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  1. a lot of us are still looking at game with old eyes...you will no more win without the threat of losing ship because if you sail 1st rates enemy player will engage you only with 3rd 2nd or 1st rate too so the battle in future will be more balanced. so the skill will make the match. you talk about new player and their struggle in the new damage model so they will ragequit...NOPE!! new player will enter in a game already with new hardcore challenging damage model so they get use from the beginning to new threats...the problem here are all old skilled and newbs player already playing the game that don't want to sweat a little to get out from their comfort zone and adapt to new damages. clearly, we need: -little buff in SOL thickness (about 5 or 10 points, not %), other ships are ok...they must be soft compared to SOL - a little nerf in SOL absolute speed (about 1 or 2 knots) - limiting wood for sol only heavy woods (LO WO CAG SAB) ( or little nerf to speed or only limited heavy woods...or maybe both but i suppose it coul be too much) - increase costs of sols in doublons , trim and planking woods...so a 1st rate should costs 50 or 80k doublons (for me it should me 100k but sometime i'm too extreme :D) and 5-6k LO maybe ,40-60k 2nd rate , 30-50k 3rd rate and so on......4th 5th ecc ecc are ok as they are now. -increase BR of 1-2-3 rates but not the BR of ports...a 1st should costs 1.5k or 2k BR to reduce the spam in big BR ports due to their new damage inflicted...a fleet of 6 1st rate can be countered only by heavy rates, maybe 10-12 Bellona...as it should be (3rd rate were the most sailed ship of the time due to their good quality)
  2. this is the wrong starting point of all your argumentation...1st rates are no more invincible... have you tested the new damage model?have you noticed the new penetration values? have you noticed how many damages you can do on a big slow target with simple medium guns? have you noticed the new stern and bow structure damage also in 1st rates? and, if you think all palyers of server are like usa player that explain why you are still VCO and go farm noobs writing here you are worried about the psicological impact the new damage model should have on newbs...you want protect them from new damages patch while you go everyday killing him out of CT where newbs try to play... good job mate! yeah yeah...the problem are invincible first rates...yeah yeah...
  3. yeah indeed. inexperienced player should be helped by their ship cause they are using a 1st rates and they have to be sure that even if they aren't skilled, their firepower protect them from those akward mechanichs. if i'm a noob but can afford a bellona, i use it cause it give me some protection from my own inexperience assuring me the chance to destroy everything on my side letting me escape downwind from the attackers in faster ans smaller ship. so no more vets easy-killing noobs in big ship and posting screen in forum.... which i guess may explain where your opinions are coming from...
  4. an hercules hugging a bellona sinking her is great? a snow sterncamping a 1st rate sinking him is great? a requin boarding a bucentaure under square forts fire is great? a 1st rate that can sink an AI fleet of 11 1st rates is great? an indefatigable firing side to side with a 1st rate tanking all the broadside is great? i can go on...
  5. wrong...angling now must match with moving. an immobile ship is a dead ship so you must always keep moving angling when enemy fire and continuing moving while enemy is firing at you once you started angling. btw , angling still works on testbed but the angle is smaller and you have always move your ship when receiving balls on hull
  6. AMEN anyway, i'm reading a lot of whinig from vets...i have to suppose they still must learn how to play and sail a ship. 1st rate are dangerouse ONLY IF YOU DO MISTAKES AND PUT YOURSELF SIDE TO SIDE WITH IT!!!!! now the skill, real sailing skill, is the preparation of the match...you have to know the role of your ship, know where and when move to a precise direction, when angling and most of all WHEN IT'S TIME TO LEAVE THE BATTLE!!! damage patch improves your awareness of the battle...from the post i'm reading i understand a lot of player have to start improving it
  7. no, 5 min battle if you do mistakes or think to fight a 1st rate using yuor 5th rate side to side...
