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  1. LOL and put the RvR lockout squarely in the prime time of west coast US players? I don’t think pissing off a good chunk of the players you have in a niche game, who have the most buying power incidentally, is a recipe for longevity. Until the system infrastructure of the game is improved then it should stay where it is. Besides, most of those 60 extra “players” that are up early are just Lenin and his alts doing some fishing or trade runs...
  2. There are definitely gold chest, lynx, seek and destroy missions...
  3. Until they lose once or twice like they did on Global, the rest of the pirates stop playing along with their little games, and then they quit the game with shattered egos just like last time. It’s just a matter of time. And how is it possible that the VCO pirate baddies still haven’t been run out of the nation with all that BL4CK influence? Curious.
  4. I’m ambivalent about the use of alts and botting them. But how is this hurting you exactly? Why not just sink them or out them if you wanna be that guy and you’re that upset about it?
  5. Relaunch... gtfo. They already wiped the game once after saying they wouldn’t. Doing it again would literally kill the game off. There’s no reason at all to believe that resetting the game would bring any population increase. That ship has sailed.
  6. You clearly haven’t played very long, or are simply ignorant of the past rulings on the subject. Please educate yourself before cloaking your misinformation in silly verbiage meant to convince your reader that you know more than you do. This behavior is clearly against the rules on several points (joining fights without the intention to fight, manipulating RvR-related battles without even bothering to equip cannons, etc.), as determined by past tribunals. This is as clear cut as it gets.
  7. You know those ports with the empty symbols on the map? The free and neutral ports? You can establish outposts there and you’ll find plenty of foreign AI opportunities from each of them. Each one has a different distribution of rated ships so you may have to explore a bit outside the warm safety blanket of your US coast line, away from your precious forts (gasp), but they are out there.
  8. Don’t get rid of global, ffs. If it bothers you so much, click that little ‘x’ button and close it. Poof, problem solved for you, while leaving the option for the rest of us to kibbitz and chat among all our friends from other nations. It’s insane to me that people want to take functionality out of a game purely because they can’t be bothered to use the tools they already have at their disposal to solve their own grief. 🙄
  9. I think they would be happy if the server population goes to a bare minimum at this point. With no subscriptions or ongoing monetization going on ask yourself what higher server populations mean: higher maintenance costs for more server capacity... The fewer battle instances spawned, the less they pay, so it’s in their interest to extract the most money from DLC out of new and existing customers without increasing (or in fact, they probably implement strategies to slow down) the rate at which instanced battles drain CPU cycles.
  10. I see no reason to exclude AI damage from PvP zone damage... it’s still a risky endeavor and makes it so players can participate at low population times. Basic cutters should absolutely be excluded from tagging or joining in the zone. And finally, PvP zone battles should be given positional join circles instead of two circles, and/or be moved farther away from land so that join circles can not be placed on land intentionally, etc.
  11. What is an alt and what is a main? Who determines that in the case of those of us with equal rank, nearly equal play time characters? And what about family playing behind the same routable IP? This seems to me to be a problem that doesn’t need solving, and I don’t even know how we got on this subject... Back on topic, port bonuses represent an extreme investment and as such should be free at the port they are invested in. You can argue that reducing the mod stacking or increasing choices available to crafters could be better (4 total points of port bonus can be crafted into a ship, crafter chooses their distribution from available port bonus levels, etc.), but that changes what these leveled ports were supposed to be: foci for RvR. I think the problem is that like so many things the developers have tried, they got this wrong because nations and zergs can place their main ship building ports behind basically uncaptureable capitals and timers. And now, instead of nations going after the port bonus port in order to cripple a nation’s crafting and deter that extreme investment, you have people whining about the impact that investment has and asking to nerf it... Why not just nerf the zergs or make port bonus ports always captureable regardless of their county’s status, etc.?
  12. And make all players use a low rank alt that they can use to trade with invulnerability...
  13. Definition of tilting at windmills... Doran and Puchu: GET OFF MY LAWN YOU DIRTY OW PLAYERS!!1!
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