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  1. Is it possible to make all medium gun sizes available? Market should have all medium sizes
  2. It must be here. Surprised it never made it in...
  3. Wind will always be with you....Congrats.
  4. why not make a tutorial with all this info that only 1% knows?
  5. Great! Everyone is equal from the start. Ignore cry babies.
  6. Testers will get a promised gift)) that should balance the outraged crowd. Lol
  7. only repairs, nothing else
  8. when I tested, I got the kill with 0 reward
  9. Please share your ways.
  10. A quick guide on how to gank in Naval Action: 1.Log in you Alt in a DLC ship and hit the land outside the enemy port. Pretend you are afk sailing. 2. Have another alt group ready hiding. 3. Wait until the bait is taken, report the coordinates and intercept the guy. Or just know where you parked. 4. Abandon ship (free), so the guy gets no kills and Jump him when he is out. 5. Rinse & repeat with other free DLC ships from other group members. Please suggest your ideas on how this can be fixed)) Invisibility timer, Immune timer, speed boost timer. - all these could help but won't fix the problem completely.
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