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  1. how did he violate game rules he tagged you and kept you in battle ... its called screening ... doesnt just happen with port battle fleets... we have been screened many times where those that tagged had no intention of fighting just stop us getting into battle last night we had a batttle with rusians and the same tactics were used by both sides keep them in battle until reinforcements arrive at the end of the battle 1 spanish player left on russian side he didnt want to fight but was waiting for 6 russian l oceans arrive from aves ... it was not unfair and we dont cry about it your problem is everytime you dont have advantage or an opportunity is taken away by another player you cry that its a violation of rules now you demand that a player should be banned on your say so... who are you to be police . prosecuter and judge
  2. how about a ban for you , for trolling tribunal
  3. no not at all im am looking at reality Player A has dlc ... player B doesnt game is wiped and released ... Player A after a coupleof hours is master and commander sailing a lo/wo or teak/wo 4th rate .. thats redeemable every 24hrs if he sinks Player B is master and commander after a couple of hours and sailing a rattlesnake that he loses for goodif he sinks Player A is grinding 4th rate missions in his rattvisan doesnt matte if he sinks he gets another ,, earning far more reals and doubloons than player B can get in his non redeemable rattlesnake Player B wants a bigger ship he has to earn enough doubloons and reals to build a shipyard .. then gather resources some of which are nigh on impossible to get depending which natio your in player b wants permits for a bigger ship he has to go out in his non redeemable rattlesnake and pvp ... who against player A in his 4th rate ?????? all thats going to happen there is player A gets combat nedals Player A has no concerns he gets a new ship every day Player A and Player B want to take a port for victory marks ..lets say cartegena .. who raises hostility quickest ... the guy in the ratvisan orthe guy iin the rattlesnake ?? im not poisoning anything as it stands now .... if you dont have the rattvisan dlc at release your at a massive disadvatage on full wipe and release if you think im been negative and making poison comments i thinkyou have your head buried in the sand
  4. i dont think you know what you want ...."There's nothing wrong with tweaking a ship for a specific role, but there shouldn't be "one size beats all" but you then give examples of tweaking ships for specific roles and call them metas theres always going to be a meta build for a particular role unless you cut out having different builds altogether and just have one type of wood there isnt a one build beats all ...
  5. its hard to tell which barrel is full and which is empty until you look inside
  6. if you just left those 4 ships as permit only i think it would be a good balance all you need to do now is reduce the amount of doubloons to purchace rare woods in clan missions .. so that the wanderingt forests actually start to wander and we will be getting somewhere 😊
  7. currently in the game yes after final wipe and release ... they will be kings of the sea
  8. the more difficult crafting and getting rare woods is the more appealing spending £30 on DLC that gives you a teak/wo or lo/wo 4th rate that is really a 3rd rate becomes
  9. because the kind of balance you are talking about makes it all obselete .... whats the point of building a LO/WO ship when its the same as an oak/oak ship ? why not just have oak and get rid of the rest of the woods ? but that again unbalances the game .. because if everyone sailed oak/oak ships ...the winners would be those in the biggest ships ...and the largest broadside having different wood type ships adds a big dimensio to the game .. do you have a fast ship ... a tanky ship ... something inbetween .. all this would dissapear skill will always have a deciding diference ,,, a skilled player in a teak/wo ship always beat an unskilled player in a lo/wo similar ship ....but where the skill level is comparable the opposite is true
  10. The problem will be magnified when the game is wiped and released .... it is hard to craft ships now when we have access to reals and doubloons rng drops from misions that comes from pve grind with larger ships ..... after the final wipe we wont have reals or doubloons we will have to grind these in 6 and 7 th rates .with the new damage model ... it will be a massive grind just to be able to afford a shipyard .. never mind having to sail around and collect all ship building materials permits and combat medals meanwhile the dlc rattvisan owner once having completed the tutorial will find it much easier and quicker to grind ... they will win all port battles putting it simply if you dont buy the 4th rate dlc on release your going to get left so far behind it will take months to recover ... i predict some will find themselves so uncompetitive they will leave the game
  11. the wandering forest isnt a bad idea jusr poorly executed ... the price in doubloons is far too much ... there is 1million teak 1m live oak 1m white oak logs in the game ... but its all sat behind a ridiculous 50k doubloon for 5000 and clan mission barrier drop the price in doubloons to 5k doubloons for 5k logs ... people wil start using the clan missions .. will start trading the rare woods ... start hauling to ports to sell ... it will create content for those that want to trade ... the wandering forest effect will spread the wealth around the map ... it will re energise ship building ... im tot going to spend 50 cm on a l ocean permit if the l ocean is going to be oak/oak weve tested the current set up and its not working so if we are testing change it and test again
  12. plenty of port battleshave been won .. make the changes as suggested ..smaller nations have no chance of defending their ports sometimes due to lack of numbers or ships racking up the points is the only way they can win sometimes slowing the points down just means those in biggest ships win this game has suffered enough from players with most experience , biggest ships and alll the books and mods encouraging the devs to remove any chance for anyone else to win
  13. @admindo i have to be addressed this way ? -Fixed.
  14. after the wipe when all crafted ships are gone ... when you have to rank up find rare woods and permits find the cash and doubloons to actually builda shipyard ..the only successful players in pvp/rvr will be those that own dlc . they will grind reals and doubloons quicker . get combat medals quicker killing those that dont have the dlc then try stopping hostility or winning a port battle in oak/oak 6/7rates against a fleet of rattvisans
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