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  1. 'single raid' and then select the port at 'show trade relations' Seems likely but it is the direction to the closest circle, what information would it add?
  2. You have to get the planar distance to the closest port sourcing the good.
  3. Thanks for your post (havent checked this forum for a while...) I got the formula through hours of fiddling. Is your conclusion that I should add the factor into my calculation? You are right. The map is not a tool to calculate max revenues. I want to keep it a map (a visual tool) rather than to make it a calculator (for trade revenues or max cannon dps).
  4. 12.5.0 (2021-02-14) Features show port ownership map (animated) 12.6.0 (2021-03-06) Features list loot: fish and fishing regions added Bug Fixes module data: February patch port investments: January 2021 data port ownership: wait cursor on data load power map: initial zoom aligned to top select ports: do not zoom to port after trade relation selection display ports: circle sizes adjusted (with thresholds) income map: wait cursor on data load list ingredients: table font size adjusted to standard small
  5. For quite a while. you cannot craft ships with it though.
  6. Yes, well known as no one can calculate the effect of the rig refits.
  7. 12.1.0 (2020-11-29) Features show port net income (in relation to nation and world income)
  8. 12.0.3 (2020-11-21) Bug Fixes patch: ship data changes as of 21 November 2020 (https://editor.mergely.com/eTsRQDMq/) 12.0.2 (2020-11-21) Bug Fixes convert: deRuyter permit can be crafted (November 2020 patch) convert-ship-data: deRuyter can be crafted (November 2020 patch) port-bonus: October 2020 data
  9. v10.12.3 2020-10-23 perk control patch: 750 -> 500 metres fort/tower pen patch patch: fire decrease rate added
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