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  1. @Karl_de_Cori объем LH по факту увеличивается - если не тратили эти часы, можете сейчас проверить. По рыбалке проверяли - багов не обнаружили, пока думаем, что это субъективное мнение. На тестбеде новая механика торговли, вышеописанные проблемы на основных серверах исчезнут после патча
  2. Captain, could you please send a connection test report via Naval Action Steam Launcher (3rd option called "report connection test"). It seems that some ports required by the game are blocked by Antivirus/firewall
  3. Изменения по торговле можно проверить на тестовом сервере
  4. Ink

    Account Wipe

    Captain, have you checked the peace (pve) server? as it seems you played only on the pve server in past
  5. Ink

    Stuck in land

    Please check in-game message
  6. Скорее всего причина в нестабильном на тот момент коннекте (потерянные пакеты) - как часто возникает данная проблема?
  7. Captain, do you have an option to temporary test the game on different source of connection, like mobile internet?
  8. Captain, by the log there are issues with 8080 and 7770 ports which might be caused by temporary problems on ISP side, the server does not experience any connection issues at the moment. As the first step please try to reboot your router and check again, if this did not help, temporary turn off antivirus and check.
  9. Captain, do not delete a character, connection issues do not related to a character. Once the log is checked, I will reply
  10. Captain, what kind of crash did you experienced? Crash to desktop or connection lost (drop to server selection screen)?
  11. Ink

    rigging flickering

    Captain, glad the issue is resolved
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