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  1. Liam790

    Port BR

    The details aside, I am glad to see you are looking at the bigger picture here despite probably being in a position to take anything on the server right now. Refreshing to see TY
  2. Liam790

    Port BR

    Shhhh greg, be positive. We are trying to make something happen here
  3. Liam790

    Port BR

    This could also work. I just want enough people to say this needs to change. Then hopefully admin make some changes as right now this is painful. Against Russia, even having 4/5 bucs instead of 1st rates and its a real strugglebus. I know Russian's probably aren't bothered by it right now but the boot will be on the other foot at some point. So lets get it changed to something more sensible. @admin‌‌‌ @admin Any chance this can be considered once some more people vote?
  4. Liam790

    Port BR

    I just want to see what everyone else thinks. I am sure Russia are very content right now and well done on your organisation in getting people together. But im sure there are people both inside and outside of Russia who arn't fond of this either. I personally enjoy smaller PB's and currently you only get those once the main port is taken, and all the smaller ports can be flipped simultaneously. As for us, I think it is evident that most nations will struggle with the current way or having 20k/25k BR. So please vote and we can see how it goes from there.
  5. I’m all for rough weather in games, but for god sake can we ditch these storms that cause near zero visibility. It’s just not fun. At the very very minimum, it should be switched off around a Pb half an hour before it starts.
  6. I get trading, i get players can make them, i get its a game mechanic etc. My point is that in the interest of getting people out of port and fighting, i dont think reps should be the item in this game subject to economics. If you give them to everyone, or make them available at a fair price continuously it would be good for the game. @admin Maybe look at this and look into a bit of a tweak for post release?
  7. Would it not be a good thing to have repairs freely available to all everywhere? I know the current scenario with the repair drought since the patch is probably a short term thing, however having scares repairs can only be a bad thing for open world PvP & PvE. Also once release happens, we want as many people in the open world as possible and a lack of reps is only going to deter this. A vast reduction in the number of reps needed per cycle is also needed. Currently i need about 70 for 1 hull cycle without any particular excess of repair mods. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea if all ports generated reps/more reps in the ports that already do. La tortue could have hourly drops to be honest. Just my thoughts
  8. Can i just be clear about something as im not reading 6 pages to try and work out the vague posts from admin, So next week or so we get a wipe. If im going to be sailing round in a cutter next week and build up again thats fine... but if it will be wiped again 4 weeks later im off for now. When can i next play where my progress will actually count and remain indefinitely?
  9. In this case i was the Buc Obviously being able to leave and keep my ship is great, but given we both were alive at the end of the fight, it seems harsh that Knuddel lost his ship. Either the end of game situation needs changing, or any ship that complete fills with water needs to die whether in boarding or not?
  10. Dont hurt Banished's feelings! He is a delicate flower.
  11. Good one! nice and original!
  12. hahaha you make me so happy sometimes. Keep going
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