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  1. Greetings, please check private forum message for additional clarification
  2. Please check private message for additional clarifications
  3. Greetings, by default you have 5 slots for your ships and 32 slots for items in your warehouse. You can expand that values but it will require some funds. Please check screenshot for reference:
  4. Просьба уточнить происхождение книги - сами создали из составных частей, купили, захватили, обменялись с другим игроком (и дату ее получения)?
  5. Greetings. The key for launcher has to be redeemed only once. After that you just login to your account and play the game. Thus you do not need the key anymore since you activated it in past
  6. Greetings, at the moment the only way to buy the game is to buy it through Xsolla on game website https://www.dreadnoughts.ultimateadmiral.com/pre-order
  7. Captains, appropriate actions will be taken once the in-game reports are checked
  8. Greetings Captain. You do not need to create a tribunal topic in your defence if someone accused you in-game. You can reply to defend yourself in already created topic (if there were any). Please report toxic chat via the chat report function.
  9. No, but reports are checked by hand and abusers get their punishment depends on amount and severity of toxic behaviour
  10. Nice to hear good news, that could be overheating, you can try to monitor it with a program like gpu-z
  11. Greetings Admiral. The information has been sent to your email from ink@navalaction.com. Please let me know if you didn''t get it
  12. Бага нет, это игровая механика. Сделано так для предотвращения эксплойтов со стороны игроков
  13. Nice to hear the problem is solved!
  14. Ink

    No game key

    Greetings, please check private forum message for additional clarification
  15. Greetings, please check private forum message for additional clarification
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