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  1. If you’re going to arbitrarily protect them then why bother making them sail at all? Seriously, if there’s so little attention paid to the content and value that is provided to players outside the PB fleets during RVR, just give us a lobby and be done with the trappings of a sandbox.
  2. It makes as much sense as anything else does. The timer window is intended to constrain port battle times. That’s it. If you’re worried about hostility then keep an eye out for open hostility missions. The point of hostility missions as I see them is to provide opportunities for PvP, and set a barrier of commitment and resources for actually setting a port battle (combat false flags etc.). If the port battle can’t occur outside the timer window then the mechanic is working as intended. Now, we can debate the merit and mechanic of hostility all you want, but it isn’t an exploit.
  3. Not really, just have a friend hold a line ship in boarding while you sink it... opens up multiple slots at a time.
  4. I’m sympathetic to this, and intuitively it would make sense to potentially be rewarded for eluding a superior opponent... but it would be outrageously easy to exploit. What would keep a player with an alt in a first rate from tagging himself repeatedly and running away repeatedly at literally no cost, racking up rewards without it even hitting combat news?
  5. I play for the US, and you’re right, it’s easier to find safer spots than for France, but if you know people are camping Fort Royale, then teleport over to some other port and away you go... right? Or just abandon whatever you’re doing at that moment and go hunt out of a free town for a while or hit the shallows and cap some ships for the PvP zone, etc.? There are so many things to occupy yourself with other than holing up in port and moaning about some baddies outside your capital...
  6. How do you think you get better? Just do it, you won’t regret it. You’ll quickly find plenty of players to fight and you’ll likely find out, while improving, that you’re not as bad as you think you are.
  7. The victim mentality gets pretty old here. Once you have a coast guard fleet mustered, then you do the hunting. Bring out fast tagging ships and chase them away, or god forbid anticipate where the hunters are sailing out of and cut them off on their way home after you scare them away... And... if all else fails, move your activity to somewhere else that’s more safe. Deny them their fun... perhaps, go hunt their coastline for a while instead of doing whatever it is that’s getting you ganked? There’s always an alternative to tilting at windmills on the forum.
  8. But it works both ways. And it greatly rewards players that are not AFK or multi boxing to the extent that they miss getting the speed boosts. That’s something we should encourage.
  9. One wonders, then, why you’d be upset by having something to do while you sail, namely keeping an eye out for strong winds on the map? For me, it’s in the name: Naval Action != Naval Screen Saver
  10. Aww, are your AFK sailing hours watching Netflix or cruising Reddit going to be threatened? That’s a crying shame. 🙄
  11. Nation choice should be meaningless anyway. Switching nations should be as easy as buying a new letter of marque. If we had proper clan mechanics allowing clans to dictate who is friendly and who is not then the “nation” could just be a backdrop for low rank and PvE-oriented players that’s mostly meaningless outside of capital zones.
  12. lol because defenders need even more advantages? Why do you think there has been so few successful, defended attacks? No, the BR should be dynamic and changing day to day.
  13. No one is hating, they just don’t like your idea, and are critiquing it. What about the term “sandbox” don’t you understand? Players are currently constrained by nations and the limits they place, which is very “un-sandboxy,” and just because it doesn’t fit your notion of what should be the focus of the “game,” doesn’t mean that the game wouldn’t be better for backing away from rigid nation concepts and giving players more control over the ways in which they ally.
  14. Boatload of repairs, herc, and rattler notes. And of course instant advancement to Master/Commander crew level...
  15. LOL and put the RvR lockout squarely in the prime time of west coast US players? I don’t think pissing off a good chunk of the players you have in a niche game, who have the most buying power incidentally, is a recipe for longevity. Until the system infrastructure of the game is improved then it should stay where it is. Besides, most of those 60 extra “players” that are up early are just Lenin and his alts doing some fishing or trade runs...
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