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  1. 12.1.0 (2020-11-29) Features show port net income (in relation to nation and world income)
  2. 12.0.3 (2020-11-21) Bug Fixes patch: ship data changes as of 21 November 2020 (https://editor.mergely.com/eTsRQDMq/) 12.0.2 (2020-11-21) Bug Fixes convert: deRuyter permit can be crafted (November 2020 patch) convert-ship-data: deRuyter can be crafted (November 2020 patch) port-bonus: October 2020 data
  3. v10.12.3 2020-10-23 perk control patch: 750 -> 500 metres fort/tower pen patch patch: fire decrease rate added
  4. v10.12 2020-10-12 ship compare: gunnery stats added port battle zones: tower/fort shooting ranges added port ownership: PvE server added port bonus: updated for September 2020 based on @qw569😳's data
  5. v10.11.14 2020-10-10 patch October 2020: revised trader speed, improved fort/tower cannons
  6. No mystery, I guess. Devs reduced the amount of exceptional woods for ship crafting but some of these items are in the game nevertheless.
  7. Current beta with tower/fort shooting ranges at https://na-map-test.netlify.app/ Anyone able to confirm or correct the ranges, for any port?
  8. Confirmed. Thanks for the report. Please use the beta for this functionality: https://na-map-test.netlify.app/ I hope to release a new version next week, including, for example, port ownership overview for the PvE server, tower/fort shooting ranges and gunnery stats for ship compare (latter not yet deployed to test server).
  9. v10.11.13 2020-10-09 patch October 2020: reduced trader speed
  10. Might be, but you cannot use Moulmein teak in ship crafting anyway.
  11. Not available in-game anymore Just try them. More or less self-explanatory.
  12. v10.11.12 2020-10-02 ship compare: speed cap raised from 17 to 18 knots
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