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  1. v8.5 2019-03-17 new: admiralty items added (Game tools | List admiralty items and recipes). patch 30: repairs needed corrected f11 coordinates with time stamp as suggested by @Tom Farseer a few bugfixes
  2. No effort, can do. Only problem might be the layout.
  3. Today's changes to cannons: https://www.diffchecker.com/ZhVTfhlF
  4. Thanks for the report. Your guessing is correct ^^ Will try to fix it.
  5. Where can I donate for your great work with the Na-map?

    1. Felix Victor

      Felix Victor

      Thanks for the suggestion. I am happy to provide this tool to the community. As the netlify server is free of charge (good service btw), I don't have any costs. Just my time programming it.

      Like my posts, report errors and make suggestions what you would like to see in the map, this is all I ask for 🙂

  6. Alles in einen externen Editor oder Word kopieren, Schrift dort anpassen und wieder zurückkopieren.
  7. Vielleicht. Aber da die Informationen enthalten sind, gehe ich nach dem Prinzip, möglichst alles Interessante aus den API-Daten zu verwerten. Fehler 😁
  8. Doch, werde ich. Ansonsten werden die Technik-Affinen das Wissen haben und nicht teilen. Mit Hilfe der Karte wird es ein ebenes Spielfeld für alle Spieler.
  9. Data is there. Will be added to the map in the coming days.
  10. Good to know. I guess, it is not contained in the API data. Will check later.
  11. Nouvelle Orléans didn't drop white oak before. However, I don't know whether it currently has white oak as a clan ressource.
  12. I guess, it is there: select rare woods under "show goods' relation". Cannot check whether it is correct though.
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