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  1. The question is: what was a veteran like you doing in the rookie zone?
  2. That was the intention behind the original idea of hostility generation: to create some hot spot over a period of time where captains know where to go to find PVP action. Unfortunatly, the implementation was judged too grindy and it is now much faster, with 2-3 battle only needed to flip a port, So you basicly need to be online when it start or you just miss it and your port is flipped.
  3. But you gotta admit the player base’s requests for pirate over the years where more in the line of a special pirate mechanic that would make them completly different from regular nations. Instead, the only feature that made them different is removed...
  4. @admin Anything in the work to improve RVR balance? It is becoming critical.
  5. It is not a trap. I think I've been very open about my taunting to provoque a war between the two most closely matched nations for RVR. It is appaling that no RVR occured between the two top dogs of the servers 2 months after the release. Yet, you put way to much weight into the influence of the few disgruntled posts of a lone frenchmen. WO tried to get content by going after Russia, but to no avail. I believe most of em left the game (or only took a break and will be back , hopefully) after the night king and his band collapsed and the Russian no show at Santo Domingo. Can't blame them.
  6. People have RL and are not always available, so you need more than 25 1rst rate in a nation to regularly field full PB fleet outside of weekends. The lack of any real alliance also hurt. Even if France had managed to muster 10 or 12 1rst rates in the middle of the week despite RL priorities, this half fleet can’t be combined with the Swedish fleet to defend the port anyway. And we all know how sending 10-12 1rst rates vs a full 1rst rate Pb fleet is suicidal, so why even bother showing up? But what do I know, I’m playing during US prime time and thus have given up on RVR long ago. PS I can feel the pain for Reverse’s fans, 45 minutes of empty PB is bad content for streaming. Money donation must have been low today. Hopefully, Cartagena PB will change this.
  7. So you are saying Russia and VP should not be at war? What I see is: Finally, shots fired between the 2 great powers, as it should be. Now, lesser states must pick a side and keep it going, hopefully balancing the two sides at all time zones to ensure a never ending struggle and content. Now, if only the devs would bring back some sort of alliance feature so smaller states can play a real role in that server war. Let’s think of some scenarios: 1813: Russia, GB, Spain, Prussia, Sweden vs France, Danemark, VP, Poland and US. Not sure about Pirates, but they could be needed on VP side to balance Russia and GB numbers. Could this work?
  8. I see BF has decided to attack the Poles and French instead of the #2 on the server, in Cartagena de Indias for exemple. Ballsy move.
  9. It is not handed to you for no reasons, but for having gathered all the mats (including a shit ton of dubs) and having crafted many ships.
  10. Don’t forget a new AI that understand the circles and points. All this means nothing if you can lure the ducklings away just like right now with neutral PB’s.
  11. C'est un navire élite, commandé par un amiral. Bref, une IA boostée, avec des buffs, plus rapide, plus agile, plus de HP, etc. pour un plus grand défi que contre les IA de base. tu as un meilleur loot aussi,dont une probabilité de ship note élite qui te permet de récupérer le navire avec des port bonus.
  12. I really hope some new AI changes will be implemented for bots during PB's, or else it will be a waste as players will do just as right now in neutral PB's, that is: catch their agro and sail away from the circles while others cap the circles. Any possible details on this @admin?
  13. The new Russian night king didn’t show up to defend Santo Domingo?
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