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  1. Sometime around 2014 i was told to devs: take what was good from PotBS. Have to wait few years but... here we go.
  2. Can we expect any updates from developing anytime soon?
  3. Ciezko cos stwierdzic narazie jak to ma wygladac. Oto Q&A temat odonsnie gry z czego duzo nie wynika niestety poza ogolnymi zalozeniami:
  4. Maly up: Rekrutujemy caly czas! Posiadamy 17 portow (2 z pelnymi bonusami portowymi) ktore zamierzamy skutecznie bronic przed raidersami. Zapraszamy!
  5. Good we got China in game. All Poland haters can bugger off now 😂 I like alliances feature on PvE❤️
  6. Only if devs add them (Chinese) on the same rules as Russia, Prussia and Poland 😉 But ofc you don`t know it
  7. Don`t mind ANY nation in game but only if we get whole world map here
  8. So you have to give them back mate😂
  9. With population maximum 500 players your suggestion is quite right. Most populated nations on PvE like Brits, Spain, Pirates could have easy mode when devs decide limit hostility to nation only. Small nations like Dutch last few days is perfect example - they cant even gather 5 players to make hostility and can`t compete. So yes - clan alliances would work perfect on PvE - Let people decide who they want help or who don`t. PvP that completely different story but i personally don`t care.
  10. Suggestion: Dear developers please consider to add architecture style like other nations have in game for Russia, Prussia and Commonwealth of Poland. Poland examples: Prussia: Russia: Just examples above. This idea could make game more colorfull.
  11. You get pulled in when your group is battle group (6+) if less you have to join in circle as far i know.
  12. Question on PvE: how many port will be attacked daily?
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