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  1. I got the pay to win tools for a Christmas present and subsequently discovered that they are only good for one race! You'd think for that kind of money they could update the wind more than twice a day. Even though VirtualRegatta is a lot of fun, that preposterous amount of greed motivated me to do an internet search and http://liveskipper.com looks a bit deeper and less pay to win. Maybe we can get them to add some square riggers. My dream would be the Surprise Simulator on the nullschool map http://earth.nullschool.net/ it's got the waves, currents and winds and it looks purty, all it lacks is depth under the keel.
  2. I think there must be leeway or currents because on my first Spindrift attempt, the same thing happened to me. It turned out good because it encouraged my restart during this north wind. I still feel good, even though I've dropped into 2200's, the #'s 1,5 and 10 players are nearby and I can learn watching them. I think everyone who started during the peak of the storm, immediately shot to the top of the rankings, but the front may pass them by, that's my theory, at least. It would be nice to have a ranking of only folks using bare bones features. Looks like the real thing may start its attempt, it shows up on the map now. http://www.spindrift-racing.com/news/code-vert-tjv-en
  3. Right now is a good time to start or restart the Jules Verne Spindrift race, a good northerly blow. I was actually in first place for about 5 seconds, now in 40th. Looks like a bunch of top players started about the time I posted this and I'm dropping like a rock, 30 minutes later and I'm 390th.
  4. My experience is limited to yachts vs. cutters/lynxes, but it seems like shot and double shot don't cause enough casualties. I would think wood splinters would knock more folks out of action. Maybe chain shot should kill a few upper yard men if they impact during a sail change? Just a suggestion, don't get all uptight over it.
  5. I can't speak to your specific scenario OP, but I caught a trader Lynx with my yacht, and I was thinking how can this bluff bowed, cannon carrying, poop decked, royalist anachronism outrun a gunless Baltimore clipper? Although, I'm glad I could catch it, makes the game fun.
  6. Maybe they are just suspected of being smugglers? How can we know for sure just by looking at them from miles away, heck we don't even have spy glasses in the open world yet.
  7. There is much truth in what you say, after I got my Santisima, I did play less. However, I did keep playing and in mostly smaller, faster, more nimble ships, big battles were fun, even if you were sliding weaving around in a Lynx, big ships had to think before they wasted a broadside on an annoying mosquito. It would be cool if all those big battles moved a strategic front line, maybe like Planetside?
  8. I think this may be just the ticket. Perhaps I don't understand spinnakers, but my top speed with a spinnaker seems to be at an 90 degree angle to the wind? I'm in the Imoca class, this seems like a good way to capsize, maybe I don't know modern keels.
  9. I think the Open World needs time to develop before we can compare it with the Sea Trials. That being said, why not restart the Sea Trials, if drains away too many open world players then just close it until you think the Open World has been developed enough to compete. Then, let the two compete honorably for players. I, for one, am willing to give the Open World a chance, but the more I see of the same old, same old XP/leveling template, the more I think the War Thunder pattern would be the way to go, spend development time on ship models and varied battle maps. As for "Events", clicking on them, during the rare times they are open doesn't seem to guarantee an event, whereas joining a battle in the Sea Trials seemed quite straight forward and relativity speedy. I'll keep trying, but I only have so many hours to devote to sitting in port staring at countdown timers on the Events tab.
  10. Questions regarding the final product, If I assemble all the parts necessary to build a frigate, will the game prevent me from doing so with these things called "XP" and "Level"? Do you envision private citizens tooling around the open world in fully armed and manned first rates? Will battle instances ever be related visually to where they start on the open world map?
  11. I just want to sail the open world, the more complex the sailing "shoals, wind, provisions" the better. Grinding for some number called XP just makes my heart sink. If I happen to capture a frigate early, does this XP thing keep me from sailing it? XP seems like a lazy way to manage an economy.
  12. +1. There is a reason submarines get the best grub in the navy - morale buff.
  13. I find I haven't played that much since the open world, so I'm not sure I'm qualified to post my opinion, but the game sure seems to headed toward becoming an MMO grind fest. Not that there's anything wrong with that, just not my cup o' tea. Maybe, when/if global exploration and naval career paths are added i'll get excited again.
  14. I can picture the real life Preserved Killick taking care of these beauties http://www.rockislandauction.com/viewitem/aid/65/lid/1163 I wonder who bought them, and how much they sold for?
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