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  1. Well that is not smart at all. Anyway Thanks. No point to solo hunt.
  2. Yes, right after 30 seconds. No screens, Battle next to Roseau. I just surrendered and left. I can pass my ingame name to Devs, they can check logs..
  3. Me in Trincomalee 230 hit Endymion 235, battle should be 1 vs 1, but it lets it become a gank 465 vs 230. Battle let Another Trinc in and made it 2 vs 1, something is broken, did not even bother to fight #broken. Please fix it.
  4. False unsubstantiated claims about cheats and exploits are not allowed. - H. Darby
  5. American ship line, French ship line, Spanish ship line etc... each nation would buy many without doubt. Look at World of warships and what they do))
  6. (DC) Double Shot + Penetration Mod + Reload Mod + Turn Mod + 100yards = eat ships fast. DS - Damage+ 25%, Penetration - 15% DC - Penetration + 20%, Damage - 15%, Speed of shot + 10% So, DS you use at close range with guns that do lots of damage and have DPS (low reload time), or just compensate with mods. DC you would use at range with long guns like Blomfields that will have better penetration power at higher range while your opponents balls bounce off your hull ;D (sniper mode)
  7. With caronades you have to chase npcs and get close as they get smart and keep range. IF player sees you have caros he will farm you from range and you will be useless. So, mount caronades on top deck if needed and keep med/long on main decks.
  8. That means you will have more NPCs? because where I sail the ocean is empty for a while = no one will tag no one.
  9. Add new port models plz. Clay homes are bad...very bad...
  10. https://images.app.goo.gl/B2PJJTxHe6ruuuea7
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