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  1. This, but let the small profit goods like they are, only the players who want max. profit should have a higher risk ...
  2. Always the same complains ... My Points: 1. Its very easy to become all (Important) books and good mods. Make the exams, do some missions for gold chests and make a few trade runs ... you get some books and medium mods out of the Gold chests and trading gives you the money to buy missing books ... (Books are pretty cheap now because many already got all of them). 2. the "shiny" ships i know (outside of PB) are almost ever speed fitted and that is no big advantage in Battle, but is mandatory because you have to escape the revenge fleet ... Its very funny when a guy is shooting in a 160 degrees Angle at your fir/fir ship and then complaining how super-hard your op-ship is ... 3. The unbalance i See are the expierienced hunter groups in combination with the RoE, so that a team of good players can be sure the enemy cant outnumber them in battle
  3. Are perk reset permits tradeable? If yea Just ask in global and someone will sell you ...
  4. Huh? They are not allied with the rest of the outlaw faction? Where is the purpose then in all beeing in the outlaw faction?
  5. Focus more on your 5 russian accounts? 😆😆😆
  6. I often do this, but problem is then i dont get intelligence about enemy ship sightings ... We should really get two more national Channels, one for trade and one for intelligence ...
  7. Careful, some features are great fun in the 50 hours you play a single player game and became a pain in the ass in the hundrets or even thousands of hours you play a MMO game ...
  8. I think Raekurs Point is: why should the Trader spend 3 hours playtime to haul stuff over the whole map and the hunter gets an NPC that hauls the stuff for him ... ? Seem really Not fair to me ...
  9. 1000 players online means at least 500 sitting in Port. 200 Trading, 200 doing PVE ... maybe 100 in PvP ... You can limit Prize-ships somehow ... one per 1,2,3 hours or even 2 or 3 in 24 hoirs ... or/and make em cost some Doubs/reals too ... You can even reserve 50 or 100 NPC-slots for AI-Prize ships and make a waiting queue If all slots are in use the ship just spawns later (allthough a bit unfair to the revenge fleet). If 1500 NPC are a maximum then simply reduce NPCs in the power center of nations, f.e. nobody cares for british NPC near truxillo or russian NPC near Vera Cruz ... Thats only to the "impossible on the technology side" ... I think Raekur has a good point against ...
  10. So you want the total war?
  11. Yeah, i even depowered while "hunting" him to let him think he can escape ... i dont wanted him to turn and fight to early 😁
  12. Nah, duels in equal ships against skilled captains are very exhausting ... and often its nearly random who wins (a missed broadside, a rep fired one Minute too early, a lost bowspreet can be the decision). And allthough i remember some duels (once faught Haci, Inger vs trinco, 89 minutes, 5 times in boarding 5 times disengaged boarding, then lost in the last Minute because i fired a rep and all crew went repping and haci won the broadside Duell because i had Not a single man to reload 😁) the best battles are the uneven and unfair. Example: one day 4 wasas and a Piraten frig tagged me (requin) in the bay of Cano Macareo. I was trapped between land and the enemy ships and almost gave Up the hope, but decided to die trying ... we sailed some maneuvers and then the wind Turns and i saw a gap between the wasas ... the pirate frig saw it too and tried to avange me ... what should i say, i rammed her bow to bow, boarded her in 2 turns, lost a mast by wasa-fire but escaped laughing in the Open water 😁 Hope Clan HAN still remember that 😄😄😄 Dont misunderstand me, boarding a noob in piratefrig and escaping upwind is nothing you need Skill, i know that, but this Fight made my day and i felt like King of Pirates the whole week 😁 And i could Tell much more like this .... but that is why i want keep the open world and want to have uneven battles
  13. I like this mindset, i win many battles (the other part will call it "ganks") because of this. Many battles are only winable for me because the enemy start running ... 2 days ago i met a trinco (me in fir/fir trinco) that starts running in the first second of Battle, telling me to have no chance because of he only has a blue ship and PVE fitted ... i said him that He is right and that he has no chance while working his sails and stern from behind ... maybe he got a glimpse on the truth when he gave me a broadside when i came longside to board him ... but with half of the crew and 65% sails it was to late 😆
  14. Ships with BR under 100 dont get tagged by privateers. Common, you are Havoc! Fight back the hostility in pandoras ! 😁 Nah of course you are right ... think only possibility is to reduce roaming range of them, because If you make em less deadly they wont be able to protect the Capital waters ...
  15. If only the damn traders would take reps on their ships ...
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