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  1. No idea. Try to refresh the browser. Post screenshots here if the problem persists.
  2. 13.0.0 (2021-06-15) Features new layout new: list of conquest flags updated: trade system (as of 11 June patch)
  3. To my knowledge API data files are updated several times during maintenance. My map retrieves new data starting at 1040 every few minutes.
  4. Ship speeds in the game have not changed but MaxSpeed in API data. So the calculation is messed up...
  5. @jodgi Hi, long time no see ^^ Any interest to update the calculation? Devs have fiddled with the numbers again (api data for MaxSpeed has changed).
  6. Will not work as there is no North/South Europe on this map. It is not the ports but rather the trade items that are labelled by their origin.
  7. buyPrice * 1.8 + (planarDistance * buyPrice * distanceFactor(item)) / 1000
  8. Data is from @qw569😳 which is updated monthly (https://www.reddit.com/user/qw569/)
  9. I will see what I think is useful. Haven't checked the new trading logic yet.
  10. Yeah, saw it. API data seems to be out of sync with the game. Cannot do anything about it.
  11. Please indicate what result you got and what results you expected. In case you have used the ship compare without choosing woods, you will get a lower base speed.
  12. 12.6.5 (2021-05-27) 27 May patch (for changes see above)
  13. May patch Changes to (trade) items: https://editor.mergely.com/k7dvNH6R/ ships: https://editor.mergely.com/DmPb3xUe/ cannons: https://editor.mergely.com/rdxPX6V8/ woods: https://editor.mergely.com/N0KS0aeQ/
  14. Not implemented as @qw569😳 provides no such data. (timeInTicks - 621355968000000000) / 10000)
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