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  1. Easy? Have you ever tried to gather a bunch of people from a bunch of nations speaking a bunch of languages from multiple time zones around the world and get them all on a usable TS or Discord all while trying to keep it hidden from the shitalts trying to screw the entire plan? Have you ever tried to coordinate multiple screen fleets and a PB fleet or two at the same time? Have you ever tried to command a PB with multi language ppl bringing a wide variety of shit ships that are of shit quality compared to your enemy's top built uniform cookie cutter ships? Hell, it's hard enough for our clan to coordinate clan activities just because of random time zones. It was hard enough to coordinate with Euro players while we were Dutch. Sure...it was much easier when every time zone a player had 100 other players in their nation at that same time zone. But not so much any more.
  2. Do you not remember alts sailing along with the PB fleet and attacking enemy to drag them into battles without ever getting a chance to get to the PB? Do you not remember alts buying every seriously important flag just to keep real PB fleets from buying the flag? About attacking any port, IMO Frontlines was done in reverse. A majority of the small regional ports should have to be acquired before the Regional Capital. False flags were terribly annoying seeing 10+ different ones just to trick the enemy into going to the wrong one and then seeing only a handful of enemy in the PB. I didn't mind them much until the things above happened repeatedly. I think the flag system could've worked, but no idea how to prevent these shitty moves. The flag system should work great for #Raids as long as unlimited flags can be pulled for the same ports so alts can't buy up all the flags. EDIT: I really like the idea of whichever clan pulls hostility for a PB should have the option to add other nation clans to enter the PB for help. And then after the PB the temporary alliance drops.
  3. I doubt that, as the russians will just use their alts to fight against each other. It is sad to see such an imbalance created by players. The game was designed to give free will to join any nation. That is how a game should be. If players want to choose to all join one nation, then so be it. Anyone left can just do their best to deny that zerg any content. I've done it often just surrendering to zerg ganks. If everyone gave them no fun, soon they will leave the game, or finally split up and join other nations. If they don't, then so be it...they can keep ganking their alt accounts from other nations. Then everyone watching their stream will laugh at them and leave because of their shit content. At any rate, every single player knew from the beginning of OW that this game was designed to give free will to join a nation of their choice. People knew it. If they chose to make the game unbalanced by zerging, then it is the players fault, not the devs. It's up to the players to balance the game.
  4. Truth. A slightly damaged mast would snipe violently due to the incredibly high tension from the stabilizing stay and shroud riggings.
  5. Don't worry, ppl would either set the BR to a million or set it to only 1 cutter.
  6. So they could set the BR to allow only 1 v 1 cutter duels? Plz no. I still suggest the BR should be related to the number of captains using that port. It would be reatively easy to code a point value for resource buildings, clan warehouses, forts, and towers, etc. The total of theese things would set the BR value.
  7. Chain needs to do more than just sail damage. Chain should also damage masts as chain often broke rigging which in turn damaged masts. I'm not saying chain should do a lot of mast damage, but some.
  8. Did the devs add mouse-over info on these materials that states what they are used for? I would suspect a new captain would get some of these things in a drop or loot and have no idea what they are used for and sadly sell them to admiralty at 40 reals, or whatever they pay.
  9. More traders means more escorts and more possible battles. Especially if enemy nations saw a port was about to revolt, then the enemy could blockade the port like we used to with Flags For PBs. Also, if enemy nations were allowed to help NPC in PB, would create more PBs. Hope your mates rejoin soon.
  10. I have suggested NPC retakes ports ONLY IF players are not regularly supplying it with resources and provisions. This would force OW cargo sailing, unless ofc, people don't really care for the port. I can't find the poll I made for it, but it was well received. Something I should have added was a Map Indicator to let people know which ports are "unhappy" and near ready to revolt, so that enemy nations can see which to hunt traders near. Would also be nice to have enemy nations help support the NPC during the PB, but also allow "allied nations" to help protect the port. EDIT: Poll Link for Port Maintenance
  11. What will be the trigger that will make Neutral NPC attempt a retake of the port? Is this just random? Or will there be a player influence that can attempt to trigger it? Meaning, can enemy nations supply Neutral NPC with Combat Medals or Victory Marks to try to influence NPC on attacking a port? Or maybe are players required to "maintain" ports in some manner to prevent NPC attacks on a port? Will Raids show up in Missions tab?
  12. Touché. However, a number change in code is a bit different than wanting complete design changes of a game and complaining about it not being designed and implemented. But, good call. Yes please, as long as the speed range leaves some overlapping. I could see a lightly built Victory being almost as fast as some 3rd rates. Something like: This almost sounds good, except, I feel IRL we would build ships out of woods we could find. As much as this game isn't a true sandbox, it still wants to be, and so we should have wood combos of our choice. The nu,bers are just off a bit, imo.
  13. I had a Wasa keeping speed on me with my Fir/Fir Prince at proper angle. SoL speeds need a serious nerf.
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