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  1. I'd like the option to remove DLC flags on my end. That you want a special flag is fine, just don't force me to see it if I don't want to.
  2. last time we had a map wipe, all capturable ports were reverted to neutral, no matter if clan owner had set it to open before the wipe. This means you will be able to tp in and out of them until they get recaptured by another nation. Only capturable ports are affected. National ports will remain as they are.
  3. Indeed, and we'd have an idea if and how DLC Ratts will swarm the map and grab every meaningfull port before the first oak oak aga is even crafted.
  4. Can’t we just review the bonus-malus of the rare woods to make sure Oak-Oak becomes the go to meta wood while rare woods only give marginal bonus that still feel good yet are not that OP? seriously, +10% thickness and + 3-4% speed for Teak-WO over plain Oak-Oak built?
  5. Currently, I cannot place a contract in a foreign port for some rare wood and I must conquer the port via RVR to have accès to that ressource, promoting RVR. A player with an alt can completly avoid this mechanic by placing an alt in that nation and trade those ressource /money directly to his main account. Capturing the port and RVR is thus meaningless. All this should be tolerated so you avoid paying a 10% tax? That’s just a personal inconvenience. Pay the extra tax. Money is overflowing anyway. How many alts do you own? anyway, no chances in hell that something will be done about it. Easy money.
  6. Let’s remove direct trading between player from different nation. Contracts only. This should hamper the alt business a bit more.
  7. 10 is enough to get a random permit you are not interested in
  8. Why not before there is a PB? Buy flag and plant it in a region to set up a PZ in the area and raise the hostility inside that area to trigger the PB.
  9. Interesting, I guess county capitals will be well fortified to protect a region and production buildings will be in lesser towns. How will national capital work in this new system? What is there to prevent nations to invest only in the capital for their production? Do they still provide a reduced chance at crafting better ships?
  10. I don't know. After a while, everyone will have become a master shipbuilder and you'll only find high end ships on the seas. I'm fine with the RNG for exceptionnal ships. What I don't like is the randomness in what ship you can hope to sail (Random permit drops). I personnaly enjoyed the post 2017-wipe harder economy. IMO, what wasn't working back then was the removal of teleports, ships two and a few other things. I still think it is the economy (either in material, crew or high cost for permits) that should still be the main wall to sailing powerfull lineships, not randomness. But I'm afraid that ship has sailed and won't come back, now that DLC ship allows one to completly avoid the economic aspect of the game yet stay competitive in PVP-RVR. I don't know if it has been done already, but at least I would review woods stats to make sure oak-oak ships ar emore than a match in combat vs LO-WO or TEAK-WO built. Especially with the new damage models and absence of economy. I mean, why has oak planking a speed penalty compared to heavier, thicker white oak planking? Giving oak a crew survivability bonus is fine only if crew cost actually matter. It doesn't right now.
  11. Maybe they havn't assimilated the lastest change and still think lineships are hopeless vs frigates
  12. Could current coding allow AI fleets to pursue enemy players in OW around the capital area, or even in the former reinforcmeent zone, but not on the rest of the map? Might be interesting.
  13. For this who have it, can you sail the Rattivan with a crew of 280?
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