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  1. I like the general gist but I have a number of questions. 1. When you say that all guns should be able to penetrate a ships hull within 100m's, is this for guns against the ships that carry them (eg: an 18lb'er or 9lb'er against a Trincomalee) or for any gun against any ship (eg: 4lb vs Santissima)? 2. How much do you plan on affecting accuracy? I agree that it should be decreased, but combined with the accuracy increase of large caliber guns I'm concerned that we'll get a World of Warships type situation where the low tier ships are laughably inaccurate even at extremely c
  2. Someone probably already asked this, but are patrol zones exempt from this system?
  3. Practice fight system against friends/people in your own nation One of the biggest complaints that new players have is how steep the learning curve is. This in itself is not an issue, but what it takes to learn is. New players who may not be in a clan probably won't be able to afford to lose ships in PvP to gain experience (not talking in game XP, but them actually learning how to fight), and when they do get attacked they often lose quite badly not just because of ship differences but individual skill levels being extremely different. Giving them a way to practice against friendly pl
  4. National Voice pack DLC ($15-$20) Adding voices of the various nations in game would add to the immersive experience of the game without changing gameplay Downside is that US/GB would require extra work to make it worthwhile for them Pirates would require extra work to have "piraty speech" in the various languages.
  5. Should have just made it always fall on Russia.
  6. Actually I was talking about mechanic abusing and cheating, not zerging.
  7. You're also forgetting that these guys are some of the best and most prolific PVP'ers on the server, so they'll have access to upgrades that will turn their ships into UFO's.
  8. I disagree with server splitting. The playerbase is small enough as it is and splitting the server would kill the game. Remember when the US had their own server? Nobody played on it. The only exception to this is maybe giving China their own server. While so far I haven't seen too many complaints against Chinese players (or rather none that other nationalities haven't done as well) I don't think it's warranted to force them on their own server. However this may just because they are spread out across multiple nations and not concentrated in one nation. I hope I am wrong, bu
  9. I feel that if a Loki surrenders control should go back to the AI.
  10. Just found this page. Perfect reading material for the quarantine!
  11. Did he suffer 50 other kill casualties after the first round of combat?
  12. JDMonster

    Nice crash

    And on his stream he boarded, you disengaged, and then he crashed.
  13. JDMonster

    Nice crash

    I was watching Captain Smile's stream, he crashed as well.
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