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  1. Mamy juz 26 kapitanow i chodza sluchy ze dolaczy do nas w najblizszym czasie "legendarny" admiral Mario ktory zagubil sie na morzu! Rekrutujemy dalej!
  2. So you talking about 7-8 nations right?😉
  3. But Russia doing very well? so its not gameplay POV
  4. Well but nobody will learn from this seems so.
  5. I play on both servers - no point be a despiteful mate
  6. Well if you think hittin 900 its fine then ...fine😉 Size of map is shaped for 3k at least. Should be more macro scale instead same 200 players in RvR
  7. Players should have free choice - but things look like they look. Not their fault but sealclubbers who after moaning that population is low. We got few players joining us recently and all of them said: game is unfriendly for newbie and there is no point for them play in PvP and being ganked first time they leave port. Maybe some karma system may help...
  8. Im quite happy tbh - its not good for game but... We got them (new players) coming to PvE now
  9. What about this veterans with thousands hours who sealclubbing new players near Shroud Cay? Are they deserve it as well?
  10. This one is Commonwealth of Poland but more like Tallinn town (Estonia)
  11. Up. Dolaczyl do nas 21 kapitan! Rekrutujemy dalej i powoli myslimy o przejeciu pierwszych polskich portow na PvE
  12. Topics merged - my ship was saved on OW but my clan mate ship was sunked.
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