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  1. GB, Spain, France, US and Dutch would be enough.
  2. Ship plan (sequence) Redoutable Implacable Wrecker HMS Victory Classic Rotterdam combat Indiaman Source: Premier post de ce fil.
  3. Depends on what nation and timezone you play. I'm in the wrong for both.
  4. Pour le moment, il n'y a que la Russie, la Suède, les GB et les Hollandais qui peuvent aspirer à faire du RVR. Les autres nations n'ont pas la masse critique de joueurs pour de telles ''ambitions''.
  5. Looks like you were right on the money about Le Redoutable being released as DLC. So sad.
  6. This is heartbreaking😭. I could live with the Wrecker or Montanes as DLC, but not the most built 3rd rate lineship. It should be available to all. Please reconsider this.
  7. Now imagine the joy of rolling a blue 3-5 no special trim at that cost
  8. I would have prefered some form of alliance, so small nation can band their forces together into full PB fleets.
  9. @admin Any development for a form of coalition/alliance? It is badly needed so all nation can have a shot at RVR, especially for players from “secondary” time zone. Many thanks.
  10. Le Triomphant model from the Trianon collection (ordered by Napoleon) maybe? Not sure if it is accurate or fantasy from the modelist: http://mnm.webmuseo.com/ws/musee-national-marine/app/collection/record/9025
  11. Boredom. Game doesn't have much RVR to offer to US timezone player.
  12. I hope they will do that too. Or else, all those new shiny 3rd rate will be a huge « fake feature. »
  13. Awesome! And very nice choice of ship represent that class hopefully, it will be equiped with 36pdrs, and make them available to bucentaure too
  14. Judging by the graph, seems maintenance should be around midnight and 2 AM US Est...
  15. According to a British report after the capture of the « Commerce de Marseille: « Capturé le 29 août 1793 par les anglais à Toulon, Le Commerce de Marseille intégra la Royal Navy sous le même nom (HMS Commerce de Marseille). Souffrant d´un complexe d'infériorité à l'égard des constructions navales françaises, la Royal Navy effectuera de nombreux essais sur le navire. Le rapport anglais sera d'ailleurs très élogieux à l'égard du Commerce de Marseille, un vaisseau "aux lignes exceptionnellement fines, un bon navire de haute mer [...]. En dépit de ses dimensions, il navigue comme une frégate, il a une bonne tenue à la mer. Peu de navires sont comparables à lui, c´est un remarquable navire, très sûr et aisé". » Link: http://epoque.napoleonienne.over-blog.com/pages/Les_118_canons-521842.html
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