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    OIF combat veteran, I'm a dog person who loves hiking, deep country backpacking, Land Rover off roading, landscape photography, my Les Paul Custom, Orange amps and hunting. Naval Action was my main game for many years, I took a break and began working on an historical fiction novel set at the height of the Plains Wars.

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  1. Just discovered this project, this is fantastic and it looks amazing. For the past year and a half I have been researching and working on a historical fiction novel set during Red Cloud's War 1866-1868, the only war the US Army ever signed a treaty of defeat and relinquished land back to the natives,. They were driven out of the Powder River country by the Northern Cheyenne and Oglala, Brule and Minneconjou Sioux and abandoned the three recently built forts along the Bozeman Trail, Fort C.F. Smith, Fort Phil Kearny and Fort Reno. (picture below is of the Northern Cheyenne chief Little Wolf burning Fort Phil Kearny) I would love to help with any historical research if the game is indeed going to have a historical setting. These are the current books I own and I have many published research papers on the Indian Wars of the 1860's and '70's. You guys just uncannily seem to know what I like 😂 Indian Wars Research Books
  2. You cheated, you got caught due to your own stupidity. Let's all take a moment and laugh at these idiots. Don't let the door hit you in the ass.
  3. I play this. There are a few of us on the TDA teamspeak who do, you're welcome to join.
  4. Ping on the US west coast is low, 150 and lower, half that in some east coast locations. As long as you are not over 300 you will see no difference in a game like NA. Only the Aussies have ping issues. This has been true since 2014, in fact ping is lower overall now than then and there were no issues then. The 'global' server will be the North American players, they will be forced onto this server by the port timers of the EU server, unless they don't care about RVR. So the 'global' server will have a few hundred players, 50% will play as the US and 49% as pirates and 1% as the remaining nations. It will have daily numbers similar to what we have now in no time. Then many of the players will migrate to the EU server just to have pvp, but will have to be pirates because of the timers on ports (unless they stay up all night). The whole thing is a disaster waiting to happen. All because port battles have become the focus of Naval Action. Naval Action should be about open sea action, not port battles, but that's what it has become. Solution? One global pvp server for everyone, port battles only on weekends and with a 12 hour free for all window, all time zones can get in, most points wins. (I'd even prefer one weekend a month.) The rest of the time will be a high population server with lots of pvp.
  5. If we want to get historical and technical, Traders Brigs cannot, no matter the load, outrun frigates. Trade ships also ran skeleton crews to cut down on costs. This is why trade ships often traveled together with escort. American brigs and fore/aft vessels took millions of tons of commerce and nearly all of it from larger vessels. Brigs took many Indiamen. The large American frigates caught brigs, schooners and anything else they wanted. The speed bonus to trade ships in this game is a 'balance' addition and it hurts the game. The President ran down the Belvidera and was overtaking her until she dumped 14 tons of water.
  6. I think the time has come. I have not played in sometime, I got on the test bed today and spent time chasing a couple of humans, a Traders Brig, a couple of Gros Ventres. I was in a Surprise and naturally they left me far behind. It brought back the feeling I had when I stopped playing, it isn't a good feeling. Another player mentioned in global (is this why it's going away?) and I agreed, for what ever number you assign to cannon weight for affecting speed, assign that effect to the equivalent weight for what is in your hold. 100 tons should affect your speed the same, whether it's 100 tons of cannon or coal or cotton or fish.
  7. Happy Birthday Yankee Jack!

  8. Ok so, British ships had hanging and lodging knees at every beam end, the French threw hanging knees along the deck as occasionally and randomly as a Parisian breeze. British built ships had much more rigidity throughout. British ships performed well on blockaded duty for months fully loaded and at times over gunned. Captured French ships were regarded as 'lightly built' by the British, shipped a ton of water and were not very weatherly and were sent in for structural repairs more often when put to standard British use. However the French ships were faster and sailed much better when the wind was where they liked it, basically having better sailing in a much smaller sailing profile window. Now as far as hull thickness and resistance to shot, there is not much to choose between the two, French frigate hull thicknesses matched that of British frigates and British 74's matched that of French ones. The biggest difference was British frames were closer together at the keel and tapered (sided dimensions) as they rose to the rails (2" to 7" on 74s) and French ships maintained the same space from the keel to the top, generally 5.25" on 74s. It is far too complex of a subject to label it with 'these ships were better' blah blah.
  9. Plerrick, the pirates and the Brits are the only ones with big numbers right now. The US has one of the smallest player bases (I think there are more US based players playing British actually) and at least 80% of the veteran US players aren't playing very often anymore, and when we do we just hunt other players and haven't bothered with a PB in months, mostly due to 2 year burnout, nothing to do with any mechanic. So all these dreadful PBs on the part of the US is the newer players and the clans that have came over from the other servers. I remember a big talking clan came over awhile back and they refused to work with the rest of the nation and were going to 'take over the whole gulf' lol, they got their asses handed to them by the Spanish (who at that time were the worst at PVP) and disappeared, probably back to the other server (do you remember what was their name was Johny?) Anyway with land in the PBs in need of testing (and finally not shooting towers like we have been doing since 2014) we hope to get involved more. I wouldn't expect any huge increase in player base until full release though.
  10. That was my suspicion I think there are quite a few templates in the game currently?
  11. Yeah I noticed that awhile back too, and that the Agamemnon has a thicker mast than a 3rd rate. Real life measurments: Dragon 74 gun, launched 1798, 207 tons bigger than the Bellona, main mast diameter: 36 inches Constitution main mast diameter: 36 inches Unicorn (Leda Class frigate): 28 inches
  12. The hull thicknesses across the board are too high and the bounces incurred skew the rest of the shot performances all out of proportion. It's hard to judge best what to change while it is like this. All the post battle damage assessments in the captains logs and shipyard repairs for the Constitution and United States consist of prying 32lb carronades out of planking, and when 18 longs penetrated they were pryed out of knees and frame timbers and even on her big hull many of these penetrated clean through. There are accounts of balls passing clean through 1st rates at Trafalgar, no doubt some 18s there at the close quarters it was fought, but not any carronades. However when a carronade did penetrate a ship it delivered most of its energy to the wood, and thereby just penetrating, thus creating a catastrophic hole and a ton of splinters. Thus the period term 'smashers'. Whereas a long shot of the same weight would punch clean through from the same range and do less hole damage and less splinters, but retain energy to dismount cannon, break pumps and run down the gundeck like a wild pin ball. Carronades should kill more crew in the immediate area of penetration and create a nastier leak, but not a whole lot else. The problem could be (and only the devs will know) is in the actual size of the cannonballs in game. They are awfully large (I understand the graphical need for players to see them) but we have 18lbers that are far bigger than 5" diameter and thus the shot holes are far bigger than they would be and with having solid crew hit boxes instead of individual crew with natural spaces between themselves, we are getting much higher crew kills when the pen is tuned to more historical levels, with these oversized balls hitting the continuous hit boxes. I know there are limitations, the models is still wonderful, I'm simply pointing out what may be a situation causing this problem.
  13. @Sir. Cunningham swing by the TS sometime, it's been awhile since we chatted. I am doing some more research about hulls and gunfire (who knew), another paper in the works haha. FYI I'd just posted in the testers forum about carronades and splinters, it seems we agree on the velocity absorption theory.
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