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Found 58 results

  1. Yet another map which uses the in-game map and live data: na-map. I hope this map is useful and I am happy to receive any feedback (bugs, feature requests). Source on github. Changelog
  2. Purpose of this suggestion: No restrictions on side of clan who organizes hostility mission or port battle, regarding who is participating in their conquest activities. After all, players of different nations are not seen as enemies here. That should reflect in the choices we have in teaming up. We should find agreements with them and enter them in our list of allowed participants of hostility missions and port battles (right now it is still possible to join into hostility missions but we have a thread in support section which talks about ending this by decision of admin, due to exploits on both servers). That means: - clan can invite ANYONE who is asking to a group which does hostility mission or enters port battle against Neutrals. Also foreign captains, who adapt his flag, just like in OW battles. This way large instruments of help are opened, or contract options, mercenary services, whatever people invent. The power of a few major clans will get shattered, who are now dividing up most of the map among themselves. That ends: - restrictions of admission to clan, clan friendlist, fellow nationals. Which is the reason small clans have no chance to get a port as long as they don't agree to terms of a big clan, in exchange of help. A great way to dictate conditions to small clans or abuse them anytime as big clan sees fit. That also prevents: - abuse by alts of hostile factions, because they still stay outside. YOU will be personally responsible WHOM you invite into the event. When you have been fooled, next time don't allow him to join. It's pretty much the same responsibilty which is on you when inviting people into clan and giving them rights over the inventory. -- With access for small clans to other human resources than what major clans and their "alliance system" may have to offer, competition for same major clans will increase. The field of conquest will less likely given to them exclusively. Effect is more diversity on the map, less power to major clans, more freedom to small clans. Or just a better negotiation standpoint for them, as they may anytime call cooperation with the big ones off and seek assistance somewhere else, if this suggestion of opening up their teaming options would come true. Offenders will be singled out individually, as they will get known by name. It will be micromanagement on a personal level and not much room left for foul play. But then you would have to ask yourself how you could be duped to invite them in your group list, in the first place. No blame on game mechanism possible.
  3. So as the server has some issues today, I wrote with @Reverse about the Port au Prince Port Battle. Both sides spend time in it's organization and wanted to do it. We had 12 people ingame at some point and could've gone for it but with not being sure it works to jump into one battle. Reverse and basicly none of BF were ingame so I called it off to make it fair. We wanted a nice fight there and not just taking the port. I wrote with Reverse and he would like it as well as me, and the BF clan and the british PB fleet, so I'm asking you @admin@Ink if there is any possibility of putting the Port Battle on Monday or Tuesday about 18 ST to 19 ST. Or the next weekend about this time. We only want to enjoy the game and If we wanted to do the pb and were hyped for it, on both sides, I think there should be a possibility to place it on Monday or Tuesday on 18-19ST. Waiting for your answer BW Shocktrooper
  4. Please @admin@Ink, reduce the port battle BR by half, many clans try to create some content for players to keep them play the game , we want to make more port battles and keep our players, please help us ! We really expect you to listen your comunity and tomorrow have the Port battle BR reduced .
