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  1. I cant imagine how life must be for this guy. He just purchased a game, jumped it disregarded the giant book with the question mark he got on the top left next to leave port, probably asked someone for money and then purchased the first ship of the line he saw on sale... Then got frustrated and left a bad review... Took him almost 2 hours to figure out he has to do the exams before he sets sail. He must be one of the people that think Call of Duty is a realistic tactical 1st person shooter game...
  2. Lets take a moment and appreciate all these people that were willing to exploit their way to victory and led this game where it is now... Big thanks!
  3. @admin I was checking the woods at netfly. Can you please explain to me why soft woods can get a penalty in repairing and hard woods get a bonus ?
  4. @Despe Look at it the good way, now you are going to have the time to try new games like me XD
  5. yes you are completely right but what stops a ship builder from using a thick mast in a light ship ? At the moment mast thickness not only changes the part of the mast that is embedded in the structure but the entire mast from top to bottom.
  6. Why should the wood you choose for structure determine the mast thickness and HP? From what ive researched as well seems like most masts were made out of Fir or Fir-like trees. Again Im no expert but I dont see how the structure of the ship would influence the thickness of the mast.
  7. Yes but no XD. I dont mind new woods to be better/faster. Thats completely fine since its something new being added to the game. Fir on the other hand was there for ever. With the changes so far not only it got slower (the speed bonus got actually reduced), but its weaknesses grew tremendously. Thats my issue now. Sure my ships are still fast. But at least people wouldnt demast my Connie with 9p longs. At least the Connie has a large HP pool so she can take some hits. The frigates tho.... thats an other story.
  8. Its your choice to sail an Indiaman with no escort as it is my choice to hunt you down and sink you. I still cant understand why people speak badly of "ganker" or whoever uses the strength of their ship to their advantage. Me attacking a trader is bad, me attacking a Redoutable is bad since im a smaller ship that can stern camp, me attacking an other player that is not Admiral rank is also bad. However me taking a 1st rate into the patrol zone only to get gang banged by a fleet is apparently good. Seems to me that the guy that attacks someone is always wrong. What you are asking for is some weird kind of balance were as you said an Indiaman however built, stands a good chance against a Constitution and that apparently that would be content. Im sorry but I completely disagree with your point of view.
  9. Well what can I say, Im a coward, a pirate, I dont like fair fights and rarely offer one. I dont like PVP zones much. You just go there, get ganged by some Russians or whatever that thats it. I do not like to throw away ships for no reason, hence why I was going for max speed builds all the time. If I didnt want to fight someone I wouldnt. If I wanted to fight someone it would be on my terms. I leave fair fights better men than me.
  10. I love them too, thats why i cant even consider throwing them into the PZ or a fight that will surely see them resting in the ocean floor. Pixels or not, useful or not, they are ships that I crafted and spent time with. I would very much rather keep them in the docks just to look at them rather than to destroy them in a battle to get what mild compensation they might give. Thats how I feel about my ships but I know most of you will disagree which is fine.
  11. You really couldnt care less about your ships could you ? If ships have no value to you then why even bother with crafting? Just cap some npc ships and play Edit: Maybe you are just that rich that you can replenish all these ships in a heartbeat but many of us are not
  12. Redoutable being mostly placed as an example there but yea I avoid, or would avoid dlc ships if i was still going for pvp instead of sitting in the forum all day XD
  13. You probably only say that because you haven't found yourself in the receiving end of a redoutable's broadside in a fir fir ship yet.
  14. He just said the pre-patch he would be able to take fights even against heavier ships on a Fir Fir ship, knowing the capabilities of his ship ect ect. After the patch, with Fir having been rendered effectively useless so far, all he can do is run. (And hope he doesnt get demasted from 500m lol) First of all no fight is equal. It was always like that, If you have a ship made from Fir and the other guy has a ship made of Teak, he will have an easier time tanking/bouncing shots. Provided that you are both in the same ship, you (being made out of Fir) would be able to attack, disengage, re attack again and again until and in the end sink your enemy (being made of Teak). It would take a while, you would use a lot of repairs but in the end you could/would have sunk him. Why was this wrong ? Just because some people were unable to counter this tactic they should punish those that practice it ? I guess speedy people are the problem and not the people that repair 70% of their hitpoints with a press of a button. No that is completely fine, balanced and should be encouraged! @admin Can you please explain to me why hardwoods like live oak, being a lot harder to repair as you said, get a buff in repair amount and softwoods like fir that are very easy to repair get a nerf in repair amount ? Am i getting something wrong ?
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