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  1. Changing this would certainly help reducing the ''motorboat comparison'' syndrome. Especialy with the new ''tactic'' of accelerating into firing position, just to instantly stop or reverse out of your opponent's firing arc to deny them a riposte, just to rince and repeat when your guns are reloaded. Right now, you have the feeling some ships are switching from foward to reverse gear and back to foward gear as fast as an electric car with no clutch ^^.
  2. This is already the case with the « admiralty connection » DLC.
  3. Seems to be allright now. 666 (!!!) online and ping is fine for me.
  4. I'd like to have the option to right click on the clerk's message annoncing a kill in the combat news chat to get the info about the player that got the kill. Right now, we get the info about the ''clerk'' profile only, and must search the player's name manually to find out who is active in the area.
  5. Production is quite easy for a single player. Get a lvl 3 oak forest and pile up 20k or 30k logs in two weeks. They will last you for a long time, then destroy the building and produce\pile up another ressource, etc. Unless you are a complete newb and lose ships by the dozen, after a while, you can easily out produce your needs with the current building limit.
  6. So sad, all those alts shenanigans will have cost us a lot of interesting features over the years...
  7. Both symbols are still in use (old elite AI and this one). They must mean something different?
  8. Hell no. Fishing alts destroyed the worth of sealed bottles (and of deadman's chest too, as many alts are used to camp the fleet spawn area and loot everything in the first minute.)
  9. The issue so far has always been too many nations for the current playerbase, so some nations are all but dead. Has this change lately?
  10. Why? It is the same to all impossible nation.
  11. You can always buy them from other players.
  12. Why would they have this while other ahistorical nations don't? It is the point of my post. Do not make Puerto as a uncapturable capital. Make them fight it out from free towns first.
  13. With today's developement, I really hope Puerto de Espana won't be transformed into a chinese capital, but that this new nation will have to fight it out from free towns like other impossible nations.
  14. J’espère vraiment que Puerto de Espana ne sera pas transformée en capitale chinoise. Qu’ils se démerdent depuis les villes libres, comme les autres nations impossibles.
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