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  1. Hi @andy1357912. Regarding the group kill quest issue - you have a typo in the localization file. It should be {1}, not 1}
  2. The line number doesn't matter, missed lines will be replaced with English localization after game is started
  3. We expect that every patch will have impact on the _English.csv file (corrections, additions, may be removals of strings), so it is a good idea to be prepared for the next patch. To search for the changes I'd suggest using diff tools (you can google for them, they open original file in left and new file in right and show differences between two text files). To use them and see the differences you need to have the original (previous version) _English.csv file, so it is a good idea to have a copy. Example diff tool output: Just FYI.
  4. No. Names won't be translated at all (to prevent confusing). You can put name translation into the description.
  5. There are descriptions (for resources they're empty because not used), names won't be translated.
  6. There are only 4 tags supported: <i></i> for italics, <b></b> for boldface, <color=#colorcode></color> for coloring and <size=size></size> for size.
  7. There will be official support for German language. It always was like this as I know.
  8. The font we use has issues (some symbols are not at their places, for example to render ] you need to use \ in translation file), I hope it will be fixed soon. Sure you can change them.
  9. @Released Privateer I'll check @FRAN 1) csv uses utf-8 encoding, it seems your Excel installation opened the file with some other character encoding 2) all characters work fine with utf-8 3) some of them are automatically resized, some of them lowering font size, some of them just have static width (we will try to fix the last ones); but better to think "no" and try to use phrases with the same or less length 4) changed how? please explain what do you mean, thanks
  10. @Released Privateer To revert the _English.csv file to original (and correct) state - try to validate steam cache: 1) Right click on the game in steam client, select Properties 2) Select LOCAL FILES tab 3) Click VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES
  11. 1) Create a new spreadsheet document, then click on "Import" option 2) In the window that appeared select "Upload" tab, and upload the _English.csv file 3) In the Import file window select the next radio buttons 4) Click "Import data" and wait while imported. You will see the data appeared in your document. 5) Do edit/translate strings you want to change. 6) When you finished select File -> Download As -> .csv to download your translation file 7) Move the downloaded file into the game's Languages folder You sho
  12. Perhaps some kind of csv linter would help, like https://csvlint.io/ But I recommend you to create a google spreadsheet document for translating. I will post instructions in a few minutes.
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