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  1. I know. I get the data from Mishka tweets, no nation indicated when insta-flipped. Haven't had the time adding the guessing of the nation.
  2. Data is not in the api. At least I haven't found it.
  3. A chance of '0' means very low probability, not improbable.
  4. What does not work? All ports without a timer are also displayed in any time range.
  5. Data is there, cf. https://na-map.netlify.com/data/modules.json Currently: rounding error 0.02 -> 0% (should be 2%). Thank you for the report. Will be fixed soon.
  6. Will check what happened. Maybe a bug on my side. https://youtu.be/7jLSLQBOwX4
  7. v8.9 2019-05-08 new: port points are displayed (port tooltip and map settings, patch 31, #200) new: county capital icons changed (patch 31, #202) improved ship compare: port bonuses added (patch 31, #206) improved ship compare: repairs (#182, #193) fixed: all rare wood forests are displayed (patch 31, #207)
  8. You can check my map for the prices (game tools | buildings). The missing rare wood forests will be added soon.
  9. Done as suggested. Thanks again. Map can now display all twitter messages again.
  10. As there are still so many port battles scheduled, some of them are not shown on the map. This is due to the limit of 100 tweets that the map bot can access through the standard Twitter api. Results of (most of) the port battles are shown though.
  11. It is because of the incomplete twitter data. Will be automatically resolved by the next maintenance at the latest.
  12. Twitter bot is back. Map is updated, some of the older data is missing though (cannot get more than 100 entries through standard API). Will work properly tomorrow at the latest.
  13. This was until the Twitter bot got blocked because of too many tweets. Hope it gets unblocked soon.
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