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  1. Tja und zum (vorläufigen?) Schluss noch ein Tipp nachdem du gar nicht gefragt hast: Überleg dir das mit dem "erstmal" PVE Server spielen. Wenn du den PvP-Server als Ziel hast, würde ich gleich dort anfangen, denn du kannst nichts vom PvE- auf den PvP-Server mitnehmen. Also der ganze Grind nocheinmal ... Apropos: kann man eig. Das final Exam auf dem PvE und dann auch noch auf dem PvP Server machen? Oder nur einmal?
  2. Haha, sounds cool, but is complete nonsens 🤣 With inflation you lowered the worth of his 800 mil a lot (dont know the exactly Inflation rate). There is no difference in taking f.e. 400 mil from him and an Inflation rate of 50% ... (Except Inflation normally dont work within Seconds, so he has some time to try to lower the loss). The trading patch is great. Its a big (Hidden) nerf to cargo missions and big come back of the Indiaman ... captured an Indiaman loaded with topaz in the Windwardchannel, heartbeating until in Port, great! Seriously i dont have the balls for trading 😄
  3. https://imgur.com/a/0tb8f7u https://imgur.com/a/taRtzRg
  4. Alma Negra clan Monx fired on me green on green. He was angry because i dont let him loot (he joined my battle Hermione vs Leopard with a Santi and of course got the kill). I would provide screenshots but can only upload 0,14 MB files ??? Battle was at 06.12.2019 around 14:20 server time
  5. True. But the Casual will meet a superwood rättvisan or an superwood Aga in the Open world ... He will Fight it in his oak/oak Agamemnon without portbonus and then feel he never had a chance ...
  6. At least No visible ones ... we all checked it because of Felix Victors map Tool says 3 hours time limit, but we dont see a time limit in Game ..
  7. 1. Dont worry, the shed permit will soon something like the Art-of-Shiphandling-Blueprint ... everyone will have one and people will scrap them when they drop ... you need to kill many Privateer fleets to get the wood for one 1st rate but everyone only needs one blueprint for the shed and only one for every Wood Type ... 2. We dont know why the Population jumped, but maybe its just because of the Steam Sale ...
  8. Sure it was a Lucky one, i got only oak Wood Out of my Pandora and 5 superwood logs from my herc. But i red in my nation discord that another one got Out 200 logs of all his dlc ships ... so even average Wood drop from all dlc-ships is 100 logs you have twice the amount you can craft with your 3000 LHs ... and for free ... How much Wood will a 3rd rate drop? And to all who say balance is ok: i bet we will see Rättvisan only PB-Fleets soon ... I Hope im wrong ...
  9. My fear ist, that If you wait now many people will buy DLC-Ships only to break up the ships every day. If you take this possibility then from the DLC-ships you will produce the next rage storm ... I got yesterday 31 Teak (s) logs from breaking up my requin ...
  10. Here is my problem, you forget the 3rd way: - breaking up all you DLC Ships every day and build a seasoned-wood 1st rate every 2 weeks ... faster if there are more DLCs coming ... If you see it this way DLCs are premium access to the best ships in game. Its like the Hercules note in admirality shop ... sure i can get a herc without buying DLC, but it will cost me 100 (?) Combat Mark = many hours to play for a small ship ... I dont have and never had a problem with DLCs, in fact i bought many of them to support you developing this game (and because i liked em, ofcourse)! I have no problem with DLC ships because they offer an easy access to players with low time or low will to grind ... but DLC-ships should not be overpowered ... and that we have atm. I met a Rättvisan out of KPR today ... i had a Wasa with long cannons and it was really (!!!) hard to pen this ship from some distance ... I mean a player - lets say a flag captain - how should he do pvp without the DLCs in the future? For the time he has no access to the new wood ... it needs to fight a fleet with 2 Oceans, 4 Wasas and 5 Trincos ... is he intended to fight Seasoned-Wood-(DLC)-ships with his normal-wood-ships? I know we already had this gap, it needs time to get access to rare Woods and Portboni ... and now the gap will be even bigger ...
  11. Did we cross the border and have now really pay to win? The new seasoned woods are that expensive, you need to invest the labor hours of at least 2 weeks and more than 2 million reals (just a very raw calculation) in building an Agamemnon from the new seasoned woods. With dlc you get the new woods once a day ... the dlc ships with the new woods are far better than before ... and because of the expensiveness of the new woods you get now really superships for you real money .... Then there is the fact that many just redeeem the ships to break them up and get some logs of the new woods ...
  12. So are there some Players that already can build the seasoned Wood shed thingy?
  13. im wondering if the guys who defended the NPC-PBs last week already got their Privateer Chests ...
  14. are there some changes to the speedcap and other cap? I have a 15,8 knots Pirate Frigate now ...
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