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  1. v10.6.0 2020-07-11 List of port battles added
  2. Port points, labour hour discount, trade trading company discount, shallow/deep water
  3. v10.5.0 2020-06-28 Load performance improved
  4. Hm, any idea how or when to fix it?
  5. v10.4.4 2020-06-26 ship compare improved: more data added, boarding stats, in particular
  6. A diff for the brave-hearted: http://www.mergely.com/IDOSFrrh/ Data is easier accessible here: https://na-map.netlify.app/
  7. I am looking for boarding stats to add to my map's ship compare. Values without mods What percentage of crew has muskets? What is the base musket accuracy? What is the base boarding cannon accuracy? How many preparation points do you gain per round? Is there a base melee attack value? Is there a base melee defense value? Edit: na-map has been updated with the help of your answers. Ship compare now shows boarding stats.
  8. You can use the chromium-based Edge, too
  9. Try shift+ctrl r Or too old browser
  10. v10.4.2 2020-06-22 Port raid zones added for PvE server ship blueprints corrected ship compare: thickness cap is 50% now
  11. v10.4.2 will give you 114 thickness (due to the rounding issue this is as good it will get)
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