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  1. I got the pay to win tools for a Christmas present and subsequently discovered that they are only good for one race! You'd think for that kind of money they could update the wind more than twice a day. Even though VirtualRegatta is a lot of fun, that preposterous amount of greed motivated me to do an internet search and http://liveskipper.com looks a bit deeper and less pay to win. Maybe we can get them to add some square riggers. My dream would be the Surprise Simulator on the nullschool map http://earth.nullschool.net/ it's got the waves, currents and winds and it looks purty, al
  2. I think there must be leeway or currents because on my first Spindrift attempt, the same thing happened to me. It turned out good because it encouraged my restart during this north wind. I still feel good, even though I've dropped into 2200's, the #'s 1,5 and 10 players are nearby and I can learn watching them. I think everyone who started during the peak of the storm, immediately shot to the top of the rankings, but the front may pass them by, that's my theory, at least. It would be nice to have a ranking of only folks using bare bones features. Looks like the real thing ma
  3. Right now is a good time to start or restart the Jules Verne Spindrift race, a good northerly blow. I was actually in first place for about 5 seconds, now in 40th. Looks like a bunch of top players started about the time I posted this and I'm dropping like a rock, 30 minutes later and I'm 390th.
  4. I think this may be just the ticket. Perhaps I don't understand spinnakers, but my top speed with a spinnaker seems to be at an 90 degree angle to the wind? I'm in the Imoca class, this seems like a good way to capsize, maybe I don't know modern keels.
  5. +1. There is a reason submarines get the best grub in the navy - morale buff.
  6. I can picture the real life Preserved Killick taking care of these beauties http://www.rockislandauction.com/viewitem/aid/65/lid/1163 I wonder who bought them, and how much they sold for?
  7. There seems to be a consensus, we want a spyglass in the open world, which is probably a little thing, and we want open and closed gun ports, which may not be so little. As someone with not much time to play these days, I would like a practice area offshore of each port, maybe with some beef barrel target rafts or even NPC's and other players to spar with. I would just like to keep my gunnery tuned without having to invest 45+ minutes of uninterrupted game play.
  8. This has some good tests and history in it. Including, but not limited to, live oak and old time surgery.
  9. This was someone else's brilliant idea, from an thread I can't locate, an underwater keel cam, for navigating shoal water. I think this would very useful and fun in the open world.
  10. Open GEforce experience, preferences tab, shadowplay, and under the image of the monitor there is a checkbox "allow desktop capture".
  11. That looks great, I wish I lived closer.
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