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  1. Ink

    Mission Bug

    Under investigation
  2. Greetings Admiral! Unfortunately NVIDIA® GeForce® MX130 is a bottleneck here, I'm afraid this videocard cannot run the game well. The game will most likely work, optionally setting non-maximal settings at startup will be necessary.
  3. Captain, according to the logs there were mutual friendly fire (green on green). Mutual friendly fire should be handled by captains themselves. Not tribunal worthy
  4. Rank demoted for both parties Wallets emptied for both parties
  5. Most likely a player entered a mission. What is the exact time it happened, what is your character name and player that disappeared? Please write just character names, without clans, e.g. 1) It happened xx:xx server time 2) my name is xxxxx 3) disappeared player name is yyyyy From your first message date and character names are unclear.
  6. Greetings Captain. There were no mistakes made regarding Raider NPC stats
  7. Admiral, nice to hear the problem is solved!
  8. 2013 package is also required
  9. Greetings, do you have a screenshot with the full list of players (with pressed TAB)? Also, why the chat is edited?
  10. Under investigation. Once investigated, appropriative actions will be taken.
  11. Greetings, In such situations please send connection test report via Naval Action launcher in Steam (second option “report connection test”) Also do you have a screenshot during the lags? Unfortunately It seems you experienced temporary connection issues
  12. Багов в обоих случаях нет. По логу из репорта, у вас было 28 очков подготовки (что осталось после абордажа с НПЦ)
  13. Dear Captains, All chat report tribunals are recieved and appropriative actions will be taken after weekly investigation of chat reports. The reason chat report tribunals are not approved is that it should be reported via in-game report function, otherwise the Tribunal will be flooded by similar cases. Please post in the tribunal only if you received real life threats/death wishes abuse - in that case immediate actions will be taken.
  14. Captains, additional punishments applied today.
  15. Captain, server issue on 28th March does not related to the patch
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