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  1. Make St Pavel Great again! such a beautiful ship!
  2. So if you just pay attention, you will se a lot of signs.
  3. i would like a warning during battle ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. "Oh no, now he comes to the ring with even more suggestions" but as long as I'm not banned from the forum I'll continue Loki Rune, very fun and exciting. a great addition to the game. but I would like to put forward a wish that you should know that you have become a Loki rune. because, like many others, I attack npc ships if you get bored, test out your new ship or whether it is an elite npc. when you attack an npc, you focus only 50%. you may watch tv, facebook or porn during the match. therefore it is a little extra boring if you suddenly meet top pvp player in a victory against your sweet little frigate. i am fully aware that this is pvp server bla bla bla. but just a small suggestion? thanks for answering in a polite manner
  5. Hi! i know it will never happen and talked about before. but 12 nations... its to much when we are 400-700 online a day. and we dont know how many of them are alts. but i think we should stay strong and still play, the wind will change
  6. Dear captains of Naval Action.๐Ÿ’— this is very awkward. i have been a part of the danish-norwegian community since i started playing for about 3000 hours ago. i have my share of portbattles, screening, ganking, pvp hunt, and pve. i have had a extremly fun time and i loved it, but i think its time for me to try something new. i need a clan that has active players on Teamspeak, players that love to speak and laugh. a clan that is not afraid of supporting the nation in RVR or PVP i have much to learn and im willing to learn. i would like to find a clan with only norwegians, but thats impossible. the main language need to be english( or almost english) I dont use alt because i think its crap. i am online mostly daytime and after kids asleep. i cant join a russian clan, if BF suddenly ask if i would like to join i say yes, ( they are extremly good sailors) i can join other danish-norwegian clans. i hope for positive feedback i dont need to leave my nation, im good here, but i want more.
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