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  1. Ink

    Hi Res Images

    Greetings Captain. Screenshots made by F9 key can also be found here:
  2. Captain, thank you for the clarifications
  3. Ink

    Missions not spamed

    Captain, the 5th rate hunt missions are not supposed to be available in a free port, only 1st-4th rate missions are available there
  4. The case is under investigation. Appropriate actions will be taken after investigation
  5. Captain, this is another issue (not related to yours) that is under investigation yet. Your case is caused by temporary connection issues.
  6. Greetings Captain, Your reports indicate connection issues on your side that are the reason of disconnects. If a server experienced connection issues, it would affect everyone in the battle. What kind of connection do you use?
  7. Ink

    Bug report

    Greetings Captain, Thank you for the report. The case will be checked.
  8. Captain, appropriate actions will be taken after investigation.
  9. Ink


    Captain is being helped.
  10. @tigerp123 Greetings Admiral! The game is not yet on Steam, do not worry, you will receive the Steam key as soon as the game is available on Steam. Right now you can continue to play through Xsolla Launcher and the only keys that were recently sent are the keys for Xsolla launcher. If you did not receive download link and activation code for Xsolla launcher, please check this guide:
  11. The case is investigated, violation of the rules is found to be true. All players that abused friendly fire are warned, Steam ID are recorded for future violation of the rules
  12. Ink

    Hi Res Images

    Greetings Captain. Please right click on the game in Steam Lib, then select "Properties" and go to the "Local files" tab, open the folder and check the "Screenshots" folder
  13. Admiral, do not worry. The Barbary War Campaign will be available for all players who bought the game before release on Steam.
  14. Admiral, thank you for the feedback. This is a known issue that we will look at
  15. Greetings Admiral, Could you please try to use "Repair" function in the Launcher (Click on "Options", then "Repair") to make sure game files are not corrupted
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