!!...yeah, you need medal for permit...so if you sink a crafted ship you can find some medals used to craft it(coded...just add value ''medals'' to rewards as it is for doublons). each screening battle (SB) can start everywhere but inside the SA by the 2 nation involved in PB. example : Russia VS GB. Russian player tag a Brit, SB; Brit tag Russian, SB ; Russian tag Dutch (helping the defender GB , with or without ally mechanic) , SB; Dutch tag Pirates (ally of Russia) , No SB...just simple OW battle. every battle started tagging nation involved in PB, will be SB, other nationt are just OW battle (to be coded for the combination of nation generating the SB istance inside SA but something already coded for battles inside a determined area , as it was old reinforcement zones, was already introduced with the old F8 reinf call or the side of the owner of the reinf zone can receive other players reinforcement for a longer period than raiders). RVR: is the result of SCREENING, BR ,SHIPS , CRAFTING. BR is still to High. minor nation can't field up a fleet so big to defend their crafting port (or simple their clan port, each clan has more or less 10 players so they must have the chances to defend their home in an even battle. so, the RVR is a combination of mechanics: most of RVR have to be SCREENING (consedering it the non-ranked battle) not PB (ranked battle with small amount of players, more skilled than average nation player). the old BR amount (coded, just change numbers) was almost perfetc but lacked SCREENING system as described above. SHIPS: yes, we need some changes to ships BR but it's not enought (BR of 1st rates must be 1.5k or near it(coded, just change numbers)). we will still have the spam of crafted ships (be careful, i said crafted) that are far better than any other ships in the game (port bonus) so smaller nation will never be able to compete with biggest ones and they left the game cause they can't change nation once they loose crafting port (i don't want to buy DLC forged but i don't want to cancel my account and start again from 0 just because the game is unbalanced too much...so i quit game) . so we end up with the last factor of RVR CRAFTING: too many SOL. full stop. the only solution is to increase the cost of 1st rates to 50-60k wood for frame and 35k wood for planking(coded, just change numbers)...each 1st rate...2nd rate just a little less (doublons,medals and reals can stay the same as we have now cause the increased cost of SOL will be the extraction of woods). from 3rd rate to lower, cost of resources can be as it is now. this will make 3rd rate ships the most viable SOL for all players and they will give the chance for even battle where only skills is the way for win. and you can still cap some trash 1st rate from AI we need also a buff to SOL damages, as close as possible like the test server with first interaction with New Damage Model patch. now we are back to ''5th rate tanking 1st rates broadsides and still fighting and moving at full speed''. NO, 1st rate MUST one-shot every 5th rate with 1 broadside, dismantling 2 of 3 masts and killing 30% to 50% crew simply with ball, not grape(coded...and i still wondering why you nerfed it!!!!). i suggested those solution thinking only on what you have already coded @admin
  9. you already did but you must add other changes. you usually change 1 big thing forgetting that it's all connected. if you bring NPC protection around capital you will save new players, but new players will want to try something else than safety waters and they will leave the game soon because PVP isn't newbe oriented. so they can't play RVR cause they need experience but experience is made with PVP but for PVP you need good ship, for good ship you need big Ports, for big Ports you need good player to take it and defend it , but if BR is too big your nation can't afford enought players to defend it (and less good players). so you have no chance to play all the game features and you can only do some PVE around capital...leave the game after 1 month. say goodbye to your strategy to take more player to the game. if you want new players, you have to ''protect'' the defence and the attack of a port, a good one, where skill is the only chance to win...not numbers and skill. if you bring back old BR you will solve 80% of the actual problem, giving small nation the chance to defend their only crafting port...every nation can fill 10 players, and every nation has more or less 10 goood players. but this isn't enought, because you will face with problem you mentioned before: what to do with the other 15 players out of PB? simple, introduce a new kind of istance called Screening Battle. it must gives reward to player involved in, like victory mark for all if the port is defended even if the screening battle is lost but PB won. who entered the Screening battle istance will take rewards like PB or little less. so...new player, protect capital area, give them istance to participate RVR directly or indirectly (screening istance), lower BR like before, make some alliance/coalition istance, limit the joining in an overpopulated and overskilled nation (the nation K/D ratio report will be your data) and reduce repair in battle to 3 only as many times ago (i prefer the small time with no repair...your best patch with first damage patch in testbed server) and reduce the costs of investment or give to every nation a 55 points port close to capital or something like that. atm, 1 nation , Russia, is the most populated and the most skilled nation due to joining of all good players of other nation in russian nation...so you have failed protecting new player. you can't ask to us to test your game, we tested and we told you how to solve...but you must make your Russian nation unhappy...or losing the game. soon or later we will all join Russia in protest so you will lose Naval Action
  10. so is it official? expected time for NA2? @admin very good, but bring back also Storm Battles when and where a player sail through the rain in OW and tag someone. it can be a strong wind and high seas battle or only strong wind or simply no wind and just heavy fog. it will be good if we will se in the future some kinds of forecast news around ports that can become outdated realtively soon after they pop up in the news section. that can produce some exploration mission to understand where seasonal winds are moving. obviously, we need also wind shadow in battle istance. yeah, this is what happens in real life but how manage it in a game? in NA there is no limit on the number of 3rd rates crafted by player so it can be an ''all in 3rd rates'' killing every smaller ships without any chance for smaller ship to escape or fight, assuming players are inside an area with good wind for 3rd rates. if you want realism you have to consider also that any square rigged ship moves until 90° from wind, it they close the wind a little they simply stop sailing. so a tac to the wind will take more or less than 15 min. really hard to imagine this kind of realism in a game. if you want to maintain the actual situation but with new wind power you have to put a limit to numbers of lineship players can have(they can craft how many they want but can have only 1 or 2 in their docks) or give a chance for 5th rate to escape always faster closing the wind (60° to 45°) than a 3rd rate in good wind. they should be automatic once you sail inside the area. it's your skill telling you where you will gain more wind boost
  11. +1 btw, wind boost should be dynamic...they have to move with clouds or storm or something that cannot be ''activated'' by a click. you have to sail in that area to have the wind boost, not sailing always to the same point to have a boost...it isn't a warp-gate. now you have to improve again trading. PVE'rs will enjoy the wind boost cause they can study the best route to travel from A to B and you will never get ganked even if you have an enemy on your tail. just aim for a boost and activate it some seconds before the enemy so you gain distance until the next boost. same for PVP'er. they have to study most populated trading route and where can they attack using the boost. good introduction, loki is really fun and logbook a bit OP but it's only for few minutes. Neutral Raids looks a little too hard but never tried yet. best solution should be dynamic wind boost following clouds, btw. and maybe some kind of item like ''forecast news'' that everyone can collect discovering boost (moving ones)around the map while sailing and selling it. those news will deplete soon due to moving boost but it's the first introduction to EXPLORATION in naval action
  12. you are in the same nation, it's easy to say ''not my clan'' but still your nation. other ports are available crafting ports and your crafting port is vera cruz and never been attacked and you don't cry cause you have 4 of 6 55points ports of the map using only 2 of them, maybe 3...
  13. baracoa, santiago de cuba, nouvelle orleans (prussian port), pinar del rio, george's town, roseau, puerto plata
  14. false. many nation conquered cartagena before the release wipe so it can happens again
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