  5. Extending Life to RvR - Regi’s Theory We all want this game to have longevity, so I was thinking today about different tools and mechanisms that could be used by the devs in this game to assure longevity in this game. Let’s face it, RvR and PvP is key to keeping a hardcore player base, so how do we make sure this game doesn’t become stale in 12 months (or less as most players are coming from EA). To start, let’s look at Why are RvR and PvP so important? In short, it takes the burden off Developers to create content for the player base by creating a Positive Feedback Loop. If players fight, they make content, and if there is content, people keep playing, thus creating more content, which draws new players, etc, etc. (Eve Online is a perfect example of player driven content keeping a game consistently fresh). Further to this, I see three fundamental reasons to play an RvR MMO. Firstly, the fight/challenge is enjoyable. Secondly, there is a reason to fight. Lastly, there is Hope that you, or your clan, will become ultimately successful if you continue fighting. If one of these three is lacking in a game, the feedback loop is broken, or has the potential of working backwards. Fights become boring, players become disenfranchised, less content, bad reviews, new players don’t bother buying. We’re already seeing this to an extent, so how do we avoid this happening? There are two game mechanics that have been consistently brought up in the forums that I would like to explore as examples. Port Battle BR Limits and Trading (the latter will be focused on reasons WHY to own ports). Lowering Port Battle BR Limits and BALANCE: With what we saw at the end of EA with the current BR limits was that the best way to fight a capital port battle was to have nothing but 1st rates (L’Ocean Blob). These are not only incredibly expensive to partake in requiring significant resources from a nation or clan, but also offer no opportunity for diverse tactics. There is a high probability that this will become stale, if it has not already. The most common argument for maintaining the current BR limit is that “people will always find the most powerful ships at the available battle rating, so what is the point?” Well, yes, there will always be a “META” as naturally players will find the optimal way to win. However with the current model, there is no availability for the META to change, which is primary point draw back to this current system. Before going further, lets look at other advantages of lowering BR Limits (not bothering with historical, only focusing on gameplay). A lower BR limit in port battles forces the decision of which ships each side will and won’t take. Lets take Mechwarrior as an example here. Each battle or “Drop” has a certain maximum tonnage which means you cannot just take 12 of the heaviest mechs possible. This means that there are viable selections to be made before each battle which makes things interesting. Projecting this effect to NA, a lower BR Limit would: 1. Reward preparation, organisation and discipline of clans involved. 2. Mix ship types to require more advanced strategies, or at least a higher variation of strategy being deployed in Port Battles. 3. Allow smaller, more elite clans to be competitive as an organised unit could beat a better economic backing All three of the above points cover two of the three “Fundamental Reasons to Play and RvR Game.” Fights will be enjoyable long term because: · Dynamic strategy means PB’s are less likely to become routine · Mix of ship types allow players to specialise in roles outside of just first rates. · Leadership challenges prolong the interest of clan leaders or competitive groups. Hope is given and is important because: · A competitive clan with less resources can elect to bring only heavier ships and have a fighting change · Developing new strategies could be what gives the edge over fighting a clan with 100% port boni L’Ocean Fleet, but is unorganised · Hope of winning means people are more likely to make risks, risks mean more content. More content = good. Let’s get back to the META concept. Firstly, I agree that in the current state, the playerbase will 100% find the optimum ship composition to enter the port battle within 2 months. We actually want this because it provides the opportunity for BALANCE. The Dev team has the opportunity every 3 months to make balances based upon the stats in port battles and player feedback. Each balance can mean that the META changes, and if the meta changes, players and leadership have to continually rethink strategies and compositions every few months. This is what keeps a game alive. You look at League of Legends, or Dota, and you see that minor balance tweaks each season is what provides longevity to a game that is essentially unchanged since release. It is a tool for a small Dev Team to consistently provide minor tweaks that have huge impacts, but in order for it to work, there MUST be an overall ruleset/framework that remains unchanged, and I would suggest that this framework be a reasonably lower BR. TRADING and Map Ownership Since this post is getting long, I’ll try to simplify this. There has to be a reason to own ports, beyond just having a place to build shiny ships, or a staging point for battles. Currently there is no reason to own a port on opposite sides of the map, unless you just want PvP action, and with the ability to invest in ports to create resources, there are no points in the map that all factions want. Fixing trading is a must to allow for a better high risk, high reward mechanic to make money. However it is also an opportunity to go further by making this mechanic improve ports owned by clans over time, with bonuses relative to the distance, or the resources involved. It could increase the bonus to ships, or simply just the income a Nation can gain. Or it could be another way of growing a port to become more impenetrable (think Citadels in Eve Online). This solves the second “Fundamental reason to play and RVR game.” Let’s take an example where a clan or nation has an established hold of the Lower Antilles. Why would they ever want to venture as far as the Yucatan or the Gulf of Mexico? If there was a bonus to bring resources from such a distance, it would incentivise organised nations to establish and defend a colony or outpost on the other side of the map, and rather than just turtling for the sake of PVP, actually have to sale trades across the map. This opens up opportunity for mid ocean PVP where raids take place against player made convoys. The opportunities here are numerous but I am hoping people and Devs see the potential here. The idea is to create a sandbox where the players have the opportunity to make content, and that the content does not become stale over time and is easily rejuvenated through small manageable balance changes, rather than wipes and large changes that have the potential to shock the player base (as we just experienced). But it needs to be done sooner rather than later.
