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  1. Not only you. Its a old problem simple because time zones. So there is no easy solution for that or we dont know it yet.
  2. Here are some nice looking flags (not really navy but...) Have a look:
  3. Up. Na naszej stronie dodalismy jezyk angielski. Rekrutacja do [MK] otwarta - wkrotce dolacza gracze innego polskiego klanu do Marynarki Krolewskiej.
  4. Having fun in naval Action is to have enemies to sink - what you guys propose by make regional servers is opposite. No reason to splitting such a low population ...
  5. Even if so... what about rest of players then?
  6. Why so many peeps afraid of NPC? 😂 btw this need to be done better than last time 😉 Anyone got clue how to make more ship "usable" and avoid few meta ones?
  7. My advice: don`t join zerg nations😉
  8. Just realized that new player who looking for a bit challenge in game have dilema: join Russia or Commonwealth - hmm both are impossible they said😂
  9. Z tej starej gwardii malo kto zostal - to bardziej Commonwealth ver 2.0😉 Niemniej zapraszam do powrotu Dulay jak i innych. Nacja potrzebuje ludzi jak tlenu tym bardziej po tym jak PRIV przeszli do holendrow.
  10. [BASTD] - are they british clan? Excuse me but im back to game few day ago and not updated😉
  11. Nation: Commowealth of Poland Clan: Marynarka Krolewska [MK] Languages: pl, eng Focus: PvP, RvR, Eco Recruitment: Website: https://navalactionpl.wixsite.com/marynarkakrolewska ZAPRASZAMY !
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