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  1. Not that it really matters at this point, you'd just made it sound like they fought valiantly and tried to retake and were generally operating like a nation. After the first couple of battles, that entire coast were no shows. They didn't sue for peace then... but I think that was less 'resolve to fight to bitter end' and more 'knew Cid wouldn't give a shit if they did.' Once LAMA left for Russia... did they set pbs? I was gone at that point but didn't notice any?
  2. Based on PB attendance for the two weeks prior... I just assumed there were no dutch left to make a forum thread.
  3. Um, LAMA left Prussia. That's the only reason those ports were available to be returned. The Dutch didn't retake them or work out a deal with the strong occupying force. The occupying force evaporated and the guys who were left in Prussia shrugged and had a yard sale to get rid of their old roommate's abandoned toys.
  4. Today Sweden launched their attack against GB's only RVR crafting port, and when the Swedish diplomat was queried on the matter his response was, and I quote, "Frankly after the way GB have acted as a nation i dont even care if sweden becomes nothing. But wiping you all out will allow me to leave this game and move on a happy man." Sweden has assembled a rogue's gallery of every nation hopping troll in the game... every insecure baby who has to flock to the winning side and hide in Redii's shadow. It's not the proud nation that Havoc built at Christmas time that stood toe to toe with Rus
  5. I'm saving my formal response until Redman runs the numbers too. But I think it's worth considering that the existing RELATIONSHIPS between woods ought to be preserved. People built ships with WO for the tankiness - it should stay in the same general place on the spectrum as far as speed and tankiness are concerned. Adding new options that fill in gaps or expand the ends of that spectrum makes sense! Spreading things on the spectrum further apart to force more interesting gameplay decisions makes sense. But moving things from one end of the spectrum to the other just renders p
  6. LOL. This. Who's tag was Redman wearing when he said this? Who do you think he was in comms with laughing their asses off as he answered? We were attacking ports in redoubtables last week. Do you think we were doing that while sitting on enough seasoned logs to afford to throw 100k of them at the Russians every time they loaned us 20 people for an hour? I love it.
  7. If there's on thing GB has always had all on it's own... it's been hundreds of noobs willing to get sunk for a good cause. New players spawn here. We have gone through times when we were short on experienced captains, but we've never been short on people qualified to screen. The Russians have been irrelevant the few times they've come down to screen, because we've fielded more than 100 screeners of our own each time Belize was threatened.. Not alts. GB captains. I've seen ONE russian alt in a PB... and that was in Bensalem battle you no showed... so I'm not just CERTAIN he wa
  8. MULTIPLE CLAN WAREHOUSES. The 2nd and 3rd can be super expensive to setup if you want them to be, but there are a lot of reasons a clan may want to share resources in multiple ports.
  9. Mechanism for port handover/takeover within nation without losing investments There needs to be some mechanism to peacefully move a port between clans in a nation. It's the nature of the game that sometimes key ports will be held by a clan that has left either the game or the nation. There needs to be a way for that clan to voluntarily hand over their port to a friendly clan without destroying the investments. A peaceful change of 'regional governors' shouldn't involve enough cannonfire to damage the shipbuilding infrastructure of a seaport! I also wish this could be coupled w
  10. I'd be okay with a lobby based system, without the TP element. It makes no sense that you can get to a port battle without sailing there, but I'd be okay with you being able to sail in and join the lobby for the 4 hours before the PB. That keeps the advantage with those who do the hard work - if you get organized and get the ships and reps there early, good on you. If a defender can afford to scout and screen for the extended time before the PB... and actually BEAT the PB fleet, not just waste 30 minutes of their time while the circles get points... good on them.
  11. During the Port Battle for Mosquito Cay, Spain implanted operatives in GB for the purpose of throwing the battle. It's suggested by the way they allowed themselves to be killed in the battle, but the proof is in the attached screenshot from the Spanish stream of the port battle where player Mr Halo ( who was tribunaled once already this month for using enemy alts for screening purposes before a PB) instructs another player not to target Deathium from clan IJN on the GB side because his clan is 'friendlyish'. Planting operatives in a foreign nation to sabotage port battles certainly see
  12. SEND FLEET TO DOCKS WHEN I CLICK THE TELEPORT BUTTON. Sorry, I feel strongly about that one. But nobody thinks they can teleport with a buc in their check luggage. Main ship gets sent to docks. Send fleet too! Also - if I have available crew, go ahead and crew up the fleet ships.
  13. Yes, we were able to leave after it became clear we weren't getting the indiaman. In retrospect, probably should have stayed in just to make sure the rules didn't change if timer ran out?
  14. Heya... We thought we were being clever on the Port Raid mission... and tried it with a handful of small ships - planning to kite the fleet and board the indiaman... and that part worked swimmingly, but we couldn't take control of the indiaman after boarding. The x didn't appear... and everyone in the battle came to a complete stop right next to it and tried... so it wasn't a 'someone did the most damage' situation. I have a SUSPICION that you can't actually capture that ship until the AI defenders are dead? Can someone confirm that's how the mechanic works and how it's supposed
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