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  1. maybe the closest enemy nation can. having it be an FFA would be a nightmare
  2. @admin To echo these sentiments we've had 3 AI PBs a week for a couple of months now and have had zero ports actually change into the hands of another nation. We've had a number fail to the AI inside and the front lines system prevents the capture via other nations. What is at risk is alt clans flipping the ports and holding the nation hostage. The weekend before last there were several russian + danish fleets outside San Juan and none were able to actually screen the swedes out. Screening at a number of ports was attempted and unsuccessful, they can join before tags get off with the 20sec immunity. Multi-flips are a threat with the battles, but can be circumvented by playing timer games. The community, which almost never agrees with each other, is almost unanimous in their disdain for the NPC battles. So the real question is....why? They are a burden to the players. Not having the desired effects of ports falling into other nations hands. Screening is almost impossible and not worth doing. I see the value of these fights on the PVE server, but here it seems unnecessary.
  3. As they say in Dothraki, It is known. At least your battle wasn't bugged. We managed to win with 900ish points on the board. Suck it up buttercup
  4. So you don’t like getting ganked and then end up joining lopsided ganks?
  5. Russian conspiracy or having to get up at 4am twice.........gotta be the Russians right? You'd think Greggy would understand that EU players wouldn't want to go after 3-6 or 1-4 timers......after all he was trying to hide behind them for that very reason.
  6. to be fair I suppose, I had an issue in the Santa Marta battle a couple months ago where I dc'd twice and wasn't able to control my ship for several minutes. The chat tab also bugged out and I was not able to talk in battle chat. I shut the game down competely and logged back in and it was corrected. I have heard others have similar problems. Not defending either way here, just providing a perspective.
  7. Sure. I didn't want to get into the whole idea here but I'll put down a few cliff notes. It works, but would require a change in NA philosophy. 1 outlaw FFA faction. That fight each other for areas of the map. Hard mode for hardcore RVR players. 5-6 actual nations. Have limited RVR against other nations. Easy mode for occasional RVR players and casuals. PVP is open amongst everyone. Introduce a reputation system where if nationals attack too many other nationals that reputation goes down and they eventually turn into an outlaw and join the outlaw faction. Another good suggestion a while back would be to have randomized battles / alliances / wars amongst the 5 or 6 nations. For example - This week the server announces a war between GB and Spain. Those players attack eacher other in PVP without consequences and several ports from each side become unlocked and RVR can happen.
  8. Frozen Cay a little after the xmas truce. We also defended (unsuccessfully) Fort Dauphin a week or 2 ago vs @rediii and the boys and before the great peace of the caymans we defended Cayman Brac usually once or twice a week by the likes of @Shocktrooper Basteyy. Not to mention La Anguilla defense 2 nights ago. So we're occasionally active at night, but not frequently. Which suits us just fine. We have grizzly bears to hunt in Red Dead 2. KoC is welcome to cmon back and fight us over in the bahamas. The last one we had vs him at Deadman's was a good battle. You mean the 2 ports we own? We actually had to bump them back because we can't all be on that early. We defend our later timers. Not hide behind them.
  9. The best solution to this I saw was one @rediii proposed over a year ago. Create 1 "outlaw" faction that takes the place of all the impossible nations. Each outlaw clan can fly an assortment of flags that are availabe in game and indentify as that nation. For example, Clan X is created and in their clan options they select "Prussia" (can't only select 1 nation) and then that clan and it's members have access to the Prussian flag and are automatically allied with all others flying that flag. Obviously it needs some better fleshing out to prevent abuse like switching clans for a day and stuff, but I still think it's a solid idea that solves the 11 nation dilution of players.
  10. *night flip ports when you set US evening timers. Be sure to clarify that point for everyone. And you've been setting evening timers (with that other obviously US based clan PRIV) because you can't beat the Russian or Prussian fleets taking your ports during EU times and you're trying to timer dodge. Now that you're losing ports in the 3-6 range....you've gone back to the 11-14 one. Just so everyone is on the same page here 😉
  11. I mean it prolly comes as no surprise that the privateer fleets were most likely coded into the game with the least amount of effort as possible and appear to operate under the “Roam until x amount of distance from capital”. Logic and a little bit of pre-planning should have gone into their paths in the game. That said you are relatively close to the capital. There are also ways to mitigate the fleets going to tag you. Send out a sacrifice or something. The benefits of the fleets far outweighs the negatives of losing a Bellona. Population is up because... surprise surprise.... capitals are finally safe and trading is profitable.
  12. Sounds like this is a consequence of taking ports close to capital waters. Clearly it wasn't an issue taking the port.
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