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  1. no, too exagerated and annoying. you can't avoid it as you can't avoid privateer fleet due to their OW speed (and istance speed lol)
  2. the best DLC will be ''all ships book knowledge unlock''. everyone will buy it, it doesn't give any advantage cause you still have to find and learn books and learn which is better for. but this DLC will really save abnormal amount of hours spent grinding
  3. i don't like DLC above 4th rate but if it must be done, it must be DLC or Permit redeem . DLC with random port bonus, permit for better quality. pls remove capping AI 1st rate from OW, they are useless even vs a crafted ship or imported one so it is simply a fraud for new players. OR, give AI ships random port bonus too.
  4. Why note? no one will use it with random POrt Bonus. can we have permit instead?
  5. as a title, it is just an info for everyone to don't tag enemy player or do any mission because there is the flipping bug and everyone lose the ship
  6. as the title, i tagged a player and entered istance but we were both flipped
  7. so, how long for @admin answer? proofs are here and in big amount...the PB is just finished and CRC capped Truxillo in a 1 vs 1 PB....
  8. i suggest to edit your post in Seasonal Update specifing that removed penalties are referred to Privateer Fleet also. are those penalties removed also from normal Open Wolrd AI? i haven't tried yet
  9. dear @admin i'm really tired of your behaviour with patch notes. you changed something in privateer fleet and now they are like Elite Bot , fast upwind ,fast downwind, full HP and thickness. today i risked losing an ocean due to Privateer santi that ran from behind me after killed a bot 1.5 km away, reached me, passed me, closed wind in front of me, passed front of my bow, tac and fired on the other side , all in less than 5 minute...while a trinco was losing only half of its side for my full penetration ocean's broadside... i'm not against changes, but you must write what you changed in every patch thx
  10. yeah but why we must wait for Redoutable to have Wrecker if Wrecker is a crafted ship? it doesn't have to wai for Valve approvation, devs can patch and introduce it earlier than DLC ship
  11. @admin any news on those 2 points? btw you can already introduce Implacable while waiting for Redoutable
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