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  1. Hi everyone, i'd like to submit an idea that might boost global trade and economy in the game as well as boost PVP and PVE encounters. I think everyone would agree that the game is very time consuming. Especially free trade and trading missions take a lot of time and are quiet boring to do to be honest. Yet they are nessecary to gain dubloons and reals. In other words the game is - to some extend - forcing players to spend their time on boring trade runs. I thinks this might be a real problem for many players and may even be one of the biggest problems of this game right now, that you sometimes travel for hours without an equally high gain regarding ingame money and personal statisfaction. In my opinion auto trade could lessen this problem without being to blunt. It could work this way: Any player could use free fleet slots to create a trade-fleet in any port whit an outpost. The player can chose the destination that the trader should go to and the goods (and maybe quest-item) the trader should carry. The player could also chose if the trader should sell goods to the port or send them to the warehouse in the designated port, depending on wether the player has an outpost there or not. Also it should be able to buy goods in the designated port the same way. The main ship of this trade-fleet must always be a trader, but it should also be possible to asign an escord. Trade-fleets should be limited by the current fleet and crew mechanisms. Once set, the trader will do the run automaticly meaing that a NPC trader spawns, sails towards the destination, does the trade and goes back. Once finished the trade-route will stop. This would boost overall trade and add a new aspect to the game. Since trade raiding could be more rewarding some players might put up heavy escords. Also it would give players more flexibilty and time to play these amazing sea battles and would make them feel like a real admiral. What do you think.
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