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  1. v9.1 2020-01-29 Frontlines added, use Select ports on | Frontlines (distances are an approximation as I do not have the AI routes, Charles Town is closer to Aves than Basse-Terre although the latter is attackable in the game but not the former) Trades uses shortest distances considering land Some bugs fixed Server scripts completely re-written (node instead of bash), expect some bugs in updating the map
  2. Updated beta version at https://na-map-test.netlify.com/: frontlines: shows available ports for an attacking or defending nation, use Select ports on | Frontlines The data is based on the shortest distances between all ports, taking land but not shallows into account (exceptions shallow water channels between Salamanca and Congrios as well as between Siguanea and Santa Fe, Isla de Pinos). As the game uses AI fleet routes which are not the shortest distances, the result may differ. For example, Charles Town is closer to Aves than Basse-Terre. The latter is attackable but not the former. Please test and report possible differences. Please also indicate whether or not you want this feature on the map although it is not and never will be fully accurate. 😀
  3. v9.0.5 2019-12-25 25 December patch; ship speed buffs Cerberus 13.92 -> 14.42 Leopard 12.82 -> 13.17 Pandora 14.05 -> 14.28 La Renommée 13.87 -> 14.33 Surprise 13.75 -> 14.04
  4. v9 2019-12-08 (celebrating the third year of the map) improved colour scheme compare ships: ship and wind directions can be set to read and compare the (theoretical) speeds list ship blueprints: costs for extracting materials and crafting seasoned woods added lot of minor changes and updates Expect some bugs here and there. Make journey does atm not take wood changes into account.
  5. You have used my map to prepare for the battle. I like this 😀 Can I point out that you have used the port battle zones whereas you should have used the raid zones (settings | zones | all raid). The join circle is wider and AI starts at two of the four spawn points further out.
  6. After the next upgrade, the map considers the following caps: Armor thickness 40% Armour hit points 40% Mast thickness 30% Mast hit points 30% Turn rate 25% Max speed 16 knots I am not sure whether or not the mast caps should also be 40%?
  7. Thanks for the report. speed: map speed values are always estimates, cannot change it turn rate: new data, will be deployed with the next upgrade (coming soon) hit points: calculation corrected, will be deployed with the next upgrade (coming soon) Rounding differences will continue to happen.
  8. Thanks, I have noticed it myself. A big update is coming soon including a fix for this.
  9. No, not yet. Only cap I know is 16 knots for top speed, do you happen do know the others for hit points and thickness?
  10. Not available in api data. Only prices of contracted goods.
  11. I did because of lazy loading. Fixed prefix and a hash.
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