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  1. Serk

    How can a new player start?

    Why not provide new players with 2 starting outpost instead of one? 1rst in the capital, and another one in a freetown of their choice? Might help getting people out of the capital area sooner.
  2. Serk

    Explosive shells for Mortar Brig

    The Christian VII added to the game is the one launched in 1767, not 1807
  3. @admin Now that we can convert fish directly into provision, is there any use for salt in the game? I can't think of any.
  4. First thing I've noticed is the huge difference in doubloons reward for PVE missions and the PVP patrol zone. Patrol zone rewards are still the same as when we had PVP marks (3 doubloons for 5k damage, 10 for 20k and 20 for 70k damage, etc) while sinking a single 7th rate in PVE mission can give 18 doubloons. Rewards for patrol zone need to be much better to make them interesting.
  5. Serk

    Serveur de test

    Salut Barberouge, Petit détail: tu es certain que c'est bien le Christian VII de 1803 (comme le dit ton lien), et non celui de 1767? Perso je préférerais celui de 1803 (épopée napoléonienne et décorations de poupe vraiment particulière), mais je crois que les screenshots étaient celui de 1767.
  6. Serk

    Flags Flags Flags

    The second flag is the royal banner. I guess the question is: was it used on regular flags or on the royal banner only? (When the king was on board)
  7. Regarding the new Connie, I like the new hull shape, yet I'd rather have the look from the one sailing during the game period. The new model includes many addition from the modern and preserved ship, such as the davits near the rear to lower the smalls boats to sea. Feels like sailing the 2018 Constitution, not the 1812 one.
  8. You are mostly suggesting the approach of the stick. 1rst rates limited to a few privileged players, maintenance cost that would bankrup anyone taking a break from the game, etc. Why not use the carrot instead? Since we have a fleet feature, add special bonuses to the fleet depending on it's composition. ex: Firepower or manoeuver bonus when 50 or 60% of it is made of 3rd rates, speed or manoever bonus when 25% of 5th rates, or speed malus when more than 20% of a fleet is made of 1rst rate., etc.
  9. Serk

    "Go to bed" log off

    At least, with the option to tp to port after the battle, it also meant that it was usually a waste of time to stay still and wait outside of a battle. People had better things to do and would provide content somewhere else. I've seen so many players waste so many hours in waiting just to revenge gank some poor fellow. All those hours could have been better used.
  10. Serk

    Final Mission Tutorial WHAT A JOKE

    I did it by chaining cerb #1 down to around 70% sails so I could deal with the other one 1v1 after getting some distance, then came back and boarded the first ship.
  11. Serk

    Hercules ship feedback

    There is some info and links in that thread : http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/5702-hercules-frigate-30-guns-with-plans/ Appears to be a former russian vessel.
  12. Serk

    Tutorial feedback 2

    Came back after a few months for the tutorial. It should help a lot. Small comments: I've noticed there is nothing about fore and aft ships. Adding a quick tutorial for manual sailing with them would help. Regarding the special manoeuvring tutorial. I would add specific information about getting out of iron and full tacking, especially with fore and aft vessels. It can be a pain the first few times when you don't know what you are doing. Finally, I've always considered demasting to be harder than boarding. I'd swap those two in the line up so new player don't hit the ''demast wall '' too early Cheers,
  13. Serk

    Montañés-Class Ships of the Line

    Montanes, téméraire class and another dutch 3rd rate won the last player poll and devs said they were going to add all 3 into the game.
  14. Serk

    New "Special" Trims

    I don't want to be the poor guy burning 1 victory mark and all the mats for a shabby Océan...
  15. Serk

    Hotfix for patch 14.

    Plz consider bringing back the 22 hours delay for a PB instead of the current 24 hours. 22 hours makes for more uniform and stable gaming sessions all week long instead of an inflation towards later and later hours