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  1. kapteinsnabeltann

    Need help ASAP

    Hethwill you are a saint! i have never experienced that before. thank you!
  2. kapteinsnabeltann

    Need help ASAP

    I have tried to restart steam, and my computer. but still the same error! please help, or i must play PUBG tonight =(
  3. kapteinsnabeltann

    National crew voice!

    Still a problem!
  4. kapteinsnabeltann

    WTT for Trinco

    do you dare to sail arround in such a valuable ship? 😯
  5. kapteinsnabeltann

    Exams - How to pass - tips and tricks

    rear cannon demasting 😎
  6. kapteinsnabeltann

    I was wrong, sorry

    you guys have the biggest reinforcment area in open world. we just found a way arround.
  7. kapteinsnabeltann

    Safe zone Rework

    True True True
  8. kapteinsnabeltann

    I miss freeports!

    i dont know what its called, i have been away for 7 months ish. so i dont know what is what. i only miss sailing up there
  9. kapteinsnabeltann

    I miss freeports!

    make little river a freeport agian, that russian flag dont fit in there
  10. kapteinsnabeltann

    I miss freeports!

  11. kapteinsnabeltann

    I miss freeports!

    yeah that also true! there used to be like two down there?
  12. kapteinsnabeltann

    I miss freeports!

    Is there a reason for the lack of freeports in this area?
  13. kapteinsnabeltann

    Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    Cmon girls this is so bullshit. stop being dramaqueens and play the game. We (DNP) do our thing, and Rdnn can do what they want.
  14. kapteinsnabeltann

    Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    aha okei! Time to get back to the game then hahaha
  15. kapteinsnabeltann

    That Moment When You Learn Your Name Means Something Else