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  1. Those with access to Malabar teak will go for it. Those with access to African teak will use African teak.
  2. Is the TP to BP thingy implemented already? I’ve been told is wasn’t and was reason there was so few PB’s on PvP server.
  3. but he already had 100 admiralty/wooden chest. Is that not enough?
  4. 100 admiralty chest/ wooden chest should be enough.
  5. You don't sink whole HDF in fir-fir speedboat ships designed to hunt newbs
  6. @admin I guess we’ll also have the « transport to PB » thingy with this patch tomorrow? Or only the flags for now?
  7. I think you also need less men to control battle sails, and thus can send more of the crew to boarding parties or to man guns.
  8. I wish all new woods were treated as trade good so they can't be bought by contract. Make it harder for alts to get those woods.
  9. Where does it say the feedback is limited to performance? No feedback allowed on drop location, cost of production? You want them to start a new thread on that matter instead?
  10. Locus is the new name for Caguarian. You can also get seasoned locust wood, so I guess you get it the same way as the old Cag.
  11. I'm worried about the removal of the global channel. When I log in around 8 or 9 PM US EST, both my clan and nation (and thus friend list) are inactive. Beside from the occasional ''hello? anyone online?'', national channel can go mute for an hour, if not more. With 300 people or less online, global channel is often the only sign of life on the server. Removing it will increase the feeling of emptiness and isolation in a MMO game. Ignore list should be enough to deal with unpleasant posters.
  12. Maybe the game should track the type of ship that sunk you. So if you are sunk by a crafted ship, you lose your stuff. If you are sunk by a DLC or admiralty ship, you respawn with everything in your closest outpost. Simple matter of fairness to be on par with those who risk nothing.
  13. Will the Trinco get a new and more detailed model/riggings/skins or is it going to be identical to what we have in game?
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