  6. First of all I must say that I respect the french Captains who fought in the Carriacau PB and the battle took place in fairness and mutual respect, this is the battle chat that ends with greetings and compliments each other, and even some joke (that is always welcome) Instead, here is the message I received by a great French admiral (I hid the name because it is a private message) that the day before evidently he did not find anything better to do than try to provoke me (actually he did better , both he and other 15/20 French have had the good taste of being sunk or captured in the attempt to flip Carriacau, which in the end they managed to do even if at a high price). Their success in flipping the port has allowed us to make the great admiral happy (who has not had the good taste of being in the PB and not even in the screen) and this is the result of the PB for his happiness! I also thank @rediii that allowed me (I had to insist a lot though) to lead the fleet, but for this pleasure I had to personally pay him 50k doubloons! So great French admiral, to defend your good name, I am sure you will want to pay me the 50k doubloons, considering that they were payed for your personal pleasure. I thank all the British captains for the good fight! See you at the next PB French friends! MassimoSud
  7. I would love to suggest some Co-op options for the PvE server, as there are currently no port battles. These co-op activities would be optional, so the peaceful, relaxing nature of the PvE server would not be changed. Port raids. Essentially just port battles against an AI fleet, raids will allow players to group up and fight for a port. Once captured, doubloons will be handed out based on battle performance. Duals. Players are able to challenge each other in the OW, and with mutual agreement a PvP battle is started. NPC Blockades. A group of 5 - 10 NPC's will blockade a random port. This will initiate a 6 hours long lasting battle, which all players can join. When a port is blockaded, you cannot enter this port directly. You'll have to join the blockade instance and sail your way through the enemy lines into safety of the coastal defenses, if you want to move into the port. A coordinated player fleet however can also kill all NPC's, after which the port is free to enter again. Can be BR limited to create a challenge. I don't know how this would work out on the PvP server (option 1 and 2 would be redundant), but I think option 3 could also be fun on the PvP server.
  8. With the current RvR rules after a successful port defense the there is only a 24 hour break before the attackers can build hostility again, this leads to a couple of issues. Firstly if you are a new defender of a port you do not get any reward for defending the port and have to wait till the end of the week to get your victory mark. But in this time there could potentially be two more port battles and if you are not present at them or are unlucky enough not to get a place in the port battle defense group you lose out on your victory mark because either the port is lost or you were not on the latest defense group if the port was retained. Secondly with only a 24 hour cooldown before hostility can be gained again it just leads to a repetitive grind to keep a port till either the attacking side or the defending side give up because people are burned out and cannot be bothered showing up anymore. It becomes similar to the days of port battle flags where a single port could be attacked night after night which led to burnout and people getting tired of the game. In reality after failing to capture a port it would take some time before a new attack could be mounted, so I would suggest that there be a maximum of 1 port battle per week per port (there are enough ports on the map that RvR would still be active), that way after a successful attack or defense the winners get a break to enjoy the port and receive their rewards and have time to rebuild their forces. It also stops people getting burnt out attacking or defending the same port over and over every couple of days. If it is felt that a week is too long then at least award the winners of the port battle a reward of victory mark immediately, but still increase the cooldown time after a successful defense to the same as after a successful attack.
