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  1. How so, HRE is not my clan, even if it was i dont have to agree with it. And i clearly phrased it as "I think this should be changed". Not everything any 1 player does is representative of the nation.... So thanks for your input.
  2. In the interest of making some rules against this, I want to draw your attention to Knuddel here for joining a hostility mission in a basic cutter and immediately surrendering it to force us to sit in the now empty hostility mission for 45 minutes. Firstly why are basic cutters even able to join? Why does surrendering 1 ship of effectively zero BR still force the 45 minutes rather than 15? If you can join and fight reasonably, sure come on in! That is the fun part of the game so if we have to wait 10 minutes for a fight so be it. But no one else joined at any time and i struggle to belie
  3. I like Sweden, pretty sure most intend to stick around. GG Though, shame it couldnt continue but for now, i go to sleep.
  4. All virgin island ports will be returned to Danes. Peurto Rico is up to russia what they do with it.
  5. Just so everyone is aware, Sweden has pulled out from this war. Many thanks to everyone on both sides who put the time in to make this an interesting (Even if sometimes salty) war. Spain in particular, best allies you can ask for - Highly recommended! Unfortunately the time commitment to this game, particularly on the RvR side, has finally taken its toll and so before to much damage is done to our homeland we are calling it a day. A deal is hopefully being concluded to bring this to a somewhat civil end and allow all sides to continue playing the game. Well done Russia, its been a lo
  6. So by that definition everyone is dodging with day timers as no one can defend all day time timers. We have had more than 2/3 of our timers in day time at all times. We just keep a special few for the danes and 2/3 for the russians otherwise you all get to carried away with PvE. We also defended the majority of our night timers the other day. The fact we didnt win is immiterial. We filled most and left 1. The same as we would do in a daytime multiflip.
  7. See largely speaking i actully agree with you. I dont like what this game has become. But admin and ink have made previous rulings and this is in line with game rules. Trust me, i am more than happy to see them ban this sort of stuff, but it has to be consistent and they let everyone know when the rules change.
  8. Will be interesting how this one turns out. Given we also have a recording of North Viking and Co doing the exact same thing at El Cuyo less than a week ago. We are merely fighting fire with fire. Also stop being a big baby. It was 10-15 minutes max. North Vikings was well over half an hour
  9. Ow believe me, i want a decision on "griefing" as much as anyone. However as a server up until now the consensus has been if its RvR related, tough luck. Dont try to claim you were sat in the join circle of a Russian PB but wernt going to join and just wanted to "go to tombado". Thats BS and we all know it. This "Griefing" isnt new. If a decision is made to remove it im all for it, but based on previous cases, this is completely within the rules. Edit - I even posted in this forum this week asking for a decision on RvR griefing. It didnt come, so this Swedish player is fine for now. Ch
  10. To give context. This was screening for the port battle at Mugeres. This poor Swede just did his part for that nation. This is not tribunal worthy. If this is punished then the inconsistency in decisions i laughable.
  11. @admin @Ink it would be nice to have a bit of a ruling here, even if not clear cut, but at least to see how you view it. we know each case it different etc etc but knowing what your general view on when griefing is griefing even in “RvR”. As I for example know I can’t leave port currently within 3/4 hours of a PB unless I am willing to surrender the ship I am sailing as the moment a Russian or Dane sees me, even if they can’t kill me I’m in for hours or endless tagging purely so I can’t get to the Pb.
  12. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 how much money do people think we put into this game.
  13. Well I was just giving a realistic assessment of RvR. Sweden will be fine, as probably will russia. It’s you guys that will suffer. I’m just acknowledging that and saying maybe something needs to change. Not sure the hostility is nessassary
  14. Yeah that is also a bit frustrating in that at so many point in the last 2 year, nations have had to show restraint. The polish being one case (I know they have no ports currently) but I remember cases of stopping almost out of pitty due to their non RvR players and ensuring they keep at port. Same with GB recently. Some ability to “Win” without completely no ports someone would be beneficial. Like you said with GB, we stopped but there was nothing enforcing us to do so and Danes or example, we do that we do to give ourselves port buffers for future multiflips as we have no cho
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