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  1. Long guns/Navy Guns - Strong Penetration? and what makes Navy guns better? How can a new guy know ... What is the difference in stats in these guns? Provide clarity on all gun stats... carros vs obbusier? P.S. Please sort Shipyard ships recipes by rank and name..please it looks like crap
  2. is this the wind shadow you mean? port battle , line fighting team on the right wind side will always have the upper hand. How far will shadow stretch? 200 y , 500y? I can see a lot of possibilities when stealing (suffocating) another team in line battle. How much speed loss do we get if we are in the shadow zone? @admin
  3. how about area chat? talk to people in the area))
  4. I will only pay for the finished product. Let's see what it will be... ropes look like rubber btw need texture) I like the skies.
  5. weak game engine, sometimes ships just appear out of nowhere...
  6. What game engine will be used in this game?
  7. Did They nerf caped NPC boats? They drop mostly green now. Used to drop blue with bonuses. Killed 2 elite Wasas all green , no bonuses, no notes... The only reason to fight Elite now is just rare guns, thats it... Anyone is having any luck?
  8. What about doubloons removal from shipbuilding? When?
  9. Clans come out in 1st rate DLC ships, 1st rates flood Caribbean, Gank groups sail in packs of Trincs. Think it's a dream came true )) I remember good old days in Potbs when French nation came out all in 1st rates, 50 first rates sailing.... it was magnificent... battles were everywhere... Same will happen here soon))
  10. only if they fight, half just waste time and run
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