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  1. Lord Capstan give Pit Pinsel the second lesson
  2. February is the month I want to remember you my old friend
  3. i think reverse and Bf are the first order😁
  4. 😁lets make a Anti racism tournament😁 Group A Bumsebiene against Pit Pinsel, Bumsebiene is my student but is damn strong.
  5. ausserdem du musst dich ja nicht zu dem post äußern wenns dir auf den sack geht du typ.
  6. 😲oooohhhhh Pit Pinsel why do you hurt so many innocent english traders. NOW YOU KNOW😝
  7. if it happened to an english teamspeak and these brazilian players then switch to us we can't do that
  8. there are supposed to be European clans doing this
  9. I can't report what you said to these players in teamspeak, that's why I do it my way you smartass.
  10. No, I only heard of racist statements made by English players about Brazilian teammates, you rags
  11. Against police violence and racism. Your Pit Pinsel and should I hear something again about English clans that speak racistically about Brazilian teammates, I will burn the cities of these clans. the world should remain colorful in the game and outside
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