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  1. API data does not contain the port bonuses nor nation related information. Check for posts from @qw569
  2. It is the speed without woods, so more a theoretical value.
  3. What do you want to achieve exactly?
  4. Shop prices are available only for contracted goods
  5. Sample bash script to download all current API data and convert them to valid json files #!/usr/bin/env bash server_base_name="cleanopenworldprod" source_base_url="http://storage.googleapis.com/nacleanopenworldprodshards/" server_names=(eu1 eu2) api_vars=(ItemTemplates Nations Ports Shops) server_maintenance_hour=10 if [ "$(date -u '+%H')" -lt "${server_maintenance_hour}" ]; then server_date=$(date -u '+%Y-%m-%d' --date "- 1 day") else server_date=$(date -u '+%Y-%m-%d') fi for server_name in "${server_names[@]}"; do for api_var in "${api_vars[@]}"; do url="${source_base_url}${api_var}_${server_base_name}${server_name}.json" out_file="${server_name}-${api_var}-${server_date}.json" curl --output "${out_file}" "${url}" sed -i -e "s/^var $api_var = //; s/\\;$//" "${out_file}" done done
  6. You get 12.1 knots only if you do not select frame and planking woods. Closest would be oak/oak.
  7. v8.16.4 2019-11-14 November 2019 ship update: Essex: 6500 (5101) hit points, 650 (510) bottom mast hit points Indefatigable: 415 (350) crew, 12.94 (12.83) max speed Ingermanland: 12.82 (12.46) max speed, 2.85 (2.48) turn rate Wapen von Hamburg: 12.57 (12.03) max speed, 3.12 (2.99) turn rate
  8. v8.16.3 2019-11-09 Hamburger menu works again
  9. Hm, no idea. Works here. Maybe use the e-mail felix.victor.na (at) google's mail.
  10. v8.16.1 2019-11-04 New ship Implacable (90) Faster Yacht
  11. netlify.com has some connection problems. Hope they will fix it soon. Cannot do anything on my side though.
  12. Sorry but never supported mobile phones in the first place. The real estate is too limited. I use the phone sometimes as well and noticed the problem already. But I wont spend time debugging this as it is a time-consuming nightmare.
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