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  1. you shouldn't smoke the hemp too often, you should install it on your ship.
  2. you already know in your little pve brain that the wooden cheast brought the game into pvp missions.
  3. and you must already know that i sunk now dutch ships for you big mouth.
  4. after all BF is like BASTD , brainless fairless idiots and Reverse you trop you mask in this thread here.
  5. I'm not begging you here, I don't need to. I appeal to you exclusively for the fairness of the players who have been in this battle, I will not be your playground CAPATIAN REVERSE
  6. your players know thats truth and i dont know why you say you giveing me the ship not back , you was not in this battle
  7. 581/5000 As a player who has the inferior Battle Rating, I want to have the opportunity to close the battle so that no one else can join my site because other players and old accounts do not allow me to fight fairly. like in this fight where I ask the redoutable to leave the fight so that I have a fair fight against the two Trincos, but you can see what happens then. Another player joins and it becomes a gank. Here I want to say again that Yettie wants to organize my ship back and I think it's really fair that he does that.
  8. Anniversary of Lord Capstan and his spirit wanders across the map and kills Englishmen.😁 https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/769489790228283652/2E3F6E1599E2F3968EEF367C564F28A2DAE97389/
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