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  1. Pirates are the second most Populated Nation in the game. Third is America. First is Great Britan. This is from what I've heard though.
  2. And this is no place to argue. My PM's are open if you wish to rebuttal back and forth. I already ended my argument ages ago, but apparently you had the audacity to reignite it back up.
  3. Lmao it was an example, but yeah sure take that to heart. There has been occurrences of smaller ships in the right moment and time to take larger warships. Everything in this game is absolutely fair in certain aspects. A Captain is defined by his skill not by his warship. However you've missed the point entirely. Pirates can pillage all they want - in a Lynx, Cutter, Privateer, whatever. I have no problems if they do. However if they're attacking other players in a BASIC CUTTER. Are you reading that? BASIC CUTTER. You know what BASIC CUTTERS are right? They're practically starter ships that a
  4. However regardless of what is said - Lieutenant Commandant Hex will patrol the East Coast with ammunition of pesticides to get rid of these pests that taints the waters of America.
  5. Exactly - If I say I fought you in a Navybrig. The BR is so vast that I will gain little for my effort with already a stack ontop of that fruitless effort. I will gain about less profit as I would in a battle due to the repair bill inflicted upon my ship. The Repair kits I would use. The EXP is close to nothing that would be so beneficial to me. However to you - You will gain a bonus due to fighting a ship higher level BR as you. You will gain twice the gold as I would in that battle - Triple Digit EXP due to the amount of damage you inflict and receive. And if you lose that ship you will not
  6. Yeah, but not in a Basic Cutter. Lmfao. I should submit a detailed issue about this. Experienced players still using Basic Cutters with the obvious advantage of not losing anything compared to other players losing a Durability maybe or worse - a Ship earned rightfully through legitimate effort.
  7. Until they add "Officers" I don't think the idea of paying for Crewmen will come across till late in the game, but however that is another idea that can be implemented conjoined with provisions. However I disagree with removing the Grind Entirely. I agree on shortening it if these either ideas come alive. A little balancing here and there and I think we may solve this whole "grind" issue.
  8. Lmao. In a Basic Cutter attacking larger ships with no afflicted penalty because after all the Basic Cutter is a free ship with free everything. And after you actually done something worthwhile Pirates would be giving themselves a pat on the back after sinking a larger ship in a fleet of Basic Cutters. Comparison with another individual with a ship that can't be attained freely - the repairs are within' 4 figures and the kits are within' 4-5 figures. Most of the individuals I come across attack ships to gain Free EXP from Damage and from inflicting damage. It's no surprise that Pirates are
  9. Wat. 15-20 minutes is highly over exaggerated. It usually takes me either 5 minutes at best when sailing against the wind to enter the port. By then the wind would've shifted slightly left allowing another knot or two of speed. I hope to almighty Thor this game doesn't become so arcade-y that we're sailing 10 knots at all times. Might as well buy some oars and stick it out the cannon barrels and begin rowing. -1
  10. It may have not taken years, but it has taken months. That is 30-31 days. And an average British Sailor ate about at least 3,000-5,000 calories a day. Now with some quantum physic calculations with, let's say the amount of a crew on a Mercury (130) - 2 meals a day. So 2 x 130 = 260 meals a day. 30 x 260 = 7,800 meals a month. Whoa but hold on let's also calculate the fleet ships you bring along. Like the shitty Cutters or something. Cutters usually have around 46, but I like the solid 50 number. 2 x 50 = 100 meals a day. 30 x 100 = 3,000 meals a month. So if you brought two with you - that
  11. Even small distances within' the Caribbean took, at best, a year to finish. If you wish to talk something realistic, many voyages when talking about Transatlantic Voyages - they took merely 1-3 years to finish, to and fro. Even still the current NA in the Open World - you're just experiencing an accelerated momentum which is the case you have the intention of not needing provisions, but yet you're missing the point. These "provisions" just don't count for your personal crew, but also counts for your fleet in total. I do believe with that mechanic in conjunction with this idea - it would give
  12. Ropes fluttering about when cannon balls pass overhead as they cut some of them. Maybe could be part of a damage indicator. More messy the rigging = how damaged the ship is.
  13. You see. I would've put that in, but there's a hidden godly power beyond human comprehension known as character limit lmao. Otherwise it'd be just "Perfect idea...." But to get to this point, I've already understood that part. You can practically make it to a Free Town/Neutral Port/Nation Port within' 2-3 days at best. The game at its current state mainly focuses on the combat aspect and the authenticity of the products within' its, already said, fundamental state. However, my idea extends far from the current ALPHA product, but can be tested and applied (hopefully) in the future. E
  14. When you sink a ship - The sunk ship will have debris not attached to the ship itself float up like barrels and maybe some bits and pieces of wood. A large piece of cloth from the mast floating up there and what not. A couple bubbles here and there. Maybe a couple lifeless bodies lmao.
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