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  1. The King announces that because of the steadily growing aggression by the Dutch against His Majesty’s ports, the colonial Navy will be forced to take action if this situation continues. This is an official warning. The withdrawal of the Dutch from the NATO alliance and the signing of a peace treaty with Russia makes any previous treaties obsolete. Signed by König von Preußen and His Ministers and Deputy Ministers
  2. Hear ye, hear ye! The König von Preußen and his Council of Ministers, after taking into consideration the latest events, declare their neutrality in the conflict between Russia and Sweden and their allies. The status quo of 16.02.2020 will be maintained and all Prussian commitments will be defended. This includes the recently captured Dutch ports. Prussia will stop its expansion in the area but any coordinated attacks against those ports or any other ports (more than one) of the Prussian Kingdom by any nation, will be considered as an act of war and therefore the Coloni
  3. What is this?? Another pretender?? Away with you imposter!
  4. The screening fleet outside of the port of Rio Seco. Luckilly nobody will be court martialled this time.
  5. Attention my beloved subjects! It seems that the true traitors of the Prussian nation in the New World have decided to come out of the shadow and show their true face. The rumours that were circling my advisors seem to have been true after all. The true overlords of those traitors seem to be the Dutch. Bah! Them, flying the Prussian flag?! It seems that it was only but a cloak! A swift investigation will be made to find and eliminate their whole network throughout the colonies.
  6. It seems that some captains forgot to put the gunpowder below the decks. Something about "lighting up the hearts and souls of the Swedes", literally. Captain Monkey is being court marshalled again for not fighting to the death. Thank you for brightening up the night Sweden
  7. Last time i've checked sir, there wasn't any other King of Prussia. If there is such a pretender name him at once! I assure you that my rhetoric doesn't include anything like that. I won't take any of the burden of the incompetence that my own captains show. Thats a matter of them and their admirals to solve. I bid you good day!
  8. Last time we've checked our forests were still able to supply us with countless ships.The Crown can afford as many as it likes. After all they are just ships. But thank your for you concern. I bid you good day!
  9. The sad news have reached me thanks to the privateer captain. He is now being questioned for not staying and fighting until his death. We won't stop fighting and learning Swedish captains. Know that! (Thanks for coming )
  10. I'm happy to announce that from tommorow, the tax rate of Green Cay shall be reduced to 8% in an effort to relieve newly arrived captains from Europe, from any unnecessary tax burdens. The Ministry is also considering of boosting the production capabilities of the port and reducing the labour hours required for crafting. All new captains in need of protection, information or anything to get them back on their feet, contact Lord z4ys @z4ys of Green Cay, commander of ROVER. He will do his outmost to help you out. Viel Glück!
  11. Well done to all the captains involved in the recent actions. The good news have arrived.
  12. Announcement: My loyal subjects, Our brave captains are about reclaim settlements previously occupied by the natives in the locations of: Mandinga, Bluefields, Portobelo and Green Cay. Due to our limited naval capabilities at this early stage of conquering the New World I would like to point the importance of the island of Green Cay to our future endeavours. It will serve as stepping stone of our fleets coming from Europe, so i would like any available forces after conquering the ports of Mandinga, Bluefields and Portobelo to do their best at assisting our fellow comrades
  13. As a role model subject of our glorious nation, i grant you another painting to hang on your wall. It was recently made and kept on my palace. Congratulations sir and keep up your good work! The nation appreciates your loyalty!
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