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  1. That is why I outlined smart ones;) you ALL can buy whatever you like and get farmed:)
  2. I don't think those who went through NA development (300 000 users+) will risk same fate with NA2. Smart ones will never invest in early access again and will wait for a finished product to buy. So, I hope you have funds to start NA2 project.
  3. Got my 1st pvp fight in 4 weeks of sailing. Happy.
  4. You can actually see now how NA beta was used to quietly create other games with NA dedicated ideas. Nothing wrong , but...
  5. Game population is down , you gotta do what you gotta do. I am actually enjoying game more than ever. Would be nice to have more loot and better port models. Otherwise game is becoming what I want it to be. I see my clan members do more sailing and hunting. It does work.
  6. Sealed bottles are useless. Devs need to buff rewards.
  7. then you keep sailing as you do now...
  8. If anyone is familiar with RDR2 they will know that company just dropped a new patch and it's great in its design. Red Dead Online - Bounty Hunter, Collector, and Trader. Let's see how we could implement similar ideas in Naval Action. We have 3 types of players: -Traders -Player Hunters (pvp) -NPC Hunters (pve) Now all we have to do is set up 3 Organizations: 1- East India Company for Traders 2- Mercenary Society 3- Naval Society First Trading Co. is free to join, next 2 are premium(fast access) or paid with Marks for a long , but free access (500 for 2 and 1000 for 3.) Let's say we joined East India Company. Progression bar will show us levels and rewards as we get xp from daily trading/mission activities/ production... etc Same concept applies for 2 other premium Organizations. We have a progress bar with levels and rewards. Naval Society will reward those who sink and do NPC missions and Mercenary will reward PvP players. As players run daily activities they automatically contribute to their selected organizations. All happy, endless content. Problem is we do not have premium currency? or do we? pay $20 and get a pass for 2- Mercenary Society pass, Pay $10 - to get a Naval Pass. @admin I study these things closely and this one can make you money
  9. Free ships are great, I have been working hard to help those who want to sail. This option is now available for cheap. Risk of PvP will be low soon. As players grow with skill they will demand better option that only Shipwrights can provide.
  10. American built in 1825 for the Mexican fleet, but did not last long. In 1830 it was sold to Russia and became 'Князем Варшавским'. Could be a new fast premium ship. Book - The search for speed under sail, Builder - Henry Eckford was a Scottish-born American shipbuilder, naval architect, industrial engineer, and entrepreneur who worked for the United States Navy and the navy of the Ottoman Empire in the early 19th century.
  11. Keep killing population))
  12. Devs have to say thank you for fast forward killing their game. Patch isn’t even out yet, but hundreds are packing already.
  13. Russians just show Devs their mistakes))) that’s all. It’s called, Dying by it’s own sword...
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