  8. guys, old battles ended in 1 or max 3 broadsides...too many casualties and rigging damage. masts: the masts are only poles resting on the bottom of the ship and held vertically by the shrouds... if you want to understand how the masts worked, do this experiment in your home: turn a broom upside down and hold it at the base with your hands, then take off one hand and see how hard it is to hold the broom vertically...this is the effect of losing structure in a ship as we should have ingame. atm, testbed is the most realistic damage model we can have. don't be afraid to get used to new damage, don't be scared to lose ship, don't be afraid to learn to play again, don't be afraid to learn the ROLE OF EACH SHIP you have. each ship has its role, a 5th rate is intended to hunt traders or same or smaller frigates and never a superior class...if you do, you can die at 99.9% . a 1st rate is intended to destroy everything in range so he should not engage nothing faster than himself. @admin are we using the historical thickness? we need a little buff on 1st and 2nd rate thickness if not
  9. Correct!!!! masts was and are really weak without rigging and structure at mast's base Wrong! real old battles finish in less than 5 minutes...the big amount of time was needed to get in position to fire and closer to enemy to board, but then...1 broadside and the battle was over...sometimes some captains surrended before 1st shot fired...
  10. new damages are ok. now some correction AI: reduce all the bonus they have due to new damage inflicted, they still have too much manouverability, acceleration, turning. 1st rate/2nd rate : more expensive to craft, and more thickness. the new historical penetration of guns must be matched with historical thickness, i don't know if we are already using the correct thickness. we need just a little bit more of thick , not an exagerated buff, cause structure can be damaged from the beginning of the battle reducing speed too much. the idea is ''1st rates must be a slow battlestation, but moving''. if we are already using historical thickness...well, it's a new fitting game to study :D . 3rd rate: i still have to redeem a bellona to fight with but the AI i managed to sink (in Vic) are really dangerous now cause 32pd inflict a lot of damage to a 1st rate and they have more speed and manouverability than a 1st or 2nd rate. finally, their role of ''lone pvp hunter'' seems to be reached. thickness should be correct as it is now, no buff needed. 4th rate: their role is to form small hunting group. 2 4th rate can be also a 1st rate killers , due to 24pd new damage. good turning, speed , maybe a very little buff to thickness. good 5th rate killers 5th rate : finally soft as they should be. correctly fast, and dangerous with carro loadout until 4th rate but don't think they can sustain a close range battle with the Wasa or 3rd rate. bellona will wipe them fast, as it should be. Indefatigable should be switched to 4th rate, it's too tanky to be a 5th rate...i sank one in 3 full broadsides of Vic with long guns, mybe with medium could be 2 and an half but still too much to be a 5th and it is also too slow to be a 5th. 6th rates : not tested yet but they are strictly connected to boarding. Boarding: boarding is now more vet-friendly due we can still see the change in enemy preparation and new players doesn't have that experience nor they can acquire anymore. now the ships can fire guns also, so boarding must be changed to a faster ending/resolution cause it could be no more profitable to do... you board, receive new damage from victim, new damage from it's friend, new damage from F8 reinforcement so even if you win the boarding you lose the ship. a new boarding could be based on the rule of board fitted palyer VS not board fitting player that have to end in 1 or 2 round kill to give a meaning of boarding gameplay and reducing the sure death of gun fire during rounds. BUT, to give a balance to new system, the player with Marines cannot use the gun fire in boarding; so, if your purpose is to resist boarding sinking the boarder with guns, you must risk to die in 1 or 2 round by the marines of the attacker...the other way, if you want to kill everyone with boarding you have to risk your ship. obviously, nerf Barricades and buff again muskets and grenades REDUCE STATS OF F8 REINFORCEMENT AI AND EPIC EVENT AI!!!! i suppose it will be a bloodbath for every skilled palyer :D
  11. the unreal time of a niagara sterncamping a 1st rate is over...or an hercules maybe...casuals will learn from the start that a big ships is a fast dead as it should be
  12. best patch ever don't be afraid guys, finally we have the game we should have from the beginning
  13. THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!! now ships have sense. now some tunings and will be perfect.
  14. please...today, or tommorrow... finally a small frigate ora 6th rates cannot engage a 1st rate anymore...FINALLY!! but if you want, a couple of Diana with 42pdr carros or indefatigable full 42pdr can still engage a 1st rate...if you make 1 mistake you die...but if you don't, you can kill the 1st rate
  15. well...make this patch live. do it!