  9. We are recruiting, We operate mainly from Kingston Port Royale. We do Fleet missions, OW PvE and PvP, Port Battles, Trade Runs, Craft Ships. We have many experienced players willing to share knowledge, helping you to level up. If you have mature nature, looking to have some fun in a respectful manner and without pressure, you can knock our door, You are welcome. Now please read below; BCC POLICY: Dear Captains, There is only one rule in BCC: Teamspeak. We ask you to join our Teamspeak and be polite. We are mostly adults and we treat all of you same way and we expect you to treat other players with respect. We have a few thing to offer: We will build all ships for clan mates. You have to deliver only the ship permit. We deliver all consumables: rum, hull and rig repairs. We will help you to level up. We are willing to help you as much as possible with all other issues if you may need it. What you may offer us if you like: Join us on teamspeak on voice378.ismett.de and talk to us. Help improving our clan. Supplying resources. Help to craft by supplying hours and craft components. Join port battles and do PvP. You can Contact us in game: Felix Victor, Pompeyck, Captain Woodpecker, AeRoTR, Yellow Allien, Bandy. nation teamspeak: website: https://bccnavalaction.wordpress.com/ forum: http://bccnavalaction.freeforums.net/ application: http://bccnavalaction.freeforums.net/board/7/application bcc discord: BCC (British Captain's Club) https://discord.gg/EkKgPMF BONUS Training Tutorials and Guides: https://bccnavalaction.freeforums.net/board/20/naval-action-guides
  10. I know I will start here an unpopular suggestion. Many guys just love the feeling of sitting in fat ducks blowing up everything up in range of their multiple max cannon decks. Nothing wrong with the feel of invincibility and power. But how often and how easy? And at the expense of what other game content? -- Let's face it: the enormous costs of building and maintaining a first rate ship-of-the-line is not portrayed in the game properly. Anyone with a dockyard large enough and sufficient warehouse stock can build one or several SOL a day, especially when he has the support of his clan. We see in the hand of some major clans more First Rates than whole nations had in 18th century, and this is just one theater of operations (the Caribbean), while those nations had to distribute their naval power over several theaters, mainly Europe. So what we get in the game is inflation of First Rates - determining always the same maxed out composition of battle fleets in port battles. And as the SOL are so cheap, we even see ganking groups consisting of SOLs, which is absolutely ridiculous nonsense in naval authenticity. Why? Because SOL are for navy battles only and they were extremely expensive. Their lacking speed did not make them suitable for economy war. The inflation of this overuse of fat ducks has undesirable side effects: other ship ranks become less significant. Almost nobody cares to build 2nd, 3rd rates - not to speak of 4th rate and lower, because fat ducks are so cheap and give the maximum fire power. So versatility suffers from the overuse. Tactics melt down to just brute force and nothing else matters. Who brings in more First Rates will win, who produces more a day keeps the upper hand. Short glimpse back into history: First Rates were so expensive that just for being able to add one to the royal fleet, all merchants and businesses of a city would collect their money and sponsor a single ship, which would then gratefully bear the name of that city, for example "Ville de Paris". Navy reformer Duke de Choiseul went around France to encourage cities and regions to follow the example so the King would have enough ships. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_ship_Ville_de_Paris_(1764) If historically correct, a reduction of number of SOLs in Naval Action would altogether prove to be profitable for gameplay. We would see more options for setting up fleets for various purposes and other rates than the First would see a renaissance. How could this be implemented? An idea would be to give each nation a maximum number of First Rates, distributed as slots between all clans of that nation. So, if there would be a max number of 25 First Rates for one nation and six clans with, say, more than ten active members in the last month, each clan would get the Royal allowance to contribute four First Rates and the rest (1) by one of the smaller clans. Maybe this would lead to less port battles or just another composition of battle fleets participating there. A single port battle would gain importance. That's fine, because so often they really did not take place in real life. Another idea, could be parallel with the first idea mentioned, has been touched already in this forum and I am all for it: having to pay maintenance for the largest ships, no matter if they are moored in docks or 'parked' in ship market. So you think twice before building them en masse. First Rates must cost daily money, and Second and Third Rates also, but to a lesser degree. Third idea in that context is to introduce a cost inflicting each time to the owning clan when their First Rate gets sunk. They were highly prestigious symbols of power. A loss of a First Rate ship-of-the-line was felt as national tragedy. Not like in this game, where you shrug your shoulders and simply build another one. This 'prestige loss' could be expressed by deduction of marks, victory or PvP, to all clan members whose clan had that national slot for a First Rate which got sunk. A malus for the clan comparison ladder. Effect: eagerness to keep the First Rate alive at all costs. Smaller ships would be commissioned to protect the valuable First Rate - that's absolutely historic. Second Effect: enemy is even more keen on sinking First Rates, because then it would have consequences for the losing side beyond just another ship gone.
