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  1. I think the flag system is pretty good just the way you farm the flags is bad I do think insta Portbattles were really bad but I think we need a alternative for the flags
  2. Sure but it was like 10 to 20 minute 5 to 10 ppl now you have to do it for hours with 8 or more ppl against the home fleets and stuff it's still PVE but way longer
  3. Ahh Amdin is right the patch was a big success don't you see all the Portbattles that are going on............ All the real RVR players won't do hours and hours of PVE to do RVR lol.... That patch might be the final nail in the coffin of this once great game
  4. Are you showing of that you got so many ppl to eather join Russia or quit the game that you can sail across the map safely and do PVE all day?
  5. Sound pretty good to me have to investigate closer to give final feedback though!! Thanks you for lissening to the community in the case of the Mets wood tipes!! Great job looking forward to test the flag system!! Greetings Swedish Berserker
  6. Jada Jada Jada I was there as u can see, I tagged Nixolai and wen I did there was plenty of Russian players outside mabey not as mutch as we had I agree! But for some reason after that fight I got ganked 2 more times by Russians so all of a sudden there was enough players to fight multiple first rates 😂😂😂 Stop it Despe we all know how it is 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Yeah u know no salt on my side that was a solid gank we gave you 😂😂
  8. Are u kidding me Despe? Ganked? We had similar Numbers lol mabey we had a few ships more but that's it and they had the Wind!!! But I have to agree with you about the Polish Player and Dinark not joining! And If you watch Reverse stream you can see I told him we are coming and I told him to bring more ppl!! So don't call it a gank lol And there were more then 8 Russians outside! I know it Cuse I fought them after we killed Nixolai! The only thing is that you would not fight a battle that is not completely in your favor! That big battle that day was the only time that day that I fought Russians with more BR than they had! All other fights were against superior Numbers and i still went for it!! It's the PZ lol who cares
  9. Ohhh if I only new that earlier Nix 😂😜 I tell u a funny story after I saw this posts yesterday I went online and redeemed a Redout and a Vic to check my luck again.... Guess what Bro.... Purple 5/5 Redout Golden Fast 5/5 Victory 😂😂✌️
  10. You're a lucky guy I didn't get a single log of s wood for like a week now or so
  11. I knew this was coming! 😂 Looks bad bud to be fair you have to admit that there were 10 15 Russian players out there including Reverse and Dinark and they all left u to die alone
  12. All good Hachi speak you're Mind im cool with a joke or 2 😎👍
  13. @adminSo if it is bad on PVP server and also bad on PvE server why the hello kitty implement it in the game lol nobody asked for that kinda stuff!!! People are crying for new ships and stuff (not only DLCs) I kinda like the new Reyuter event with the notes and stuff and also like the new Vic but to be fair it's a ship we already had ingame..... I also like the idea of new content and new stuff to do but not with all existing woods/ships all of a sudden being weaker or even useless in comparison..... New woods OK but without changing already existing woods/ships! You yourself said it that chamchging stuff that is already in the game is bad for the players!!!!
  14. I think that review is more about the DLC ships than any Acc banning lol! I understand your issue with the chat banns but you shouldnt care I've played games were u could get banned way easyer in Chat or forums! I rally like the Fakt that you are interacting with us so mutch in forums and stuff!! Eveny though I don't agree with all your discussions and some times even get hello kittying mad about it!! Global chat and battle chat is the only way ppl from different nations can communicate! To give you a positive example Me and @Lukas97Austria hated each other's Guds here in the forum but last time we were in battle we had a cool little chat and made peace with each other! I know this is only a small example compared to all the shit that is going on! Greetings Swedish Berserker
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