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  1. but looks like that this % is more % than crafting in other capturable ports but using brit spanish swedish ecc ecc account...
  2. looking at crafted ship using a prussian account. i will make a thread with all crafting result by the prussian account and by ships used by prussians and russians we killed and looked strange....like an ocean teak/WO 5/5 very fast for example... how many Ocean do you have to craft for an Ocean with trim? how many Ocean do you have to craft for an Ocean with trim and 4 slots? how many Ocean do you have to craft for an Ocean without trim but 5 slots? how many Ocean do you have to craft for an Ocean with trim and 5 slots? how many Ocean do you have to craft for an Ocean with 5 slots and the trim very fast that is the best in the game?
  3. yes but hard nations have a little more bonus cause they don't have a capital. a regular nation has a % of crafting bonus if they craft in capturable port, hard nations (russia,prussia,poland) have %+ of crafting bonus in every port cause they have only capturable ports.
  4. also having account in a hard nation (without Capital) like Russia,Prussia, Poland gives you more bonus on crafting rare ships.
  5. absolutly not. a clan that could field 4times numbers of a smaller one is a potential game-breaking clan. small BR allow every clan to fight for ports, bigger and smaller ones. 2.5k BR can be filled up by 5-6 player that is the number of a middle-clan of the server today. if BR raise up to 8000 for a port that had only 2.5 before, all smaller clans ragequit cause they will never win or defend only for a numbers of player problems. no more skill----numbers win. and this is the fastest way to drive the server empty.
  6. can we craft Ocean and Victory without permit now? also bucentaure?? again 1rates spam in server? you were working good, don't be afraid of coplaining of players that can't build 1rates easy as before please. @admin will a HPnerf for 5th rates come in this patch?
  7. nope. catch a kiter with a proper ship is easy cause kiter have to run or die, catcher have to follow to push it our of circle so friends start generating points. requin is made for this, but also niagara or prince. once a kiter is out of circle, you have to put a ship on border so when the kiter try to come back it can't enter circle or die...you don't need anymore to kill to make points
  8. true, rigging was what keep masts in position IRL but how to simulate the lost of rigging in a game? IRL chains were the shot used for, but in this game chais are used to make holes in sailcloth. so reducing stability of masts as soon as structure reduce its HP is a good way to simulate demast by losign anchor points at the base of the mast
  9. what about smaller nation or clans that cannot show 20 3rd rates with new prices for rare wood? you are giving the map to big unbeatable clans, no one will struggle to fight a battle that cannot be won. and this is the way for quit the game for new palyers with some vets...
  10. defenders have the same BR limith...i suppose your fleet's combination choice is wrong then. if the defenders can defend, attackers can attack. choose proper ships
  11. nope, the mast is kept straight by the shrouds. destroying structure you destroy the small base of that mast. to better explain, imagine putting a broom uspide down and holding it vertically with a hand holding the base of the broom...it's very difficult and a slight inclination (wind on sails) is enought tomake if fall. this is how the masts of ships work
  12. the only way to get rid of crafting problem is pulling away the rare woods from the hands of players. a random system of delivery around the map of rare wood , as i proposed, is a good solution that prevent big clans stacking contract or buying all wood for weeks destroying solo or smaller clan possibility to refill their supply. it will bring also more trading-PVP in open world to protect/raid traders sailing from the port with wood to warehouse. everyday rarewood location change port, every day it's necessary to find the new one, everyday raiders can't camp the same enemy route, everyday all palyers have more chance to re-supply, craft and restore the losses and going out again doing PVP or raiding. we are thinking now that permit and rare wood aren't so hard to find and buy but we must think how it will be once we got all wiped...0 reals, 0 doublons, 0 ships, 0 ports, only basic cutter and capital...and what happens after 3 month from finwl wipe when a new player join the game and try to buy some woods that is under a 24'5904058393 player's contracts queue at a price that outbid all his property? this is the way to ragequit of new player-base that join a game where big clans have everything, vets are unbeatable, ships around are top quality and top modded. on a long term view, the wrong situation of a port that drops that wood is a mechanical error that allows few players to condition the rest of the server.
  13. yes, true. they were 3 good players indeed, i got boarded 1st time then they put themselves aside and board me each other till the end. the problem is that if you bring back the old HP pre-HPbuff i would have killed 1 or 2 with guns saving myself. i also killed some 1st rates usind a Diana, skill is a factor as mistakes of the loser. but the 1st battle i talked about, my vic broadside vs a trinco, ended with trinco disengaged at full speed, like it is undamaged, repaired, and come back (he wasn't alone, they were 8 players) while it should be slowed down a lot by my inflicted damages, so i can kill it. not a single parameter (turning or speed or yard power) of a 5th rate (from bellepoule to up) will change if it takes a full broadside of a Vic and this was like the pre-WeightdamagePatch (i'm talking about a Victory cause it is the lower 1st rates of the 3 ones, but it is always a 1st rate...it must be lethal, not only dangerous) it isn't correct, trinco must lose at least a mast for the rake and reload shock, must be damaged in structure for an half cause i was using long...like before HPbuff. as parameter of work @admin , you can test a full broadside of a Victory on a medium 5th (trinco) until it destroy all a side and all structure with all 54 hull hits. this should be the standard to which all upper and lower ships are adapted....like pre-HPbuff patch heavy frigates are a different argument, they are quite a 4th rate but they should lose all side armor and 1/3 of structure by any 1st rate's-2nd rates full broadside (full i mean all guns hits) new players ragequit question: no new player will ragequit the game if they lose a ship with insta-kill by a 1st rate - new player will start the game with the new damage model so they will get used to new threats faster than we veterans did and do in changing our menthality of the game. new player will stay in game because this games is for 18th century warship lovers...this game is unique in his genre. if a new player quit the game if for lack of PVE content.
  14. ok i accept 1.5 broadsides if the first 1 dismantle its speed, turning and fighting ability until he repair... i see no difference if trinco takes 1 full broadside or not. and this is wrong
  15. i think you aren't understanding....i was in Victory (9 kn) and i fired on a trinco (12.5kn)...trinco received damages and sailed far away at 12.5kn before i can recharge guns... so it's impossible to kill it. but it should be destroyed at first broadside as it was IRL to simulate the strike-colours. or maybe he can still move but at 4-5kn , not at 12.5kn as it was untouched. is it clear now?
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