  11. We are recruiting, We operate mainly from Kingston Port Royale. We do PVE/PVP, Patrol Zone Missions, Port Battles, Trade Runs, Craft Ships. We have many experienced players willing to share knowledge, helping you to level up. If you have mature nature, looking to have some fun in a respectful manner and without pressure, you can knock our door, You are welcome. Now please read below; BCC POLICY: Dear Captains, There is only one rule in BCC: Teamspeak. We ask you to join our Teamspeak and be polite. We are mostly adults and we treat all of you same way and we expect you to treat other players with respect. We have a few thing to offer: We will build all ships for clan mates. You have to deliver only the ship permit and required dubloons for crafting. We deliver all consumables: rum, hull and rig repairs. We will help you to level up. We try to find skillbooks etc. for your level. We are willing to help you as much as possible with all other issues if you may need it. What you may offer us if you like: Join us on teamspeak on voice378.ismett.de and talk to us. Help improving our clan. Supplying resources so we can craft. Help to craft by supplying hours and craft components. You can join port battles, patrol zones or pve/pvp actions. You can Contact us in game: Felix Victor, Pompeyck, AeRoTR, Yellow Allien, Bandy, Aleksander, 45thN Saltpetre nation teamspeak: website: https://bccnavalaction.wordpress.com/ forum: http://bccnavalaction.freeforums.net/ application: http://bccnavalaction.freeforums.net/board/7/application bcc discord: BCC (British Captain's Club) https://discord.gg/EkKgPMF
  12. Hey guys just finished a new video, this is footage of a port battle where Havoc invited me to film I am sorry that there is no ingame audio, i forgot to set capture device for audio back to system Thanks for Redii for inviting me and giving me this chance and thanks for the performance. It was a bit hard to make this video look legit, because wel.. there were no defenders, so instead the people from the Dutch guilds decided to give a show and succeeded imo. Hopefully next battle better luck and hope you enjoy !
