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  1. That is what the pve server is for. What player expects not to be attacked on a war server? Why would they play a Naval Action war game and expect not to be attacked regardless if they have just started to play of have been here for 5 years ? Go sail on the PVE server to go do that but expect action if you do it on the war server would be common assumption. Too bad they couldn't get their feet wet on the PVE server to say a certain rank and then transfer over their rank and experience to the PVP server might solve a lot of the newbie getting ganked without basic knowledge problem.
  2. Well Congrats Devs been an interesting 5 years.
  3. We use to have just that only way to get any ship anywhere was to sail it. Go take a Santi and sail it from port Gibralter to the flats area hell even Gustavia to there like we use to have to do to attend a port battle and then sail it back and if you make it without being sunk on the way let us know what an absolutely painful time wasting never want to do that again experience that was. At an average of 4kn there and back in a Santi (looking at time notes I made back in the day) you would stop playing the game if that was what we had to go back to doing all the time. Because also back then you couldn't enter the port at all till you owned it so either log off for rest of the day till server reset or start sailing for home see ya in 4 hours.
  4. it is when 2 Russians are there why no fear of Russians tagging you in larger worth more ship Because you worked together so stop the bs lying lol
  5. I see it as the Admins have developed a game so unique that it drives people to the point of blurring reality vrs a game in development. That people would actually berate, accuse , whine, cringe, embarrass themselves over a game they were testing when they probably would never think of doing that in their daily lives speaks volumes about the passion this game we are testing brings out in people who blend the accomplishments, losses and feelings of injustice as a factor in their personal life at all as this is just a game of pixles and really has no bearing on their life at all. When you wake in the morning your possession in real life are all still the same. Well done Devs for driving some ppl to the edge of insanity lol.
  6. Maybe I am wrong but all I see coming from this is massive abuse and a whole shit storm of complaints. Might of worked before alts were introduced and I like the concept of it but the introduced mechanics of op ships being crafted by "mostly" larger clans only and veteran elite players in those larger clans pretty much all owning said ships how are smaller or micro clans getting their ports raided constantly by alts and elite players going to make the game more enjoyable. Being forced to join into a larger clan is not an option for a lot of players due to preference or time zones. It was seen yesterday a larger more op nation attacking a port with paid for defences not being defended because it was cheaper to lose the port and the defences than fighting against op ships you don't have. Cost to replace larger ships for a smaller clan player base is way too high along with the defences and now the introduction of larger clans constantly raiding those clans of resources to try to compete in the first place is questionable. If it is to force everyone into just a large clan to minimise losses and be able to play the game with some enjoyment your going to lose a lot more players. No smaller players and clans that are going to be constantly hammered by large nations ,alts ,elite players and exploiters raiding them are going to put up with that for long till the game becomes unplayable for them and they either create a shit storm of protest, complaints or just leave. Maybe I am wrong but I see it coming.
  7. Yea but I remember also it was test, report, stop using and if continued to use there were penalties. The stop using and penalty parts seem to have changed.
  8. Looks interesting I will be following. In Canada also you might get some flack for using the term you have chosen to represent the native or indigenous people.
  9. You can also use an old fashioned thing called pen and paper and map the port resources like we use to do.
  10. Feature use to have a range of game render distance as it is now is just right. Also very helpful finding channels in shallow areas.
  11. No if that happens or the ship is left too long the chances that the ship has sunk too low to loot would be very high anyway. Dedicate a key like o to release a ship in game if releasing ship is not too well known or used. click on the ship alt..o ...ship is released for all.
  12. I like the only person that can loot it is the one credited with the kill unless they release it. Best solution.
  13. No way it can be true this is not Naval screw players trying to test and play the game as designed. I can not see the Devs interfering on the crying of a couple of players that screwed up and lost a port some that don't even test and play the game regularly. I have not tested any other game from a reputable developer that would ever interfere and show favoritism to a few players like that it would be a game breaker and a breach of trust to the game being impartial and fair to the whole player base. So now any forward progress in game by a nation can be undone if you cry enough if you make a mistake and lose an important port. I just can't see the Devs who have been very impartial doing it would be a sad day for the game if they interfered like that must be just a rumour :{ Just a thought if this is going to happen then its a rigged game not unbiased and now we have bought dlc and ppl are paying extra for content this throws a complex problem into the game so cant see them opening that can of worms.
  14. There was nothing wrong with the grind or battle everything was done within your dropped port at correct time and that was your not planning doing it properly and pirate clan your in now couldn't get it together faster than us to grind it for yourself.
  15. It was a legit grind during proper timer on a port you dropped when you turned pirate like the game makes you do, YOur only problem with it is we found out and beat you to it fair and square.
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