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  1. this is NA legend...an arena game like Sea Trials we are now playing a Sandbox MMO...no more arena game
  2. this game is empty, that is the truth. it's an arena game with some grinding preparation. then you take your crafted ship and go out sinking another crafted ship. the end game is an arena game. tranding cancelled (delivery mission is faster and safer), rvr cancelled (no need to cap ports if i can develop my own 3 ports with all resources inside, rare wood also), exploration never delivered, patrol area = NA Legend inside NA ow... so what's the meaning of this game now? just an arena game where you use your gold 5/5 ships to sink other palyers without a 5/5 gold ships and once you kill all player's ships of all nation of all the server...what do yo have to do in this game?nothing we need PVE activities [fishing/whaling with proper ships, AI treasure fleet without any sign of recognition but heavily escorted (3-4 ship fleet without skulls of the Elite bot but with Elite bot inside istance and 1 indiaman) , exploration of the coast with random unmarked wreks (can be a trap of smugglers (battle istance) or a simple chest with low level reward and rare special reward), random wreks in an area after a storm,smugglers to inspect inside your own nation AI, disease and plagues on land that reduce productivity of a region/area , storm and hurricane istances (both PVP and PVE where you can take sails damages if you choose the wrong set sails)] we need lower port's BR again (small clan PB and mixed rates fleet as before), port bonus removal (ships have to be good only for rare woods and mods, no stacked bonuses and elite mods), new Frontlines mechanic (from smaller-to-capital port instead capital-to-capital ports), reputation mechanic based on PVP kills (high rank PVP palyers/clan can't stay in the same nation, they must split and balance the smaller and weaker nation) and remove rare woods from the players' control...rare woods have to be random dropped every day in different port every day and bought by that port every day at the maintenance so it can't be stacked (and have to be dropped in limited amount like 100k each day split by 10k in random ports) Devs are full of our suggestion to improve this game, they just have to develop them
  3. well, nerf also santi and bellona pls. all line ships have to be slower than before, and santi has to be slower than ocean
  4. now you will see rare ships speedbuilt gank squads...not so rare due to silver and gold chest of kill mission
  5. why? why except them? they are already too fast to be a line ship and you nerf the speed of the others same rank opponents? just why?
  6. same mistakes of the past...pls don't.
  7. the new balancing system is enough to put away the BR limit in patrol zones. more gankers, more reinforcements
  8. the correct mindset should be as with 2 min timer: ''ganking is an unfair gameplay. do you want to gank?ok but you have 2 min to join. if you can, your enemy has chance to receive reinforces to avoid your superiority and figth you in an equal battle.''
  9. exactly. 2 minutes is a safety timer for players ganked by a big organized group, 10 min timer let 1 side to become a gank side...and gives only 10 min to defenders to receive help without entering a battle when at 9.59 min 2587435893 ships join the biggest team mantaining the gank situation active
  10. btw, when will this patch be deployed? and which ships players can use for the raid? i hope nothing bigger than a 4th rate
  11. i understood....you @admin need to wipe the map but without using the normal wipe announcement
  12. but how many of that most developed ports? all or 1 for nation at week?
  13. but this isn't Raid, this is port battle...raids are intended to attack a port but without changing nation owner.... and what happens if a nation attack a port same day of NPC raid? while countering PVP hostility you loose the port by NPC? will be there some time to prepare for NPC raid like PB does (1 day for setting , battle for the nex one)? how many ports will be attacked in the same nation? ....server population isn't enougth to counter more than 1 single 20+ NPC fleet simoultaneously attacking all most developed ports inside the same nation
  14. i suppose some Russian players will know the correct use of those 2 new items before other players do
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