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  1. Hello! Will the game use the same database as Naval Action has? Regards You.
  2. I feel it makes sense that if two ships are more or less equal speed and close enough to each other it should be possible to pull one another for boarding. Determined defender makes sense so i dont think it should be removed, but rather have it deactivated if your ship is in shock.
  3. I dont know if this poll needs any wider explanation, the shallow ships BR seems ok considering there aint any carronade meta, it feels evenly balanced (if you're close carronades are obviously the best, but atleast cannons have a chance). Now speaking about the lineships (4th and up) this game strives for being hardcore, realistic, and beautifully detailed naval combat sandbox so when 0.05% of the lineships posted beneath are the ships that was supposed to be the "backbone" of the navies durying 18th century it gives a wrong picture of how the combat actually was. Considering the re
  4. can you elaborate on this? What do you mean by alliance leaders? say we have this implemented, there are like 5 alliance leaders chosen, 1 year after and none of them play what would happen, how would the community reelect people and keep it from being biased at the same time?
  5. the simplest solution is to delete the whole instance thing plant the damn flag and have the battle next day, or 30 min later how it was 4 years ago
  6. Make Pirates Pirates Again, removing the outlaw mechanic was probably the reason 70% of my clan members of 40 quit the game. Reinforcement zone is gone so bring outlaw battles back @admin About the topic though, it was pointed out before it was introduced 🤷‍♀️
  7. What is your point? If you do a trade run grab an escort with you, considering its PvP server you should allways expect to find engagement. Your argument is on the same level as why you should/shouldnt drive a car with insurance because in theory other drivers shouldnt crash into you or the other way around, so its a waste of money.
  8. we all know the reason why people actually kill traders, its because they might carry something valuable (usually the reason), trade ships should have the choice to make a request to the enemy side to inspect their cargo, then the warship could choose to inspect the ship, take whatever cargo and let it go, or sink it and get a smaller amount of doubloons, its a win win if we use your example since you're considering all warship vs trade ship to be a gank.
  9. shouldnt this be in the small engagements thread? 🤔
  10. Its alot of different elements thats plays in, here is a really good read on the topic, with credible source at the end. In general im really interested to see if it actually will matter, considering the insane amount of hull damage the carronades do i still believe there will be a meta around carronades ships and angling until you're close enough https://www.quora.com/Why-did-USS-Constitution-bounce-cannon-balls-off-of-her-hull-Was-she-really-so-superior
  11. totally agree, the mod stacking is what makes the books and upgrades worth way more then the ship itself, it really needs to be looked into. I also agree that something needs to happen with the stabilization of the gun batteries. It feels really arcady when you can do a full break or full turn while firing the broadside in the middle of it with perfect accuracy, it feels like the combat from Sid Meiers Pirates tbh sometimes (not to hate on that game, because it doesn't chase for being the most realistic one)
  12. the deacceleration on the snow makes it redicilous to sterncamp with, they managed to fix one part with the acceleration. Along with no passive crew loss due to some kind of musket fire.
  13. @admin considering you added higher caliber to ships because the gunports made them fit, it would logically and realistically mean that the aim section should depend on the size of the cannons mounted. Thoughts on this?
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