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  1. Come back, you!

    1. van der Clam

      van der Clam

      I will be on 2nyt around 8pm EST and get back to it. I've been in a lot of pain after working on the off-grid cabin each day that I've just basically laid around trying to sleep. But I'm finished with all the heavy work on it, so I'm not hurting as much. See you 2nyt if you're there.

  2. @admin Seeing your YT channel has 4k subs, it would be nice to see regular vids pop back up giving us update info, future plans, ships, etc.
  3. I like this guy; mostly unbiased and great details you can't find unless you read many journals.
  4. 3,600 hours, maybe 20% afk sailing missions, still sink 80% of the time in PvP, enjoyed every minute of it, despite getting upset at ganks, and being upset with zergs, and being upset with crafting XP being changed, and being upset with Frontlines not being implemented as I feel it should be, and being upset with multiple other things. I've taken a couple weeks off from time to time, but I always come back, because there is nothing else like it. #Newbs4Life
  5. Just found this....guess I'm late to the party, but cool to watch. Video Series 3d model video
  6. I agree with your point that other clans that do not contribute to port upgrades and defenses should not reap the goodies. However, there should be a workaround by making payments to the port owner for being able to partake in the goodies. Already there is a port tax. The port owners can raise the hell out of that tax and gain some reals back from those who did not help in port growth. But maybe that isn't enough? So maybe there could be some kind of background charge for using that port owner's shipwright and shipyard. Maybe to build with all the available bonuses in that port, there is an extra dbl or extra real tax that goes directly to the clan's warehouse? Maybe we don't have enough to pay for this full bonus so we make a build with only half the bonuses available. Or pick and choose which we want to pay for. Maybe level 1 upgrades could cost other clans 20% tax that's paid to the port owner Maybe level 2 upgrades could cost 30%, etc, etc. And those on the clan's friend list don't have to pay this extra tax. Somehow, there should be a way for the entire nation to benefit from these bonuses without be excluded from the clan friend list, is all I'm saying.
  7. I think alliances could work again if it applied to port battles only and didn't prevent OW battles. Already we can choose to join any weaker side of OW battles. So there's technically an alliance there, IF we choose to join that battle. We just need the ability to help in Port Battles. The voting system got fekt by alt clans who screwed the votes. And most of these alt clans were just trader alts. If it were somehow tied to other activities like PvE and PvP kills or damage, then perhaps it might work. I would make the kills count too heavy, because ppl are already in a weak ship....but if the weight was on damage, it could help. I don't know. All I do know is that weaker nations need to join forces in PBs to help each other.
  8. The only good thing is that the enemy rewards are less than if they attacked larger ships. I'm not certain of the percentage, but there is a reward for attacking higher rated ships than your own. We should be rewarded for fighting, indeed. A loss already has less reward than a win. Admiralty doesn't give much for insurance. And I think it's a flat insurance no matter how much you have in hold, nor how many mods you have, nor which type of cannon you have.
  9. OW PvP alliances are almost in place. You can always join the opposing side of the zerg nation(s) and fight for the weak. Often, however, the zerg nation has more captains in the battle than the weak side. So ppl avoid joining the battle, or they join the strong side just to earn medals and not sink. It will take a concerted effort of all weak nations to resist the urge to join the zergwagon side of OW PvP battles.
  10. Holyhell...I think this is the first time I've seen your Privateer sink.....
  11. What's the error? When I was Dutch and he hunted us outside Wms, it always showed the same thing for him. Ooohhh except he never had a fleet ship...until after the battle. 😕
  12. I'm more of one of those guys who keeps Combat News open and heads that way and usually head to PZs when they seem active. But I play at night EST times mostly. So, ya, it can be thin at times, but pvp is still there.
  13. Pop may be "low", but I and many others find plenty of pvp every time we log in. And every PB seems full. So, I, personally, am not concerned.
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