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  1. @adminbut the circle must be little or like patrol zone (reducing during time). a privateer can kite easily everyone (even other privateer) for more than 30min. big problem: new woods are still listed as tradind goods so people can again unbalance the game in favor of the most powerful player already in game. remove them from trading goods and remove them from fixed port spawn. make them random all over the map, every day a new port and new quantity (i suggest no more than 200 a day of each new wood). i think we will need a new ship, ports ,resources wipe to play again an equal terms instead the actual situation where new players can do nothing vs every single vets/player of most powerful nation.
  2. AMEN well @admin...i'm reading you have some problems with customers on steam...again...as in the last 5 years. is it time ,maybe, to ask yourself if you did some mistakes? as i already said many times and you ignored without answering every time , i will tell you again the solution for your game: LIST OF RULES. RULES: if you introduce a new mechanic that must work for example like Frontlines, and you see some nation exploiting it in a way you don't want (like pirates did with saint mary on USA coast capping it miles and miles behind frontlines allowed port)...just BAN every player who used/participated into the exploit. if you say ''you can't enter in an hostility mission stacked over another hostility mission so you cannot be countered even if it is a Devs programming/coding mistake'' , you HAVE TO BAN every single account that entered that battle istance. if you don't start BANNING who doesn't respect rules, you will always have toxic chat and bad reviews...toxicity is because new and old players get frustrated because more old players group up together to use all exploit and escamotage to win not by skill but only by impossible battle for the enemy (like Puchu...4 vs 1) . if you are scared to lose your Russian streamer that you believe are bringing to your game new player, you will be always in the same situation. your Russian streamers are the reason why you have bad reviews: they show that there are no rules, that everyone can join the Top nation and go harrassing smaller one cause smaller cannot win by skill, numbers,mods, money and port bonus, they show that if you are Russian player playing in Russia nation you will not receive so many warning/ban/alert from Devs as non-Russian palyers do( Lord Viscious was the first...and surprise!! he discovered a duplicating-mods exploit used by Russian players for a long time providing you also a video and you banned Viscious for another silly reason and did nothing to those Russian players) , they show it's fun make other players ragequit, they show you have no control on your game and community...because managin YOUR community is YOUR JOB not our...we are customers... so again...LIST OF RULES AND ''GOODBYE'' to all your Russian streamers accounts(they did enough to ruins that game), Big NEw Wipe to test your new game with new mechanics (frontlines,port bonus, incredible mods and woods ecc ecc), remove unlimited repairs in battle a bring back Old Sea Trials mechanic with only 3 or 0 reps for each battle (hull sails). start going to QUALITY not falling to QUANTITY...you don't have a sufficient number of devs to go for quantity, you can sell only QUALITY and quality alwasy bring people. follo the BLIZZARD example: they BANNED 1.300 Wow account in 1 day for exploit and cheating...1.300 paying account...in 1 day...in less than a month they gained about 8.000 new account because people know the BLIZZARD protect who wants to play the game following rules and not exploiting them... or sell Naval Action to Blizzard and be rich
  3. @admin how does it work? i have the ''DLC required'' picture for trincomalee but i'm a current owner of the game
  4. players who want slower RVR will die faster because RVR depend on whom attak them, so they must defend at time attackers decide
  5. instead of removing cooldown, can you stop Port Battle until you have a new mechanic?
  6. huliotkd


    finally!! i really didn't want to fight to cap a De Ruyter when i can now have it as compensation
  7. lol. Danes can screen swedish fleet attacking san juan, cannot enter PB yes...but can screen. Truxillo can't be screened because the attack was led by defender's ALT...so it was impossible to stop and this is an abuse of hotility mechanic. you are accusing HAVOC to have used alt to take back san juan but you don't have proofes. all the Forum has proofes of ALT used at Truxillo instead. another fact is that Truxillo would have been owned by ALT Clan instead of main player while San Juan was passed from main account to main account so again...San Juan and Truxillo are 2 different things
  8. the Gazette is the most waited newspaper of the moment always good job @Gregory Rainsborough!!!
  9. but again they didn't used alt...they changed nation, and the last of them remained danish as clan leader and then i suppose he removed friendly clan from the ally list...then the swedish attacked san juan and took it...no alt involved. and no broken mechanic, cause the owner clan has all the right to manage the port as they wish. is they take back san juan as swedish clan is because they invested much more than other clans. nothing wrong in this action. truxillo was flipped using an alt instead, and filled with russian fleet....a big difference
  10. but truxillo an san juan are not the same thing. truxillo was flipped using an alt to create hostility mission, san juan was flipped by main account of ex-danes player...so, completely different
  11. @admin can you re-open test server and load again the old Naval Action version with storms? just for storm lovers...
  12. @admin can you better explain what is you target? do you will introduce variable dinamic wind power inside battle istance?
  13. fort should attack both sides cause they are enemy of nation's fort.
  14. no, too exagerated and annoying. you can't avoid it as you can't avoid privateer fleet due to their OW speed (and istance speed lol)
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