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  1. It is amazing how a so little and irrelevant nation can make so much noise 💪 where is dutch, france, pirates, and Prussia ? Nothing happens there?
  2. If they can do It and it’s allright from the community so we can also do it. we don’t like it, but it seems that this is a ok thing to do. btw it was a strategy call. We where going to fish in the restricted zone
  3. With all do respect for China, they have nothing in this game as their own nation. but since we added Russia why not ?
  4. now we are entering a low standard discussion from BOTH sides. i think the community dont want to read up and down about what happend 7 months ago. and defintly not about a major power vs a little power. this topic is about fresh rvr history. lets try to continue to give fresh rvr history and not gossip/bitching
  5. I wonder if we can get some feedback from Our hard working@admin 😎
  6. just to make things a litte more nicer and to stop this bitching. cant we just buy the ports back? san juan, aquadilla,guyama,pasjae,fajardo,ponce, cabo, etc ? "Danmark-Norway, the smallest nation- largest on forum"
  7. But flipping our ports, set nightimers on port, calling inn screeners, not showing up at pb. We should really take that as a compliment. We are few but dedicated. Nation chat has never been more cozy. we are laughing about being 2 ported. we will keep on going, having fun, enjoy the game and try as good as we can to be a pain in the ass for our Swedish neighbors
  8. Didn’t people knew that we in Bocar is the forum warriors?!
  9. We are only like 6 players xD i want to recruit more idiots, but the idiots in bocar wont let me
  10. Thank god we can’t be broken more 😀
  11. Ahh cool «let’s chat ? »
  12. But i still think the best suggestian was that it should be a setting in game, so people can choose themself. and the ones who dont want it on, are beeing bullied in global chat
  13. Then they need a faster ship! i still feel captains runs if they don’t have clear advantage !
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