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  1. Overloaded Guns - Reload +, HP - Tightly Packed Wadding - Accuracy -, Damage ++, Reload - Pagan Necklace - Crew Attack +, War Drum - Musket Damage+ , Musket reload + Bulwarks - Crew + Loose Shrouds - Close Haul Speed +, Downwind - Mooring Rope - Boarding Chance + Extra Head - Morale Recovery +
  2. @admin watch 40:00 - 41:00 why item transfer is so difficult still?
  3. wtf? why would I sail there? wind booster placed in the useless location...that is all I mean.
  4. Wind gusts must be located between ports and not in the middle of nowhere where not a single soul sails. Want to make life better revise your wind gust placement location. Currently it was not done properly as we could expect with early patch builds.
  5. From the beginning you had to make fleets and their loot drops a thing. People would get hooked on that, potbs has it and that is why it is still alive and being Remastered. Try to keep people with PvE content like that, copy and paste. Add looking for a Fleet Chat. ex. Chat - X up for Fleets 3/6.... x x x x
  6. you have to sail right through it to get a boost, think. It would be just a line that you can take if needed.
  7. Look into the market in your Capital Port to get more ships. Make sure you do the Tutorial 1st, (watch you tube on how to do it). When compete you will sail Surprise. It's the fastest way to skip small boring ships.
  8. That is why I outlined smart ones;) you ALL can buy whatever you like and get farmed:)
  9. I don't think those who went through NA development (300 000 users+) will risk same fate with NA2. Smart ones will never invest in early access again and will wait for a finished product to buy. So, I hope you have funds to start NA2 project.
  10. Got my 1st pvp fight in 4 weeks of sailing. Happy.
  11. You can actually see now how NA beta was used to quietly create other games with NA dedicated ideas. Nothing wrong , but...
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