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  1. FYI - VCO was approached by a clan (Not MAGIC) within the US nation that was dissatisfied with the decision made by Sir Texas Sir and the US "leadership" to bow to Russia and give them Marsh, Kidds and eventually Bermuda. This clan was willing to open up hostility missions for pirates and prevent Russians from taking the regions. We being responsible custodians of the game will end up declining. This feature/bug does allow disaffected clans or players within their respective nations to be a little troublesome if ignored. Not a terrible thing honestly.
  2. It's easier to keep a good record when you keep sinking inferior teams. It's funny when 1 zerg calls the other a zerg......hello pot, meet kettle
  3. Bring back the 3 minute timers for BOTH sides. This drama doesn't happen
  4. Could you imagine what would have happened if LV or Banished did what Reverse pulled yesterday and streamed it live? Would be an admin led public execution here on the forums. But since it's the golden boy....nothing happens. Only those that are critical get punished.
  5. Really what the front lines has taught is is we desperately need a new player/rookie starting zone or area. Just randomly starting at a freetown simply doesn't work and provides an advantage to vets and a significant disadvantage to new players. We need an island somewhere similar that is the designated start point for ALL new players. This island provides a base where players learn the tutorial and a few basics. Players pass the basic tutorial to learn the ropes(there should be a basic and an advanced) and then are given a choice as to which nation to join. Starting off at a free town is
  6. Please be constructive. Please also understand the idea that derivative works can be more efficiently created than the original idea. -Powderhorn
  7. I'm not sure 25/25 man BR port battles don't have a place in NA. Maybe the big dog ports like Santa Domingo / Carta / Whatever should be, but the vast majority of ports need to go back to something more manageable. Another thought would be the put rate caps on some of the lesser region capitals and bring back all 4th rate rights. The cost of entry into port battles is currently way too high and smaller clans or nations simply will not be able to compete long term. Bringing back rate limits would also help minimize this.
  8. I mean it's cool if FENIX wants to stand on HAVOCs shoulders and call themselves tall, but most of us really don't care. Chest beating in here isn't what the discussion was about. Grats on having the most players online and securing nassau from neutral bots. Anolytic has mentioned making the bahamas an FFA / not tied to the front lines zone well BEFORE you guys took Nassau and/or Marsh being announced as a stepping stone to bermuda. This isn't just about Nassau and Bermuda. Ok? Now let's move on without bias. --- With the current iteration of front lines and regions, t
  9. I'm pretty sure he's not whining about Nassau here and simply suggesting that the bahamas be an FFA RVR training ground where cheaper ships can encourage more battles and smaller clans/nations can carve out little areas for themselves. Locking the entire bahamas into 3-4 capital regions is a shame and will discourage fights more than create them IMO. Why would anyone not be upset about getting a port that is wiped in a month?
  10. I like it. I would also add that a release of this magnitude really should hit on a friday at the very least....weekend preferably. Though boo to your regional servers comments. I was also thinking about wood/resource availability with a staggered release. Let's say that at launch there is still 1 LO / WO / Carta (insert whatever meta material port) and it opens right away. What if we were to create 2 LO (or whatever) ports and place them strategically in 2 different areas and unlock them during different prime times. A EU time / US time. This would perhaps lessen the timer
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