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  1. Will AI buffs be adjusted to reflect their improvement in behavior? Because if they retain the buffs they have all while fighting in a manner more akin to a player they will be unstoppable.
  2. Happy New Year! Will the devs ever post anything telling us what we can look forward to for 2020?
  3. I think an interesting mechanic would be to have a system where if your mast hits a certain damage threshold WHILE it's at a certain sail percentage, you loose the mast. IE, if my mast gets hit and is reduced to 75% of it's HP and I am at 100% sail, then I lose the mast. However, if I was at 80% sail power or lower, I would keep the mast. However, if I go to 100% and my mast has less than 75% HP I would lose the mast. Implement a system like StaleMeme's post from August 16th so that we as players can judge what sail power we should be at. Example undamaged: Example heavily damaged main mast.: This would make it so that hitting a mast still is valuable for combat (forces your opponent to lower their sail power) all while adding a skill based system (being able to judge the damage your taking as well as analyzing enemy firing habits) to those on the receiving end. It would also make lowering your sail power something you would want to do, because as it stands there is almost no reason to lower your sails since you can just slow down by back winding or manage your speed by intentionally managing them poorly. It would also reduce mast sniping since you could just react by lowering your sails and repair the damage later, and incentivize firing broadsides in order to catch the enemy by surprise. Final thought: Damaged masts can be repaired, but if you lose it, you can't bring it back. That way you have an incentive to bring down your sails.
  4. Are there any tweaks to the price of items planned in the future/and or have a dynamic price ranging? It's a bit frustrating to go out of my way and sail for an hour to grab a resource that none of my nations ports produces only to learn that they sell for roughly the same price as a resource that multiple of my nations port produces. Also, is there any plan to implement a system that actively takes reals OUT of circulation? With money being easily made with trading, there will (probably) be a rapid inflation in prices across the server. As it stands, there really isn't a way where players can invest their large sums of cash that result in money being taken out of the system (we can upgrade buildings and ports only oh so many times, and buying goods of other players doesn't remove money from circulation). Perhaps have a system so that players can buy AI escorts for traders, or buy combat marks for reals (maybe 1 million reals for a single mark) from the AI. That way there's a real sink that keeps it valuable and worth grinding for.
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