  13. Is there a recent post by some helpful soul that can explain how port battles work nowadays. I say nowadays because I know dynamics somewhat recently changed when (most) everyone switched to faster ships and focus switched away from Live oak. But in saying that i don't really understand how any of it works, circles, timers etc. Links to a good post would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance
  14. Постараюсь кратко и лаконично, ибо сам не люблю читать стены текста. Тезисно: 1) Убираем таймера с городов. Возможность набивать хостилити открыто 24 часа в сутки. 2) Кардинально меняем и усложняем процесс набивки хостилити 3) ПБ назначается через 24 часа, после набивки 100% 4) Делаем заход в Портовую Битву в назначенное время из любой точки карты на выбранном корабле, по серверному приглашению. Далее расскажу про всю механику более подробно: Набивка Что бы набить хостилити на город 100% и назначить Портовую Битву - нужно выполнить ряд обязательных условий: (цифры и наименования условны, для примера) 1. Привезти в желаемый город 20т "провизии" для диверсантов - 20% хостилити 2. Устроить блокаду города боевыми кораблями на протяжении 20-30 минут, БР баттл группы должен быть не менее допустимого БРа самого города - 20% хостилити. - Флот становится возле города, вешается определенный "бафф" который вещает о начале накачки города. - Можно комбинировать с пунктом "3" и делать одновременно, при наявности необходимого кол-ва участников. - Блокада устанавливается в радиусе 3-5 км от города. 3. Выполнить хостилити миссии или потопить флоты соответсвующей нации в радиусе 5-10 км, либо живих игроков конкретной нации (пвп) - Количество потопленных кораблей или общее сумарное Бр, должно зависить от самого города. (ну допустим город с 2400 БР - должно утонуть 60 аггамемнонов или равное им по БР кол-во кораблей и т.д.) - Либо же живые игроки (пвп) 2х от БРа города. 4. В радиусе 10 км от города, увеличивается доходность Комбат марок, Пвп марок, Голды. При набивке 100% Хостилити, зона с радиусом 10км активна до начала Портовой Битвы. (Дополнительная мотивация пвп, много экшена возле города 24 часа + читаем "заход на портовую битву") Заход на Портовую Битву В назначенное время Портовой Битвы, находящиеся в городе капитаны получают приглашение принять участие в Портовой Битве. Естественно приглашения приходят по приоритету. У каждого капитана есть "очки напряжённости" на каждом конкретном городе. - Вначале приглашения приходят игрокам сообщества которое обороняет\атакует порт. - Если таких не имеется в онлайне или их мало, приглашения рассылаются далее по нации, в зависимости от кол-ва "очков напряжённости". - "Очки напряжённости" можно получить при накачке города, либо же в любое другое время - посредством фарма НПЦ кораблей, участие в ПВП в радиусе города или выполнение хостилити миссий. - Лидеры обороняющиеся\атакующие стороны - в момент назначения Портовой Битвы и до момента начала портовой битвы выбирают желаемый сэтап кораблей (аля 2400 БРа: 2х Буцика, 5х Ваза, 1х Эндимион). Приглашения приходят всем, но зайти можно только на данном конкретном корабле. Какие проблемы мы решаем и какие преимущества: 1) В любое время суток, в большинстве случаев, Портовые Битвы будут наполнены игроками. Если БФам набили город на 3 часа ночи, а мы все спим, то не исключено что ДНП с их праймом не откажутся от боя, тем более при равных условиях. Нету необходимого колва игроков в конкретных кланах, будет собиратся солянка из всего онлайна в нации. А там уже будет выбор просто ливнуть из боя, если очевидно что будет проигрыш. Опять же повторюс, скорее всего, при равных БР - все ПБ будут наполнены желающими. особенно, если не нуно будет выходить из Порта и плыть в новоебунево. 2) Накачка города становится более длительной, что увиличивает шансы массовых боев вокруг города. При чем это будет вещаться в комбат ньюс и все желающие смогут прийти и поучаствовать в действиях. 3) Не нужно сутками искать пвп. Видишь что Картахена накачана - плывешь туда и ПВПшишь. Ибо в 100% случаях, там будут такие же ганкеры, люди которые набивают "очки напряжённости" и т.д. 4) Не нужны отцепы и т.д. Не сумел защитить город при его накачки - будь любезен прими участие в последней инстанции - Портовой Битве. Не нужны контр отцепы и сидения в мисках за 3 часа до начала ПБ. Не нужны телепорты. Все это экономит время и повышает общий эммоциональный тон Вобщем мужики, мою речь аля мастер Йода, думаю, все поймут и смогут что то добавить\подправить. Но в целом мне кажется это решит много вопросов и вдохнет новую жизнь в Портовые Битвы. Если я где то бред написал или с ошибками - сорян, мне впадлу перечитывать и исправлять.... много букафак..
