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  1. players who want slower RVR will die faster because RVR depend on whom attak them, so they must defend at time attackers decide
  2. instead of removing cooldown, can you stop Port Battle until you have a new mechanic?
  3. huliotkd


    finally!! i really didn't want to fight to cap a De Ruyter when i can now have it as compensation
  4. lol. Danes can screen swedish fleet attacking san juan, cannot enter PB yes...but can screen. Truxillo can't be screened because the attack was led by defender's ALT...so it was impossible to stop and this is an abuse of hotility mechanic. you are accusing HAVOC to have used alt to take back san juan but you don't have proofes. all the Forum has proofes of ALT used at Truxillo instead. another fact is that Truxillo would have been owned by ALT Clan instead of main player while San Juan was passed from main account to main account so again...San Juan and Truxillo are 2 different things
  5. the Gazette is the most waited newspaper of the moment always good job @Gregory Rainsborough!!!
  6. but again they didn't used alt...they changed nation, and the last of them remained danish as clan leader and then i suppose he removed friendly clan from the ally list...then the swedish attacked san juan and took it...no alt involved. and no broken mechanic, cause the owner clan has all the right to manage the port as they wish. is they take back san juan as swedish clan is because they invested much more than other clans. nothing wrong in this action. truxillo was flipped using an alt instead, and filled with russian fleet....a big difference
  7. but truxillo an san juan are not the same thing. truxillo was flipped using an alt to create hostility mission, san juan was flipped by main account of ex-danes player...so, completely different
  8. @admin can you re-open test server and load again the old Naval Action version with storms? just for storm lovers...
  9. @admin can you better explain what is you target? do you will introduce variable dinamic wind power inside battle istance?
  10. same woods, wasa and red can have a good fight depending on captain skill. maybe can be usefull new classes of ships like heavy 4th and heavy 3rd rates more than switching impl and red to 2nd rates. a good balancement should have been wind power so bigger 3rd rates would have been faster in heavy wind and completely stuck in light winds...but idk know if wind power is still in @admin plans
  11. fort should attack both sides cause they are enemy of nation's fort.
  12. no, too exagerated and annoying. you can't avoid it as you can't avoid privateer fleet due to their OW speed (and istance speed lol)
  13. the best DLC will be ''all ships book knowledge unlock''. everyone will buy it, it doesn't give any advantage cause you still have to find and learn books and learn which is better for. but this DLC will really save abnormal amount of hours spent grinding
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