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  1. There seems to be a consensus, we want a spyglass in the open world, which is probably a little thing, and we want open and closed gun ports, which may not be so little. As someone with not much time to play these days, I would like a practice area offshore of each port, maybe with some beef barrel target rafts or even NPC's and other players to spar with. I would just like to keep my gunnery tuned without having to invest 45+ minutes of uninterrupted game play.
  2. The Lynx and the Privateer can already sail "wing on wing" or "goosewinged" downwind, sorta but not quite like this illustration.. They even hold the goosewing when we switch back to auto sail, all I ask for is a little speed boost, maybe 1/2 a knot when we take the time to spread our wings.
  3. That's a good point, I don't remember any wave clipping back then.
  4. There was a fog map many months ago, it was fun, I hope it comes back.
  5. This looks good, from this site http://special.lib.uci.edu/collections/british-naval-history/ Imagine what the whole book has.
  6. If we ever find ourselves caught deep inland....
  7. Fishing, it wouldn't take much effort, just some spots around the globe where the fish are biting. If it became popular it's a win and you can add some animations and crowds of seagulls. If it fizzles it didn't eat much development time. I always liked fishing in Uncharted Waters Online.
  8. Can we join more than one society? If we can, sign me up.
  9. Not that it bothered me any, but I read somewhere, those circular cutouts in the gun ports were from a later date. Do any historical buffs know what for and how those round holes were used? What was their purpose?
  10. The USS Independence... From this site, http://www.archives.gov/research/military/navy-ships/sailing-ships.html
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