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  1. How can you be moving onto the next update patch when you have done such a royally terrible, horrendous, tragic job of balancing woods, and taking a wrecking ball to the economy especially considering now for a non seasoned santi it’s going to cost in excess of 30+mill 😂. Most incompetent Dev I have ever witnessed. Seriously sell the game to the players, and let them make the changes to stop ‘you’ plaguing the game with terrible changes. How can any single person balls it up as much as you have...
  2. 30mill + for a Santi now, not even seasoned ahahahahaaa. Good job admin. Good way for new players to get into the game. Even the ruski Zerg and swedes will struggle with these tragic changes, let alone the weaker nations that yet again are being f***ed over by this garbage. Trade resources and other means of making money had better increase by 500-600% to match these wild erratic prices for crafting resources. This patch is one of the most tragic patches I’ve ever seen. 😂
  3. This statement was hypocritical to say the least, as there is a lot of unbalance, I’ve already given one between teak/teak & teak/wo, but also begged the question of why Admins hand was hurting. Since it evidently wasn’t from doing a good job of balancing woods, must have been from stroking the Bratwurst 😂 while letting the Euro millions balls generator create the stats for woods at random 🤦‍♂️
  4. Wtf this must be a mistake right? 😂 if not off to another game I go 🤦‍♂️
  5. So both Locust and white Oak are next to useless, and poor comparisons to using Live OakS/ SabiciS PB ships. Good job on rendering both WO/Lucust useless... Also the speed nerfs are too much. Seasoned teak/teak Endymion for example vs a teak/wo one. TeakS/teakS only goes .1 faster yet loses 15% HP and has significantly weaker masts 😂 this is retarded. Either give it .3-.4 more speed or narrow the huge gap of HP. Truly believe this woods fiasco may be the final nail in NA’s coffin ⚰️ How to mess up and make woods even worse. Game plan. Hand it over to a professional in the f*** up industry. NA’s Dev is the Buffoon for the job!
  6. Swede handlers and Spanish pets came down to screen I’m guessing.
  7. But then again french suck, so would of lost the PB anyway.
  8. What like the GB vs Swedes/Spain/French pets kind of 1v1 war 😂
  9. Reality is, is that TP to battle is and always was a bad idea. A bad idea for small nations as well as big for this simple reason. Nations like Sweden (toxic nation jumpers) & Russia have the most experienced players in game with the best seasoned ships to use. So with that in mind A small nation going heads up in a Pb with them is simply going to result in an almost guaranteed loss, and more chance of you rapidly losing ports to them than having a chance of gaining any ports from them. As if that wasn’t obvious already 🤦‍♂️🙄
  10. Who am I 😂 Let me ask you in turn a irrelevant question, since you asked me one. Who are you? Although no one cares so don’t bother answering. My point still stands, Admins dealing of introducing patches and holding to deadlines has been a shambles. Undeniably the game needs stability, something we have not had for months now, and the server population is really showing that.
  11. Can’t remember a single occasion you @admin have kept to a deadline. Months now waiting for woods to be finalised. Months now there has been people leaving the game due to the unprofessional behaviour, uncertainty of anything in the game. Why bother crafting ships that are going to potentially be useless the next day? Sort it out and fast! In my company or any credible company you would of been sacked years ago.
  12. My Teak/teak Implac/Christians and Endymions are relivant again. Yet although Devs made huge mistake with teak, and have resolved many of the issues now, they have made Teak dare I say too powerful, and messed up other woods like WO/Sabiqu/Locust/Live Oak =( Devs moto, resolve one issue and create 3 more to take its place lmfao
  13. The most major inconsistency is that the Devs haven't a clue what they are doing when it comes to balancing. Just made White Oak useless. FML... We need this sorted out quickly, and we need woods to be finalised so we know where we all stand. Been FAR FAR TOO LONG that NA community have been stuck in limbo waiting for the Devs to sort this mess out. Unacceptable. Devs need to listen to feed back, before it does further damage to a game we all love to play. Suck it up, and listen for a change. While you are at it, increase the flag weight & get rid of the AI port battles jezz! Stop turning the pvp server into the PVE server...
  14. When is this tragic and uninformed string of wood balancing patches going to finally be completed. Jesus ******* *****!
  15. Noticed that silver chests have been giving good perms etc, where as gold chests having been getting rubbish. Maybe a half decent book but rubbish perms or no perms.
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