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  1. I think the pig god cloud had something to do with it. No one was worshiping it anymore All hail the pig cloud ! Oinkmen.
  2. I just want to know what your sailor is doing to that cannon in the top pic maybe keep that behaviour to your clan. 🤐
  3. Add to that don't let them surrender, they chose to use the Loki so they chose to enter a battle. Surrender to be an ass and the player gets no loot needs to be changed.
  4. Ports Add ability to DLC more owned ports or add 2 more ports to list would be big help to econ ect.
  5. Dock space Ability to either DLC more dock space or add more dock space per owned port.
  6. Once again you assume I wasn't there have family things to do and way I hear it when I got back AGAIN Sweden interfered and changed the outcome so until you can stand on your own I just put all you propaganda in the yappy little dog file sorry. Do it yourself without major help and then will pay attention. You don't seem to be able too. So the win goes to the Swedes not your nation they make you irrelevant .,WTG Swedes well done !
  7. Yea I moved back with the old clan again we will rebuild it with the original guys and a few more. Mind if I attack Little River again ? lol The good old days. Little Ninja guy is trying to be a LV clone and doing a horrible job but he does have the same mentality.
  8. Well I guess since your such a big shot now you won't need Sweden giving you ports or helping you any more. Nice to see you have grown into such a fierce man now that you won't need Sweden teaching you to walk anymore and can now do it yourself. Look forward to seeing you stand on your own 2 feet for a change and man up and "get er done" by yourself ( have someone explain that to you ) You seem now to talk the talk now lets see you walk the walk on your own. Doubt if you can without mommy and daddy Sweden there to catch you lol.
  9. Alberta is now shutting down or slowing down. Compared to elsewhere just cities getting hit nothing out in our rural areas so far as people are staying home or self isolating coming back from trips. Most are implementing work from home with those that can't paid vacation or no wait employment insurance payments and those that can't get that other means to make sure they are ok. Remote school starts today and stores well stocked and implementing no hoarding purchases policy so we are good where I live for now. Take care everyone .
  10. Here is a better idea. Play the game . Your constantly trying to find and suggest ways to further screw up the game to your advantage. If you spent half the energy you use here trying to find ways to change the game to your advantage and used it to recruit and train more players and stop whining so much day after day maybe more players would be open to joining you or at least helping you to succeed in this game. Why should the Devs change the game just so you can succeed in the way you decided to play the game ? Dev's have stated they have stopped listening to the few that whine the most and have stopped implementing changes because of it and now look at the greater majority of player wishes that will benefit the game the most .
  11. Yet it is in the tutorial go figure.
  12. Yes have seen the Danish priv fleets just about to Fort Baii and North of Fajardo also. Is a bit strange maybe give the priv fleets a new improved heavy duty sextant Devs so they know where the patrol zones are and don't stray that far.
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