  15. Did a ship limit get enacted on to port battles? it seems that even with a br limit of 2400 we could not add a ship of 50points when we had atleast 50 points of space, it has been awhile since iv played so i may have missed it
  16. All video reports in Naval Action! 1. name 2. youtube link 3. little battle report
  17. Hello! I want, once again, to point out the unfairness existing in the game regarding battle rewards. It is the third time i participate in a PB "fought heroically" and in the end lost the battle. According to the actuall game logic i gained nothing, no exp, no money nothing. And so, when eventually i will get a new ship (Wasa) there will be no experience on it it will be like i never used that ship before. And now, lets assume that i am a some what new player, puting everything i owned in to this one ship get in a fight and loose this ship. The next step, is back to a bassic cutter OR, and i am sure this happend before, just quit this and find another game that does not punish me so much. In my case, i am fortunate enough to be part of a clan that helps out in this kind of situations. And they are acctually what brings me back to the game, win or loose we try to keep together! As a conclusion, i want to ask the devs to reconsider this decision, because no one ever got happy to see the "Battle Rewards No Rewards" at the end of a battle. PS. As a show of good will i promise to write a beautiful positive review of the game if this issue is addressed! (maybe @adminlike this aproach better)
  18. Simple question - right now only the Clan Leader ("Creator") is able to promote players into the rank of diplomat. This causes trouble for clans whos leader has not been online for quite some time because they can be locked out of rvr. So should officers be able to promote other players/officers into diplomat rank or not? Thoughts, ideas, opinions?
  19. Port Battle Night Flips Gone… Just read… Table of UTC times and PB times are at the bottom of this POST Merging the Servers is truly needed, but trying to solve the Night Flip issue seems to be a problem for most. FIRST open your mind and think about this. The table shows different locals around the world including the UTC Timer. At whatever time, a PB happens someone somewhere it’s going to be a night flip. Flip the Problem instead… Having a 3am Port Battle on a School night is no fun. Mrs. nChances’ comment of “you’re a dick Norf…” am truly starting to believe crawling out of bed at some un-Godly hour. However, at weekends its quite a different story and one will Snort, Smoke and drink just as much as you do. We play NA for longer and at either ends of our normal play times than done in the week. So, you know how to suck eggs? Now before you stop reading or rolling your eyes make sure you read to the end. ALL PORT BATTLES will happen between UTC Saturday and UTC Sunday. PB will not be a weekly event anymore. I shouldn’t need to point out WHY this is needed for both commercial and population numbers. It’s ideal for the present community size. When we are at 5,000 a day then re-open the Weekly. The attacker has TWO decisions to now make. Attackers Decisions… The first is what day UTC Saturday or UTC Sunday he wants the Port Battle. This is decided on what day he pops the Hostility Mechanic. Popping on a Saturday, Sunday or a Monday will result in a NEXT Saturday Port Battle. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday will result in the NEXT Sunday Port Battle. So, shortest prep time is Popping on a Friday to Battle that same Sunday. The Longest is popping on a Saturday resulting in the PB the following Saturday. You get the idea, right? The second decision the attacker will need to make is a Start Time of the Battle. This by far the cause of 75% of the bull shit posted on the main forum, “…but its middle of the night for me…” Unfortunately the Dev’s need to listen, unlike me and the Mrs. Who don’t give a fcuk… really, I don’t care. However, I do care about the games survival so this is the chance element that comes into play. The Attacker will be given three choices Early, Mid or Late day session time only. Look at the UTC timer at the bottom of this POST again. Shouldn’t need to explain it to a bright well-meaning bunch as you lot but E_PB_1 to E_PB_6 are the six early session time slots. The attacker picking the early start, the GAME will randomly pick one of the six times. In this case E_PB_4 or UTC 13:00. The window is SIX hours in size so NOT exact like before 46hours and you’re done… You can see how this element is just wide enough in time scale to cause problems on either side. That chance is a key element… A bit of Give N Take is needed now… The PvP EU guys will be really happy with this obviously. The weekend so NOT at that un-Godly hour that a couple of lines and a French red wouldn’t solve. The strategic forced element of PvP Global pushing the night flip strategy can still sort of work. But it’s a six-hour gamble… it works… it’s a chance element… I wanted this to be the front end start of my BLOCKADE Port Battle Idea 1.02 which is in the suggestions thread somewhere. This extending out across three days instead of just two days. The two ideas work well together now to bring All players of any Nation Clan or solo into every Port Battle event into a single focus… If you think the idea is rubbish let me know, if you have a better one likewise… Norfolk
  20. The victory battle point was not awarded to the British yesterday for the Cartegena defense. Also the -2 was not taken away from the dutch for losing the Port Battle.
