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  1. HE might not have issues. Here's a list of the roaming ent forests currently.
  2. That sure is a lot of trips to the magical ent forest for 1 PB or screening fleet that could be lost in an hour. Why even bother? Time to just make the santi (yuck...) a DLC ship so we can end this charade of a crafting system and get back to losing 1st rates on the OW.
  3. Remember this? Cheap ships, lot's of content and hundreds of players involved in battles. c
  4. If you've fought him.....he kinda is a big deal. @--Privateer-- unintentionally started this thread of salt, but his original point still stands. Fishy reviews impersonating other game users is a shitty thing to do and I think we can all admit that the ban finger (justly or un) has been very active lately....it's natural for him to want to stay well clear of any itchy trigger fingers. Overall I think looking at 6 iffy reviews is doing a disservice to the community and efforts really should be made to figure out why so many reviews have been mostly negative over the past 2 years and in particular, asking guys with thousands of hours why they left a thumbs down. Instead we just dismiss things as bridaging or review bombs...rather than address the elephant in the room. Here's a similar thread from 2+ years ago when the game started trending mostly negative. This was before the Global server drama and the SORRY review bomb. Reviewers still echo similar sentients.... It appears that things haven't really changed.
  5. I can dig it. Though not sure about that Niagra or Indef exclusivity....seems unnecessary given the impact DLC ships will and currently have on shallow PBs.
  6. Apparently I have already down voted their reviews, so these are from Banished and his friends like the pirates who moderate the Naval Action reddit....which by the way could be forcibly removed for using a trade marked or copyright name as this goes against reddit policy. In the comments on my review, notice how one rat mod thought to ban my post on reddit, LOL. Except you did say these ARE from Banished and his friends. And you specifically mention a pirate mod. C'est Moi. Since I'm in an educating mood, what you could of said was...."These reviews ARE most likely from...." and that would of been viewed as highly suggestive, but not outright accusatory. See the difference? Davos my dear, I have never and will never lie to you. We can all sleep safely tonight knowing you don't think it was VCO.
  7. I mean let’s be honest, this game has been “mostly negative” for well over a year. These 6 or so reviews don’t add much to the overall opinion and most folks with a brain can figure out they are just spam. It’s also pretty obvious who this is and it probably could have been prevented. Just saying. Personally I’d be more upset over a review like this. If I were the developer I’d be asking this guy personally why he’s upset. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198056730594/recommended/311310/
  8. Personally I feel like if you're stupid enough to try and PVP directly outside the busiest freeport in the game you deserve whatever happens. But that's just me. The 2min join timer simply wasn't long enough and is not "what you see is what you get" because players upwind could SEE the battle, but sometimes not get back to it. An additional minute would make a world of difference to OW battles while impacting the overall game minimally. Unless you of course PVP outside tortue...
  9. How about we just return to the 3 min joins that we had for 2 years and call it even.
  10. Not sure about the niagra. Why would you consider this rare? Assuming DLC ships will be entering PBs, the cerb/surprise/herc/pandora can all mount 32lb carros. If anything the niagra is in danger of not having a place (as is most shallow ships) in the game. Now if you'd make shallows great again by removing 5th rates from them I'd love you long time. #NoDLCsInPBsEver
  11. All I know is back in pre-wipe and even post wipe outside Carta, the huge 25 on 25man 1st rate battles where nations were losing 50 ships a week was immensely enjoyable and the server was more vibrant and active because of all the action. Better access to the "rare" woods and cheaper ship production made it so we could lose a few ships a week and still want to go out there and lose more. In the current economy this is not possible and even discouraged. This is bad for the game. The current model is unsustainable with 400 people, I could only imagine 1500 post launch. Something needs to be done. Even if NONE of the discussed changes happens prior to launch....the woods situation needs to be addressed beforehand if you want anything resembling an active RVR community. Easy access to woods + cheaper ships = more fun.
  12. um no. It would be reinforcing the idea of front lines since you are securing bases of operations to advance the line and progress towards the end goal.
  13. Yea it should be reverse. All the small dots should be captured before the big dot. That is the essence of island hopping. Make sure they have cannons
  14. I’m mildly excited, though I think to enter a region you need to take the secondary ports and then the capital. Effectively a clan can lock down a region with just 1 timer if I am understanding admin correctly. Also if you want folks to actually participate in RVR the availability of rare woods needs to be considerably tweaked.
  15. Towers / Forts were recently buffed and do a little more damage. They also take a lot longer to kill now. I think it was 250 mortar hits in our last PB. Killing them is no longer a cake walk, especially if you have a counter MB.....which itself is an issue. I'd like to see forts give no points and offer a strategic hurdle that must be overcome. Currently they are not.
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