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  1. dear admin, you should make some global flags available for all (from nations not yet in this game) like Portugal and or Austria for instance.
  2. me too. stuck on loading screen, but only on war server. can happen 🙂 I'm sure they will fix it asap. Error message is: [2019-Nov-03 14:41:23.691927] LogWarning: Error while obtaining MegaChaka end points - No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
  3. don't use words of great historical men, because you aren't. and when, then only if you unterstand them!
  4. It only matters for the Russian faction players when nobody else then is there to fight against them. Russian faction is like a plague and shows how unbalanced the game is. And it is useless to argue with things that happend 3 month ago where the player base was good and stable. and stable means a real player base about 600 and more ppl (no ALTS) evenly distributed to all nations. But this is something you and all others (on the russian side) don't unterstand.
  5. you don't unterstand it. VP don't have the power to resist and the Russian Nation will be faster in Mara as you can imagine. And this is the main issue of the game so called unbalanced gameplay. And you can be sure that all the other nations won't help. So don't wonder that a lot of people have already left the game.
  6. and the VP looses player on player ever day, while other nations have nothing better to do as fighting against them and not the russian nation. In the end the russian nation will dominate the map and this means then game over here.
  7. a deep water port battle should be mixed - ships from 1st to 5th rate should be mandatory by numbers - so that you have all types of ships in it - would be more fun to fight and more room for tactics.
  8. that's not true, no other countries here in the game have the numbers too, to fight against the Russian Player Base and or fight bigger PB or flip Ports in a fast way.
  9. nothing that surprises me in this game. Russia everywhere and the other players loose the fun to play.
  10. diplomatic - alliance system (per nation and or per clan nationwide) flags in OW correct flags on the ships (ensign, banners, streamers, royal standard etc.) CLAN Flags (simplified) (create a menu where the clan leader can choose from some items to create a FLAG) the ships look to empty (cleaned up) - put some stuff on it trading system including stock exchange and banks the sailing behave - that is all but not realistic when ships sails backward faster then forward or can turn as there is no physical law.
  11. so don't wonder why so many ppl left the game - this is one reason too.
  12. I think the nation wide alliance system, as we had some time ago, would be a good step in the right direction. And it would be very helpful, based on the idea of knight Stalin, that we get a clan wide alliance system for PB only. So that other clans and or nations could help each other. A working trading system and also a better crafting system for ships (to easy at the moment) would be another point.
  13. flags and nations should be historical as the game itself ( even the DEVs says that the game is historical(?!) based). But I would be happy when the actual flags we have are used in a correct way and that we can see the flags also in the OW. A big Bonus would be the availability of CLAN Flags (hoist as the National Flag).
  14. bitte nicht, ich hab grad popcorn gemacht. endlich ist mal was los hier.
  15. As an Austrian ( and monarchist) I can tell you that this is the small coat of arms of (Archduke of) Austria ( from 1915) and you can be sure that we wont hoist that type of flag on a ship. You must differ here between Archduke of Austria (as a part from the HRE) and the Habsburg Empire. The (so called until present day) Seeflagge from Austria is red-white-red as shown later by the K.u.K Kriegsmarine. The Habsburg flag ist black-yellow and the Navy Flag (before the Austrian Flag was hoist) was yellow with the black Habsburg Eagle (in different Variants). The Founder from the Ostende Trading Company was Charles VI and therefore Habsburg.
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