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  1. I didnt say that we should be given an easy way to board someone, the whole point of this thread was to find a middle ground that works for both the attacker and the defender. Some people say remove it, some people say buff it, the answer is somewhere in between. I might be good at boarding and you might be good at maneuvering its only logical that we both want to play to our strengths.
  2. Have you tried boarding a ship that has almost 2 times your crew? To grape him enough you need to do several rakes, on each one risking getting a rake in return and/or loosing a mast or two from your opponent that has a much superior broadside than yours. So from my experience you are stuck with him at 60% sails sailing as close hauled as possible and you being much faster staying on his tail giving him mediocre at best stern rakes, killing nowhere near enough crew to be able to board him because of his perk. And you just wish that you could just board him and get it over with, even if he has 100 more crew than you but instead what you get is 1 hour of him repairing and quoting "death by 1000 cuts" memes. It is the most fun when you have finally managed to kill enough crew to try to board him and as you initiate your tackle he uses rum and gets his crew back. So no, I dont think DD is countered by one decent stern rake most of the times if you are dealing with ships of different rates. On a Christian vs Christian yes, on a Trincomalee vs Bellona, no... I believe that if someone cant get you off his stern no matter what he does he is as good as dead. Might as well speed up the process.
  3. I dont know how much sense it makes if the perk is based on the Redoutable's, well determined defenders, since the Victory and other British ships had more crew than her, but if thats the best you have come up with so far to try and implement that factor into the game then thats what we have to work with. I agree that it makes gameplay better in most situations but like with all things, people find ways of exploiting this mechanic as Im sure they will find ways of exploiting any mechanic you might add/tweak. With that being said I think there is room to improve the balance of the DD perk without reducing the quality of gameplay. I trust that if you put your minds into it you can figure it out @admin.
  4. I have to argue that the circles at Haulover are not protected by the fort as much as the ones at Deadman's
  5. do you have anything to add in this topic other than your attitude?
  6. Yes Its been attempted recently in one of the atwoods port battles. The guy scored around 20 hits on the fort with his mortar brig, took out about a quarter of the fort's HP and if I remember correctly he lost a mast in the process since the brig's range was within the fort's range. What Ashley said about smaller guns on shallow water ports might work but it might also lead to people disregarding forts since the damage it will be outputting wont be enough in medium to long range to discourage the attackers.
  7. Im sure this post will be come a meme if its not already one
  8. No I think the way I put it makes it quite clear that its not a "make me win easy" thing. There are ports that fortifications do wonders and ports that fortifications are borderline useless. Deadman's Cay is just an example. Forts on Remedios could an example of fortifications being useless or at least doing a very poor job on protecting a cap circle.
  9. Fresh from Deadman's Cay port battle where the Fort was basically the mvp of the battle. The way that fort is placed, allows for accurate and consistent fire at 2 cap circles, B and C. Honestly the only way to win in that port feels like its straight up boarding the enemy fleet in the first 20 mins of the match if that. Simple fix, replace that fort with a tower or, an even simpler fix would be to move the fort on a position that it is able to cover only one of the circles. Please share your thoughts, Im sure that there are more ports like Deadman's Cay, that need some balancing on their fortifications.
  10. Are privateer fleets supposed to be like this?. Was passing between port morant and pedro cay just now to get the wind boost thats close to pedro, storm hits, privateer fleet through the storm tags me while I was tacking, stuck on the wind... Died within 4 mins of the battle starting. Freaking Trincomalee puts my teak white oak ingermanland in reload shock from 200m away disregarding angle... really ?
  11. All of the above are great ideas i would like to see them in the game!
  12. How about red flags for pirates?Take the flags that already in game and repaint them red with white and black details. Really easy to do imo. I made a new post about it as well but maybe i should have posted it here from the start.
  13. Pretty easy implementation imo. For every pirate flag we already have, make a red version for it.
  14. I believe that this perk would be a lot more balanced if the way it is applied is changed a bit. If we take a look to it historically, there is a very good example on how it could be better. Lets take a look on Henry Avery's story of capturing the Ganj-i-Sawai. " The Ganj-i-Sawai was a fearsome opponent, mounting 40 to 60 guns and a musket-armed guard of four to five hundred as well as six hundred other passengers. But the opening volley evened the odds, as one of the Indian ship's cannons exploded, killing some of its gunners and causing great confusion and demoralization among the crew, while Every's broadside shot his enemy's mainmast by the board. The larger Fancy drew alongside, and a number of her 113-man crew clambered aboard, overpowering the crew, passengers and slaves of the Ganj-i-Sawai. " Here we can see that an event such as a cannon exploding or other evens like this could demoralize and cause enough confusion for 100 men to be able to capture a much larger ship with a lot more crew. In game terms, maybe a stern rake causing a crew shock could disable determined defender and maybe even give a morale penalty in case of boarding.
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