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  1. read the gazette then you know everything you need. https://www.docdroid.net/izVaZEp/gazette3final.pdf#page=4
  2. 1.) when you have a NVIDIA Card then you can disable FXAA 2.) I play with 60 FPS (even when my Card and Screen can do more) fixed and that's fully OK for me. 3.) should not have an effect when you play with a higher ping. I know PPL which much more higher ping and they shoot very well 🙂
  3. all fine here, ship was in OW (repaired).
  4. Fair and realistic would be - full sails and one broadside - so that you always must switch from one side to the other. And btw. the reload time is a way to fast?!
  5. ah, that's Polish. who cares when US attacks there.
  6. but they are real, aren't they?
  7. Well, You must know it. Or is it in your personal culture to attack everyone here? As I know from active players having up to 25 Accounts(!) and nearly all people I know personally here in game have (more then) two accounts and use them. So yes we can assume it and not only suggest it.
  8. you can, as a returning player, you can, as a returning player, and what everyone (hopefully) did here do the exam, then you don't start from scratch. and you get a lot of gifts too. When you have 800 hours of gameplay (and experience) then the exam would be an easy job for you.
  9. Why not Austria or Portugal? Or the flags of all those countries as selectable flags ingame. I think also China is fully ok, including their correct flags.
  10. Me running on PVE, 60k away from Charleston. I was about 40 Knots fast and they tagged me.
  11. YES, 1000 Users peak together on all servers (PVP & PVE) is not much. When you think that mostly of them are ALT Accounts, then we can say that the POP on the Servers is really low. But hey, as long there are players online, everything is fine and we should'nt worry about.
  12. When you play alone without clan, the DLC ships are a very good addition. And I've no problem when they can be build with this (S) wood. What I think in terms of (S) Wood that it is not that correct way to implement it like we have seen here. You can make it as hard as you can for getting it (labour hours, Dublones etc.), it will always make the game more unbalanced as it is right now. instead of making penalties for every port more you get as a clan you implement another way to destabilize the game. Anyway we have it now and we'll see how it will work for the future, but I await the worst and more players leaving the game. As we see right now.
  13. Means 11 ships against 1 Player ship? That's easy to handle, is'nt it?
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