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  1. - set a limited number of AI ships around the world. - an AI tbrig killed cannot simply respawn but must be built in its nation capital but not immediatly. it consumes resources and woods in the port market of that nation and if too many AI traders got killed by players, it will become an economic stagnation for that nation until players try to sold their resources to ports to start again production of bots, or simply start to escort also AI traders protecting them from enemy player raids. New gameplay then - PVE'rs now has a useful role in an economic war while PVP'rs will go for RVR and escorting AI Traders or PVE'rs to their action area. many resources are provided from europe for example so player have to understand what is the route from atlantic ocean from where an AI traders can arrive and intercept it before it reachs the port of destination unloading in market all its gold, for example. Or maybe, there will be more probabilities to find Live Oak from traders arriving from Florida than from Aves, but also from ''Aves-side'' can move a Live Oak trader...but rarely. - mix the bot fleet, so every fleet can have inside 1 or 2 trader escorted by warship or a simple fleet of 2-3 traders alone. - putting a Cartagena contract in Charleston will automatically start an Ai Trader from Cartaghena after buying the Cartagena Tar in the port, amid the amount of player's contracts. so everyone will be interested in attacking AI to find something valuable (rare resources, small amount...10-25 cartagena tar max) i think it's not necessary a lot of coding for this
  2. huliotkd

    Muskets need to go

    muskets are already got nerfed. maybe do you need to learn how to counter a boarding? as suggested before, best counter-boarding is fast disengage. it's necessary only 1 book if you prefer , handcombat (old boarding axes)...if you don't have any knwoledge on how boarding works, it's your fault not mods musket. a lot of player use counter-attack on an attack or fire grenades on attack...really no clues on what they are doing.
  3. wrong. you are looking only from the side of new player but u will assure fun also for vet...babysitting a noob is fun for a noob but not for a vet, so you can't force a vet to take care a noob and decide joining a clan is ''mandatory fun''...maybe as a noob i prefer to stay alone for 1 year and then join a clan.
  4. is it normal now to cap 1st rate AI and bring them out of battle and put them on shop? there are a lot of them green/crew space around some markets...
  5. huliotkd

    Hotfix for live servers

    patch on friday will be the best solution for test cause ther is the max number of players. obiously, devs have to go to office for emergency hotfix
  6. huliotkd

    NPC Fleet Routes

    if reinf zones have to be really safe, they have to be also totally USELESS. you can't collect res, can't trade or farm AI...you can do only combat mission for xp. if not, the game will be destroyed cause nobody has the need to go out for buy res for craft his ships or make money. the only port that can be inside a safety zone (like capital area now, but bigger) must be only the nation capital. this or close the game
  7. yeah, it's not clear...money or ship?
  8. nope. you have to replace, yes it is easy or not...but you must take another ship, grab resources, come back, craft, re-arm and go out of port....with insurance you can take same ship just sitting in port...no more resources,trading, crafting...just rine and repeat boring but if you don't sink you don't get PVP mark...
  9. lol, you killed the game again introducing again ''durabilities'' will stop crafting ships cause we can use always the same, and get bored cause if i win my enemy doesn't lose nothing...if i lose, i don't lose nothing...so, why play anymore? comfort never help people to learn and develop...never
  10. nope, or reduce rum necromancer repair to only 1 round
  11. finally!!! obiously only when you organize a 3 group of 25 -25 - 25 for screen and go to pb...but if i'm not wrong, massimo and some other BASTD were the only ones killed in one of the battles... just a little bit more than we did with brits at the end of july....