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  1. I'm not complaining about stern camping in general. Raking and smart positioning is an important part of the game and should be rewarded. My main complaint about the snow is that a Semi competent captain can stern camp with impunity in it. Mistakes made by the Snow Captain can't be punished because they are so maneuverable and quick that the captain can easily just reverse their way out or just turn to avoid/kite a broadside. Stern camping in general doesn't need a nerf. The Snow does.
  2. I think that nerfing acceleration and de-acceleration is a good compromise. What makes the snow OP isn't the fact that it can carry 32lb carronades. What makes it OP is that it can turn on a dime and can very quickly stop and start again. A reduction in it's ability to stern camp is all that it needs. Increasing it's BR won't do that.
  3. Practice fight system against friends/people in your own nation One of the biggest complaints that new players have is how steep the learning curve is. This in itself is not an issue, but what it takes to learn is. New players who may not be in a clan probably won't be able to afford to lose ships in PvP to gain experience (not talking in game XP, but them actually learning how to fight), and when they do get attacked they often lose quite badly not just because of ship differences but individual skill levels being extremely different. Giving them a way to practice against friendly players would allow them to gain valuable experience without major loss of resources. This will result in a better new player experience and thus higher new player retention. Requirements/details for the practice fights: Players must be in the same port Players must be in the same nation Players can only play with ships that they have and are in the same port Battle ends when hull (center bar) hitpoints reach 25% and or boarding action is completed (Done to preserve a small semblance of realism) Repairs consumed during the battle are not refunded. The ships still sustain the damage received during the battle and thus need to be repaired/replenished. This is done so that there is a small cost associated with the practice fight (Irl military exercise's aren't free) No rewards (XP, Reals, Doubloons) are rewarded for the battle
  4. National Voice pack DLC ($15-$20) Adding voices of the various nations in game would add to the immersive experience of the game without changing gameplay Downside is that US/GB would require extra work to make it worthwhile for them Pirates would require extra work to have "piraty speech" in the various languages.
  5. Should have just made it always fall on Russia.
  6. I'm fine with a workshop as long as it's client side. If the other guy wants to see loliboat skins, let him indulge in it. As long as I don't see it and it doesn't give an unfair advantage, I don't care.
  7. I think an issue with alts and nation switching is that it's impossible to keep track of anything. There needs to be an ingame database of every player and and clan that way individuals and clans can keep track of who a player is and what nation/clan they fight for. That way alts are still relevant (they shouldn't exist imo but whatever), the forger DLC is still relevant, but it's no longer a massive pain that others have pointed out.
  8. It's in French, but the first line says "Would you like to reset officer Felipe Fayerman". A while back I remember there being an officer system where you had to train an officer up to give him skills. Is this a leftover from that?
  9. That's a good thing. DLC ships already have the massive advantage of being replaceable. Giving them the opportunity to be redeemed will result in people not using them to fight but rather using them to farm rare woods. We already see that with the DLC's we have in game for seasoned woods where people just redeem once a day and then break the ship.
  10. Actually I was talking about mechanic abusing and cheating, not zerging.
  11. You're also forgetting that these guys are some of the best and most prolific PVP'ers on the server, so they'll have access to upgrades that will turn their ships into UFO's.
  12. I disagree with server splitting. The playerbase is small enough as it is and splitting the server would kill the game. Remember when the US had their own server? Nobody played on it. The only exception to this is maybe giving China their own server. While so far I haven't seen too many complaints against Chinese players (or rather none that other nationalities haven't done as well) I don't think it's warranted to force them on their own server. However this may just because they are spread out across multiple nations and not concentrated in one nation. I hope I am wrong, but the trend with other games I am not holding my breath.
  13. I feel that if a Loki surrenders control should go back to the AI.
  14. Clearly you haven't played either Day Z standalone or Insurgency Sandstorm.
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