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  1. real p2w is buying ALT account, having more than 5 building slots, more than 3k labour hours, more than 30 docks slots, mor than 15 vic mark a week....many player have 4-5 ALT this is the real p2w, even if a main account buy the admiralty DLC...the labour cap is still 3k hours and with a single ALT you have 6k and 60 ships slots....i know there are player (now in russian nation) with more than 10 ALT... how can you think a DLC ship can be a p2w???????
  2. yes i tested it. before release there was already new model and in st john's PB (swedish time), russians joined too close to forts getting demasted and damaged. but they used 3 mortars brig so 2 of them was much less damaged and 1 of them positioned the ship in a blind spot of firing arc of forts. they lost battle anyway but they tried something new now, with new model, you have to use a good strategy to avoid gunfire...you can bring a useless ship as a fake target for the forts, or bring more than 2 mortars so 1 will survive or find a blind point of forts or destroy fort with close range fire of all the line of 1st rates...there are a lot of new strategy vs forts now, no more boring un.-sinkable mortar brigs that fire from 2095496369'3965035'4583688 km away from fort. admins gave a good use to the 60k stone invested.
  3. a lot of accusation without proof...the admins have banned for much less lol. at santa marta there were also aliens...reptilians ones
  4. it's a really good thing that mortar isn't anymore OP. forts are now useful in pb, before they were useless target. the purpose of the mortar is just to deal more damage than cannon but at cost of firing range, it fire vertically non horizontal as guns. youc an try to destroy a fort with a line of 1st rates due to high caliber guns as it was in the past in 1800. mortar brig is also a ship , so it moves with waves, wind , ricochet of gunfire etc etc...forts is a fixed battery so it has to be more accurate and more dangerous than any ship at sea. now a fort is a strategical defence that needs a strategical attack manouver to destroy it or avoiding its gun fire.
  5. is it a joke? it isn't funny....
  6. it's funny that everyone here is defending French nation, also Russian Players, while Russia is wiping Prussia in Mexico gulf.....
  7. were already present Port Bonuses when Devs started selling requin DLC?
  8. the value of the ship yes, turning and speed and the value of game HP damages changed so requin looks like nerfed even if she has same HP amount and cannot take anymore same damages of before so he has to escape but if it's performances has been dminished it can't anymore. as said before, requin got nerfed a little but the game around it has changed too much so the result is an overall nerf for requin
  9. the nerf doesn' t affect other ships because other ships have ''jibs'' ''main sails'' and ''spankers'', requin has only ''spankers'' so she cannot use the bonus to ''jibs''...other ships can instead
  10. i asked seriously a refund due to progressive nerf. nothing toxic or strange about that. i payed for something that cannot be used anymore, so i ask a refund
  11. after the wipe, you introduced a new value on sails that is ''spankers'' . LRQ lives of spankers so you introduced this new value only for this ship due to excessive complaints on forum by players who got boarded by Requin user , trying to solve their problem of gettin boarded nerfing the hunter. so, you nerfed already Pirate rig refit and Elite Pirate rig Refit from 20% to 10% (i'll talk only about the Elite from now), but it wasn't enought cause players still got boarded by Requin...instead running downwind and exit easily from battle... then you intruduced a little nerf to turning of many ship but the % of the nerf had more influence on 6-7th rates than 4-5th...so requin has been again nerfed also in turning. now Elite Pirate has this new bonus that is Spankers Power 5%, main sails -20% , jib sails + 20% but it was a NERF cause requin has been nerfed now from 20% of Jib to 5% of spankers...so u totally deleted your own DLC. now requin is useless for everything, also for hunting trader with basic Prot Bonus due to it's max power to sails of 5% and no more 20%. but LRQ isn't a multirole ship as Hercules Pandora or Rattvisan...she is only a boarder and a fast runner upwind due to it's sailing profile and original project in Real life. Hercules can still be used somewhere as a replacement of any square sails ships, like pandora and Rattvisan is an ''cheap'' 4th rate that can be used somewhere still in PVP. requin is dead, somtimes it's not good enough to do some PVE also. so, cause i bought the ship to use it as it was created for , raider (boarding and escaping), i ask a refund of the DLC due to it's lost playability or you must introduce a big Buff to spankers or remove the new value ''spankers'' to let LRQ owner to use it VS new port bonus ships. thanks
  12. what you are asking for isn't game-friendly. you ask for realism, me too, but many players won't like it. a good realistic gameplay should be 5th rate completely neutralized by a single 3rd rate broadside (maybe 2) cause the crew will be too much scared so they strike the flag and surrend istant. but how simulate this in a videogame? you can but all players won't understand that this should be the real game. historically, sailing was a pain for square sails ships cause they cannot move anymore at 60° to wind for example and a tack needs maybe 10 minutes, if done prorperly. reps also are totally un-realistic: i don't speak about the necromancer with rum, but repairing hull under fire is impossible and you should take safety distance before starting repairing. and you should be able to repair only 3 times for battle, not as it is now with infinite reps every 10 min. first damage patch the devs introduced was really near to reality, a 5th rate was totally destroyed by a single 1st rate broadside, with demast also...as it was in real life of that century. but all the forum ''naaaaaaa its horrible, i cannot use anymore my hercules vs 2 ocean!!!1!!11!'' ...the problem is those players, not the game.
  13. - reduce port BR , as before wipe - reduce target capital from another capital from 3 to 2 - remove hostility mission from a capital that is surrounded by his own national capitals. for example, if i have cap-francis i can take hostility for puerto plata and baracoa; once i take plata and baracoa, from cap-francis i can take hostility for nuevitas...this is wrong. cap-francis should gives mission only for plata and baracoa, from baracoa to nuevitas, from nuevitas to cayo romano and so on... - change frontlines progression from capital-to-capital to capital-to-2 of 5 regional ports-to next capital - freetowns can give only 1 hostility mission - wind power instead of constant wind speed...more strategic manouvers and ships - stormy istance, you have no choice...storm battle or istance are needed in a 18th century sail game. - random wreks, castaways, smugglers bot ( you have to inspect your nation bot to discover it) - different type of big forts (start, circular and so on) and addition of shore batteries in addition to towers - Pacific side of map - new ships: whaler ; and fishing mission and mechanics - smuggler hideouts istance (PVE) - random empty hideout, with some prize or with Ai and prize on shore - ships knowledge shared by ship rates and not only by ships model : 1 slot for surprise is 1 book for every 5th rate ships - fix Ai cannon firing angle - remove unlimited repair in battle, only 3 reps allowed as 2 years ago - speed cap 1st - 2nd rate to 10kn max, 3rd rate to 12kn, 4th 13kn , 5th- 6th to 15.5 kn - RAID mechanics - allow ALT account only in the same nation of main account, all the DLC bought for ALT will considered a donation to game development - limit the ALT accounts in the same nation only to 4 ALT, all the ALT accoung bought from the 5th will considered a donation to came development
  14. huliotkd

    No town management

    i suppose only Diplomat can manage the port.
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