  21. hey, are Niagara + Rattlesnake Heavy allowed in shallow PB now that a permit costs 1 VM ?
  22. tl;dr: Is it more lame to hide in a battle in order to avoid enemy screening fleets, or is it more lame to use screening fleets to avoid having a 25v25 battle? I keep going back to the idea that port battles should be something you can join from the comfort of your own nation's capital. And when you're done, you are back in the capital. Basically they are a special 25v25 fight that, once scheduled, cannot be avoided (assuming enough interested people are online). You don't even have to sail there. Screening fleets are lame because half of their intent is to grab people to prevent them from entering the port battle. Removing the possibility of screening does not eliminate much fun from the game. Screening can be interesting but it's mostly just a delaying tactic. But screeners messing up port battles DOES eliminate a lot of fun from the game. Plus, it's hard to really stop people from hiding in battles to avoid enemies. Pirates can do an outlaw battle but anyone could just attack an NPC fleet and sail away from them. (Or a "friendly" enemy, alt or otherwise.) So given that screening fleets basically suck to begin with, is it worth the effort to try and make them functional? Do we really want to prevent 25v25 battles from occurring? Should we not, instead, actually facilitate 25v25 even if it means screening as a concept goes away?
  23. After the PB began in roseau we were all greeted with this nice message before being kicked out and given some random amount of gold. The PB had 24 people in it on France and 0 for the Danes at the time of the message
  24. First of all i want to apologise to @Jorgefor the basic cutter fire ship last night! It was a low blow, our behaviour came out of sheer frustration with the state of the British Nation! Seeing your L'Ocean fleet did not help. Now let me present my suggestion: First of all i don't see the need for any player to own a Ship of the Line! or even craft one! Ship of the Line should only exist in the Admirality store, and a player can get the oportunity to borrow a Ship of the Line, providing his/her Nation has scheduled a Port Battle with another Nation and the player earned enough hostility points. example: A group of players in the British Nation decided to flip an enemy region, they gather a big fleet and start to raise hostility in that region. Players earn hostility points, both the attackers and defenders do their best. Now lets assume that the region got flipped. A port Battle is scheduled. According to my suggestion the players with hostility points will be able to borrow from the Admirality shop a Ship of the Line. Like so: <2000 hostility points will let you borrow a 1th Rate, 1500>2000 will give a 2th Rate,1000>1500 gives 3th Rate and so on. This ships can only be used a couple of hours before a Port Battle and dissapear at the end of it. This is just a sugestion wich in my opinion will even the odds, making both PB open to everyone interested along with sailing a SoL. We can evek keep the dreadful CM system with the abylity to purchase nice mods. Thanks!
  25. Admin & Ink, Continuing Problem. Selam, Merida prior to server restart 85%. Crew went in to pop. I go in one mission them in another. Port pops 06/09/2017 10:22. My mates saw it triggered immediately, It turned for me 12:00 UTC or 25minutes later… This is a recurring problem and have reported. The main issue is when I’m arranging a Port Battle with [Koltes]. I look like an idiot if I can’t tell the time. How else will [ELITE] and [BLACK] swap marks…? With cannon, I don’t think so… Kind regards Norfolk nChance (did F11)
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