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  1. Nice idea, I would also suggest that this DI be possible for young captains who can't allow yet a 5th rate min ( i.e. the rank of Master and Commander). But I think it should be an default option which can be removed for 200 doubloons paid for perk resetting, just as it is the case for the sextant perk. If novice captains know that they are save from ganking while they are only learning- gaining XP- making money, the game would be a little friendlier, a little more humane und it would attract far more players then now and would thus raise the sales, which is also beneficial for the developers.
  2. Hello man, I understand that you are annoyed, that you don't like Russians and it's well deserved: you have reasons for it and they are not angels. I agree with that. But: why to blame only Russians? And what about all the other nations - Brits, French, Dutch, Pirates, Swedes etc etc?? Don't they behave in the same way?? And you are warned at every connection that it's a WAR server where everybody is killing each other.And you choose to enter. You don't enter the peace server. So what's the problem??? I think that all the nations are more or less similar: they just do what is allowed by the rules of the game - like in real life. So if you want to make some plans against Russians, to prepare an offensive operation or something like this, it's OK for me and the forum in general. But my point is that I personally disagree with the fact that they are heathens just because they bully and harrass everybody. I would say that they are just normal humans who behave like the other nations and do what they are legally allowed to do, neither more, nor less. That's all.
  3. Hello guys, I have also thought about the same: what do you think the battles would look like if the wind force changed regularly according to the Beaufort scale? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beaufort_scale Especially, with strong winds that demand reefing sails.. See you
  4. Отлично продумано и написано! Я надеюсь, что разрабы внедрят хотя бы что-нибудь из твоих предложений
  5. Ты все правильно пишешь и я подозреваю, что нет системы, потому что вместо нее есть конфликт интересов разных игроков, потому что у каждого свой стиль игры ,- кто-то хочет открытый мир, а кто-то в нем скучает и требует ускорить путешествия в 20 раз Соответственно, наши друзья разрабы пытаются "угодить и нашим и вашим", - т.е. прийти к какому-то компромиссу, чтобы учесть пожелания всех хоть частично. Но практика показывает, что частичное удовлетворение пожеланий никого не удовлетворяет.
  6. You might want to use this one: http://www.navalactionwiki.com/index.php?title=Player_Ranks
  7. No, I don't hit the key except for PVP. And I'm sorry but the trader tool has nothing to do with realism because it works as a radio-beacon system but there was no radio in the 18 th century. What is more related to realism is sextant in fact. And I don't quite understand why you need F 11 if you have sextant, which is exactly the same.
  8. I do with the trader tool and feel perfectly fine. F11 is only for unprofessional captains who don't understand anything in navigation:) And sextant should be left for those who really need it, like new players for example.
  9. At midday and midnight, as in real life:)
  10. I strongly agree.
  11. Yes, nights in the Naval Action Carribean are very short and curiously the sunrise is around 2 am which is exactly what happens in June in Northern countries, which are located North of 60 degrees of Northern latitude: Scandinavian countries, Russia, USA (Alaska) and Canada. The more you go to the North, the shorter is the night. But in the game this can be explained by the fact that time is compressed: otherwise we can't sail across big distances very fast. In real Carribean the sunset is around 6 pm and the sunrise around 5 am and the nights are "normal". Please correct me if I'm mistaken with the exact time.
  12. The developers could introduce a limitation: no ganking is possible if the attacked captain doesn't have the rank/xp making him able to command a 5th rate. Under this rank he should be considered a newbie and he has to be given time to learn. Otherwise, the war server will be limited only to 200 veterans soon.
  13. Yes, thank you Surcouf! I agree that when you are leeward, you have the smoke flying to you, even in Naval Action, and it closes the vision, it blinds you and it makes things better for the enemy on the windward side who can see you quite better because he doesn't have the smoke but you do. But if you fire at very close range, the smoke doesn't matter:)
  14. Hello guys, I would like to add my small contribution to the debate. Concerning the gunnery: being upwind means that you have to aim lower, and being downwind means that you have to aim higher than usual. This seems quite evident. Concerning the rest: a)The positive thing about windward position is that you have more maneuverability and thus more time to turn than the opponent. However sometimes I do fire from leeward side because in this position it takes a square-rigged ship much less time to bear down ( = to go downwind) from the adversary and to gain speed fast and to sail away for another turn. b) So I would say that having the weather wind is better when the distance between you and the adversary is big because you can maneuver easier, even outmaneuver him. But when you are giving him a full broadside at a very small distance, having the leeward side gives you more chances to turn away faster, showing only your stern to the opponent's return broadside, and to sail way faster and to outmaneuver him afterwards On the contrary: if you sail upwind just after your broadside, then your speed will be falling very fast and you have more chances to get hit by the opponent in return. What do you think about it?
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