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  1. same as the other night to.
  2. Loki is a great addition of not abused by adding things like mods and always fresh ships etc. Make it a once per day dlc but leave it as it is in regards to how you join and the random condition of what ship you get. Anything else could be trolling. Also keep it anonymous its better for the person being attacked not to know who they are fighting. Also for those who don't like the idea of a PVE battle getting some PVP treatment you may be surprised at how well some the players who fight AI a lot can be in battle. They are not all soft carebears as you may think.
  3. This is a really great idea. Numbers would rise and fights could be arranged within normal life time limits. This would definitely sell games imo.
  4. This is a perk which does not effect combat or my game play in any way. It only eases the game for those who want to use it, especially new players or those that can't be 'arsed' to navigate. I also think Koltes suggestion is fine but this perk does not need to be removed because of it. Some people want immersive some don't, so give options for all not the few.
  5. NO !!! Leave the map alone. Map size is great. This is not an arcade game. Our clan sails everywhere and has plenty of OW PVP everyday and we never fight in the R Zones or the P Zones. Sail out of Tumbado, Navasse, Aves, etc and you will have lots of PVP. The large map is also great for traders and for those who want to get away. Happy Christmas.
  6. This is a great perk especially for new players. I do not and would not use it because I have been in game for over two years. Keep it for those that want to use it. I do not understand why anyone would object to something that they don't have to use themselves ? If you don't like it.....don't use it.
  7. Great ideas and very happy with all the plans you have are putting into the first half of 2019. Love the AI concept. Should add great content to the game and make pirating just a bit harder. All good stuff. 😁
  8. The R ZONE used in this way is a poor mechanic. It was intended as a helping hand for new players not a comfort zone for rear admirals. If YOU tag an enemy you should do so without fake helping mechanics.
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