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  1. That’s a long explanation for dodging timers. Sounds like a Prussian excuse. This is going in circles. If you don’t want to be attacked, please don’t make false accusations. You owe MAGIC clan a public apology for suggesting that they were involved in flipping San Mateo or La Des. They were not. Please contact MAGIC clan as they anxiously await your apology. Thanks
  2. NPG is a US clan and is currently using EU timers on their port of Savannah. Gasp.. Also when you make uninformed low IQ accusations one typically responds as such. I also state the fact that you’ve given away more ports to bow to Russian than you’ve lost through other means to put your victim complex in perspective.
  3. My detailed analysis of this patch can be summed up in one word. Meh.
  4. User placed on permanent premoderation due to a continued inability to control themselves. - H. Darby
  5. You are misinformed. No MAGIC clan members were involved in San Mateo or La Des hostility raising. Try again. We were approached however by factions inside the US that were upset with you bending the knee to Russia and giving them various ports. The abuses I’ve seen recently are US time zone players hiding behind EU port timers and Sir John joining his pirate alt on the opposite side of battles his US character is in for “reasons”. VCO is simply testing and reporting back about features.
  6. FYI - VCO was approached by a clan (Not MAGIC) within the US nation that was dissatisfied with the decision made by Sir Texas Sir and the US "leadership" to bow to Russia and give them Marsh, Kidds and eventually Bermuda. This clan was willing to open up hostility missions for pirates and prevent Russians from taking the regions. We being responsible custodians of the game will end up declining. This feature/bug does allow disaffected clans or players within their respective nations to be a little troublesome if ignored. Not a terrible thing honestly.
  7. It's easier to keep a good record when you keep sinking inferior teams. It's funny when 1 zerg calls the other a zerg......hello pot, meet kettle
  8. Bring back the 3 minute timers for BOTH sides. This drama doesn't happen
  9. Could you imagine what would have happened if LV or Banished did what Reverse pulled yesterday and streamed it live? Would be an admin led public execution here on the forums. But since it's the golden boy....nothing happens. Only those that are critical get punished.
  10. Really what the front lines has taught is is we desperately need a new player/rookie starting zone or area. Just randomly starting at a freetown simply doesn't work and provides an advantage to vets and a significant disadvantage to new players. We need an island somewhere similar that is the designated start point for ALL new players. This island provides a base where players learn the tutorial and a few basics. Players pass the basic tutorial to learn the ropes(there should be a basic and an advanced) and then are given a choice as to which nation to join. Starting off at a free town is just sloppy. I like the idea of waiting a week or 2 in another nation and then changing to the impossible ones, but that would hinder new players a bit I think.
  11. took a little video of the clan list lag. it's lovely.
  12. Please be constructive. Please also understand the idea that derivative works can be more efficiently created than the original idea. -Powderhorn
  13. does the list like lag for anyone else too?
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