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  1. LOL largest nation in poulation maybe also largest nation in terms of new players ..that attract every seal clubber in the game ... sat dead center of the map .. can be attacked from any direction you have no idea
  2. not sure that just having 3yrs of experience of playing the game is enough reward for having to put up with some of the crap mechanics that have come and gone in the name of testing .. shows how much devs think of us as testers and helping to develop their game
  3. ???? I mentioned all the important ones ... sorry left out poland
  4. if they were the only 2 sure ,,, but as said before and im sure your aware ,, theres russians and spanish and french and prussians and pirates also there ... doesnt really matter what flag they fly .. why are you trying to make out i only mentioned danes ???? why cant the french chase the two players mentioned away in that case ,,, im not even that bothered about KPR .. its boring .. crap players in op fast ships seal clubbing............ anyone over post captain and they run its not fun to chase them for an hour
  5. 1 player can camp anywhere he or she likes ... why is camping a port reliant on numbers
  6. since when are you restricted to only one nation joining a side ... and i said camping not ganking
  7. nah reflex is to run back to port ,,, as you may have noticed most french ships in game dont have bow chasers ,
  8. ok so russian french are ok ... and you will help them .... other russians are bad and shouldnt gank you typical french Qu'ils mangent de la briocheโ€
  9. if you dont like russians seal clubbing your new players ... why when you see a GB V russia fight near french port do you join russian side
  10. last time we came to fort royal .. we attacked russians ,, and french jumped in battle with russians ... go figure that out
  11. GB has simialar problems but we have russian, pirate , prussian swede french ,,, and sometimes even dutch and danes ,, camping KPR .
  12. and your the opposite of Havoc .. you seem to relish in GB failures ... no your not on Hullabaloos side ... you may play GB nation but your not part of GB
  13. at release there will be another port wipe ... why will it be real rvr ... it will be against ai again
  14. at least noobs in little ships have a chance of completeing a pvp hunt mission that way ๐Ÿ˜Š
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