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  1. DLC flags are located at resources.assets just above the sharedassets0 . You have to search for the name of the flag until you find the one ending on .tex and will have a size of 174872
  2. I think that he means that almost every nation has some clans "running it", so one of them ? Could change every month with new vote, idk
  3. You can now say "thank you" to your old pals, the Pirates for making the Swedes focus on Cap Francais XD. *insert meme here*
  4. I do fight on big ships, maybe not as often as other people are. When I do AI to grind the slots, I make it chase me instead of me chasing it and getting into that horrible situation that you just go round and round until you kill it.
  5. I see your point ofc, who wouldn't like to have a free Northern Master Carpenter right and a couple thousand doubloons ? Yea looting was probably better/fairer/whatever with the old patch as you say, but there are major, one could say maybe game-breaking issues that need to be addressed before something like looting mechanics becomes priority. Hope you understand.
  6. The game has a bunch of issues that need to be addressed and you guys propose to waste time and resources on looting mechanics so you wont have to bother doing an extra tack to loot the ship you just killed... I mean, why would you even bother looting in a fleet battle ? Why are you even considering breaking formation and hello kittying up the entire battle line (you will have to fight like that) just to get a few doubloons and maybe a fancy upgrade ?
  7. I have uploaded UnityEX to my google drive : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DWRDucLw2u8KHeNRbhXHvWfKgwDZEkA6/view?usp=sharing Since its an compressed EXE file feel free to check it for viruses ect, I was skeptical when I downloaded it as well
  8. On that post you made, @admin told you exactly how musket damage is calculated when boarding and you just kept posting wall after wall of screenshots and numbers saying "this is how it should be, this is wrong, i did the maths " or whatever. The vast majority of the answers from other players were that Boarding works fine as it is. Its not that the devs told you to hello kitty off, the players including myself did, in a very polite way. Despite all that you got pissed anyways, even now you post a wall of math to back up your opinion... It is what it is, it works as intended, so why
  9. spawned in the OW undamaged after re log, all good
  10. tagged an npc in pz, my ship is stuck in the OW, cant enter battle . Would appreciate if I didnt loose this ship due to server issues also did F11 report
  11. Mate, as @Hethwill said. Shooting on land is very different from shooting at sea. Your example doesnt fit here since you have 1 unit of line infantry in formation, most likely 3 rows of 200 or so men firing most likely using volley fire, shoot at a unit of cavalry charging them head on in an open battlefield with no cover whatsoever. Ofc the accuracy is great at 90m, miss the guy you are aiming for and either hit his horse or some guy next to him lol. Mean while at sea you have 2 ships that are being rocked by the waves even when in boarding and with sails raised. Combine that with the plenty
  12. Boarding in general VS NPC is "bugged". Well not bugged its just that the NPCS have too many buffs that reduce your effectiveness. You might kill 30-35 with muskets as you described vs a NPC but if that was a player it would be a different story. Muskets on his defense, easily 50 maybe 70 kills depending on various factors. So it is actually easier to board a player rather than an NPC in that regard.
  13. Damn, I just made a Bermuda S /WO S Constitution... I used WO S for planking since teak didnt give any speed bonus I knew I should have waited more... Btw a kind request to all, please do not get obsessed over balance. By having even more woods than before and even more stats, trying to balance all that to the point that every build is viable as some would like to see, is almost madness. There are going to be woods that are OP, there are going to be woods that are useless. It is what it is. If my maths are right there are 594 unique combinations of woods you can use at this moment.
  14. Redoutable being mostly placed as an example there but yea I avoid, or would avoid dlc ships if i was still going for pvp instead of sitting in the forum all day XD
  15. You probably only say that because you haven't found yourself in the receiving end of a redoutable's broadside in a fir fir ship yet.
  16. He just said the pre-patch he would be able to take fights even against heavier ships on a Fir Fir ship, knowing the capabilities of his ship ect ect. After the patch, with Fir having been rendered effectively useless so far, all he can do is run. (And hope he doesnt get demasted from 500m lol) First of all no fight is equal. It was always like that, If you have a ship made from Fir and the other guy has a ship made of Teak, he will have an easier time tanking/bouncing shots. Provided that you are both in the same ship, you (being made out of Fir) would be able to attack
  17. I love your idea, but unless you are a new player, you are not being forced to trade. You dont need to trade as long as you do some PvP. You will get loads of doubloons for sinking ship(5th rate or higher mostly) and you can capture ships and sell them for reals. I have tried trading and I can see how you can make money doing that. Trading seems extremely boring and in my eyes its not worth the trouble when I can simply sell high end upgrades and ships to make millions.
  18. I just hope that the ships I already have that go 16 knots dont become useless with this update.
  19. Is it better than I for example can be hunting with a british friend and have him join a battle to raise the br enough for me to be able to join as well on the opposite side ? I think this only affects people that like running around with friends from other nations...
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