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  1. Alberta is now shutting down or slowing down. Compared to elsewhere just cities getting hit nothing out in our rural areas so far as people are staying home or self isolating coming back from trips. Most are implementing work from home with those that can't paid vacation or no wait employment insurance payments and those that can't get that other means to make sure they are ok. Remote school starts today and stores well stocked and implementing no hoarding purchases policy so we are good where I live for now. Take care everyone .
  2. Here is a better idea. Play the game . Your constantly trying to find and suggest ways to further screw up the game to your advantage. If you spent half the energy you use here trying to find ways to change the game to your advantage and used it to recruit and train more players and stop whining so much day after day maybe more players would be open to joining you or at least helping you to succeed in this game. Why should the Devs change the game just so you can succeed in the way you decided to play the game ? Dev's have stated they have stopped listening to the few that whine the most and have stopped implementing changes because of it and now look at the greater majority of player wishes that will benefit the game the most .
  3. Yet it is in the tutorial go figure.
  4. No it wasn't. Happened long before that. This I would wager started before and right after the wipe ,when a couple players in Bastrd and Cred still held grudges against Swedish players of that time. When my clan left Brits I still had to have a player there because I had a lot of things to move and I made an alt to hold them. I personally saw orders to attack Swedish players coming back from helping screen port battles for Brits by those 2 clan's members if they didn't leave the area immediately on the Brit nation chat to other nation members with an explanation that they deserved to be attacked for past transgressions that they didn't like apparently before and right after the main release of game. Those are the clans that pushed for Russian intervention and till Brit players wake up and take back control of the situation its a shame,
  5. Yes have seen the Danish priv fleets just about to Fort Baii and North of Fajardo also. Is a bit strange maybe give the priv fleets a new improved heavy duty sextant Devs so they know where the patrol zones are and don't stray that far.
  6. Now, Now just let them be ,they are imploding very nicely. Untill GB players realize the nuts at the top of the decision making tree have made very bad choices for their nation and have gone off the deep end with childish behaviour and revenge seeking and finger pointing nothing will change and may in fact get worse. Seems like the higher ups in the nations think this is real life and are blending fantasy with reality. GOOD JOB DEVS !!! Hell of a game if it can turn rational GROWN men into children and push some to the point of embarrassing themselves like this on social media. But I guess shouldn't be surprised because :
  7. Maybe demote him because he has been here long enough to know the rules and did it anyway.
  8. 2 players entered my battle sat there and towards end of battle started to shoot me and block me from getting the ships cargo then took it. Dene and Julien Blackbird CAPT clan. Informed them green on green not allowed but they just ignored that and continued. Also sent in report f11
  9. Only other option would be a certain amount ( % )? of damage (to be determined) must occur to any ship or it can leave after 2 min. You don't engage and do say .50-2% damage then it can leave. Something like that.
  10. So that would leave what ? Britain and Spain lol
  11. Well in a couple of days will be marking my 5 year anniversary here and not going to calculate how many thousands of in game hours lol. We started with (After Trials) sand bar ports with a dock, pretty much just sand bars and water and a couple of ships. We have come a long way from that to what we have now with all the detail in game and on the ships. Thank you for creating a game that can give you joy one minute and the next drive you to the brink of insanity lol. Has been an interesting journey and thank you for letting me experience and be a part of this experience. Congrats Devs and players for getting us to where we are now and Happy Holidays to you all. WELL DONE. Dragon
  12. Didn't work last time as I remember even port battles were set by some
  13. Well it really starts around here and extends to multiple of your posts and suck it up buttercup is an expression of speech and if your not whining about it why so many posts, would be one and done right. Seems like you still hold bad feelings towards Swedes to the point have seen Dane ships screening with Russian ships and maybe you are Russian with your proclaimed many alts ? Anyway good luck to you hope you find some happiness in game somewhere fair sails to you.
  14. You could pretty much change Danes to Swedish in this post and you would have exactly what we had to go through even though we were supporting your port battles. We were farmed to the point of stupidity and to the point of stunting our development to the degree we had a very hard time ranking anyone up properly and had shit ships to defend ourselves properly. The extra hours your nation caused us to have to grind to even survive your attacks on us and our new players cause me to laugh and shed zero tears to your whining posts now as I told your players as they attacked 40 minutes us after we helped in the port battles you had screening for you . Your nation deserves everything it gets for all the times your players laughed at us and refused to let up even after being asked too the vote was NO no peace so suck it up butter cup enjoy what we had to for the first 2 months after wipe. KARMA she is a bitch and she is yours now enjoy.
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