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  1. You, um, watched to the end of the movie right... and understand that the moral of The Purge is that anarchy and vigilantism DON'T solve our problems, right?
  2. SEND FLEET TO DOCKS WHEN I CLICK THE TELEPORT BUTTON. Sorry, I feel strongly about that one. But nobody thinks they can teleport with a buc in their check luggage. Main ship gets sent to docks. Send fleet too! Also - if I have available crew, go ahead and crew up the fleet ships.
  3. Yes, we were able to leave after it became clear we weren't getting the indiaman. In retrospect, probably should have stayed in just to make sure the rules didn't change if timer ran out?
  4. Heya... We thought we were being clever on the Port Raid mission... and tried it with a handful of small ships - planning to kite the fleet and board the indiaman... and that part worked swimmingly, but we couldn't take control of the indiaman after boarding. The x didn't appear... and everyone in the battle came to a complete stop right next to it and tried... so it wasn't a 'someone did the most damage' situation. I have a SUSPICION that you can't actually capture that ship until the AI defenders are dead? Can someone confirm that's how the mechanic works and how it's supposed to?
  5. Same answers you got a week ago on Reddit. Also, why haven't you played the game all week. You're still at 140 hours!?
  6. PVP Hostility missions work the same way. I get why you're complaining - in a PVE sense... sure... who can complete the missions faster is a way more fun thing to compete on than who can click 'leave battle' faster. Maybe they'll change it. . It does make more sense over there. To put it in context, though, the point of the hostility timer window on the PVP server is to allow the defending human clan to make sure their ports only come under attack during a time when they're not at work or asleep... so it IS the intended behavior that you can take a hostility mission positively anytime, but only raise hostility and set a port battle during the timer window... because the timer is for the port battles, not the hostility missions.
  7. It would seem to me investments should be enabled individually by the clan creator/diplomats. I.E. They could enable investment in sailing 4, mast 3, iron, or tower 2... and those would be the only 4 things anyone was allowed to invest in?
  8. This doesn't fix anything though. It just means that the attacking side has to move 10 alts rather than 1. It makes it more of a PAIN to pull this off, but doesn't address the underlying question of whether alt swapping ports is legal. Requiring them to have 10 alts rather than 1... or to waste a week leveling those alts up... makes the exploit more available to more active nations. That's all. It's like when you guys come out shitting on DLCs with seasoned wood... because YOU have the time and infrastructure set up to season wood, it would be more convenient if it didn't get easier for other nations to compete.
  9. I don't see how it gets more clear than that - hostile clans within your nation taking ports and working against the national interest are a design feature, not a bug. It's dumb as shit. But it's allowed.
  10. To be fair, we're not the first invulnerable fortress taken down by this strategy.
  11. Oh, no problem. remove provisions drops so they are only available by farming. That way they either take LH to produce, or significant time at sea (and in danger of being raided, even under a fort's guns if they raiders are crafty) fishing. The drops aren't a sufficient source of provisions for anyone really trying to use them anyway- they've always been supplemental in relationship to farms. The little inconvenience of having to grow or buy them from players would be far less than the inconvenience of needing 5 times the tools. That and raising the provision requirements to 400 would close the gap without punishing everyone who'd built a clan economy around crafting seasoned wood. It would require slight adjustments instead of major ones.
  12. This. Nothing wrong with DLCs. There's a problem with the seasoned wood crafting situation, relative to the dlcs.
  13. I'd love to know the actual numbers. But yes.. a basic cutter cannot tag ANY player ship. It's to prevent griefing in free boats. A basic cutter can be tagged by any ship in the game. There IS a ratio of attacker to defender below which you cannot get a tag. A higher BR force can always tag a lower BR force but a low BR force must have a certain percentage of the target force's BR to get them into battle. Again, I'd love for someone to tell me what that ratio is. The other day I was unable to tag a l'ocean in a le req by myself... but when a friend got his snow in the circle, we could. So that should give you some bounds to start narrowing it down.
  14. it was never creating 500lh out of 300. You needed the provisions. Creating 200 provisions takes just over 100lh. So it was 500 out of 400. Changing the requirement for a labor contract to 400 provisions would close the loophole without DOUBLING the cost of a seasoned wood ship, and would encourage clan organization as it would require 120k provisions to build a seasoned wood l'ocean worth of contracts.
  15. Seriously, I don't get why people don't understand what he's trying to do. He's presenting the 'casual' configuration of both ships - what the average player can make in a day and sail out to do some pvp. Most players won't be crafting a seasoned implacable to take to the PZ, but they can redeem a seasoned redoubtable. Sure, it would be more academically interesting to present Unseasoned Redoubtable vs Seasoned Redoubtable vs Unseasoned Implacable vs Seasoned Implacable in 4 tabs. But the most important number there won't be hull thickness... it will be a calculation of how many gameplay hours and labor hours and reals it takes to make each - 0 for both redoubtables, A small pile for an unseasoned Implac and a gigantic pile for the seasoned one.
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