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  1. Why does it not count but other upgrades do? Any rule I can use?
  2. API data has the same value for 32lb and 36lb cannons.
  3. When even admin does not know what the limit is...
  4. Do you know where? Is it fixed for all ships or individual?
  5. You can use a link shortener, such as bit.ly
  6. Just to make it clearer: both cannon weights are coded as "2" whereas 42lb is coded as "1".
  7. API data does not differentiate between 32lb and 36lb cannons.
  8. You can check the data here: https://na-map.netlify.com/ Use Game tools | Loot and chests
  9. v9.1.6 2020-01-31 Several bug fixes
  10. v9.1.5 2020-01-30 New ships Implacable, Redoutable and (draft) Admiraal De Ruyter Updated ships (https://www.diffchecker.com/t2MQMgSB) Port battle and raid zones are displayed again
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