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  1. Yes you can., I just did that to buy a ship in a foreign port where I had no outpost.
  2. At least, the game is on the Steam « new releases » list.
  3. Bonjour, est-ce que quelques clans FR peuvent répondre à ce questionnaire de Liquicity? https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/29724-summary-of-recruiting-clans-post-release/ Ca paraît mal de voir la nation France sans clans dans la liste. Merci!
  4. Alliances make small nation more viable as a part of a larger group. Right now, those underpopulated nation are left to die and rot, with the foreseeable consequence on global player population.
  5. Lack of advertisement is indeed worrying. This reminds me of a B-movie being released straight to DVD.
  6. Je ne comprends pas ce silence. Rien sur les changements à venir à l’occasion de la release pour créer un minimum d’anticipation d’envie de se logger. Pourquoi devrais-je me logger le jour de la release d’ailleurs? Quoi de neuf à découvrir? Rien, sauf se remettre à grinder à nouveaux des reals et des doublons dans une économie autrement complètement vide de contenu. On aura vu des patch bcp plus attendues que cette release.
  7. Any details or patch note on what adjustment or new addition will be made to the game upon release? cheers and good luck!
  8. Dommage de voir autant d'engouement pour les nations non-historiques (Russie, pirates, Prusse).
  9. Can't you acheive this with yard positionning?
  10. I really wish the release means the introduction a some new features, either some that got tested a while ago and removed, or completely new features or new ships (or re-skins) added to the current rooster. Anything to keep the interest of current player in discovering something new.
  11. Who knows, maybe we have been testing somekind of barebone version of NA all those years and they will add plenty a new features they were confident about and did not need any testing, thus were not in the alpha-beta-gamma version we had access to
  12. Interesting, so players are not interested in pure PVP in disposable ships with no consequences? who would have guessed
  13. Is it possible to have details on any new feature that made it into the release candidate? Such as locked alliances, raids, announced 3rd rate ships (Téméraire, montanes and wrecker class), etc. Cheers and hat's off to all those invloved in Naval Action developement.
  14. Good point, because for now, I'm not even sure if sailling at 55-60% sails is worse than using the battle sails regarding speed and maneuvrability.
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