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  1. We allready know how many online players there is, can’t we also know nation online players ?
  2. Update !😎 i guess everyone is curious on how things are going 😁 after some time away from Norway - Danmark, I have decided to come back to the motherland. i will thank the pirates clan @BLACK and the US clan @MONKS for å nice time and good company. both @Ferrus Pugnum and @loorkon is amazing leaders 👊 Alt for Norge
  3. and again, alt abuse is a part of the problem.
  4. Please @admin make this happen! ❤️ people think i don’t like them if I don’t answer them!
  5. But still need to buy more copies of the game? If so I get why nobody cares about alt abuse
  6. Dear Captains! Since the use of alts are allowed in this game and Is a very big part of the game, I would like to know what kind of program you use, how many alts can you use at the same time? when we get gifts from the devs, do you transfer the gods to the main account? do you need a hardcore computer to run the programs?
  7. If its to salty, I’m sorry ❤️
  8. Braaavoo! How much does it cost for a advert for " Snabel-Rum, the best there is " ?
  9. i wounder have you can get them as gifts :)
  10. this just show how much we love this game. I like the stronk @Admin, stand Your ground and fight
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