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  1. Devs should have set a max on 55 points, no matter what when they implemented the "Port investment". Back then for example VC had Hull 4 but only sailing 3, while SdC had Sailing 4 but hull 3.... NN even made a crazy mix in Campeche
  2. Tbh if you switched around the "Russian Empire" and "Russian Empire (ALT)" it would fit Russia... Nowadays i see more alts from other nations playing on Russian accounts, than i see normal players...
  3. But those numbers also count DLC redeemed ships i think, and as we know the game price + DLC's are cheaper in Russia than the western world. It could still mean that we still craft more 1st - 3rd rates, but also the redoutable DLC' for example, that i redeem every day in VC just to break it up...
  4. SHOCK upgraded Santo Domingo, its like 3 portbattles away from a swedish port... Swedish upgraded Saint John's, thats like 3 portbattles away from aves... Thats because most of Russia either crafted in VC or NO... Look at GB they craft everywhere. GB 4.2k ships(without KPR) GB 6.1k ships(with KPR) Russia 6.4k ships So same numbers... Some might say that its alts crafting for lvl in KPR, but everyone in Russia do the same with our alts, even a chinese alt i saw was crafting without bonus in VC...
  5. Mast and rig bonus is also sooooooo OP in a portbattle...
  6. We were doing a port raid, last time we did port raid server crashed aswell. https://gyazo.com/7005955ca203f8f5cc88af66a60cc771 Seems very buggy ^^
  7. try out PvP server... then you would understand why we are so annoyed
  8. There was this graphical representation of the playerbase after release, and it could be nice to see how it looks now.
  9. Open world PvE has better drops, but you do also get a reward for completing the kill mission. Maybe it has to do with the patch, that made dubloon farming impossible in kill missions. Basically you would board the enemy ship, switch and sink your own, getting around 3k-4k dubs per mission.
  10. The most endless debate i have ever seen
  11. Imagine sailing with a ship to flip Oranjestad but instead we get screened out by home defense fleets... Then i just go to Fort Baai... ahh nvm also the same
  12. And how would i get "rare teak" that drops in a uncapturable british port???
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