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  1. Most active (traitor) clans play Russia = Happy Zerg
  2. I want to know how does one find your battle in the middle of nowhere and able to join it. @admin
  3. can you add those Privateer packs (2+) inside capital waters please. New guys need that flavor from the start. Give them some basic Chest drop with basic ship deeds and colors to get them going. Many have 0 idea what is out there... Also, can you show NPC flag when clicking on them? Every ship sailed under some flag that NA does not have. Maybe inside I (info)
  4. Naval Clock is the item to farm )) it sells for decent money.
  5. @admin add warning (icon) when entering Capital waters where NPC fleets can attack you. Otherwise good update.
  6. Will there be ammo production? Will ammo run out?
  7. https://www.sea-legends.com/features-1
  8. another money grab with no ammo making career and no avatars. It's basically pay again for what NA had and got removed. Starve players for a while then bring it as a single player and let them pay again. 😊 Information is not final and could be subject to change. We will let you know in advance if it happens and why - after you pay...
  9. no one failed anything, those who hold best ships and mods will rule the seas end of story. New guys will be sinking and spending money on DLC boats, its all part of the grand design. Enjoy the game.
  10. you clearly have no idea, even a pack of Hercs cant scratch Wappen and Inger pack with top mast and rep mods... yes they can catch up and do nothing. We had a speed fit wasa who unloaded 2 bar broadsides with little effect. They kept speeding and repairing. I dont care about sunk ships, I care about game balance that is absent here.
  11. I would say as rank increases mod specs should drop. We are in the era where 3rd rates gank fast frigates. ex. (BEST SPEED MOD, UNIVERSAL FOR ALL, RANK PENALTY APPLIED) 5th rate +5 speed 4th rate +4 speed 3rd rate +3 speed 2nd rate +2 speed 1st rate +1 speed
  12. I had a nice opportunity to test NA game mechanics last night. As I was sailing I spotted 2 players from different Nations (Pirate + US) sailing together killing traders. 2 4th rates (Wapen and Inger). They ganked an indiaman then another one, then we finally got a group to try to stop them. We hit them several times, but each time they were able to pull far away, their masts took no damage, their repairs made it impossible to scratch them, their speed was over 14. Their OS speed was too fast even for our fail fit fast boat, they took off every time leaving everyone behind. Question is, is there even a reason to come back and try to play when those with the best mods rule the seas? 4th rates outrun fast frigates , capture ships and take everything home safely. I do not believe anything changed, but it got worse. Get best seasoned wood, best speed mods and best quality ships and you can do whatever you want with only 1% risk in all scenarios, time to reinforce is still a major problem. Was thinking to pick up few DLCs , but I won't do it at this point. Game has major issues imho. Discuss. @admin
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