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  1. Anyone else wanna trashtalk me? feel free to do so
  2. thx for the compliment, we are already in the same clan, so no need to worry.
  3. but you cried over a meme? you do remember "Alt-Exploit by REDS"
  4. This is ↓ Rediii: "target wasnt even to take trux"
  5. Rediii: "target wasnt even to take trux" Then what is this ↓ ?? dont have time to find the original one.
  6. How am i crossing the line? lol You guys open this forum with the intention to cry in every post, if you dont like the game stop playing it. There is no need for babies here.
  7. The route the swedes did at mosquito coast, was like 14 ports, one of them could have been spared. The route to VC from El rancho is 9 ports. looks like after all you didnt have braincells to count lol
  8. im pretty sure you have the braincells to count them yourself.
  9. The funny thing is that @van stiermarken is crying about no freeports in the gulf, while the swedes had to take more ports going to Truxillo, rather than Vera Cruz. 🙈
  10. Nixolai

    kills dont count

    I think the same happend to me
  11. I remember that, but that was for 2 days i think, it was all the privateer fleets around the map, not just around Mortimer, we searched for Spanish privateer fleets out of KW and found none.
  12. Ahhh yea... I remember one of my first port battles at Tampa, we all had the wind and was doing good, but then you charged inside the spanish fleet and sacrificed yourself. xd
  13. you forget liq... at one of the PB's in Cabo Rojo i think, they both demasted each other in a 1v1
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