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  1. Thanks for the welcome gents, furyGer S! John and Macjimm, loved politics but sadly it didn't like me
  2. Lol I still up until recently had you in my steam listing, damn you play NA sir! Surely you've got a medal for such loyalty!?! Its great to see some familiar faces, yours being one of the finest. The SLRN is under new Command, and is being led admirable. I'm just glad to slip in from the wings and have fun. I have of course not been idle, I put out a call to arms, and many have replied, so who knows you may see the SLRN back to its former self at some point.
  3. Its been a very long time, 4 years in fact, but a few of my old Shipmates at the SLRN said why not come back and check it out. Test the water! I must admit, its looking gorgeous, so much more polish 'Not the people of course'. The UI and graphics vastly improved. I've clearly not yet played enough for a complete understanding of the mechanics, but on the surface its clear, a lot of hard work has gone into it, Well done Devs! I did chuckle at the current Politics and RvR action, its good to see the same old rivalries and skulduggery in play, but now with additional Nations, excellent! Anyway, hello again to old friends, and a salute to older enemies. Keep your powder dry, and your women not! Charles Caldwell
  4. Today we all stand with Belgium!
  5. I welcome all suggestions, but without a game mechanic.... trying to get all factions agreeing anything will be difficult. Currently we cant even agree on the colour of Black!
  6. Happy to retire my forum PvP1 sword.... if others follow. o7
  7. None taken sir....and all quite correct. Just a small cog in a big wheel.
  8. I think you give the Brits more credit than it's due.... these Clans have done this independently and by their own free will. I understand thats upsetting for you but thats how these games sometimes playout, not everyone will tow your line. Currently the Brits are the bad guys, in a few months time it could be you again.... then after that whoever.
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