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  1. Same is happening to me, UK has half the size of fleet as me in terms of tonnage and ships but I am losing lots of transports. Must be subs. This is a bare bones campaign though so maybe we will be able to assign escorts to all convoys in future. The last UK campaign I won by just building 1 ship, a battleship that won 2 battles and the Germans sacked their admiral and sued for peace.
  2. Enjoying the limited campaign but would really want to see if it's night night time without checking the icon. Hopefully starshells and search lights will be a thing because on a cloudy moonless night you see nothing but blackness no matter what the range.
  3. Scroll speed on the map is far too slow. I also just got a crash while it was proccessing march 1891, it hung for awhile then screen was flickering I had to exit. I didn't see a save campaign button anywhere. Is there one? Edit: ah it auto saves
  4. I would prefer a chart personally, maps are for landlubbers. 🙂 The plotting chart in the sub game series silent service was good.
  5. Visibility could do with looking at so destroyers and light cruisers don't pop out of nowhere. AI doing weird things to the formation when lead ship gets damaged. Too many flash fires. The weather doesn't match the weather report. I've also noticed ai ships with large turning radius turn sharper than they should. Some ships have guns under water or pointing to the sky when firing during a turn. Helmsmen have too large a rum ration. To be honest I think the campaign will change our designs from speed boats with guns and charging tactics when we see how
  6. I spent over 20 years on the trawlers and we could spot other boats quite easily at 6 nmiles, 3 nmiles in bad weather. I'm talking 50ft inshore boats so how the lookouts on these ships cannot see a 9000 ton 300+ foot cruiser in broad daylight until it is within it's 4.5km torpedo range is beyond me. I am really hoping for a realistic campaign but I fear it's just going to be gamey without major improvements on the weather and it's effects on different size ships and the visibility.
  7. Happened to me doing one of the destroyers missions, divided my fleet of 13 destroyers (my design gave me 5) into 2 fives and a three. I put the fives on AI which were doing a good job of keeping distance and splitting the enemy fleet. My 3 were doing great, sinking 5 enemy even after losing one to ammo dem. The problem became apparent when one of my remaining 2 got damaged and I split him off with RTB orders. I tried attaching 2 of my original design of 5 to my remaining destroyer when no matter what I did They just wanted to make pretty wake designs in the sea. There was no torps about and t
  8. I had my line of 5 battleships broadside to the enemy and they just sat there not firing anything. They were showing over 9% accuracy but just not firing. Triple 18's 1 fore and aft and 1 amidships. I had already caused damage earlier, I was up against 3bb, 3hc, 3lc, and 3dd's. Range started at 30k after deposing the cruisers my ships refused to shoot all the while keeping my broadside on them
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