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  1. seems to me that sweden have broken the peace treaty betwenn russia and sweden ,,, which I understand to have said neither side was to interfere with GB V spain war other than screening
  2. I did like the flags mechanic ,,, but we need to remember why we were glad when they went ,,, multiple flags been pulled and people sat in ports waiting for an attack that never came ......hostility is a bore ,,, flags will lead to more griefing ,,, a 24 hrs wait affter a flag has been planted will just lead to massive multiflips ,, why wouldnt you pull 4 flags to try and disguise the real target there has to be a better way .. to initiate a port battle
  3. expensive ... i was going to say if you played the game you would know ,,, then realised who I was replying to so I guess you dont buy them ?
  4. so unless we say good things about the game and you as developers ,, no more development ,,, ?? we now have to beg for things in the form of positive reviews as well as pay you ??? i dont mind doing one or the other but both ??
  5. really need more info on how hostility works before making a judgement on the no screening ,,, with 5700 br on ports it removes rvr forn a lot of players ,, a 5700 br pb is 12 plyers give or take ,, what does everyone else do ... if your intent on this parachute drop into port battles how about a 24 hr port battle cooldown on players ? so the best rvr guys cannot for instance take part in 3 battles a day and just jump around from one battle to the next they have to consider which battle is most important to them .
  6. havoc griefing is allowed its when they are on the receiving end its banned
  7. Lesson is simple Developers should embrace their CUSTOMERS as a partner and should stop distancing to another side of the battlefield. You cannot have a pleasant income without us.
  8. CID is such a busy man how does he find time ,,, extorting Brits ,, threatening Dutch,, hiding from russians and begging sweden
  9. me as an individual ...??? yeah i grinded hostility for sdc and was in the port battle when they took it ... les cayes i was there saint nic no and PaP isnt lamas i contributed cm and doubies to my clan and my clan contributed to building SDC ... I wear size 10 shoes ,, have 3 kids and no mortgage ,, anything else you would like to know however Im not speaking for my own benefit but for GB players benefit ... maybe you are hapy that they will leave game if clans are kicked from LAMA friends list .. you can maybe be happy playing game with no enemy
  10. we cant even attack sdc with alts ... trux you could have ,, sj i was open to attack
  11. the best option would have to wait until sdc was atatcked by npc raid then get another nation to screen lama out so it went neutral ,,, unfortunatly too many GB clans believed CID giving his word that he would drop it was enough ... now npc raid is gone ,, cid goes back on his word
  12. shortest route to sdc is through Baracoa i doubt WTF will give that up to let another nation attack SDC .. ir we have to give up st nics another LAMA port PE AND 2 OR 3 other ports ,, before sdc can be attacked sweden could do it through GT but would still need to take 4-5 ports to reach SDC and they have enough of our ports as it is
  13. hey great idea .... if you inderstand the mechanics of the game try and work out how many ports we need to give up to another nation before they can attack .. SDC ,and then whats the guarantee they hand it over ?
  14. you think that lama took those ports all by themselves and built all the defences and port bonus features alone ... GB as a nation took SDC there was more than just LAMA in that port battle ,,, other clans helped grinding hostility GB Clans contributed victory marks, doubloons and combat medals to LAMA to build the defenses and port bonuses ... then LAMA decide to go Prussian and hold us hostage with the threat of dropping clans from friends list ...a lot of players have lvl 3 ship yards in SDC and its not a simple matter to go build another elsewhere ,,, the effort and grinding to get CMs and doubloons to build up SDC and build a lvl 3 shipyard will drive players out of the game . if KRAKES actions force them to do it again elsewhere.... its one thing to lose a port to an enemy ..to be held hostage by another nation is another ... Krake clan over the weekend demanded all the ports from la navasse to Sale trou . the entire les cayes region . in exchange for SDC ... if GB captians are still active in LAMA how do Krake have the ability to make this offer ???? @admin Krake are driving youur customers out of the game with their actions
  15. all im claiming is CRC is a swedish clan... whether there are any members of BASTD in it is irrelevant ,, maybe crc members have their alts in Bastd .. same as you cant prove which were alts and which were mains in Havoc sewe and havoc dk it was exactly the same ,,
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