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  1. Does that mean US players can do these AI activity tests and pull EU timers during our prime time or is this just more EU player whinging about the 25 or so US tz timers out of 300 ports you can attack on the map? I remember several times prior to the wipe and even shortly after release your clan, primarily EU based, used US timers to avoid fights so EU clans couldn’t take your ports. It would appear that timer abuse is primarily an EU player thing.
  2. “And tbh no clan could match us in a fight” Gives up rest of territory without a fight. lol
  3. Amusing, but perhaps in the meme channel.
  4. https://gyazo.com/bce7cbb201f5b7138688ec02361c3dcd
  5. Tricky thing these facts you speak of. There was at one point GB/Swe/VP/Pirates/Spain vs Russia and US (if you count them during EU times). Your numbers combined were superior to ours and the multi-flips flowed. Despite some hiccups and lost territory Russia remained determined to keep on going. There were times when we would only defend 2 out of 4 or 5 port battles at a time during multi-flips. Members of the NATO alliance it woud appear, did not have the stamina and slowly that alliance came apart for various reasons. I'm sure BASTD and GB could tell you all about it. To put thi
  6. https://www.captiongenerator.com/1747212/Naval-Action-TV- Courtesy of @Christoph
  7. This one? I heard they tried to pay him off....but he looks forward to the easy kills to come.
  8. Another thought would be it reduces crew needed for sailing. IE more efficient rigging setups
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