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  1. War is the continuation of politics by other means. (Clausewitz)
  2. Well, whats your problem? You attacked us and when you realised we will win this conflict you made a laughable peace offer ... And If you read the opening post you will see that we declared this neutrality regarding the conflict between Russia and Sweden ... Not mentioning VP ... And last thing: posting quotes from our diplomatic correspondence without our agreement make the negotiations even harder ... same for griefing us in battle ...
  3. that is the burden of the partisan, the civilian population has to pay the price for his actions.
  4. damn im to late with my ad ...
  5. read the chat https://imgur.com/a/dObOZ9o
  6. Translation: My conscience is clear before God and history - I didn't want the war.
  7. Wow, why not try to read the thread before posting?
  8. Lol ! 1. Durch attacked PdE 2. Durch refused to give it Back (Ultimatum) 3. Dutch take a lot of money from a prussian clan to let this clan Flip and Take PdE 4. Dutch attacked Galdonas 5. We stopped hostility at Galdonas and attacked Carupano 6. Actions have consequenses
  9. Hi Apo, wie es um die Kurländer z.Z. steht kann ich nicht sagen, aber ich denke man sieht sie doch hin und wieder in den Kill-News ingame ... Das deutsche Forum vermittelt sicherlich einen falschen Eindruck vom Spiel. Es ist hier nur ruhig, weil es einfach eine internationale Community ist. Ich denke niemand wird widersprechen wenn ich sage Naval Action war noch nie so lebendig wie gerade ... und es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall 😁 Gruß Earl
  10. Maybe, maybe after 4 weeks people will start to leave you, because sometimes i get the impression you spend more time in forums than in the game 😛 A little bit Like the guerillas in south america ... in the beginning they dealed with drugs to finance the Fight for freedom but after some years the "fight for freedom" only was some cover for the drug business ....
  11. Yeah, many people like your David vs Goliath game ... Heard you already have stopped recruiting ... not sure why ... 😁
  12. Thats the big problem of the spy-business ... there is nothing worth to steal ...
  13. Not sure how this can work ... Why not do both? Imho inactive Clans are a bit a problem If they own ports behind the frontlines ... So why not use AI-PBs as an "Activity-Test" ... If the port owner is still active he has some content and some seasoned Wood delivered meanwhile the customer of the mercenarys has only costs ... but If the portowner is inactive another more active clan can get the port ... You can easily tune the use of this instrument by price and maybe cooldown for every port ...
  14. What about call the "Raiders" "mercenarys" and implement it as a Mechanic to 1. Busy your enemy when you need ist 2. Deal with inactive Clans of the own Nation 3. Deal with Clans that Set night-timers without to habe Players online in this time Windows ... Make it an option available in free citys: pay 100.000 Doubs and AI will Attack the choosen Port after 72 hours ...
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