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  1. 1 - The battle would have ended on time, so flipping the port, before the end of the PB window. This was the second mission and you could see we already had the port to Approx 70%. So don't try to pretend there was a chance you could just delay us until the end of the window. It was flipped, all he was doing was greifing us and wasting our time with no chance of ever sinking any of us. 2 - You are allowed to flip in whatever you want... not sure the point you are making here.
  2. Liam790


    The battle would have ended on time before the end of the PB window.... so no, this was purely tagging us in for the sake of it.
  3. Liam790

    Server crash

    The Caribbean server just robbed us of a port...
  4. Liam790

    [PvP] Spanish clan political situation

    Gank gets mentioned in every fight against any of you. But all I am doing in stating when I see and where we stand. Ok, I will be clear as far as my understanding is. 99% of all engagements against GB are as a result of searching for genuine PvP, not as an assault on any person or clan in particular. There are a handful of individuals and 1 clan who we do we dislike greatly, however you are not one of them. If you were singled out then as far as I am concerned it was wrong to do so and I apologise for that. I would just like to say however that this has been distorted by the fact that any fight we get into with GB, people seem to assume we have targeted them when in reality they just happened to be the people we came across. As far as I am concerned, the Dutch nation as a whole has no issue with you and HAVOC has no issue with you. Yes, people do get sunk as a result of PvP but the majority of all engagements are purely for the enjoyment of the game. I wont pretend that the constant accusations about why we left/being traitors etc along with the accusations of spying with our alleged alts does get old and I'm sure you can appreciate everyone has their breaking point where harsh things are said. On the note of alleged alt spying, be honest, when can you ever recall us turning up at KPR having just seen an Indiaman leave the safe zone for example? Never. It just doesn't happen. Also as I am sure you have seen, most of the time we come in a small 1st rate fleet of 4/5/6 who would be unable to gank a trader anyway though being so slow. so Like I said before, we go to KPR or any safe zone to fight a fleet once it has gathered, not to gank 1 player. People think we have alts and so blame all subsequent sinking of ships on us when in reality we were not involved. I am sure if you think about it you can see a lot has been blamed on us that just categorically is not our fault I hope that clears it up and everyone can have more amicable PvP in the future.
  5. Liam790

    World Cup (annual event)

    Clan based rather than nation based might work better? Otherwise it sounds good!! Knock out tournament? or play a set amount (10 games maybe) and you get points for wins etc and have a leaderboard. top 3 on the leaderboard get rewards? Knock out sounds more fun, but in practice the latter is probably more doable with players being online at the same time etc
  6. Liam790

    Patrol Zone RoE

    *BR limit in terms of a 1.5x multiplier etc This means you cannot be zerged. You will never be in a perfectly fair fight so this is as close as you can get. Anyone who by default looks to join the winning team is just the issue... you by the sounds of it. This being what I want to remove. By having a limit of 1.5 times, you have less ability to join the winning side and have to look to balance up the teams. Why would you always die if you initiate combat??
  7. Liam790

    Patrol Zone RoE

    The change to BR is all that is needed. 3 minutes doesn't give enough time for reinforcements to turn up so I would not agree with changing how long the battle is open. As long as their is a br cap then it can stay open as long as it likes. I just dont want 5x my numbers on the other side. Other than that I'm happy
  8. Because as i stated before, Their are to many angry reviews that are from experience players where things have not gone their way. Their are obviously issues and and am not by any means saying that they are necessarily wrong. But if you are an average player than plays an hour a day with his friend and enjoys it, are you going to be writing reviews? probably not. But 1 player who is angry and just wants to be heard will be far more likely to write something damaging to the game.
  9. Well i dont believe it to much of a stretch to suggest players will stop joining a game that has bad reviews.... Ok i dont have piles of statistics on it but it is a reasonable assumption.
  10. There is a balance.... we all know the reviews are weighted to disgruntled people complaining. The average player who enjoys the game wont write a review. A player having a hissy fit and just wants to shout about it will. It is in our interest to balance this out so to attract people. The reviews are not Representative and so are stooping people joining the game.
  11. Liam790

    [PvP] Spanish clan political situation

    But where are we to go:/ GB appear to have started ganking MT (Fairly sure by doing so you have all started doing to the pirates what you accused us of doing to you at KPR. But that's an argument for another day). Ultimately, whatever your issues with us/HAVOC, you cannot accuse us of being unfair. We rarely/never go around and jump into peoples missions in safezones and ruin their day. If we come to KPR / Belize we sit outside and let you gather up and start the fight on your terms. This is because we are only interested in decent fights. If there was a place to guarantee us somewhat interesting fights elsewhere, we would go there. But there is not as the PvP zone is full of GB lo/wo santi fleets (Looks at Ghostwork...). So for the foreseeable future we will continue gathering up and when you are ready we will fight you. But do not accuse us of ganking.... when you have the chance to build a fleet and tag us on your terms that makes it just happy OW PvP. A few of the people in GB would do well to remember that rather than saying we ganked them as they sink. Edit - Most nations would welcome the chance for some PvP to come to them. Maybe next time we come, by all means outnumber us, but when you bring 5 1st rates in a 20 man fleet to kill 3/4 Bellona's it is just pointless. Make it competitive at least and let us all enjoy the game.
  12. Liam790

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    See I think modules are great. I will grant you a few are a bit to effective, Elite Spanish for example. (Although it was perfect as a super good upgrade that was super rare... but buffing bottles kind of buggered that up) But on the flip side, most mods are now available to all at reasonable prices due to the bottles (Carta being only a little over a mill for example). If people want them, they can get them. Not sure there is an issue. Removing them would hurt the game in my opinion.
  13. Liam790

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    Help!! Someone get me a translator in here, Stat! :p
  14. From the amount of KPR defence battles I was in while still in GB, the issue is not new players, the issue is the rear admirals who never learn. (Whether this be tagging ai or trying to defend against gankers with ill equipped ships) Personally I am moving more and more towards the idea of having a beginner area that is 100% protected that people start in prior to choosing any nation. Rank up, do the tutorials, have an fleet practice style arena to practice PvP with no risk of loss. The when you are done, you choose a nation. (This may also help distribute players around and not have the huge inflow of new players into GB who have no ability to teach them all). Then the open world safe zones become less of an issue as hopefully you wont get day 1 noobies being ganked, and the ones who do end up in a fight have an idea what they are doing. Also go back to 2 ship reinforcements, I am ok with not all being 1st rates, but only 1 ship is a joke. Also, please, a couple more outpost slots!!
  15. Liam790

    [PvP] Spanish clan political situation

    :/ Well you can normally find us at great corn if nothing else.