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  1. Ok, I've no idea from real life sailing, that's the reason why I described it my way and was corrected (rightly to be honest ) by the "admin" itself. but thanks to "van Veen" for his explanation, because that's was i meant in my post before.
  2. Hmm, stern camping as it was introduced to the game was for my personal meaning the wrong way. sure it is historical but you must see this in another way. here in game you can sail with your ship forward, backward and sideways in a very unrealistic way. when you even look how the AI act in game then it makes more headache then fun. anyway something here needs to be corrected and if it's only the physical behavior of the ship(sails) itself.
  3. we should not forget that the game is very special and only enthuses a small number of people. so, i don't think that the player base will raise that much when you introduce a new faction. what for sure is bad, because the game is a pearl with a lot of potential (in terms of trading, ship building, stock exchange and RvR when we would have a clan wide diplomatic system) all those new nations starting out from free ports would have it that hard to exist when they don't have the needed player base. from my point of view it would be better to create all nation flags where player can select from (as ensign) and sail then for the original main nations (flag on top mast). that would maybe bring more players to the game and they would also have a better start from scratch ( for example port bonus ....)
  4. And what does the Chinese people say to this breaking news?
  5. So what if we extend the map a little bit? in the north we extend up to Nova Scotia (Halifax) and in the east at Trinidad we extend to french Guiana (cayenne) then we have some space more for other nations in game. anyway it would not raise the population on the server (that's for sure). or, we add some more national flags to the game. means you can start for instance on the British side but you sail a Chinese ensign (war flag) on your ship (British flag on top mast as nation flag). i think that would make the people also happy here. and i think it would be the better way to make some other nations player happy here. and it would also allow to bring in more flags and correct streamers into the game, what also is a wish here.
  6. same what? as I said before make your own version of history here and post it, hopefully other would then see what the real truth is here and don't forget to tell the whole story as it really is/was. that is something you really should learn here.
  7. that's definitely not true and my hate for the Russian faction is more than appropriate. when you look back to VP, FR and SP and what happen here. but anyway you can look away and blame the Swedish faction but this doesn't help here as long the Russian faction think they can do what they want. yes stick your head into the sand like others do here and make your own version of history here like Staunberg and or Lars, because that's the only thing you can do. in the end it's just sad.
  8. It makes absolute no sense to go to the russian faction. because that's what they want to have here. alone thinking about it shows how badly it is here in game. when you don' see and understand that the russian faction here is the main problem in this game so far and Sweden is the last border before the people will leave this game instantly then I can't help you. As some people here already wrote in other threads. "it doesn't matter who will win this war here, but anyway a lot of people will leave this game when the russian faction overrun all other nations". and that is what they (russian faction) want! they give a shit here about other players. But it shows how the majority in this game is thinking and that makes it much worse then it is already. So please to me favor in your next posts "think about first before you wrote it down here"
  9. PvE is also part of the game here, and I personally have no problem with it. for me it's relaxing. and I also welcome PvP and or RvR. But only changing something here because one of the russian faction complained about it is unfair against other nations and will ruin (sooner or later) this game. to be honest, nothing happens here to stabilize the game in total and those moonshots like what we have here are not in the spirit of all players.
  10. that's nonsense, because of the fact that also the russian faction do this and only 1 has complained about this.
  11. a hostility mission to gain a PB should not be done in 1 day (or 1 to 3 missions to reach the aim). it should take longer (several missions over a few days) and should be harder for the attacker. even the cool down should at least stay 3 days so that a clan can organize to defend.
  12. no port boni and no seasoned wood, back to the old ship crafting we had already before and you should be able to select an additionaly trim for the ship you want to build. the old system (in the good old days) was perfect. same here for the DLC ships. and my wish here. you can only craft ships in OAK (variants) for the inner hull and all other wood types for the outer hull.
  13. I personally would remove the LOKI Rune. Because it makes absolut no fun to play with and or against.
  14. this all could be avoided when you have a mixed battle fleet in a PB and not only 1st rates and few tiny ships. when you look at the suggestions then it would be the best way in the moment if you want to change the behavior of a PB.
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