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  1. Thank you all for the Feedback, i just got the second book now ! yeah I would also love more mini series I that time period with accurate ships
  2. I’m not a virgin anymore! got my first warning from the noble @Hethwill I will behave💪
  3. Just finished the first bok of twenty (?) has someone else read the entire serie? is it worth it? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aubrey–Maturin_series
  4. kult initiativ ! håper jeg kan være med =D
  5. I dont know why we should support the us of alts in this game. its nothing to brag about is it ?
  6. I like IT finally can you get some honor for playing clean. but @anolytic has a good point. maybe it should be that you only can help your nation ? maybe bring back alliance system ?😅
  7. Sad to hear. its so strange to read about players you have seen in chat or discord over the years suddenly is gone, even tough i only spoke to him once he seemd to be a nice guy
  8. nope me too. havent sailed the bloody wappen since we got it in gift last decade. but now i want to try it! thanks taco... =(
  9. When new players join the game, They should be shown how many players the different nation has and how many port they have. this is can go both ways of course. But many players want to play a game because it has challenges. Like joining small factions. it is so boring with 650 player online and maybe 20-30% is alts
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