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  1. Same issue here since the morning. No windows update during the night. I've also noticed my Trinco DLC has a permanent ''downloading'' status instead of ''installed'', if that's correlated. Firewall has never been an issue before so I wonder.
  2. Ils sont dans l’API, mais pas en jeu? En as-tu déjà vu de ton côté? C’est d’autant plus dommage qu’ils n’y soient pas encore Probablement qu’ils seront introduits lorsque ces canons seront rendus craftables 🤞🏻
  3. You can try some kill mission against the AI. This will open an instance that you can reach in OW, but unlike regular OW tag of AI, no one will be allowed to jump in your battle. Just make sure your ship is heading back to your base before entering the battle location, to make your return easier.
  4. What were the ships involved?
  5. @qw569😳 Is it possible to find the stats about the numbers of ship sunk for each type? My give an interesting portrait of global PvP. Cheers,
  6. Unfortunately, alt fishing fleets prevent giving too many goodies in sealed bottles.
  7. @Felix Victor maybe I’m blind, but I don’t think it is possible to see on the map additional development points invested in a town, but only the starting value (i.e. 55 points for Vera Cruz, yet Russian clans have invested for more points) Is this data available somewhere? Cheers and very nice and useful map!
  8. Hello, Since the Karma patch is delayed, add the possibility to pass contracts in foreign ports when you enter with a trader ship. This would help reduce the gap between players with single account and the numerous alts. Both would then have the same theoretical trading rights regarding rare goods.
  9. Je ne suis pas convaincu pour le craft des canons. SI tout le monde utilise des Navy Guns, c'est comme si personne n'en avait. C'est leur rareté qui fait l'attrait, selon moi.
  10. Bonjour @Barberouge Serait-ce possible d’avoir une estimation de l’introduction des canons spéciaux (Congrieve, Navy et Bloomfield) de 6 livres? Et les canons de 36 livres? Est-ce qu’il y a une raison particulière pourquoi ils ne sont pas encore dans le jeu? C’est mon Prince de Neufchâtel qui pose la question pour les 6 livres 😂
  11. I guess no one can succeed in fighting Russia better than Sweden and yet, here we are, back to square one (last june) when Russia was wreacking the server. Russians players must find a way to fight each other somehow.
  12. My only issue with one global server is due to population imbalance. Because of EU population dominance, all other time zone are secondary and their RVR is an accessory to the main EU RVR strategy. But IMO, this is not a server issue, but a population one. Unfortunately, US est prime Time population is down to an average of 300 players only, and I don’t see how the non EU population can grow back to acceptable levels.
  13. Changing this would certainly help reducing the ''motorboat comparison'' syndrome. Especialy with the new ''tactic'' of accelerating into firing position, just to instantly stop or reverse out of your opponent's firing arc to deny them a riposte, just to rince and repeat when your guns are reloaded. Right now, you have the feeling some ships are switching from foward to reverse gear and back to foward gear as fast as an electric car with no clutch ^^.
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