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  1. Same here, reported him ingame many times. If ingame reports are useless this has two results: 1. People make tribunal reports for insults 2. Insults in game increase because of No consequenses ...
  2. It was in your hands to accept a much better deal the day before prussians dropped SdC.
  3. Im a big fan of the redoutable, but i really think DLC ships should not be bigger than redoutable. We have now a situation, that 3rd rates are really the working horses in RvR ... and everyone (with DLC) can now take Part in RVR in a usefull way ... let the players that want to play a bigger role (2nd rate and above) work for it ... we need some Long time motivation ...and of course some reason for crafting ...
  4. Hope next issue will come soon? I feel so uninformed ...
  5. Can we have a chat-channel system Like in Eve Online? If not possible can we have a nation-trade-channel and a nation-enemy-sightings-channel?
  6. Sry, dont want hurt sbs Feelings, but saw Lord Capstan in Combat News 2 min ago?
  7. That mean you will let us pay in doubs in Future? And we can keep our 1. born Childs?
  8. So far i know la Navasse is the Nr. 1 tradehub on PVE Server ... feels a Bit wrong you can keep it until hell freezes and Nobody Else get a Chance to get ... So i suggest to let it go, you have had it Long enough ...
  9. You didnt read inks Post? Or you didnt understand?
  10. Im pretty Sure BR is connected with Players max Crew (=rank) and the max Crew of the sailed ship. Months ago i did some Testing and with Admiral Rank i was Not able to lower BR of a trinc by reducing Crew on it. And yes, BR was checked from outside the Battle ...
  11. I think BR and Crew are Not connected, its the rank (or max-crew you can have) that is connected to the BR. In testings months ago i was Not able to lower my BR on Ships by reducing Crew.
  12. Im not in Nato discord and maybe i missed Something, but as a british nation member i dont have the Impression somebody is seriously thinking about accepting peace with Sweden. We know we have lost the symmetric war, we will now try to win the asymmetric war ... So im a little surprised about the Gazette claims ... but think thats due to the propaganda ...
  13. Its even worse: LGV Refit has NO portbonus ...
  14. To 2: i got tagged several times by privateer fleets, one time even in a Santi ... and escaped all of this attacks ... of course i had good luck (mostly tagged in upwind Position), but they are Not "insta kill" To 4: Groups that go out to farm Privateers dont care for enemy Players around ... maybe they will attack an other lineship fleet, but they definitly wont attack noobs around enemy Capital ... To give noobs a better chance to fight the Snow/Prince/Niagara-Gankers i strongly recommend a change of the ROE outside Capitals ... why not let Battles Open 20 min ? Maybe only for the Capital-Nation?
  15. Ahh ... and because the Skill matters much more you prefere to hunt in Capitalzones ... 🤣🤣😆🤣
  16. Why not let all 7th rates "sneak" in enemy ports?
  17. If this argument were a sword, you would have cut your Fingers 😁 Beside that, i hope swedes will go for total victory, british nation will be smaller, but stronger after this ! PS: and the BOCAR style seems funny too 😆
  18. Assumed you analysis is right, sweden act completly foolish. Sweden has nothing to win in Panama (except some useless ports). The better strategy would be to ignore brits, stroke their ego and try to get em back on your side meanwhile attacking russia. But we all know, computergames have their own Logic. Sealclubbing in Panama is great fun and activates swedish playerbase. Its much more rewarding than to have countless very hard fights against russia ... From this point of view, there is even the question if this wasnt the plan from the beginning? Maybe the swedish attitude against GB should provoke them to break the ally and give Sweden a casus bellum ... maybe the british clans stepped in the trap 😆
  19. There was russian Leopard, it got tagged by 6 spanish near our fort ... Dont know if He survived that ...
  20. Really? I thought we changed sides ... but seems we are on our own ... haha
  21. Exactly! Btw. thanks to the brave russian Captain who risked his Leopard to help us screen at croata yesterday!
  22. I understand now how romans feel when the barbarians captured Rome 🤣
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