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  1. Ok i would just like to say this has come from seeing general discussions throughout my time in Naval Action and how the current game is right now....... This would be a massive change with how the current game is and whats going on right now, so here it is. I believe that crafting ports should be at the nations Capital with all resources needed also being available to build within that same port. Therefore making it so much easier with outposts. My reasons - 1. In my opinion RvR is very inactive due to people being terrified of losing there crafting port, no one wants to fight Russia right now basically because they are literally 2/4 ports away from every nations crafting port (this isn't a dig at Russia). yes i understand hostility has changed, but i feel this is one of the main reason. If people only have ships to lose in port battles and not there entire crafting port i feel RvR/WARS will happen more often. 2. Nations being controlled by clans, this is something we here alot currently within the pirate nation. If you dont get on with the port owning clan of the crafting port they take your clan off the friendly list and now your level 3 shipyard is worthless, and as i've heard, people then quit the game, which isnt what we want. 3. You could literally have two nations agree on a war, winner being the nation who one ports the other nation, maybe even a reward system. With the crafting port being in the capital people will then ask, whats the point in going for other ports??? This is where we need to spread out the resources needed for upgrades alot better then whats currently implemented, along with these new woods. We shouldn't have ports with more then one resource for upgrades in a port, or woods in the same port. For example, New Orleans - White oak and french sail cloth, Port Au Prince has 2 resource upgrades and im sure there's more, i also want to state these new woods shouldn't be in non capturable ports, these was stated a long time ago and change when the US nation had 4 white oak ports which got removed. Also resources for upgrades shouldn't be in non capturable ports. Basically spread the new woods and resource upgrades out better between all the ports we have, there's so many useless ports. We currently have a clan leaderboard which with this new crafting port system can be used to divide out the taxes the capital port makes, whether it being the top clan on the leaderboard getting the port taxes or top 3, im sure this is something that can be discussed. Simply having the crafting port at the capital port clan friendlist can solo be used for Port Battles, not impacting crafting. I understand people will now say, Russia, Prussia, China and Poland dont have capital ports - New Orleans, Vera Cruz, Belize, Trinidad would be my suggestions for capitals. Also all investments for shipyards would be giving back to players/clan in the redeemable section I'm sure there will be plenty of opinions on this, but from what i've seen people are already scared to lose ships, even with the DLC'S now in the game making it so much easier to get ships, and with the loss of crafting ports i really dont ever see people fully committing to RvR due to the risk of losing there crafting port/ports. Finally i know this would be a completely different step for the game but in the long run i could see this having a great impact.
  2. Owning the Northern masters depot lol. You have seen all the russian alts buying it all right?
  3. 20 days lol, Couldn't agree more with Liq, i'd love to see any other group of 10 of so players go against the fleet Ram, Reverse, Dron, sekiro, Tutan put together that would always turn up to the important PB's. GG guys was 4+ months of good fun which i sure brought more people to the game with all you streaming most of the action.
  4. During RvR holding people in battle's as everyone knows is allowed, russians have done it, brits, pirates, swedes bla bla bla and everyone knows this!! So i have know idea why this is even here?
  5. lol thanks for the mention Greg
  6. So we see the 25% combat news report for hostility on Pasaje, i make my way there in a bellona, checking the port and then i get chased by a Privateer fleet to to the above location where it tags me. This needs to be reduced and balanced better. Once tagged there is no chance of getting out, i cant even put a defensive tag on due to BR difference. Due to this ive got 1st rates who are all able to shoot 1 broadside into me, i start a repair but it doesnt matter. 2mins 30 secs and im sunk. Either change the range, speed of them or at least make it so we have some kind of chance of getting out. This is closer to a swedish port then the capital.
  7. Try sailing along the Florida straight and see what happens, 40k away from the capital
  8. Read the next sentence And i agree there should be that section
  9. Re-read it and your see it in there
  10. Considering all the chat that goes on, i would like to say a congrats to the devs for in my opinion getting the game to a point where i cant think of much that needs fixing. Recent changes to the trading, Port Battles BR, the change of how hostility is done, and fingers crossed the latest patch to the fireships that were just stupid!!! Finally i feel this game is at its strongest point ive seen it and hope it brings alot of new people to the game, even some old may come back!!! If there was a suggestion i would make its the distance of the Privateer fleets that come and tag you. I would like them just to be in or right next to capital zones. But the main point of this post was to congratulate the current state of the game and i hope it brings in the number of people we would all like to see. o7
  11. its to over the top. now takes the fun out of the actual battle. In my opinion the fireships have gone to extreme.
  12. please now change RvR So we have to fight the NON CAPITAL ports first.
  13. Exactly, just lower the cost of timers for county ports
  14. Correct, its why making this change and letting us hit 10,000 BR ports first could show that if the BR is correct people will set up Port battles
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