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    OIF combat veteran, I'm a dog person who loves hiking, deep country backpacking, Land Rover off roading, landscape photography, my Les Paul Custom, Orange amps and hunting. Naval Action was my main game for many years, I took a break and began working on an historical fiction novel set at the height of the Plains Wars.

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  1. Just discovered this project, this is fantastic and it looks amazing. For the past year and a half I have been researching and working on a historical fiction novel set during Red Cloud's War 1866-1868, the only war the US Army ever signed a treaty of defeat and relinquished land back to the natives,. They were driven out of the Powder River country by the Northern Cheyenne and Oglala, Brule and Minneconjou Sioux and abandoned the three recently built forts along the Bozeman Trail, Fort C.F. Smith, Fort Phil Kearny and Fort Reno. (picture below is of the Northern Cheyenne chief Little Wolf
  2. You cheated, you got caught due to your own stupidity. Let's all take a moment and laugh at these idiots. Don't let the door hit you in the ass.
  3. Ping on the US west coast is low, 150 and lower, half that in some east coast locations. As long as you are not over 300 you will see no difference in a game like NA. Only the Aussies have ping issues. This has been true since 2014, in fact ping is lower overall now than then and there were no issues then. The 'global' server will be the North American players, they will be forced onto this server by the port timers of the EU server, unless they don't care about RVR. So the 'global' server will have a few hundred players, 50% will play as the US and 49% as pirates and 1% as the remaining
  4. If we want to get historical and technical, Traders Brigs cannot, no matter the load, outrun frigates. Trade ships also ran skeleton crews to cut down on costs. This is why trade ships often traveled together with escort. American brigs and fore/aft vessels took millions of tons of commerce and nearly all of it from larger vessels. Brigs took many Indiamen. The large American frigates caught brigs, schooners and anything else they wanted. The speed bonus to trade ships in this game is a 'balance' addition and it hurts the game. The President ran down the Belvidera and was overtak
  5. I think the time has come. I have not played in sometime, I got on the test bed today and spent time chasing a couple of humans, a Traders Brig, a couple of Gros Ventres. I was in a Surprise and naturally they left me far behind. It brought back the feeling I had when I stopped playing, it isn't a good feeling. Another player mentioned in global (is this why it's going away?) and I agreed, for what ever number you assign to cannon weight for affecting speed, assign that effect to the equivalent weight for what is in your hold. 100 tons should affect your speed the same, whe
  6. Happy Birthday Yankee Jack!

  7. Yeah I noticed that awhile back too, and that the Agamemnon has a thicker mast than a 3rd rate. Real life measurments: Dragon 74 gun, launched 1798, 207 tons bigger than the Bellona, main mast diameter: 36 inches Constitution main mast diameter: 36 inches Unicorn (Leda Class frigate): 28 inches
  8. I have done a lot of research on ship constructions, the woods used, the thicknesses of frames and planks, and have used these to make suggestions and proposals to the dev team. However since most of the good information of Spanish ships is in Spanish, I have very little. I have some things on frame spacing on a few of 74s and 112 gun ships, but not much else. I have read where the Santisima was built of Cuban Mahogany (it was one of my proposals that brought the wood into the game- though it is not in the right place in the wood tier haha, oh well) but there is also several accounts of h
  9. I've seen a Surprise with reinforced masts endure all the charge and double a Constitution had, all within 200m, get down to 54% by that alone and not lose a mast, so this buff is just going to murder the art of demasting. It's age of sail game, 90% of historical ship engagements involved a lost mast. Spars and rigging should be repairable, but not a mast during combat. Rigging shock should be much more frequent, but permanent yard and rigging damage could be undone by shifting men to repair (but that's a whole other proposal on free form crew sliders). Also could we get some dismant
  10. Very cool. TDA has been using Google's drawing app for over a year, we have tons of battle diagrams, template ships, icons for fire, wind, turns etc, for training, it allows multiple people to use it at once just like Google docs etc. An example of a tactic made with google from the old Sea Trial days.
  11. I've proposed this in the past and while it does not equal pure pvp it is indeed must content to any age of sail game. I think the port production and resource availability would need to be tied to these convoys as an incentive to attack and defend as well. Stop a large shipment carrying 100,000 Oak to a capital port and that port is low or out of that resource until the next convoy. (This will only work once resources are regionally accurate.) The AI ships within the fleets would not engage in the battle (AI is annoying in battle anyway) but rather would run like traders do and the fight
  12. Excellent. I would like for the tournament to be postponed, primarily because summer is a bad time for a lot of us, TDA was hoping to field a team or two of veterans, but we are all too busy to take part and even our team of newer members are having a hard time getting together to practice. Either way, the changes to the small battles are very welcome.
  13. Well the Spanish would have been subjects to the US and the British several times over already. What fun would that be for the victors anyway? That proposal is a no go, total disaster waiting to happen. I would even go so far as to say that not only should a capital be uncapturable, every nation should have one small region safe from conquest. Also switching nations is far too easy and is being exploited, this affects diplomacy. If you want to switch nations, you can but you will lose two full ranks and 20 ranks of crafting. If your mates join the game and they really want to pla
  14. TDA has a 3rd team joining, names will be posted soon.
  15. As you older members know I have never held back giving my opinion on what is wrong or should be changed with this game, but the fine balance between size, epicness and playablility is just about right. It should be left alone. The only thing I think that could be further improved upon is the buoyancy if possible and visual things like draw distances of ships and fluttering flags on the jacks etc. It would hurt the world to be smaller. Besides if we hit the 2-3,000 player population consistently on full release we would be cramped and it wouldn't feel like a vast open world anymore.
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